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World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement

“I am in favor of a standardized calendar for the whole world, Just as I am in favor of a universal coinage for all countries, and a supplementary artifical language (Iike Esperanto, for example) for all peoples…I am always ready to endorse any honest movement which will help unify the peoples of the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi, Journal of Calendar Reform,1931

Together many hands can work as One. This world is beset by problems of a whole system order. Problems of war, environmental destruction, global warming, poverty, racism, and social turmoil are not separate issues. if we can find one root eause and focus all of our energy on remedying that cause, then we will have attained a level of cooperative behavior that will inspire us afresh to seek out the whole system solutions to what ails our planet today. This is the opportunity which the Universal Calendar Refom represents.

Given what we know about calendar reform in the 20th century and its critique of the corrent worid civil calendar, which is actually the ecclesiastical calendar of the Vatican, calendar reform is more urgent than ever before, A calendar must not only be the measure of the astronomical, Iunar and solar year, but should also reflect a hamony af mind and nature. The Thirteen Moon/28 day calendar is a standardized calendar for the whole world which satsfies the profoundest needs of the human spirit while providing the opportunity to reprogram the human sense of time altogether. With such a revitalized sense of time, the human spirit will be able to restore to itself the courage to reconstruct the world in peace.

The Foundation for the Law of Time is committed to relieving this world of global anarchy and moral relativism. The purpose of the Calendar Reform is to act as a focal point for spiritual unification, environmental restoration, cultural biodiversity and planetary moral regeneration. To this end, the Foundation is seeking to establish an alliance with like-minded scientific, cultural, environmental and spiritual organizations world-wide.

Alliance for the New Tlme – Statement of Agreement

“The Alliance for the New Time is an association of groups and organizations world-wide aligned in principle to the Thirteen Moon Calendar refom as a fundamental change necessary for the benefit of the environment and the elevation of the human spint.”

Any organization or group who can resonate with this simple statement may become a member of this Alliance, Once an organization has agreed to the principle of this alliance, there is no obligation on the part of that organization to do anything more than accept that they will be listed as being in support of the Calendar Reform Proposal for which the Foundation itself takes full responsibility. Of course, it would be hoped that any organization agreeing to this alliance would maintain some dialogue with the Foundation as is appropriate.

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