Travel Report: Calendar Change Tour of Duty


Foundation for the Law of Time

White Spectral Wizard Year

Calendar Change Tour of Duty, Phase I

1. From Temple of the Cosmic Serpent to the Call of the Condor – Peru

The year of the White Spectral Wizard (2003-04) is the fourth and last year of the Campaign for the New Time – and of the “Harrowing of Hell,” the prophetic period between the Seven Years of prophecy (1993-2000) and the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone (2004-2011).

The Foundation’s last official activity on the world stage, the seventh of its seven day Earth Wizard’s Seminars, took place in Mexico during the Galactic Moon of the Solar Seed Year. Now it was the Electric Moon of Service, more than a year and a half later, and the Foundation’s global presence was being called for once again. Review of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement and a renewed planetary activation for the culmination of the Campaign for the New Time provided the call. A further purpose of the journey was a survey of world culture in the era of globalization, but from the perspective of cosmic history.

On behalf of the Foundation, the President, accompanied by the Chief Research Assistant, departed for the South from the Foundation’s new headquarters in Ashland, Oregon. The first stop before heading to Peru was Los Angeles, California. There, on the evening of Electric Moon 2, Blue Electric Monkey (September 21), the Foundation participated in a benefit performance, “Temple of the Cosmic Serpent,” a spectacular event created by Jim Berenholtz and his dance troupe, including many live pythons. Staged at the famed Sowden House in Hollywood, constructed and designed in a neo-Mayan style by the son of the noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the epic and mythical evening netted the Foundation $1833. This primal and evocative performance was a most fitting initiation to the next four weeks of global activity

The next day the Foundation team was off to Peru for the Call of the Condor Vision Council, held in the sacred valley of the Inca outside of Cuzco, Peru. Successfully convened by Liora Adler and Alberto Ruz of the Rainbow Peace Caravan, the Vision Council was a gathering of representatives of the Bioregional Movement, the Ecovillage Sustainable Community Network, the Rainbow nation, the Indigenous peoples and the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.

Held at Camp Veronica deep within the sacred valley of the Inca some 8,000 feet up along the banks of the Urubamba river and beneath perennially snowcapped Andean peaks, the gathering was not easy to reach. Flights to lima via Atlanta, an overnight at a place called the Manhattan Inn, then on to Cuzco the following day. While Lima is everything that epitomizes the worst of third world urbanization – poverty, industrial wastelands, and bad air – Cuzco is still filled with colonial era charm and a strong Inca presence everywhere.

A two to three hour cab ride out of Cuzco past majestic Ollantaytambo is hosted by an Incan cab driver named Franklin who gives you the Quechua (Inca language) word for everything along the road. The taxi tour is completed on the other side of the river from Camp Veronica. The road doesn’t go any farther, and from here you you have to trek into the camp over a rickety footbridge high above the raging Urubamba river. Amazing to think that this is a tributary of the Amazon! The Foundation team’s bags are too big and heavy to trek so Franklin is trusted to hold them until they meet again either in Ollantaytambo or Cuzco.

The camp is a colorful spectacle. Hundreds of tents dot the high plain beneath craggy mountain sides. Over 800 people are bivouacked here in this week-long village. Makeshift latrines and showers are the peak of comfort . Often during the day intense winds blow down from the Andes, while the nights can be rather chilly. Over toward one side of the encampment the Thirteen Moon village sports its flags – Banners of Peace and the seal of the Galactic Federation. The entire scene is reminiscent of a rainbow gathering. Meals are served by the locals who provide a host of vegetarian indigenous dishes, many of them with quinoa, vegetables and a variety of potatoes. Despite the difficult conditions the mood is quite upbeat. Large gatherings occur in a circus tent. Smaller gatherings in a yurt style tent or in the large room of the only permanent building on the grounds. Alberto Ruz informs the team that the the entire set up had to be brought across the Urubamba river on a cable, including all the parts of the two-ton circus tent.

From observations and conversations it is clear that the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement has come of age here as a sociopolitical force. It is most telling that the context for this coming of age was a radical alternative community, indigenous and bioregional vision council. While most of the kin making a very strong presence were from South America, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Argentina, there were also kin from Europe, including PAN Spain, Avalon and Italy.

Everyone attending the Conference was decoded and had their Galactic Signature on their name badge It was very impressive to talk to kin from Argentina and Brazil and realize how much the Movement had mushroomed and taken off on its own in the past two years – a lot less to lose, so why not take a risk on the truly new? The kin from Brazil seem particularly committed to the calendar change. Infinito cable television is present conducting interviews, including one with the Foundation’s President. This time Erma, the hostess, seems well-informed.

A large public workshop on the Thirteen Moon calendar by Foundation Liaison for Latin American Affairs, Rodrigro Urrea (Chile) is well attended and clearly, precisely and logically presented. Rodrigro has emerged as a preeminent spokesperson for the new calendar. His talk is enlivened by visuals taken from Carmen Nunez Paz Infante’s graduate design study on the Law of Time. The President of the Foundation made three formal presentations at the Conference, one to present himself and the work of the Movement, and two to outline the meaning of the Calendar Change within the context of the prophecy of 2012. A fourth informal, intimate and impromptu gathering of kin was also held for over 20 alumni of Picarquin as well as an equal number of others expressing a high degree of commitment. Here the President empowered all present to be the leaders of the Calendar Change Movement.

The President of the Foundation also participated in the Leadership Sessions. The main outcome of these sessions was to pinpoint a time of activation and synchronization of the various movements present in order to demonstrate the size and global extent of the bioregional, new time, sustainable community and alternative life-style movement. It is agreed that beginning with the Oneness Celebration of the Venus Transit, Electric Monkey, June 8, 2004, through the Day Out of Time, July 25, 2004,Spectral Mirror, that there will be much activation, education and artistic demonstration, culminating in the massive worldwide New Time festivals on Green day. The purpose will be to alert the world to the existence of this now vast and widespread coalition of movements as the genuine alternative to the present technospheric state of affairs.

The second outcome was to target the next Vision Council – a thirteen day event near Alto Paraiso, Brazil to be entitled the Call of the Hummingbird. Set to occur around the Electric Moon Equinox (September 22, 2004)The first seven days will be a more focussed leadership event, including plans for a Second Biospheric Congress, while the next six days will be more in the nature of a Time is Art festival and rainbow community gathering. The main organizers for this next Council are kin from Brazil, who also call for a World PAN Congress to be convened during the six day part of the Call of the Hummingbird.

After five days at the gathering, accompanied by Vandir Casagrande of PAN Brazil and Valmir of the World Nonviolent Peace Movement, the Foundation representatives caught a train up the Urubamba river to Aguas Calientes, the staging point for the last part of the trek to Macchu Picchu. Only discovered in 1911, Macchu Picchu has fast become one of the world’s tourist Meccas. The town of Aguas Calientes was only founded in 1941, recent by Peruvian standards, to service the great archeological site. Today Aguas Calientes teems with tourists from the world’s industrialized nations, eager to put Macchu Picchu on their list of world travels. Globalization has made Macchu Picchu what it is today. It costs a pretty penny to get there, and what pennies you have left you can easily get rid of in the endless arts and crafts stalls which make Aguas Calientes one of the world’s most colorful bazaars.

International tourism notwithstanding, not all the photographs in the world can really prepare you for the grandeur of Macchu Picchu. Functioning now in their roles as the Foundation’s Research and Development team, the Foundation representatives could appreciate the fact that they were at Macchu Picchu on White Planetary Mirror, exactly 260 days before the 52nd anniversary and solar galactic return of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan at Palenque. This correlation provided a deeper synchronic link between these two fabled New World sites. Even with all the tourists of a Gregorian Sunday, the mountain top vastness of Macchu Picchu maintains its aloofness and impenetrable mystery.

What cosmic visions were cultivated and harvested here? What point of cosmic history does Macchu Picchu actually delineate? Today theories abound. It was a type of celestial university, a fortress for the cosmically minded Inca emperors, an observatory and mystic hideaway. Whatever theory you hold to, having just come from the Call of the Condor, it was interesting to observe two rainbow flags, one each inscrutably placed on the two nearest mountain peaks adjacent to Macchu Picchu. Meditating in the shadows of the great mysteriously hewn stones, one can sense a perception of the universe so remarkably different than that of the present day it is no wonder that the fascination of Macchu Picchu is now a global phenomenon. Built during the last century of the Inca empire, this colossal citadel enshrines a vision of cosmic history that is a necessary counterpoint to the secularization of the world today. Sacred view is enshrined in everything about Macchu Picchu, where human design and the environment are an indissoluble harmony – a far cry from the modern world.

Late the following day the Foundation team was on the train back to Cuzco, a winding four hour journey through the sacred valley of the Inca, occasional ruins poking through the jungle and rock strewn banks of the Urubamba, and then on to the high plains. Franklin the Inca cab driver was at the train station with luggage and a room in a hostel in central Cuzco. Following a morning walk through the Coricancha, Emperor Atahuallpa’s cosmic citadel at the center of the Inca capitol, Cuzco “the navel of the world,” one could appreciate the difference between the Inca and the baroque Christian cosmovisions. The Inca is all clean lines, a mysterious geometry that easily hearkens to the most ancient world visions of some megalithic Atlantis, while the Christian monastery built atop the Coricancha is dark, overbearing and filled with bloody Christs and sufferingly ecstatic saints.

A chance encounter with a kin at the Inca museum informs of the presence of some of the Nomad caravanistas from Picarquin who had documentation problems and could only get to the Call of the Condor after the Foundation team had departed. Following a tour of Sacsahuayman, the impossibly monumental stone fortress outside of Cuzco, the Foundation team heads for the central plaza of Cuzco to encounter the Nomad caravanistas. It is the day Yellow Crystal Sun, and so a Court of the Kin is called in the very center of the plaza. Within minutes the seven or eight kin who first have gathered are joined by as many as 40 more kin – a wondrous moment since there had been virtually no notice at all that such a gathering would occur. Negotiation with the police forestalls their efforts to remove the gathering for lack of a permit. Meanwhile, some 80 to 100 Cuzco citizens congregate around the Court of the Kin. At its conclusion, within the time allotted by the police, a great circle of kin and Cuzco citizens is formed around the fountain at the center of the plaza for a triumphant finale to the Crystal Day Round table. The navel of the world gets resanctified by the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement!

The next day, the Foundation team is back in Lima for a brief tour of the city and an outing in the Barrancas, a neighborhood touted as the bohemian district of the Peruvian metropolis. The cabdriver’s name this time is Lenin, son of a leftist mathematics teacher. Driving towards the Barrancas district it is clear from observing clusters of people on the street corners that Lima is a truly desperate and “dangerous” city. Barrancas is on the ocean, but despite its small arts and crafts neighborhood, by nightfall, it too is bristling with a feeling of danger. Then there is a midnight flight to Atlanta and on to Los Angeles, with just enough time to visit the Yogananda Meditation Garden, a true effort at envisioning the universal religion. Located in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles, the area is amazingly similar in geography to Barrancas, but amazingly dissimilar in the disparity of wealth.

We are left with the question: How will justice be brought to this world? The calendar change and the new bioregional community must have as its first priority the establishment of equalizing standards which make inequality so alien to the intrinsic sense of harmony, that people will develop a passion for justice as great as any materialistic passion, nay, even greater, for what is of the spirit is always infinitely more powerful than any base desire.

2. Noosphere Spiritual Ecological Assembly of the World – Russia

Following a day and a half at Foundation headquarters, long enough to write up the position paper, “ Foundation for the Law of Time, Pacing the Biosphere Noosphere Transition,” the Foundation team is off for Russia, the second stage of the journey. The first stage had been to consolidate the Calendar Change Movement’s sociopolitical presence – and to set foot on the homelands of one of the truly high civilizations of the world, the Andean, which also had the fate of being conquered and, hence, of becoming one of the bastions of Christian colonialism. Even as the present day nation state of Peru, the heritage of that colonialism continues in the exploitation of the land and its people by the cartels of the industrialized nations. Despite this, its people, like Franklin the Inca, are proud of their heritage and their land and most courteous and eager to serve their visitors.

Russia, like Peru, has its own uniqueness. Home of the world’s longest experiment in state socialism – some 70 years of Marxist-Leninism, Russia was long before that home of the Czars and the Eastern Orthodox Church. Freed from the socialist experiment for hardly more than a decade, even in the last three years Moscow has transformed enormously. From the sheer austerity of the communist era, Moscow is now so liberalized as to be like a science-fiction fantasy. Huge neon signs and gigantic billboards adorn the central area around Red Square. The old government department store – GUM – is now a stronghold of brand name outlets. The Phlegmatic Dog across from the Kremlin sports a cyber cafe that is pure Buck Rogers 21st century. Everywhere there is a kind of fashionable otherworldly, underground feeling and the ubiquitous beat, either of rave-trance music or the more typical Russian chansons. And ten years ago when there were virtually no private cars, the city now is so decked out with automobiles as to have more than its share of gridlock traffic jams. But behind the glitter, most of Russia still toils, and there is yet a seriousness of thinking unequaled anywhere else in the world.

Met at the airport by Timofey Reshetov, Foundation Russian liaison as well as members of the PAN Svet(Light), the Foundation team is put up in an apartment graciously offered by Galina, a physicist and member of PAN Svet. The schedule prepared by Timofey is full and highly diversified. On White Overtone World-Bridger, the day following our arrival in Russia, the President of the Foundation is a special guest of honor at the Hall of Nations at the Moscow City Hall. Here, at a press conference organized by Lyubov Gordina, Foundation President, along with several other Russians, including cosmonaut Marina Popovich are given Certificates honoring them as members of the Noosphere Spiritual Ecological Assembly of the World.

Upon receiving his award, the President gives a brief talk regarding the appropriateness of Russia as a leader into the noosphere, especially in light of the fact that in few other countries of the world can one speak of the noosphere and be understood. A special linguist who speaks 97 languages, including Mayan, as well as a musician and a painter create a performance piece to round off the event. Afterwards there is a television interview and a first taste of the “Jose Arguelles phenomenon.” The Mayan Factor has turned into an almost mythic text or concept, and following public presentations, its author is subjected to an outrageous eagerness and clamoring for his autograph or photograph as if he were some kind of star.

A special apartment in the center of Moscow is set up as a day time resting place for the Foundation team. Lavishly decorated with purple drapes and curtains, textile walls, black light and sparse modernistic furniture, the host is a young man named Sergei. Once a theoretical physicist, Sergei, now calls himself a “master of ceremonies.” In the evening the President gives another talk, this time at the Moscow Writer’s Club. The theme is always the calendar change, the noospheric mind shift and the prophecy of 2012, but slanted to the nature of the audience. The audience is literary and esoteric and warmly receives the imaginative perspective of the presentation.

The next day it is the Patrice Lumumba Freedom University. The audience is young and undergraduate, so the President gives a professorial style presentation with lots of chalkboard diagrams and scribbles. Afterwards there is a formal closing of the Altai exhibit at the Freedom University Culture Museum, whose curator, Boris Vershynin, is the host of the day’s events. The President is given awards by the University Rector, and then there is a formal luncheon. Making their way back to Sergei’s flat in the fashionable Arbat neighborhood, there is a lengthy interview for the Russian oligarch magazine, Power. Bogged down in gridlock the team is late for the evening presentation at the Moscow University Temporology Seminar. The scientific audience, impatient for the presentation, is almost rude when the talk is over.

The day following, Resonant Star, October 8, the team is invited to the Zilensky Museum for a meeting with a small group of Russian cosmicist scientists. The Museum is an old house in central Moscow. Even before entering the Museum a man is videotaping every move the team makes. The President gives a thorough review of his work on the study of time, especially focussing on his book, Earth Ascending. Zilensky senior was a leader in the communist-era cosmic scientist faction that included Vernadsky. Zilensky’s son, Andre´, one of the hosts of the event, is also the author of a very interesting study on the cosmic nature of the Julian calendar prior to the Gregorian calendar reform. A copy of this monograph in French is presented to the Foundation along with other scientific and artistic texts provided by many of the others in attendance.

Following this meeting, completed with toasts in the Russian manner, the team along with interpreter and coordinator Reshetov head for the apartment of Lorik. An organizer of the Writer’s Club event of two nights previous, Lorik is known as the “mother of the cultural revolution,” a phenomenon that occurred during the communist era in the 1970s. She presents the team with many reproductions of paintings, magazines and books documenting the “cultural revolution” – grainy black and white photos of artists in crowded kitchens smoking cigarettes and looking like Russian beatniks. Treated to a bowl of borscht, the Foundation team must now get itself ready for a an airplane flight to St. Petersburg.

Here it is appropriate to speak about the role of the Research Assistant and a deeper level of meaning of the Foundation mission. Following the President’s being honored as the Closer of the Cycle at Teotihuacan, Galactic Moon 25, Yellow Solar Seed year (March 3, 2002), the prophetic aspect of his life work took an even more serious turn. The 2012 date, signifying the closing of the cycle, now became the focus of his meditation and contemplative study. In order to fulfill the mission he also needed an apprentice to whom he could transmit the knowledge. The person to fill the role of the apprentice was the Foundation Research Assistant.

During the year and a half between world travels the President and the apprentice began an intensive tutorial and study program entitled “Cosmic History,” the prelude to a seven volume publication to be known as the Cosmic History Chronicles. Work on this series, the reformulation of the human mind and knowledge, constitutes the basic activity of the Foundation’s Research and Development program, and of the apprenticeship leading to 2012, when the transmission of knowledge would be complete. The travel to Peru, Russia and Italy represented the first major break in this program of study and research. One of the role’s of the Research Assistant on this mission was to study the interactions of the different people with the President, whom she also knew to be the Closer of the the Cycle – a man with a prophetic mission, no matter who anyone else might think he was. It was at this point in the Russian travels that the apprentice perceived that the President was being overbooked with perhaps not enough understanding or respect for who he was in his prophetic role. And indeed, the President was coming down with a virus.

With these perceptions in mind, the team embarked on another long ride through the Moscow traffic and then on to the airplane to St. Petersburg. The team arrived late in the evening to be greeted by enthusiastic members of PAN Lithuania, PAN Latvia and PAN St. Petersburg, including, Yuri, an Olympic diving champion. The team was driven to a St. Petersburg apartment newly remodeled and converted into a type of hotel suite. Following the happy but chaotic greeting party, the team finally retired for the day.

The next day, Red Galactic Moon, October 9, was the birthday of Nicholas Roerich and the reason for being in St. Petersburg. The President was one of the official presenters at the Third Annual international Roerich Conference at St. Petersburg University. This year the event was in conjunction with the 300th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg. Unlike Moscow, St. Petersburg was still maintaining its classic artistic appeal, making it one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Situated on the banks of the Neva River near the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg is 60 degrees north and on the exact same longitude as the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, a factor contributing to the uniquely mystical quality of this city, home of the Czars and the Russian Revolution.

The Roerich Conference turns out to be very academic. Among the presenters is a Tibetan lama who has to be asked to turn off his cell phone (tucked in his sleeve) while standing at the podium. The President is virtually the only presenter who does not read a paper. Afterwards there is the usual clamor and disorder, with numerous people seeking interviews with the President. A long tedious ride through rainy St. Petersburg streets contributes to a growing feeling of discomfort. The team sits down with Timofey to communicate something about the meaning of their relationship as apprentice and teacher, but also about their frustration at the chaotic nature of the schedule and the aftermath of the presentations.

That evening there is another presentation, this one for for PAN St. Petersburg, which is held at the Pushkin library. The hall is packed with over 200 people, the atmosphere is vibrant. The President notes that that 80% of the audience is women, and asks them to stand to be acknowledged. He then delivers an emotionally charged address regarding the male dominance of history and the coming post historic, post-2012 balancing of the ledger – one of the reasons, he points out, that his apprentice is a female. As he speaks of the male priest class dominating history, a member of the Russian Orthodox clergy accompanied by small entourage enters the hall. The Orthodox clergyman is seated directly in front of the President, who continues his presentation regarding the prophecy of 2012, the 9-11 and the Book of Revelations, and the steps to be taken for the empowerment of the people in the new time.

When his talk is over, the Orthodox clergyman takes to the stage, asking to speak a few words, and for Timofey to translate what he says. This man, it turns out, is the archbishop of St. Petersburg of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He tells the audience that what the President has spoken regarding history, men and women is true; that what he has said of 2012 is true prophecy and that the President is a prophet. And, the clergyman adds, the fact hat the President has spoken this prophecy on this day, which is both Nicholas Roerich’s birthday and the holy day of St. John the Prophet, is a miracle; he repeats: It is a miracle. When the Archbishop is done speaking, the audience is on their feet. The atmosphere is like a revival meeting. The archbishop then presents the President three red roses, blesses him, kisses him on both cheeks, then bows his head in honor. A surprise ending to another long day and a seeming vindication of the need for some acknowledgment of the deeper roles the Foundation team is playing on the world stage.

On The ride back to the apartment the Foundation team is accompanied by a trio who attempts to inform and interest the President in some kind of elaborate social political monetary deal for transforming 12:60 into 13:20 economy. A dossier full of official looking documents is displayed as the car works its way back through the night time traffic. Not knowing really what to make of it, the President asks for translations of the scheme to be faxed to him.

The next morning, following a breakfast with the original Baltic PANs greeting team, the whole entourage is off for a walk through the main square of St. Petersburg. The Czar’s palace, which now forms part of the Hermitage museum, the site where the Leninist Revolution began, and a walk toward the Neva River where a performing Russian bear attracts attention completes the brief walking tour. Now it is time for the airport. Back in Moscow the team makes it way to the next lecture, one on the DNA and the Tzolkin for an esoteric society. Tea and sweets in a crowded little office, and then on stage to another packed hall. Afterwards there is much confusion and a rush to get back to the apartment.

The day following is for PAN Svet. Timofey has the day off. The day begins at high noon when the Foundation team is picked up and taken to the Microeconomics Institute where PAN Svet has their headquarters. Here the atmosphere is leisurely and elegant. Now Vica is the translator and the hosts are Raduga and Vadim, a couple known for their esoteric activity and interests with the work both of Helena Blavatsky and Nicholas and Helena Roerich. Raduga and Vadim are now completely involved in the Thirteen Moon calendar, and in two days are headed for a three week tour of Mexico. The meeting is sympathetic and warm. A good meal is served.

Late in the afternoon, another lecture to another overflowing hall – perhaps 300 or more people are present. Before the lecture begins there is an on stage interview with a popular
Moscow television show. The presentation is especially dramatic. The President takes advantage of the well-decorated lecture hall and projects a broadcast from within the center of the sun to the Earth. Afterwards, there is a well-orchestrated exit so that the team is not subjected to the usual pandemonium. Back in the meeting room after an exchange of gifts, Raduga and Vadim share a relic of Madame Blavatsky’s, which is especially of interest to the Research Assistant who is modeling some of her studies on Madame Blavatsky’s key works, the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled.

The Foundation team decides to decline an offer to spend the night at the dacha (country home) of Mischa Kosmos, an affable entrepreneur and producer of Russian ethno-electronic music, even though it means foregoing an opportunity for the President to record his flute music in a professional studio. The health of the President is of concern, and by not going to the country home, most of the next day can be spent relaxing. The only event that day is at the Planetarium, where there is to be a special evening show. A presentation of Mischa Kosmos’ music and poetry is followed by an ad lib poetic monologue by the President to a set of slides depicting the galactic Maya and the Dreamspell.

The next day there is a long and incredibly thorough interview for the Russian journal “Arguments and Facts.” A late lunch at a fashionable Japanese restaurant is followed by the President’s talk on the Dreamspell and Telektonon as descriptions of an interplanetary consciousness to a group of young people at a type of martial arts club. The succeeding day is filled with interviews and meetings. The final one is with Lorik, once again, and a newspaper editor named Igor. His paper had published a full two page story on the Thirteen Moon calendar just prior to the visit. Asked what is the editorial policy or position of the paper, Igor explains that his weekly newspaper, which has a circulation of 250,000 is geared for the people who can’t quite make it to the middle class, so he gives them ideas and other things to think about.

The last day in Moscow finds the team at the Optical Theater around the back of the Roerich
Museum. The optical theater is a synaesthetic performance of synchronized music and painterly visuals which is quite effective. The curator/producer, Sergei Zorina, wishes to make an optical theater production of the Thirteen Moon calendar and the need for humanity to return to natural 13:20 time. After tea and cookies there is a quick tour of the Roerich Museum and then, with translator Vica and her husband Alex, a walking tour of central Moscow. A visit to a major new age bookstore is terminated abruptly when posters are spotted stating the Jose Arguelles will be there that afternoon for a brief talk and book signing. No such agreement or understanding had occurred. A final dinner with Timofey and Vica and Alex concludes the visit on a beautiful note of harmony and friendship. As the team departs for the apartment, Boris of the Freedom University catches up with them and presents them with many photos including a half dozen of the Archbishop at St. Petersburg.

Pope Gregory XIII effected his reform of the calendar between October 5 and 16, 1582. That is, he took back the ten days the Julian calendar was off by eliminating the ten days between these dates, so that if you went to bed October 5, you woke up October 16. For the Foundation team’s visit, Russia was the long night of Pope Gregory’s soul. The Foundation team arrived on October 5 and departed the morning of October 16 – not without difficulty, as they were charged $368 for excess baggage, so loaded down were they with books and documents.

3. Mayan Prophecy, the Vatican and Plato’s Cave – Italy

With the President quite under the weather, after a four hour layover in Prague, the team arrived in Rome on a hot afternoon. The day – October 16 – was also John Paul II’s 25th anniversary of being the Pope – AND the 421st anniversary of the Gregorian calendar reform. Everything is in good synchronic order for the arrival of the Foundation for the Law of Time team in the capitol of the Gregorian calendar and the Roman Empire. Of course, all roads lead to Rome – especially if calendar reform is your business.

After the hectic, exuberant chaos of Russia, the team was treated to a comfortable hotel in a quiet, out of the way section of Rome. A good place to recuperate. The only hitch is that the Research Assistant’s suitcase seems to be lost – this after paying so much money in Moscow for excess luggage (the bag did come back, but three days late). The next day, Electric Earth, the 28th day of the Electric moon of Service, begins the three-day seminar – “Closing the Cycle – Preparations for the New Time.” The venue is the University of Rome. A large lecture hall where some two hundred or so people are in attendance, including, the team is told, several famous Italian television stars. The translator-coordinator is Antonio Giachetti, a Self-existing Serpent, just like Timofey in Russia. The first presentation deals with the concept of calendar change in the context of cosmic history and the biosphere- noosphere transition. Outside the hall are vendors and displays including the just published Italian Dreamspell.

After the presentation the team is taken to lunch by Alberto, the chauffeur and personal host of the visit. In his mid forties, Alberto is a wild but well-controlled Italian driver. Later in the day, Alberto brings the President a variety of natural herbal remedies for the virus which now seems quite serious. Following a good night’s sleep the second day commences. The theme for the day, “The Law of Time, Prophecy and 2012,” receives a thorough and systematic treatment. The herbal remedy appears to be very effective and the virus is greatly abated.

After another multi-plate lunch and a brief rest, the Foundation team is escorted back to the University for an evening session. The group has been divided into Earth families and will now present reports. However, there seems to have been a misunderstanding and rather than reports, the Earth families present questions for the President; most of them seem to be intellectual and irrelevant. The President responds with an impassioned statement regarding his being a messenger and that his role is to deliver the message not to answer people’s questions. From there, he speaks of the spiritual nature of the message and the calendar change. While elaborating on the meaning of “in lak’ech,” a disturbed lady creates a disruption and leaves the hall. The President admonishes everyone to ask what part of themselves this lady represents, for she too is in lak’ech. The gathering ends on a spiritually high note.

Afterwards there is a meeting with the PAN Spain which has sent a delegation of some 28 kin. It is a very warm and loving meeting. Various books on Asturias are presented to the President, in the hopes that he might visit there, for Asturias is the ancestral home of the Arguelles family. In attendance with the PAN Spain delegation from the first day of the Seminar is Quetza Sha, the leader and spokesperson of the Guardians of the Earth, the indigenous shamans who presented the President with his ceremonial staff honoring him as the Closer of the Cycle at Teotihuacan in 2002. During the October 16 celebrations of the Pope’s 25 year tenure, Quetza Sha managed to get some press for being a non-catholic Mexican Shaman in St. Peter’s Square determined to let the world know that, according to the Mayan prophecies, it is the dawning of the Sixth Sun of Consciousness, a new age which will embrace all the religions of the world.

The theme of the third day is the “Practical Steps from Calendar Change 2004 to Mind Shift 2012.” These steps include the November 8-9 Harmonic Concordance lunar eclipse, one galactic spin before the Day of the Great Calendar Change, Blue Crystal Storm, 2004; the four day kin 25-28, Harmonic 7 Hunab Ku fast and peace meditation, December 4-7; the Oneness Festival -Venus Transit, June 8, 2004; and the activation cycle to the day Out of Time, 2004. This is called opening the interdimensional window of time. From then on, it is the eight year time and mind shift, or on the road to 2012, the closing of the cycle.

The premise of the presentations during the entire three country tour has been that the calendar has already changed because a critical minority of the human race is now following the Thirteen Moon calendar. This is an irrevocable evolutionary fact. For the first time in history it is the people of the Earth who have taken it upon themselves to effect this change. That in itself is an unprecedented wonder and represents the commencement of the noosphere. To change the calendar is to change the foundations of thought and without such a self-generated change the noosphere could not come about. But now it has begun. The tide of the transformation of the biosphere into the noosphere is a cosmically ordained and, hence, unstoppable reality. The old time will be be stopped, for the new time is already being lived.

The concluding act of the three day event is the awarding of Banners of Peace to representatives of the fifteen or so counties present. Then comes the Gregorian Sunday special – a nine plate, three hour Roman Sunday lunch. Following a brief respite, Alberto and Antonio drive the Foundation team to Calcata some 40 kilometers outside of Rome. Originally a relatively inaccessible eleventh century monastery and adjoining village atop a mountain, Calcata languished in the 20th century until it was discovered by a few intrepid artists and entrepreneurs, our host Alberto being one of them. The walk through Calcata is truly a walk into the medieval world – except for the bustle of artists and late Sunday tourists, and a lone trumpeter someplace playing George Gershwin’s Summertime. The team is taken to a grotto that is now a coffee bar and bistro. Sitting in cave-like corner of this club, the team is entertained by a performance of didjeridoo, tabla and overtone chanting – all very surreal to contemplate, this neo-aboriginal sound in a medieval monastery. It is definitely a new time.

The final day in Rome begins with a press conference. Despite repeated calls, no one from the Vatican press shows up. The President nonetheless delivers his statement to the press recounting the history and crimes of the Vatican; the reason for the Gregorian calendar reform; the obstruction of the Vatican to the League of Nations calendar reform proposal; the Vatican’s position on calendar reform in the appendix to the Vatican II Council of 1961; the Thirteen Moon calendar movement’s history with the Vatican, including the Papal secretary Dom Gerardo’s non-delivery of material left for the Pope, as well as the President’s meetings with father George Coyne of the Vatican Observatory. Afterwards, Quetza Sha lets the President know that his statement is a further fulfillment of prophecy.

Then follows a flurry of meetings with PAN delegates, as well as video sessions, including one for the Planet Art Network conducted by Mark Heley of PAN Avalon. Finally, the Foundation team is able to get to St. Peter’s in the Vatican where they are able to get photographs of themselves holding a Banner of Peace in front of the large sculpture of Pope Gregory XIII. When they spot a door created by Pope Gregory XIII and only opened again recently, 2000- 2001 by Pope John Paul II, the team pulls out the Banner of Peace again. This time Vatican security keeps them from unfurling the Banner. Outside on St. Peter’s Square, where thousands of chairs are being taken down after the beatification of Mother Theresa ceremonies of the day before, the team manages to unfurl the Banner of Peace one more time. Then at 3 PM there is another interview, this time for a national television channel, for a program that “reaches two million housewives.” The popular interviewer is a lady who is dressed and made up in the most fashionable manner and whose style is pure seduction. She has been decoded and is a Resonant Star. The President tells her that she must use her power properly.

Following a late lunch and a brief walk, the final event of the day occurs. This is a visit to a place called Plato’s Cave. Here is a man named Lorenzo, 65 years of age, who has collected over 40,000 symbols in his life time. But his real passion and forte is engraving mirrors, sculpting them in low relief with remarkable likenesses of people like Federico Fellini, or more often, of mythic faces and figures that haunt as much as fascinate. Present is one of the television stars who had attended the Seminar. He had invited the team to his country estate, but obviously there was not time for such an event.

The feeling in Plato’s cave – Lorenzo’s basement gallery – is strange and disconcerting. In the dialogue where Plato presents the cave as an allegory he asserts that most people live, as it were, in a cave, taking the shadows in the cave for reality. Few people realize that there is a true reality outside of the cave, and that it is the sun outside of the cave making the shadows within the cave. Was Lorenzo fully aware of the sun outside of his cave? One didn’t know -where did the hall of mirrors end and the reality begin? Of course, Lorenzo’s most recent project was engraving the 20 solar seals on mirrors. Perhaps with these he might rediscover the sun.

Then on the next day, Red Resonant Dragon, came one of the miracles of the technosphere. Leave Rome at 9:55 in the morning, and arrive at Medford airport in Southern Oregon at 5:15 in the afternoon. Yes, of course, in between there is the ten hour flight from Frankfurt to Portland, but in that time only two hours elapsed from port of origin to port of destiny. The tricks of time! It would all be more entertaining if it were not for the devastation of human rights: Passing from airport to airport in virtually air tight security zones, yet one is frisked and treated like a criminal at every entry and exit point. In the war on terror, terrorism always wins and humanity only becomes more degraded. Back to the issue of calendar change and the sweeping away of the old altogether! The time for a new beginning is now long overdue.


The first Calendar Change 2004 Mission of the Foundation for the Law of Time was a resounding success. We know that the experiences of this most significant journey will redound to the benefit of all beings. The message was selflessly and tirelessly given. The Research Assistant was most helpful and insightful while learning invaluable lessons. The purposes of cosmic history were well served. It is clear that the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, sponsored by the Foundation through the world wide PAN, has acquired a life of its own and is reaching all sectors of society. This means that a major corner has been turned in the efforts to change the time and to fulfill prophecy. 2012 will have a happy ending.

But there is still much much work to be done. The Campaign for the New Time is anything but over. This year alone we still need to mount a major consciousness raising campaign all over the world. Everyone who believes in the new calendar has a role to play. There are still major populations that are not fully aware of the promise and potential of calendar change. In the spring -Solar and Planetary moons – the Foundation team will mount its second mission for the culmination of the Campaign for the New Time – a journey to Japan, Australia and New Zealand – the Far East and Southern hemisphere. By that time we hope to see the consciousness raising campaign taking many forms.

As far as the Foundation for the Law of Time is concerned there was an up leveling of funds returning to the source. The trip to Russia and Rome was made possible by matching donations from Ingrid Akossy and Ludwig Schlampf of Germany and Denise Galactic Serpent of Oregon. Denise also made it possible for Alessandra of PAN italy to attend the Call of the Condor. in addition, generous donations were received from PAN Spain, PAN Svet, PAN Rome (Fiorella and Gregg), and PAN Italy. We would like to extend our appreciation to all of the people who donated and contributed to the Foundation for the Law of Time during this journey, as well as to all the kin everywhere who know that the Thirteen Moon calendar is the path to tomorrow. Remember: The Foundation for the Law of Time IS the foundation of the future.

May all beings who read this report know that by merely reading it they are actors in the great drama of the Closing of the Cycle!

May there be forgiveness for any omissions or errors in the filing of this report.

May all beings be well and happy!

May genuine understanding spread to all corners of the Earth!

Report submitted by the President of the Foundation for the Law of Time
Kin 248 Yellow Magnetic Star
Ashland, Oregon
North American Plate
Velatropa 24.3

Copyright (c) 2003 by Jose Arguelles