First International Leadership Conference


PAN World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement
Event Summary and Preliminary Task Force Reports

Ever since the discovery of the 12:60-13:20 timing frequencies, more
than eleven years ago, there has been but one imperative: change the
calendar, replace the Gregorian calendar with the Thirteen moon 28-day
count as the global civil standard. This evolutionary necessity has been
the driving force behind the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace
Movement and the formation of its operating base, the Planet Art
Network. The Foundation for the Law of Time, created less than a year
ago, has as its principle goal the coordination of the PAN for the
completion of the calendar change task. The First International
Leadership Conference was the highlight of the Foundation’s first year
and a critical turning point in the Movement to replace the calendar.

The purpose of the Leadership Conference was to crystallize the Campaign
for the New Time, the next and ultimate phase of the Calendar Change
Peace Movement. Success was reflected in the presence of representatives
of sixteen different countries. The mission of the Foundation provided
the basis and guidelines for the Conference: to uphold the Thirteen
Moon/28-day calendar change peace plan, and to promote the law of time.
Fulfillment of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan is now
incorporated as the central purpose of the Campaign for the New Time. A
document, “The Campaign for the New Time: Science Demonstrates a New
Time of Peace on Earth,” was prepared for the event.

Meant as a study guide for all PAN nodes world-wide, this comprehensive
document is for the purpose of conducting an informed and focused
Campaign. The contents of the document reflect a need to be conversant
with key aspects of the following topics: Calendars: chronological,
astronomical and synchronic orders of time; a critique of the theory and
use of the Gregorian Calendar; arguments based on logical sensibility
regarding harmony or disharmony of instruments of measure; a familiarity
with the earlier calendar reform movement – its similarities with the
current movement and the causes of its failure; the discovery and chief
principles of the Law of Time as a new standard for reorganizing our
understanding about the nature of time, science and life in general; and
finally, to understand why the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace
Movement and the Discovery of the Law of Time are the transformative and
unifying force for bringing the cycle of history to its conclusion.

While these topics were given voice in the Foundation?fs preliminary
presentation, the full revolutionary nature of the calendar change was
articulated in the third and final presentation, which totally affirmed
the telepathic knowledge base of the synchronic order of time. This
closing presentation occurred on the day Alpha 19, Kin 137. Identified
as the Ah Vuc Ti Cab, the “Lord of the Center of the Earth,” Red
Resonant Earth, Kin 137 also evokes the principle of resonant
revolution, or revolution by attunement, which is the principle behind
the revolution of time augured by the success of the Campaign for the
New Time. The arousing of “revolution by attunement” on the day Kin 137,
is in accord with the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time, in which Kin 137
initiates Harmonic 35 and the biphasic codon, 49, “Revolution (of
Time).” Confirming the accuracy of the synchronic order, it was
discovered that in the text Earth Ascending, the “Prelude to Map 49,
Revolution,” begins on page 137, the same number as the kin initiating
the biphasic Codon Revolution.

Kin 137 Red Resonant Earth
I Channel in order to evolve
inspiring synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of Universal Water

“Revolution means removal of that which is antiquated,” is the
commentary in the I Ching. That which is antiquated and clogging the
planetary mental system is the Gregorian calendar. The world calendar
needs to be set in order, that is the purpose of the perfect measure of
the Thirteen Moon 28-day count. This is an arduous task – the purpose of
the Campaign for the New Time – for the antiquated material of the
Julian/Gregorian Calendar has acted as a template holding and attracting
to it all the attitudes constituting the present global civilization,

“… attitudes that are no longer attuned to the situation of the time.
That the attitudes … are entrenched in the material trappings of power
and convention is precisely the reason revolution is called for. A
consideration of the enormity of the task, passing back from the CA to
the AC templates, from history to posthistory indicates that we cannot
be dealing with a situation in which one set of power holders is
toppled, to be replaced by another. Rather we are dealing with total
holonomic revolution, revolution by attunement.” (Earth Ascending, p.

In complete agreement with this visionary definition (written in 1983)
of the purpose and method of the Campaign for the New Time, the actual
focus of the Conference was the definition of tasks and formation into
task force groups. The task forces represent the mobilization of the PAN
into a holonomic revolutionary force.

“In making this call for total holonomic evolution, revolution by
attunement, we cannot deceive ourselves. The well of civilization as it
is today is rife with antiquated material. The removal of this material
is no easy process… Nonetheless, to face things squarely, what
holonomic revolution implies is nothing less than the total
transformation of the existing order; socially, politically, culturally
and educationally…” This defines the calendar change as the leverage
point for initiating the change, while the law of time establishes the
principles of holonomic reorganization. The PAN is then defined as “the
matrix or seed-template of the future order come into being at the
present time… Organized into a network, the seed-templates of the
radiosonic future… must be based on nonaggressive means. Since
tradtitionally art has been the effective means for the nonaggressive
transformation of energy… art must play a key and major role in the
present global revolution… But here art must be understood in its
aboriginal sense of healing, purifying, and bringing people together
into coherent purposive groups. It is in this regard that a call is
issued for the formation of a Planet Art network as the means of
implementing revolution by attunement…” Earth Ascending, p.138)

Definitions of tasks and assignment of task force was organized both by
Earth family groups as well as by self-organizing affinity groups. These
groups met for the better part of the second day and the beginning of
the third. Following the presentation of the task force reports (see
below), a final presentation was given regarding the need to balance the
outer work of accomplishing the calendar change with the inner work of
the Earth Wizards synchronic daily codes and the creation of the plasma
rainbow body. To seal the serious intent and purpose of the Conference,
a vow for seven times seven generations to come was taken by all 52
members present. This vow was then ritually commemorated by passing a 7
x 7 (49 squares) Aymara rainbow flag from kin to kin in the closing
ceremonial circle.

Preliminary Campaign for the New Time Task Force Reports

The Campaign for the New Time is defined by a four-year cycle commencing
Blue Galactic Storm, (July 26, 2000) through the Day Out of Time, White
Spectral Mirror, (July 25, 2004). The Campaign?fs goal is that by Blue
Crystal Storm (July 26, 2004) either the entire world will be ready to
finally accept the calendar reform it has been avoiding for the past
century; or, that failing, the Campaign will announce to the world that
the PAN World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement will be
separating from Gregorian time in order to establish, on behalf of the
biosphere, a new community based on a return to natural time via the
Thirteen Moon calendar. This New Community in time will take for its
covenant all of the principles and codes of the Law of Time, inclusive
of those established at the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric
Rights, 1996. The 2004 date is predicated on the deadline established by
the Mayan Prophecies, 2012 (the brick wall of historical time), which
demands a reorganization in time to occur at least eight years prior.

If the rest of the world is ready for the change, then the Crystal Storm
Year, 2004-05, will be the year of trial – the amount of time humanity
needs to understand the profound nature of changing the calendar. This
year would also be proposed as a year of universal cease fire in order
to allow the new calendar its peaceful course of adoption. It is in
order to hasten a positive resolution to the century long effort at
replacing the Gregorian calendar that the task forces were formed.
Since the first year of the four year program was for establishing the
Foundation and the launching of the Campaign, the Task Forces were to
devise over-all strategies for the remaining three years including first
concrete steps to be taken.

The following write ups and reports are ONLY the most preliminary
statements and are meant to be the focus for development of interactive
strategies ongoing.

The Six Task Forces

1. Banner of Peace and Peace and Culture Strategy: the Brazilian and

Japanese Examples.

Essentially, this strategy utilizes the Day Out of Time as the key focus
to bring peoples?f attention to the very nature of time and calendar

In Brazil, this strategy has focused on Official recognition of the Day
Out of Time July 25 as “Peace and Culture Day” featuring the
presentation and flying of the Banner of Peace in the different
communities. Over 60 Brazilian cities have now officially adopted the
Peace and Culture Day. There is currently a formal move in the Federal
Legislature to make this day official throughout Brazil as Peace and
Culture Day. Participants of the Conference were strongly urged to take
measures in their own local communities to follow the Brazilian example.

In Japan, the strategy for the Day Out of Time has been based on the
idea of reviving the Festival concept. There are two factors in Japan:
one is the underlying native nature religion of Shinto which abounds in
Festivals; and the fact that the point in the summer of the Day Out of
Time coincides with many other events of an artistic and celebratory
nature. The idea here has been to coordinate the different events
already planned for July 25 (Day Out of Time) and to approach the
artists-performers with the proposal to include the Day Out of Time as a
Day of Peace, Art and Culture worldwide as part of the concept of their
event. Over the past two years this has been increasingly successful
throughout Japan. Here again, the Leadership Conference participants
were strongly urged to adopt this example in their local bioregions.

2. Development of Strategic Alliance for the New Time – Environmental,

Peace, Spiritual, Scientific and Artistic Groups and the “Global
Synchronization for Peace Force.” (also refer to Strategic Alliance form
letter included at the end of this document.)

The task force on developing strategic alliances has defined a set of
clear and practical steps in fulfilling our mission of coordinated
outreach to already existing groups and organizations.

The first step would be for each bioregion to create a list of groups
and organizations that we target in the Solar Seed year of Targeting
Awareness. These are groups that are already, by their nature,
predisposed toward openness and receptivity to the New Time Movement.
Groups to consider include, but are not restricted to the following:

Human Rights
Sustainability oriented groups such as organic farmers and community
food coops
Scientific Groups
Artistic Groups such as Art Institutes and the emerging Conscious Dance
Music Culture
Spiritual and Religious Groups
Natural/Alternative Medical Groups
University student and College Campus Organizations
Educational Groups/Home Schooling Groups/ Teachers Associations
People who influence large audiences such as actors and musicians
Women?fs Groups
Anti-governmental/Anarchist Groups

The next step would be to develop communication modules including form
letter templates, etc. for outreach purposes. These modules will
describe how various organizations?f sense of the problem (i.e. logging,
harpooning of seals and the killing of our cetacean brothers and
sisters, water pollution, etc.) is merely a symptom of the fundamental
flaw in the architecture of human civilization. It will be explained how
the macro- organizational principle (an irregular and illogical
calendar) and the micro- organizational principle (the mechanical clock)
are, indeed, the fundamental flaw. Once this introduction has been
considered by a particular group, group leader or group member, a team
of kin representing the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement will give
a presentation which introduces the 13 Moon Calendar, the Law of Time
and the Planet Art Network. The presentation will explain how the
unsuccessful position held by the groups will not be cured by attaining
more monetary resources or better outreach tactics, but by a shift in
their frequency by adopting a harmonic measure of time – the 13 Moon

The purpose of these presentations is community building as well as
obtaining agreement from the various groups to be listed as a supporter
of the Calendar Reform Proposal (Calendar Change Peace Plan.) These
presentations can occur in the presence of one organization or in the
company of several organizations with varying orientations in order to
further fuel enthusiasm for being part of a worldwide Alliance for the
New Time.

In the process of this bioregional outreach strategy, much will be
learned about the best and most effective ways to organize outreach
campaigns. Kin involved in this work will share what they have learned
regarding what works and what does not work in approaching and appealing
to a wide variety of organizations. From the accumulated experience in
this outreach effort, we will develop and articulate in detail a set of
suggestions and guidelines for engaging skillful means in approaching
different basic types of organizations, be they environmental,
educational, scientific, artistic or spiritual in their focus and

These recommendations and guidelines will be formulated into a Handbook
for Planetary Kin in every bioregion to guide and elevate the quality
and effectiveness of their outreach efforts in their local areas.This
Handbook, to be used by kin worldwide, will be completed in its first
edition by the end of the Solar Seed Year. Larger organizations that are
national and international in their reach and influence will be
identified and will become the focus of a coordinated strategy among
outreach groups in many bioregions that will begin to take shape in the
first half of the Planetary Moon Year and will begin implementation in
the second half of that same year. This process will continue in a
phased and coordinated effort throughout the Spectral Wizard Year with
the aim of having many large international organizations as members of
the Alliance for the New Time by the Day Out of Time, White Spectral
Mirror, which is the target day for the completion of the Campaign for
the New Time.

We will develop an introductory kit (which is now in production) which
will be given to these groups and organizations who will be informed and
educated about the new time and the 13 Moon Calendar of Peace. These
introductory kits will be given to the groups after we have made our
initial interface and appropriate introductions communicating the
purpose and importance of engaging this new calendar of peace and
synchronization. The introductory kit will be a tool that has organized
and logically coordinated the many aspects of the available educational
material in order to arm outreach agents with a succinct and orderly
manner with which to effectively introduce the Dreamspell and the
inoculation against the 12:60 memory virus.

Lastly, the Task Force on Developing Strategic Alliances also aims to
have the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement strongly represented on
special days which are designated for focusing on higher ideals, such as
Earth Day, Wesak, International Women?fs Day, Solstices, Equinoxes and
pagan and Indigenous Sacred Days. The target dates to begin this
strategy are the dates of each of these Festivals/Celebrations as they
occur in the Year of the Solar Seed. We aim to present the 13 Moon
Calendar to all groups working for peace, justice, conservation, art,
beauty and harmony as a synchronization template unifying all these

3. Indigenous Alliance for the New Time – COAIB, Aymara, Native

American, Altai and Polynesian.

(Note: COAIB refers to the Confederation of Indigenous Organizations of
Amazonian Brazil, Aymara refers to a group of Indigenous People
inhabiting present day Bolivia and Peru – contacts were already made
with COAIB and Aymara during the recent Foundation Mission to Brazil and
Argentina, presented by the President as examples during the Leadership

Presentations of the Four Year Strategic Plans for the Indigenous
Campaign were made by two Canadian representatives speaking for North
America and a Colombian presenter for South America.

Canada: Four Year Strategic Plans Indigenous Campaign

Year One – Blue Galactic Storm
1. Obtain address of Chiefs and Bands in Canada
2. Send letter which we have begun writing today to all of the above
3. Letters to be accompanied by gift of Banner of Peace and 13 Moon
Calendar, as well as an invitation to Day Out of Time Ceremony
4. Gift of tobacco or significant art to be included with the letter.

Year Two – Yellow Solar Seed
1. Send letters again
2. Prepare for Valum Votan and Bolon Ik to meet with the Assembly of
First Nations Chiefs
3. As a form of PAN Congress development, ask for permission to bring
Caravans to Reservations.

Year Three – Red Planetary Moon
Continue liaison activity through Caravans, Day Out of Time
Festivals/Pot latches, Pow Wows

Year Four – White Spectral Wizard
PAN Amerikuan Congress of Indigenous Peoples and PAN, as Harmonic
Convergence of PAN

Addendum from Task Force member Paul Blakey after the Conference:

We are putting together a package of information to send
to the Assembly of First Nations.

It will include:

An introductory letter.
A short history of the Gregorian calendar.
A sample 13 Moon calendar (simple template – no tones or glyphs).
A short history of the calendar change movements of the past.
Pax Cultura information.


People of the Earth;

I call on the elders, ancestors and the Great Mother to hear my words.

In my heart I feel a great sadness, a tremendous longing and a fiery
desire to put right the wrongs of the past. But how can I, as one
person, fix what has been broken forever?

I cannot.

So I ask you to help me make a global statement that transcends all
governments and all nationalities. A statement that says, we want change
at the roots, not at the leaves. A powerful call for a new time of peace
and harmony between humanity and the Earth, our Great Mother.

There is a world-wide, grass roots, people powered movement to change
our global civil calendar from the irregular Gregorian count to a more
harmonious count of 13 Moon and 28 Days. The organizing force for this
movement is called the Foundation for the Law of Time. The general
secretary of the United Nations supports this idea because it supports
the will of the people.

I am writing to you to ask that you help us by supporting, in principle,
the idea of calendar change. This is an unprecedented opportunity to
symbolically move from a collective count of days based on colonial
imperialism (the Gregorian calendar) to one of harmony and true equality
in time (the 13 Moon calendar).

In our hearts we are one, all children of the Earth. Let us, with your
support, make a statement to all people that will sing around the world!

And I would like to include information about other indigenous groups
around the world that are supporting the calendar change in principle.
If possible would like to have copies of letters of support, if you have
some… and addresses of other native groups.
(VV and BI will work on collecting this information …)

South American part of the report, in Spanish …
Alianza con los Pueblos Indigenous

1. Herramientos
a) Bandera de la Paz
b) Calendarios de las 13 Lunas

2. Debe hacerse mediante experiencias vivenciales con los Comunidades y
sus Lideres.
a) participando del Ritualismo comunitario essencial – que es igual
alrededor del Mundo:
ya que haste de la union con la Madre Tierra y las Siete Direcciones
b) las manifestaciones artisticos, que tambien, son universales:
Ritual – Danzas – Simbolismo – Practicas Shamanicos communitarios
(sanacion grupal)
c) si creamos comunidades vivenciales 13:20 permanentes – se facilita
mediante el intercombio con las comunidades indigenous – el acercamiento
e identidad en base ala bandera de la paz, el calendario de las 13
lunas, el arte, el ritual, la agricultural, biologica y organica
(permacultura, etc,) reflejando todo el rescate de la Armonia en tiempo
con la madre Tierra y entre los hombres.

3. Inicio del contacto con los pueblos indigenas
a) contactar los organizacions proprias de esos comunidades mediante
cartas, contactos personales – y visites a los comunidades
b) Recopila informacion de las organizaciones por paises – en la ONU –
en las ONG?fs, etc. – con miras a enviar comunicaciones sencillos sobre
la necesidad de unficacion y (?) con el calendario de las 13 lunas, como
herramiento de paz – dada su efectividad en el mantenimiento de las
armonia y el orden sagrado.
c) Buscar los medios electronicos: pagina web – direcion electronicas
para la comunicacion efectiva y universal
d) Aprovechar organizaciones concientes en la formacion de las
comunidades como por ejemplo MAIS – Mancomunidad Amerrikua India Solar –
para transmitir esta informacion y generar vinculas permantentes
e) Hacer comprender la importancia de celebrar el Dia Fuera del Tiempo
y hacerles invitacion a los diferentes festivales que se defundiendo en
cuenta del trueque para trascender la filosofia nunca al intercombio por

Chrono Agenda:
1. Primer A?o Tormenta Galactica Azul
Establecer contactos con las organizaciones en LatinoAmerica, Canada y
2. Segundo A?o Semilla Amarilla Solar
Contactar con aborigenes de Polinesia y Australianos- crear cape tudo de
pueblos indigenos en
3. Tercer a?o Luna Planetaria Roja
Congressos de los pueblos indigenos de tipo bioregional sobre el
calendario natural
4. Cuarto a?o Mago Espectral Blanco
Congreso general de todos los pueblos indigenos

4. Diplomatic Strategy – How to reach the Islamic sphere, Tropical India

and China


  • General Guidelines to establish contact with new bioregions
  • Our experience of implementing diplomatic strategies has been very
    frustrating so far
  • Based on this we experienced that it is like bumping into a wall of
  • A lot of efforts and resources have been wasted this way
  • We realize that to achieve our goal of establishing high level
    diplomatic communication it is necessary to find key people and use
    their connections
  • Where that is not possible contact should be made by means of a letter
    directly to the people in power with the following approach:
    “We have a practical solution to offer to solve the problems related to
    unemployment, increase of crime rate, moral value crisis, environmental
    deterioration, violence in our young and school population,etc. And if
    you are interested in utilizing this solution to solve the problem,
    please give us an hour of your time …”
  • the appointment should be fulfilled by a party of two to three Kin
    without a major speaker
  • they should be well prepared in the regional problems as well as in
    the 13 Moon concepts and terminology.
  • It is important that the basis of clear information is available in
    the local language


  • It is important to understand the differences between various Islamic
    streams and traditions
  • The contact that the Movement has with the Nation of Islam and Mother
    Tynetta Muhammad should be fully explored to gather insight into the
    composite reality of Islam
  • The points of advantage that we have in talking to Islamic people:
    1) the Law of Time points to the Quran as the only book humanity really
    2) Their calendar is already based on lunar cycles like the 13 Moon
    Calendar, we only have to point out to the practical application of it
    3) We can contribute to take them out of the isolation they are actually
    condemned in western countries, where their image is not so bright


  • Here we do not face problems which we have in contacting religious
    groups or country?fs diplomatic representatives
  • As far as universities are concerned it is important to focus on
    specific departments or faculties which have a natural affinity with the
    knowledge of the Law of Time
    For example: Anthropology, geography, philosophy, etc.
  • A practical point of strategy of approach would be the presentation of
    one copy of The Mayan Factor as a gift to the university library and the
    offer of giving free conferences on the subject\- We would need to
    prepare specific programs of teaching aimed at kids and elder people
  • The movement should connect and exploit the experiences that some
    local PAN already have, especially in the teaching to children
    Local PAN examples are: PAN Holland, PAN Costa Rica, PAN USA, etc.


Based on the former experience of frustration resulting from our
attempts to follow the official channels of diplomatic communication we
feel we have to consider and pursue other levels of action:

  • The most effective action that we could think of would be an
    Educational Caravan Tour coming from South America to Europe traveling
    through various European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Holland,
    Germany, Austria, Switzerland), to end up in Rome. The Caravan should be
    greeting by local European PANs and joined by the British Caravan. The
    main point will be to build tremendous attention on the tour by means of
    Press and Internet. The final goal of the Caravan will be to gather
    hundreds of kin in Saint Peter Square in Rome.
  • PAN Italy will receive and escort the Caravan and will provide every
    kin with giant alphabet letter to be put on the back of each kin?fs white
    tee shirt so as to form the sentence: “IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THE
    CALENDAR” in different languages.
  • The final part of the whole event should be taking place on the Day
    Out of Time either of the Solar Seed Year or the Planetary Moon Year,
    according to the time necessary to the Caravan to get ready for the
  • Further action could include a massive hunger strike to obtain an
    appointment for Valum Votan and Bolon Ik to be received by the Pope or
    and chaining of PAN activist to the gates of the Vatican to reach the
    same goal!


  • In the spirit of identifying key people with good knowledge of local
    problems and of the Law of Time we feel that Teddy Tsang and Interlink
    Productions in Hong Kong could act effectively as a viable bridge to the
    Chinese population.
  • The I CHING and Qi Gong provide points of contact with specific
    aspects of the Law of Time (64 Codons/hexagram and 52 Galactic
    Activation Portals/ sensitive energy points)
  • A Lunar Calendar already deeply rooted into the Chinese mind making
    our task easier


Ways of penetrating Indian Subcontinent should focus on:

  1. The Gregorian Calendar is the calendar of colonialism
  2. The Convergence of Kaliyuga Prophecy with the 2012 dateline (the
    possibility of breaking the hell cycle we are actually in)
  3. The establishment and strengthening of links with spiritual
    organizations such as the Bhole Baba Foundation, the Sai Baba Ashram,
    the OSHO Foundation, etc.


Ways of penetrating Tropical Africa should focus on:

  1. The Gregorian Calendar is the calendar of colonialism
  2. We should focus our efforts through African students and musicians in
    western countries

5. Educational Outreach, Caravans, Seminars and Media



First steps:
Create a list of suggestions for those interested in doing seminars and
study groups.
These include:

  • Approaching the calendar in basic steps minimal approach, step by step
    with time to allow for discussion/absorbing
  • Guidance for leaders relating to best methods of facilitating,
    creating the learning environment, non-authoritative sharing approach,
    understanding the different learning styles, becoming a clear channel,
    grounding techniques, etc.
  • Providing some templates of seminars
  • Encouraging leaders to start a Book of Kin for the purpose of future
    contact, getting an idea of the number of people possessing knowledge
    about 13 Moon Calendar
  • Seven pages of questions, lecture notes made available to those who
    want it
  • See sample web format

In addition there should be emphasis on:

  • Autonomy
  • Whole brain
  • Galactic Compass

Children?fs Education:

To establish on the task force?fs group interactive
educational outreach page (Kin 19 will be working on this)

And then the various educational outreach groups (Caravans, Seminars,
media, children?fs education will be available on the web for focused
communication of the ideas, know-how, etc.)

From this point then you will enter the knowledge base of the PAF*
curriculum where you will find the entire holistic curriculum. This will
be an info-in and outlet for children/parents/facilitators/home
school/regular schools/summer schools/educational institutions. The
seven parts of the curriculum are being defined as, for example: What is
art? How do you teach art to children? What materials do you use? What
are your methods? Or for example, Time: you will find a coloring book
with the universal 13:20 maps; wavespell bingo; instructions on how to
make a tzolkin necklace; galactic twister; how to make a children?fs
Telektonon; or magnetic daykeeper board.

*PAF is officially recognized by the UN and one of its goals is the
acceptance of spiritual and universal awareness within the educational

Time line:

Yellow Solar Seed Year:
To seed the form, to gather the resources. and take command.
To establish small home schools and by opening ourselves to the needs of
the children, give birth to the form of education through resonance.

Red Planetary Moon Year:
To evolve the home schools and regular rainbow school.
To begin to focus on strategies for the traditional educational

White Spectral Wizard Year:
To focus on the universities and to enchant the traditional educational
institutions and the release of a global network of rainbow bridge
schools – the invisible college made completely visible.


Mobile Educational Gallery – MEG:

  • To set up a media network in advance for each bioregion through both
    kin and promoters.
  • To archive and showcase workshops and gatherings on the Internet in
    PDF or Quicktime files.
  • To form nodes, media contacts for providing education through exhibits
    and workshops in each city.
  • Nodes need to initiate fund raising and promotions in each
  • Unite/continue to unite enviro movement and global dance community
    through Thirteen Moon calendar as a conscious and sustainable method.
  • The caravans need to be part of an integrated PAN strategy supporting
    and being supported by, PAN modes. Exchange of information, resources
    and kin are paramount to the success of both PAN nodes and caravans.
  • Multimedia presentations (visual bombardment of senses)
  • Living/working within the rhythms of the color and Earth families and
    other forms within the Dreamspell codes.
  • Seminars, one on one communication, tool distribution, community
    building, intra-PAN connections, celebration/art and media attention.
  • Funding through PAN fund raising events prior to arrival of caravan
    into the community; approach companies for sponsorship in alternative
    health and energy, include record label and event promoters.
  • Possibility of switching annual Earthdance Event to the Day Out of

13:20 Media Infiltration

1. Electronic

Create quarterly global electronic 13:20 magazine by end of Solar
Seed/beginning of Planetary Moon Year. (Assisting development of
local/global program for social transformative integration)

2. Print Media

  • Articles written by Planetary Kin to be submitted to consciously
    receptive magazines.
  • Generating Press for annual Day Out of Time Events.
  • Caravans communicating during their travel adventures with
    newspapers/local press
  • Create 13:20 Newsletters communicating the message of the New Time.
    Send Newsletter to sympathetic bookstores, peace groups, art groups,
    non-profit groups, alternative health groups, and other conscious
    beings. Include names/numbers of contact people available for Seminars.
  • Gather personal experiences of the conscious integration of living the
    new time (13:20) into stories to inspire others to check out the
  • Create underground ‘zines to be pass out at parties, coffee shops, etc.
  • Create media packet describing new time/ calendar to send to receptive
    newspapers, magazines, publications for possible feature articles.
  • By Spectral Wizard Year to run full page ads in the Wall Street
    Journal and the New York Times.

3. Radio/TV

Connect with kin who have contacts with radio/TV stations for possible
interviews. Target locations in Solar Seed to be perfected and produced
by the end of the Solar Seed and beginning of Planetary Moon Years.

*All material to be digitally accessible.


1) Each community socially organized and based on the Law of Time will
define consistent goals/purposes across all communities. A Council of
Communities will be formed to develop ethic/trust agreement for
community members. Each community will follow a “less paper, more trust”
philosophy. Each community will be responsible for dealing with local
judicial standards.

2) Set up example communities with a representative from each community
to sit on a World Community Council. Representatives must live in a
community. The World Council will be responsible for setting up new
communities and tracking their growth.

Currently their are four 13:20 communities that have started:
El Bolson, Argentina
Torre de Luz, Spain
Casa Hunab Ku, Peru
Gnomicile, Idaho/USA
(Two more communities are being planned for Argentina)

Each community must set good examples within local areas, providing
community service.

3) Communicate between communities and the Foundation for the Law of
Time. Use internet with sites and
Cosmic Gypsy
Start practice of telepathy at sunrise Dali. Communication will be for
idea exchange and self assessments to fine tune our models.

4) New PAN Peoples New Time Congress ideals/programs are to be fed into
community models. Community Council provides learning to PAN Peoples New
Time Congress to help in development of local programs for social

5) Kin rotate through communities for education to help new kin and to
build sites. It is important for each community to have project plans
specific for each community ready for when kin rotate through.

6) Replicate model communities. This is a Community Council


First Council Meeting, tomorrow at 9 am (Spectral Moon 20)
Council to meet at Casa Hunab Ku, Peru, Galactic Moon Kali Cosmic Night
Kin 243.
By end of Solar Seed Year, have the four community models fully
By end of Planetary Moon Year, have thirteen communities fully
functional. Have community festivals and Day Out of Time Celebrations
where model communities educate local communities and organizations.
By end of White Spectral Wizard. Thirteen Moon Calendar is in place.
Communities must be prepared for large numbers of rotating kin to learn
about and be ready to replicate and to spread the model.


“I am in favor of a standardized calendar for the whole world, just as
I am in favor of a universal coinage for all countries, and a
supplementary artificial language (like Esperanto, for example) for all
peoples…I am always ready to endorse any honest movement which will
help unify the peoples of the world.” Mahatma Gandhi, Journal of
Calendar Reform, 1931

Together many hands can work as One. This world is beset by problems of
a whole system order. Problems of war, environmental destruction, global
warming, poverty, racism, and social turmoil are not separate issues. If
we can find one root cause and focus all of our energy on remedying that
cause, then we will have attained a level of cooperative behavior that
will inspire us afresh to seek out the whole system solutions to what
ails our planet today. This is the opportunity which the Universal
Calendar Reform represents.

Given what we know about calendar reform in the 20th century and its
critique of the current world civil calendar, which is actually the
ecclesiastical calendar of the Vatican, calendar reform is more urgent
than ever before. A calendar must not only be the measure of the
astronomical, lunar and solar year, but should also reflect a harmony of
mind and nature. The Thirteen Moon/28 day calendar is a standardized
calendar for the whole world which satisfies the profoundest needs of
the human spirit while providing the opportunity to reprogram the human
sense of time altogether. With such a revitalized sense of time, the
human spirit will be able to restore to itself the courage to
reconstruct the world in peace.

The Foundation for the Law of Time is committed to relieving this world
of global anarchy and moral relativism. The purpose of the Calendar
Reform is to act as a focal point for spiritual unification,
environmental restoration, cultural biodiversity and planetary moral
regeneration. To this end, the Foundation is seeking to establish an
alliance with like-minded scientific, cultural, environmental and
spiritual organizations world-wide.

Alliance for the New Time – Statement of Agreement

“The Alliance for the New Time is an association of groups and
organizations world-wide aligned in principle to the Thirteen Moon
Calendar reform as a fundamental change necessary for the benefit of the
environment and the elevation of the human spirit.”

Any organization or group who can resonate with this simple statement
may become a member of this Alliance. Once an organization has agreed to
the principle of this alliance, there is no obligation on the part of
that organization to do anything more than accept that they will be
listed as being in support of the Calendar Reform Proposal for which the
Foundation itself takes full responsibility. Of course, it would be
hoped that any organization agreeing to this alliance would maintain
some dialogue with the Foundation as is appropriate.

First International Leadership Conference
Program and Schedule of Events

Mt. Hood Village Spectral Moon 17-19
(Gregorian May 18-21)

Spectral Gamma 17: Blue Overtone Eagle

9:00-12:00. Registration and check in
12:00-2:00. Lunch/registration check-in
2::00-5:00. Presentation by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, Campaign for the
New Time, Introduction and Overview: Why Calendars. History of Calendars
and Calendar Reform Movement. History of 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace
Movement. Systematic Critique of the Gregorian Calendar. The Law of
Time. Making sense to your People.
5:00 -8:00. Informal gatherings

Spectral Kali 18: Yellow Rhythmic Warrior

9:00-12:00. Presentation by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik. Conducting the
Campaign for the New Time, Description of Strategies and Goals: Banner
of Peace and Peace and Culture Day Strategy, the Brazilian and Japanese
examples; Development of Strategic Alliance for the New Time –
Environmental, Peace, Spiritual, Scientific, and Artistic groups and the “Global Synchronization for Peace Force;” Indigenous Alliance for the
New Time – COIAB, Aymara, native American, Altai, and Polynesian;
Diplomatic Strategy – How to Reach the Islamic Sphere, Tropical Africa,
India, and China; Educational Outreach, Caravans, Seminars, and Media;
13:20 Community Building and Intra-PAN Communication

12:00-2:00. Lunch and relax time.
2:00-:3:30.Valum Votan, Bolon Ik, David Rinck and others: Outline of
Team Development Expectations. Development of Continuous Strategic
Communication Model. Designation of Teams According to Strategic
3:30-5:30. Small Strategic Team Breakout Sessions
5:30: Informal gatherings

Spectral Alpha 19: Red Resonant Earth

9:00:12:00. Small Strategic Group Reports and discussion, Valum Votan,
Bolon Ik and David Rinck moderators
12:00-2:00 Lunch and relax.
2:00-4:00 Small Group Break-out meetings
4:00-6:00. Presentation by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik. Achieving the Great
Work, Balancing Inner and Outer, becoming Apostles of the New Time while
Integrating the Plasma Rainbow Body According to the Law of Time.
6:00-8:00 final dinner and closing ceremony:
Vow of Service for Seven Times Seven Generations to Come.

Copyright (c) 2001 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles