Entering the Red Castle of Turning

Dear Planetary Kin,

In this Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity, on Gamma 17, we enter the Red
Castle of the new Galactic Spin, completing 22 Galactic Spins since the
Harmonic Convergence of 1987. I am writing to you from my office here at
our 13:20 land base called Gnomicile, in the beautiful mountains of
Idaho. For this Red Planetary Moon Year, we have already completed seven
moons of Planetary Service. Before entering the 23rd Galactic Spin, ask
yourself the question, Do I live what I believe?

I picked today, Galactic Moon Alpha 12, to write this report because it
is the Solar Tone, and as Bolon Ik, White Solar Wind, I live my Core
Family Wind as a Solar 9 tone.

Harmonic 64: Solar Output, Express Intelligence of Intention.

Today is Kin 256: Yellow Solar Warrior
I pulse in order to question
Realizing fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of free will

In this Galactic Moon we harmonize and model. Since today is guided by
my perfect antipode, Yellow Solar Human, it is a good time to
contemplate my life, how I need to harmonize myself with where I am
living and to model my life as a Planetary Kin in Planetary Service. As
a Planetary Kin I live according to the synchronic order. What is the
synchronic order? The synchronic order has been defined by the discovery
of the Law of Time and the knowledge that the fourth dimension is
greater than, but totally includes this third dimension where we live in
the here and now. To live in every present moment, fully in the here and
now is to live in the synchronic order. A further aspect of my writing
this report today is that the Psi Chrono Unit is Kin 144: Yellow
Magnetic Seed. Kin 144 was the code kin for the First Year of the Seven
Years of Prophecy, 1993-2000, when Valum Votan received the Telektonon
Prophecy in its pure form.

My role as Bolon Ik is continuously changing. I would like to share with
you a vignette from my life here at Gnomicile. Since today is a Cardinal
Family day, I began with the youngest member of the family here, the
only Cardinal Family member, doing the morning chores. We follow the
Dreamspell Earth Families to assign the chores to be done everyday. We
fed the chickens, collected several newly laid eggs, fed the four cats
and made sure the fire was still going that heats all of the household
water system. I then turned to the codes of the day, laying out the
Telektonon board and reviewing the various elements from the Telektonon
Prophecy, the Dynamics of Time, the Rune for today, Daggaz is the
Daybreak Meditation, and reading the fifth line of this week’s codon
Hexagram 62, Inner Time: Galactic Octave Defines Evolution,?noting
that this codon will also govern the fourth quarter of this year, a
preview of what is coming.

Now if you are relatively new to the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace
Movement, you will already wonder about some of these elements of the
synchronic order. I want to reassure each and everyone reading this
report, that everything is available for you to learn with regard to the
synchronic order. With the book Time and the Technosphere by Jos?
Argulles, you will find the most comprehensive overview for why you
should consider the Thirteen Moon Calendar as the new operating plan to
unify all of us.

The other main tool that you may use to get all of the synchronic order
information and to download a 13 Moon Calendar is our web site:

The site is extensive and needs patience to navigate if you are just
starting. But I want to let all of you know that we appreciate your
signing on the Book of Kin. Please encourage everyone in your PAN node
to sign on so they can receive these mailouts. Further you can enter the
Planet Art Network section and look on the Planet Holon in order to find
out who in your bioregion can help you to begin to learn more about the
synchronic order.

At the same time, in this age of rapid-fire communication and speed, it
is always good to pause for a moment , take a deep breath and come to
present moment inside yourself. Only you can tell yourself if you are
living what you believe, if you are in harmony and ready to model the
new time for others. We are each faced with the fact that as long as we
are a body occupying space, accorded a point in time at every moment, we
have a responsibility in the divine plan. Have you often heard people
say, wow this is an exciting and challenging time to be alive? Now that
the threat of war is pressing on us, more than ever we must live peace
within our own heart. Only through the mass of humanity returning to
living with love in our hearts will we be able to counteract the forces
of evil currently at work trying to destroy this precious planet.

Remember when you first heard about the Thirteen Moon Calendar, how did
it make you feel? Are you now living in the new time according to the
Thirteen Moons? If you haven’t tried it yet, the only way to know the
new frequency in natural time is to actually live it.

A strong factor in the synchronic order is how we consciously map out
our time. With the discovery of the Law of Time, we must continuously
make conscious what was previously unconscious. This takes work on
ourselves and requires intelligent attention to every detail of life. In
order to live what we believe, we have to question our way of doing
things. To harmonize and to model during this Galactic Moon, I have had
to let go of all thoughts of who I was previously as Bolon Ik and
continuously update my program every moment to live fully and accept the
profound divine love that comes from that One who is higher than us all,
whether you name it God, Wakan Tanka, Hunab Ku, Great Spirit, the Christ
Consciousness, or pure love … it is fully available to us at every

Personally, I believe in God alone who commands everything in Heaven and
on Earth. I do read the Holy Quran, I do practice Buddhist meditation
and I remember my early teachings as a Christian to do unto others as
they would do onto me. I follow the religion of the Earth, to walk
gently on this beautiful mother Earth and honor all beings equally. Yes,
we do create our own mental environment and yes, we each have the
ability to change on the spot. Take responsibility as a Planetary Kin
who lives by the synchronic order and see how your life evolves. It is a
great adventure.

See you in the Dreamspell.

Yours in service to the New Time of Peace,

Bolon Ik
aka Lloydine Argulles
President, Foundation for the Law of Time

Copyright (c) 2003 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles