The Rainbow Bridge, Last Instructions



Preparing for the Earth Shift
All Points Alert Bulletin for Planetary Kin Everywhere

The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge event, Day Out of Time 2000, completes the Seven Years of Prophecy. What is it? How are we to understand this event?

The Rainbow Bridge is Earth’s aura made visible. This aura – Earth’s electromagnetic field – is regulated by a day alternator and night alternator. The alternators regulate the photon emission of the sun by day, and the photonic regeneration by night. The alternators create the two sides of the Rainbow Bridge, 180 degrees apart. The rainbow is already there, we just have to “see” it. The sun is currently at the mid-point peak of its 23-year sun spot activity cycle. Because of this, the Earth’s magnetic field, including the auroras and phasic alternators, are saturated with plasma which has already been producing unusual rainbows around the sun and related spectral or plasmic rainbow phenomena.

This activity is all part of a quickening process which is an inevitable aspect of Earth’s evolution. With the discovery of the Law of Time, we have been able to synchronize human consciousness with the solar activity (Coronal Mass Ejections or CMEs) in relation to Earth’ poles, auroras and magnetic field.

Beginning July 21, 2000, Cosmic Moon 25, and for five days through the Day Out of Time, we have called for advanced practitioners, or chrononauts, to begin a coordinated telepathic exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to place at least a minimum concentrated element of human consciousness in phase with the Planet Holon – the etheric structure coordinating Earth*?Echronosphere, or timing regulator. The day and night phasic alternators are the ?Eotor?Eof the chronosphere. Because of the human telepathic synchronization with the chronosphere we can anticipate the possibility of an ?Earth Shift?E-? a change in the frequency or orbital ratio of the Earth which would be experienced, at least subliminally, by all that lives.

Seven Mirror – Day Out of Time 2000

Reflect the Truth

Dissolve the False

Attune to the Earth

Revolve in Natural Time

Establish All

Within the Order

of Universal Forgiveness

The Rainbow Bridge is the solution to the problem: how is consciousness released from the atom? The answer is given by applying the law of Time, T(E) = ART, where T = the 13:20 timing frequency coordinated to the minimum five day sequence or overtone time chromatic by (E), the human consciousness telepathically attuned to the bipolar electromagnetic field of the Earth with the purpose of making visible the day-night phasic alternators = ART, or the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge.

While only small cadres of humans will be actually doing the five-day exercise, all humans are being called upon to participate or in some way to acknowledge and be aware of the Day Out of Time, Tuesday, July 25, White Resonant Mirror, and to imagine or envision a rainbow around the Earth. This activity in itself completes the Time Shift begun exactly eight years ago. What is the Time Shift?

According to the analysis of the Law of Time, all of life on Earth is governed by a common universal timing frequency, mathematically represented by the ratio 13:20. Only the humans have deviated from this frequency, operating instead by the mechanistic and artificial 12:60 timing frequency. As of July 26, 1992, through a concerted effort, a small element of humanity began to become aware of the possibility of returning to the natural timing frequency through the adoption of the regular and harmonic Thirteen Moon Calendar. The Time Shift refers to the shift in perception and consciousness away from the 12:60 and back to the 13:20 timing frequencies. As of the Day Out of Time 2000, this small element of human consciousness operating by the 13:20 timing frequency has come to constitute a minute but critical mass of the entire human species dispersed around the globe.

Because the Time Shift had actually come to encompass many different groups of people in all parts of the planet, it has actually sparked the beginning of a Mind Shift. The Mind Shift is defined by a global awareness that the current Earth culture cannot continue according to its unexamined premises without precipitating its own demise, and that a fundamental cause of the human-planetary disorder is its operating by a defective and artificial timing standard. This Mind Shift was made conscious July 26, 1997 and has since been expanding as a rolling and evolving wave of awareness, that is inclusive of the definition of the Biosphere-Noosphere transition. This describes the critical stage when the evolution of life is no longer continued at the biological or physical level but enters a truly mental and spiritual stage of progression. In this context, the application of the Law of Time becomes the gauge for determining the advance of humanity into the noosphere – the mental sphere of the planet. The attainment of the noosphere cannot come about except through a a radical discontinuity of the life program, that is, the cessation of the 12:60 way of life, either through humankind*?Eown moral decision, or through the absolute disruption of the industrial civilization by over-extension of its own unexamined methods.

The discovery of the Law of Time, inclusive of the seven-year rise of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement as the force of the critical mass synchronized with the peak of the current solar excitation cycle, pivoted on the day Out of Time 2000, results in the Consciousness Shift. This defines the actual advent of a new kind of consciousness as a result of the application of the Law of Time. Consciousness of the true nature of time can only have meaning through concerted group attunement and action at a global level. This is the purpose of the concentration on the Day Out of Time 2000 as the synchronization point of this new consciousness. The staging of this new consciousness synchronized at a precise moment in time, registering the solar-electromagnetic perturbations upon the planetary field,establishes the opportunity of triggering a phase shift, literally a change in the Earth frequency through an application of human consciousness directed toward a specific goal – the Rainbow Bridge.

The phase shift is a radical displacement of the Earth into the future through a process of teleportation. Being a function of the solar evolutionary cycle, the Earth is already poised for such a shift as a natural part of her mutation into a new geological era – the Psychozoic era. The Law of Time makes it possible for the critical mass of human consciousness to precipitate and participate in this phase shift. The phase shift is like pushing the “fast-forward” button to a point in time space where Earth has already cleared itself of the distorting frequencies of the erroneous 12:60 human civilization. Through the entire Day Out of Time 2000, White Resonant Mirror, the object of this phase shift should be maintained as a point of meditation by those who can sustain such a thought.

The appearance of the Rainbow Bridge will be dependent upon the successful completion of the exercises of the chrononauts as well as the awareness of a mass of humanity attuned to these objectives. The resultant effect by the dawn of Blue Galactic Storm, July 26, 2000 would be the Earth Shift – the jump of Earth into a time space continuum which is already accustomed to the experience of a “radiosonic bath.” The radiosonic bath

Copyright (c) 2000 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles