Harmonic Solution – Harmonic Resolution


A Campaign for the New Time Position Paper
In Preparation for a High Council Strategic Alliance for Victory
Planning Session

Premise. Currently all conflict resolution of a global scale is attained
through one of two poles: a political solution or a military solution.
No other alternatives are recognized. According to the law of time,
there is a third solution, the harmonic solution. Without this third
solution, no harmonic resolution is ultimately possible for any conflict
on a global scale. The third solution defines the first two solutions as
a polarity embedded within a timing standard that is hopelessly
irregular and which, therefore, disposes the mind to disharmony. A mind
predisposed to irregularity and disharmony is incapable of producing any
long term solution. The basis of the harmonic solution is to change the
timing standard from an irregular to a regular one, thereby inducing a
timing sensibility which disposes the mind to harmony rather than

Paradigm. The calendar is a macro-organizing principle which, accepted
over time, establishes in the mind, individually and collectively, a set
of perceptions which are automatically taken for granted as being ?real?
and indisputable. These sets of perceptions define the paradigm by which
a people, culture, or even an entire civilization operates. The
Gregorian calendar, the current global civil standard, is the
macro-organizing principle in which are embedded all of the laws,
customs, institutions and scientific principles governing the present
global civilization. According to the law of time, the current calendar
is an irregular standard of measure (its units of measure do not
correspond). This calendar represents, therefore, the
institutionalization of disorder and entropy. Because it has existed
sufficiently long in the human historical cycle – 2000 years, including
its predecessor, the Julian – the perceptions which unconscious
acceptance of the Gregorian calendar furthers are taken as the
unshakable bedrock of nature and reality. All current beliefs –
economic, political and scientific, from democratic neo-liberalism to
the special theory of relativity – are actually products of the
underlying perceptions promoted by this calendar, and have no reality
apart from the beliefs about time which the calendar engenders.Change
the macro-organizing principle and you change the paradigm.

Old World View of Time and Nature. In the old world view of time and
nature, physical reality (the third dimension) is the basis of all
natural science, the keystone of which is physics. Nature is defined as
being in an inevitable progression toward entropy in which time is
conceived of as an arrow which goes from the past to the future – linear
time. This underlying belief is translated into the doctrine of
inexorability. This is the belief that technological progress and
neo-liberal monetary politics develop along a line of inevitability
which defines the main trajectory of human social evolution – this at
the expense of the quality of life and the destabilization of the
biosphere. This underlying stratum of belief establishes a mental
barrier between the third dimension physical reality which is
acceptable, and the other side of which is the dubious (fourth
dimensional) realm of consciousness and the imagination. This entire
complex of belief and scientific investigation is held in place by the
macro-organizing principle of the Gregorian calendar, which, by its
irregular measure, fosters a mentality of novelty and a world of
increasing randomness and chaos incapable of harmonic resolution. In
this world view, the two viable solutions, the political and the
military, are juggled by the underlying control factor of money. But
even the monetary factor is a function of the macro-organizing principle
of the Gregorian calendar combined with the micro-organizing principle,
the 60-minute clock, whose absolute control over human life is
summarized in the dominant social philosophy, time is money.

The Gregorian Calendar is not a Unifying Harmonic Standard. As the
global civil standard, the irregularly measured Gregorian calendar is a
self-reinforcing feedback loop furthering and holding in place all
linear time concepts, thereby establishing entropic and disordered
values such as: the violent universe, the degradation of matter, quantum
physics, the arrow of linear time, doctrine of techno-economic
inexorability, and an attendant host of unresolvable problems – crime,
drug abuse, terrorism, environmental deterioration, etc. Why? Because,
as an irregular standard of measure, the Gregorian calendar is incapable
of producing harmony. Only harmony can unify. The Gregorian calendar is
not a unifying harmonic standard. Lack of a unifying global standard
exacerbates all current conflicts. Condition the mind to an irregular
standard and the mind will adjust to disorder and chaos as normal
conditions of existence. The world?s racial, tribal, historical, and
religious conflicts are embedded in and a function of different timing
systems (calendars), all now coordinated within a master irregular
timing standard and macro-organizing principle, the Gregorian calendar.
In this calendar?s irregularity is embedded the view that the world of
the inevitable degradation of matter is the exclusive object of all
present-day science, and hence, is the entropic basis of global
civilization and its deteriorating social processes. The Gregorian
calendar conditions the mind to hopelessness of resolution. Without a
unifying harmonic standard humanity is incapable of any long term
resolution of any of its problems. Disharmony can never produce harmony.
All conflict can only be resolved by application and within the context
of a harmonic timing standard.

Thirteen Moon/28 Day Count and Global Conflict Resolution. The
inability to attain global peace, much less the resolution of many
localized conflicts, which have now become endemic, is due to a lack of
a globally unifying timing standard – the macro- organizing principle of
human sensibility. Present day conflict resolution is represented by
two poles, political and military. The military solution consists of
guerrilla warfare, terrorism and out right military conflict, all
engendered by problems of inequality, injustice, rampant nationalism,
tribal, racial or religious antagonism, and greed for control of natural
resources. Underlying the military solution is an aggressive armaments
industry that seeks to hold its own as a capitalist venture, always
seeking new markets. The political solution is always fostered as the
only cure for the military solution, and is administered through varying
degrees of coercion, compromise, and the inevitable lure of money – the
IMF and the World Bank are never far behind any political solution.
Neither the military nor the political represent any kind of morally
satisfactory or enduring solution because both are functions of and
embedded in a timing standard that has disharmony built into it. Even
the local timing systems, themselves feedback loops holding in place
various belief systems, are coordinated by the dominant disharmonic
standard. As long as the current global macro-organizing standard is the
controlling timing factor, resolution on a global as well as local level
is not only impossible, but increasing disharmony is guaranteed. The
Harmonic solution calls for the immediate establishment of a globally
unifying harmonic standard, the Thirteen Moon 28 day count. With its
absolute harmony of units of measure this macro-organizing principle is
a paragon of harmony and thereby represents the only positive creative
and viable first step to global conflict resolution.

Thirteen Moon/28 Day Paradigm Shift. The harmonic solution, the
alternative to the polarity of the military and political solutions,
calls for the immediate replacement of the current irregular measure
with the harmonic standard of the Thirteen Moon 28 day count. This
replacement constitutes the long-awaited paradigm shift in human
consciousness. It has been long prepared for (a vigorous movement to
replace the current erroneous global timing standard persisted through
the first six decades of the 20th century, only to be shelved by the
powers that be). The very analysis and concern that engendered the first
movement to replace the Gregorian calendar – the effects of an irregular
measure on human behavior – is now so dire, that the concluding step
must now be taken. ?Since the advent of the nuclear age, everything has
changed but the way way people think; thus we drift toward unparalleled
catastrophe.? (Albert Einstein) To change the way people think, make one
little change in their everyday life – change the calendar. If we could
send a man to the moon, we can change the calendar. This change will be
the first step – the rest will come easily because with this change we
shall have changed our mind and entered into a new time. To make this
one little change, we need a target date, and we need to mobilize a
strategic alliance synchronization for peace force to mandate this
change. The target-date is 2004 – the mobilization has already begun.

New World View of the Law of Time. The Thirteen Moon/28 day count is the
pragmatic application of the law of time. The discovery of the law of
time was necessitated by evolution as the only way the deleterious
effects of an erroneous timing standard on human consciousness could be
off-set. The law of time takes the radical view that time is a
frequency, the universal frequency of synchronization; that the purpose
of time is to synchronize, and that, therefore, a calendar is in harmony
with the law of time to the degree to which it maximizes opportunities
for synchronization. From the perspective of the law of time, the
current macro-organizing standard is anything but synchronous, and hence
contrary to the laws of nature. Synchronization produces harmony,
harmony is a function of beauty.The natural law of time is stated: T(E)

 Art, energy factored by time equals art, where T (time) is the
universal frequency of synchronization mathematically expressed as the
ratio 13:20. ?Beauty seems to be an intrinsic part of nature and perhaps
even the organizing principle of reality. Scientists in testing their
theories, invariably find that the simplest, most elegant, most
beautiful is the correct one. Rainbows, butterflies and the periodic
table are some examples of intrinsic beauty. The world will be saved by
beauty,? (National Geographic Magazine). The law of time formalizes
this perception, and thereby provides a scientifically solid critique of
the ugliness and social disharmony fomented by the irregular and
artificial timing standards that control humanity today. By the same
formulation, the law of time also establishes a vast and comprehensive
definition of the fourth dimension, wanting until now precisely because
of the embedding of all current perceptions in the erroneous timing

The mathematical order underlying the universal frequency of
synchronization, 13:20, describes a new order of reality, the synchronic
order. The synchronic order governs the fourth dimension of reality much
as the laws of gravity, thermodynamics and the special theory of
relativity govern the third dimensional order of reality. By taking into
account the nature of the synchronic order, humanity?s views of the
third dimension will inevitably be altered into a greater conformity
with the harmony of the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is
defined as the primary mathematical order of time, governed by a
syntropic whole number system of ratios and fractals operating in a
radial and non-linear manner. The third dimension is the world of
manifestation and matter which inevitably entropizes. Losing sight of
the inherent harmony of the synchronic order, fixation on the increasing
anomalies of the third dimension produces problems such as how to reckon
what appear to be the extra hours, minutes and seconds that occur every
time the Earth orbits the sun. To this seeming dilemma, the law of time
asserts that number precedes manifestation, therefore manifestation must
accord with number. Entropy and degradation cause manifestation to
deviate from number and mathematical law. But mind must accord with and
conform to mathematical law rather than with entropy and degradation.
The timing standard in use causes the mind to conform with entropy and
degradation. This is is what must be corrected.

Harmonic Solution – Harmonic Resolution. Harmony can only produce
harmony. From order comes order. From disorder you can only expect
chaos. From disharmony can only come disaster. Irregular measure
entropizes. Harmonic measure syntropizes. These are the contrasting
values brought into focus by replacing an irregular macro-organizing
principle with a regular one. Implementation of a globally unifying
harmonic standard is the only hope for resolving all conflicts in time.
A harmonic standard lifts all conflicts into a higher level dialog of
unification in time. The harmonic solution – 13 Moon Calendar Change
Peace Plan – provides a) the opportunity to call a halt to the otherwise
inexorable process of entropic degradation of society and environment;
and b) offers the resolution to establish new agreements, to renegotiate
old treaties, and to create a new globally binding and unifying covenant
for all people in a new time. This is what is needed to break the
deadlocks, stalemates and historically outmoded treaties and agreements
now binding on humanity. The new globally unifying standard, the
Thirteen Moon/28 day count, will institutionalize harmony and thus
create the advent of a synergistic order capable of resolving entropic
disorder because it is reflective of and rooted in the primordial whole
number structure of the synchronic order of reality. In it entirety,
this represents a new step and direction for human evolution – a step
without which there might not be any creative future for humanity and
the planet.

How to Accomplish World Peace Now. ?Consciously using the tool of the
Thirteen Moon calendar to replace the erroneous measure of the
artificial twelve-month calendar is, in itself, an unprecedented act of
human self-reflective consciousness. Collective adaptation to the
Thirteen moon Calendar is an intrinsic heightening of consciousness
which rapidly awakens the telepathic programming inherent in human
biology, frustrated for so long for not having been allowed development
in the correct timing frequency.? (Postulate 6.4, ?The Dynamics of
Time?) The analysis, the historical precedents, and now the affirming
authority of the law of time render the harmonic solution the only way
to immediately bring about world peace. All that is lacking is the will
to synchronization among all good-hearted people, groups and
organizations otherwise committed to peace, a better environment and
human spiritual well-being in general. How to accomplish world peace is
to galvanize the human will to synchronization on behalf of the
establishment of a genuine time of harmony and peace. This can only come
about through the simple, but highly radical and paradigm-altering act
of exchanging the current macro-organizing system of the Gregorian
calendar for the harmonic order of the Thirteen Moon 28-day count. All
other localized calendar systems will be kept in tact, but they will be
coordinated by a new standard, a standard that promises harmony instead
of disaster, order instead of chaos, peace instead of war.

To accomplish this goal while there is still time – and in advance of
the 2012 flash point of both cumulative environmental disasters and of
Mayan prophecy – the Foundation for the Law of Time has mounted a
Campaign for the New Time . This Campaign calls for the calendar change
to be in place by July 26, 2004, Blue Crystal Storm Year, which will
then initiate a year of trial for humanity to make the change and begin
adjusting to the harmonic norms of the new calendar and the new time.
Building on its accomplishments, the PAN-World Thirteen Moon Calendar
Change Peace Movement, the Foundation for the Law of Time is now calling
for a High Council Strategic Alliance for Victory Planning Session for
the coordination of a synchronization for peace force. This peace force
will be a coalition of the world?s leading peace, environmental and
spiritual organizations for the purpose of mandating the 2004 calendar
change. The Foundation for the Law of Time, in conjunction with several
other organizations, such as the World Constitution and Parliament
Association and the Global Dialogue Institute, is seeking to schedule
this High Council Strategic Alliance for Victory Planning Session on the
June solstice, 2002, in Costa Rica, Central America.

For more information contact: foundation@tortuga.com

Copyright (c) 2001 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles