From Amazonia to Patagonia


Arousing the Evolutive Memory of Time in the People

Impressionistic Report of a Travel to Brazil and Argentina
Solar Moon 15-Planetary Moon 12, Blue Galactic Storm
Year of the Seventh Seer, Pacal Votan: “One Time!”
Submitted by Kin 11 and Kin 22
On Behalf of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement

It was only on the day of departure, Solar Moon 15, Red Crystal Earth,
Kin 77, that we realized it was precisely five years since the final day
of the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, Brasilia, Solar
Moon 15, White Electric Wizard year – and here we were heading back to
Brazil for the first time since then. We remembered that day very well,
with the ceremony “I will be the servant of millions” and the appearance
of a magnificent rainbow over the capitol of Brazil, the largest country
in South America. Now came the long return journey to see what had
happened to the seeds we had sown, cared for by the helpers who had been
awakened to the message of the Thirteen Moon Calendar change.

From Portland in the Pacific Northwest we headed for Miami via Denver.
On the night flight from Miami we browse through “Istoe,” the Brazilian
Time magazine, whose cover features the world’s largest oil platform
sinking into the Atlantic off the Brazilian coast. The image sets the
tone for the purpose of our journey. We arrive in Manaus, Amazonia, at
three o’clock the next morning, Kin 78, White Cosmic Mirror, a clear
sign that Pacal Votan and the message of the tomb were to be ever
present witnesses and inspiration for the entire journey. Clearing
customs an hour later, at four in the morning, we were greeted by an
enthusiastic gathering of kin brandishing Banners of Peace and signs of
welcome to “Bolon Ik and Valum Votan.” In addition to a delegation of
the kin of Manaus were our two team members to be with us for the entire
journey, Vandir Natal Casagrande, Yellow Overtone Human, and Maria
Yuriko Negishi, Blue Self-existing Eagle, as well as a small delegation
of kin who had come down from PAN Venezuela, headed by Earth Wizard,
Alexander White Electric World-bridger. Waking up later that morning in
the Hotel Tropical we scanned the leading newspaper of Manaus, the

only to find our full-color photos on the front
page. “North American Anthropologists promote calendar change …”

For those who think that the Amazon is a dense rain forest, the city of
Manaus with a million and a half people filled with high rise buildings
and a thriving waterfront may come as quite a shock. But then the river
is also shocking. Here you are over a thousand miles from the Atlantic
and the river is so wide you can barely see to the other side. It’s
actually near Manaus where the Amazon becomes two rivers, the Rio Negro
and the Solimoes. A boat ride in a small skiff with outboard motor took
us to the place where the two rivers meet, ‘”Encontro das aguas.” Yes,
they meet but hardly mingle: the one river black and flowing faster, the
other river muddy brown and flowing more slowly provide a unique
experience of nature’s power and beauty. But there are no words really
for the heartbreaking awesomeness of jungle and waterways… a pink
dolphin jumping up catches us unawares… on the banks of the river,
young boys hold a boa constrictor out to us, asking if we wish to pet
it…. flamingos glide dreamily out of the dense growth… But we know,
this is just the pretty side… we don’t see the interior where 750,000
square miles a decade are being burnt away… an editorial in the

declares, “Within four years the world is going to
be in a veritable crisis of potable water…”

“Four years is the time of the Campaign for the New Time,” we are
telling our audience in the crowded lecture hall of a college in the
heart of Manaus. “The Mayan prophecy says that in 2012 the cycle of
history will be over, but we must act now. If we do not change our
timing frequency and return to the natural order of time by 2004-2005,
it will be too late… .the Gregorian Calendar has no logic to it and as
the foundation of our belief system it has given us an inescapably
crooked civilization… the Thirteen Moon 28 Day Calendar is logical and
biological… which do you prefer: disharmony or harmony… we must
choose now!”

On the morning of Solar 18, Lunar Sun, we meet with the elders of COIAB,
the Confederation of Indigenous Amazonian Tribes, a non-governmental
organization, who listen patiently to our message of time: the false
time of colonialism is destroying our Earth; we all need to return to
natural time and to do this we must establish an alliance for the New
Time… ” We will consider this,” the elders reply… then comes the
photo session… a fond farewell to the Venezuelans and the Kin of

The airplane flies over the endless horizon of the Amazon rain forest,
the meandering, sinuous, immensely broad river cutting through the
growth. That evening we reach Sao Luis Maranhao, on the Atlantic Coast,
just south of the Amazon head waters… two million people, the largest
city in far Northeast Brazil… a new city we are told, home of the
Brazilian rocket industry… but an old city, too, its historic district
designated a “patrimony of humanity,” by UNESCO. Again, at the airport
we are greeted by enthusiastic kin holding Banners of Peace… we are
driven away by our host, a man named Zildeni Falcao (means falcon), who
takes us to his beachside house…but first we stop briefly to see the
headquarters of Falcao Enterprises…Zildeni, White Electric Mirror,
wants us to see how he has placed sculptures of the 20 solar seals
around the inside of the wall that contains the business compound. He
also wants us to see how the Lamat (Star) seal is the logo of his
company. Lamat is on everything… and around Zildeni’s neck is a
beautiful pendant of the head of Pacal Votan…

The next morning, Alpha 19, Sunday Gregorian time, Red Electric Dragon,
Zildeni’s analog partner, we take a long walk down the magnificent sweep
of beach. All the kids on the beach know Zildeni… he is their
godfather: Zildeni Falcao, a highly respected businessman who runs a
small media empire – newspapers, publishing, television and radio… he
read the Mayan Factor, published in Brazil in 1994, some six years ago,
he says, and that is when he adopted the Lamat seal as the logo for his
company. That afternoon we have a kin gathering and dinner with
Zildeni’s family. We are introduced to city councilman, Padua Nazareno,
who, after a leisurely Sunday afternoon meal, takes us on a tour of his
city… beach front restaurants, the historic district, and the
Museum… most fascinating is the section on the prehistoric art of the
region… strikingly like ancient Mexican art. The next day, we join
Padua at the City Council for a full blown media event, where we present
the Banner of Peace to the President of the City Council, Ivan Sarney,
brother of the former President of Brazil, and where we witness the
signing into law which designates July 25 as the Annual Municipal Peace
and Culture Day… this is not the first Brazilian city to do this…
Sao Luis now joins some seventy other cities thus observing the day out
of time… “Movement includes Sao Luis,” says the newspaper headline
beneath a photo of our presentation to the City Council…

That night at the Auditorium for the Organization of Small Businesses in
Brazil we are speaking to a full house of 260 that includes a a dozen
members of the military, political, and business leaders, the members of
Zildeni’s family and a sprinkling of old rainbow hippies, among
others… “In the old time we are all separated and divided, because
there is no harmony to the calendar we follow… we all have something
to contribute… by adopting the calendar of harmony and logic we can
work together to create the world we all wish to see, no matter what our
profession may be…” Our message is simple and clear, “Sao Luis has
already adopted as one of its municipal programs, ‘Goodbye to Guns,’ now
with the calendar of peace you can actually establish a culture of
peace… but we must act now… we can do this by 2004-2005…” The next
morning at the headquarters of Falcao Enterprises we have a goodbye
photo session with the family and kin… and then another airplane…

This time we arrive in Recife. The kin gathered with Banners of Peace
are waiting for us. Two hours south by plane from Sao Luis, Recife, also
on the Atlantic Coast, with over four and a half million people, is
Brazil’s fourth largest city… by the time we get to a small apartment
where our team of four is housed for the first two days of our stay in
Recife, we are happy to stop and try to absorb what we have already been
experiencing. We are on the twelfth floor, and as I muse on the singular
presence of Pacal Votan, whose jade mask seems ever present to my mind,
I note that not far away is a Mormon temple with its logo, a golden
representation of the Angel Moroni atop the roof… something about the
encounter with Zildeni… the Lamat seal ( the sign of Arcturus) – his
signature being White Electric Mirror, the fifth lost generation, his
wife Ieda, being Blue Electric Monkey, another Pacal Votan clear sign –
bring the presence of Pacal Votan ever closer to me… memories of the
last days of the tenth baktun mingle with the image of the center of the
Brazilian flag, the constellation of the Southern Cross, the slogan,

      • Yes: Order of the new time; Progress of mind and
        spirit… The Mayan return, I think, these are signals for the gathering
        of the crew for the Mayan return… “2012, it’s only eleven years
        away… we are not a private club…we must work harder now to change
        the calendar…” We are addressing the gathering of some 80 kin on the
        roof top of another high rise in Recife. We have just conducted an
        interview with Globo Television, “If we continue to follow this
        Gregorian calendar we will all end up as garbage… yes, we think we can
        change the calendar in four years… that is why we have returned to
        Brazil… to launch the Campaign for the New Time…”

The next night we are in a large university lecture hall. The audience
is charged and the atmosphere electric… as with our other public
presentations we have the large graphic display created by our
web-master, Kin 19: “Vertical Time in Relation to Horizontal Space;’

Baktun Map of the Cycle of History;” “The Four Years of the Campaign for
the New Time;” “Biosphere, Hemisphere and the Choice – Necrosphere or
Noosphere;” and “Imagine, by John Lennon and the Campaign for the New
Time.” “We haven’t been able to know the true nature of time because our
mind and consciousness have been deformed by living according to
incorrect standards of time… time isn’t a line or an arrow. Time is a
frequency… the universal frequency of synchronization… but now, with
the discovery of the law of time, we can set matters straight… for now
we know that there are two orders of our experience of time:
chronological time and synchronic time….” That night, Solar 23, we are
in a hotel overlooking the long sequence of high rise hotels curving
down the beach of Recife’s waterfront… the tropical Atlantic waves
wash up on the nocturnal shore. Deep inside of me I feel profoundly
gratified… something I wanted to do or to know when I was but fifteen
or sixteen years old has now been fulfilled. If the jade mask fits, wear
it… this is no dream…

Solar 24, White Galactic World-bridger, our team gathers early… the
Kin of Recife are at the airport… next stop Porto Alegre, in the
Southeastern corner of Brazil, some hundred miles inland from the
Atlantic Coast on the Rio Guaiba… on the airplane the experiences of
the synchronic order bring Pacal Votan into complete alignment with my
being… no longer can i separate myself at all from Pacal Votan…
Valum Votan is just the name of the port of entry for Pacal Votan’s
current emanation. At the airport, the kin gathering is even more
exuberant…. Porto Alegre is a city of some two to three million
people… despite it’s being the cowboy capitol of Brazil, it is
politically in a zone called Sector Thirteen, and has a reputation for
liberal or even radical politics… after our kin greeting we are on a
whirlwind schedule… meetings with members of the City Council, an
intense press conference, and then a meeting with the vice-mayor of the
city to whom we make a presentation of the Banner of Peace, in request
that Porto Alegre join Sao Luis Maranhao and the other cities that have
made the Banner of Peace and Peace and Culture Day (July 25) official.
Already, one of the monuments of the city, the giant chimney of the old
gas factory (recently converted into a culture center) on the
waterfront, now sports a gigantic Banner of Peace…

Our hosts in Porto Alegre are Carla Blue Rhythmic Eagle and Julio Blue
Solar Eagle (a pilot for Varig airlines)… driving us on the way out of
Porto Alegre we pass a large factory with the word “Merlin” written on
its wall… then, as we turn off the freeway towards the country estate,
another factory with the large word “Wotan.” As we approach Carla’s
estate “New Avalon,'” we see the sign by the side of the road in Celtic
writing “Claes Myrddin,” yes, this is Merlin’s center… New Avalon it
is, a breathtakingly lush but gentle hideaway with a small lake among
the flowering trees… a perfect place to complete the integration of
the avataric emanation of Pacal Votan. The next morning, Kali 25, Kin
87, Blue Solar Hand, another Pacal Votan clear sign, we go back to Porto
Alegre and the old Gas Factory for a Kin gathering… a staggeringly
crowded assembly room of over three hundred planetary kin are gathered
for a presentation on the Time of Shambhala on Earth and the
Resurrection in Time prophesied by Pacal Votan… ” The seven years of
prophecy was like the time of the crucifixion of humanity on the cross
of the 12:60. Now the four years of the Campaign for the New Time are
like the harrowing of hell, the time when Christ was in the grave, but
now it is all of humanity who are in hell… following the Campaign for
the New Time and the return to the13:20 frequency, are the seven years
of the Mystery of the Stone… that is the time of the resurrection…
the Spaniards came with a dead Christ on a cross… Pacal Votan in the
tomb presents the flowering cross as the cosmic tree of life and
resurrection in the new time… The Mystery of the Stone is the time of
Shambhala on Earth; this is the resurrection in time, the rising of the
new sun on Earth…”

In preparation for the evening event to be held outdoors (the organizers
have anticipated some three to four thousand people), we return to New
Avalon for some rest… but it is the Galactic Storm instead… a
darkening sky brings powerful winds and rain… the lights go out in
little explosions… the rain is coming down in sheets… it is dubious
whether or not the show will go on in Porto Alegre, but we dutifully
head back to the city in pouring rain and gusts of wind with terrifying
thunderclaps piercing the air. Indeed, the crowds gathered for the event
are dispersing, many of them coming inside the old gas factory, looking
for shelter. Finally, Andre Red Lunar Skywalker and his team manage to
salvage some of the opportunity, and an indoor speaking space is
prepared. There are some 800 to a thousand people present and Bolon Ik
and I are to speak from a balcony… as we begin, we look out the window
and there is a magnificent brilliant double rainbow, much like the one
in Brasilia five years ago… “The cause of the new time is urgent… we
are calling for apostles of the new time… everyone here knows 20
people who aren’t here… give them the new calendar… this is about
everybody. Time does not discriminate. We are calling for an Alliance
for the new Time… go to Greenpeace…go to all of the environmental
groups, the peace groups, the spiritual organizations, let us
synchronize for peace…” Afterwards, Bolon Ik and I are given a Peace
award from the Greenwave Organization – a medal, and a sculpture of a
woman and child, on behalf of our efforts for world peace… and I am
presented with a majestic painted banner of the sculpture of the tomb of
Pacal Votan. From the top of the painting comes a flood of white light,
and I am reminded of the Vinal meditation: “Breaks with habitual caution
and reaches the white light…”

After a day of rest in New Avalon, on the following day, Red Spectral
Moon,Limi 27, we head for the Brazilian Babylon, Sao Paolo… our team
has become very inspired. It is clear that the work that Vandir has done
in organizing PAN Brazil has produced many fruits. Maria has become a
constant companion, and we are appreciative of her direct earthy
character as well as her insights and selfless service in all
situations… the night of our departure for Sao Paolo I have been up,
integrating the synchronic patterns connecting my life cycle with that
of Pacal Votan’s… in the synchronic order of the law of time, all
becomes conscious and meaningful… the difference between my Kin 11
and Pacal Votan’s Kin 60 is 49, seven squared, the number of the Codon

which has guided my life since I was 28… “Thus the
superior man sets the calendar in order and makes the seasons clear…”
Destiny is divine law… at the Sao Paolo airport, a large group of kin
await us, again, with Banners of Peace. We are struck by the fact that
the members of the Movement are the people… retired military
police… journalists… airline pilots… also in Sao Paolo, a
prominent number of African and Japanese Brazilians… Brazil is not
America… South America is not the first world… the problems of
colonialism, imperialism, the Church, drugs and crime, are manifest
everywhere… Sao Paolo has eighteen million people rushing about in a
state of continuous disorder… discontent is normal… the calendar
change as an analysis and a solution to an otherwise increasingly
chaotic world, present a logic and appeal to common sense that makes
more and more sense!

On Silio 28, after a day of press and television interviews, we prepare
for our evening presentation to be held at the State Legislative
Assembly Hall in Ibirapuera Park. The poster for our public event reads:

“T(E) = Art, Thirteen Moon Calendar – The discovery of the Law of Time
distinguishes between the domain of unconscious cosmic potentiality and
the dominion of cosmic conscious time. The divine plan then turns itself
cosmically conscious and toward the synchronic order… the
comprehension of the science of time transforms completely the vision of
man in relation to nature and the purpose of its life as a species.”
Once again we have a standing room only event of some four hundred
people… “Do you know what day it is today?” we ask. “It is the third
of April. And what day of the week is it today? Tuesday. And on what day
of the week will the third of May occur? On what day of the week will
the third of June be? You don’t know. You have to stop and scratch your
head… and that is why you have no telepathy. Your knowledge of time
becomes stunted at that point… but on the Thirteen Moon calendar we
know it is Saturday/Silio 28. And we know that every 28th day of every
Moon is Silio Saturday… and that frees up our mind instantly… then
we can have telepathy and the beginning of a higher knowledge of time.
The fact of the matter is that if the Gregorian calendar were offered to
us today as a standard of measure, we would reject it immediately as
being unscientific, illogical, unharmonious, making calculations
difficult, and whose internal parts do not correspond… This is the
calendar upon which the modern world bases its everyday operations. As a
result we live in a time of chaos… to overcome this we need a calendar
of perpetual harmony… but we will not have that until we activate a
global coalition, a global synchronization for peace force…”

Following the large public event we have a gathering of some 150 kin,
many of whom have come from different cities to be with us. We emphasize
that now there is the need to exert and balance the outer work –
Campaign for the New Time – with the inner work – the creation of the
plasmic rainbow Shambhala Earth Wizard, made possible by the practices
of the synchronic order of the Law of Time… but if we do not all
become apostles of the new time on behalf of the Thirteen Moon calendar
change, then the inner work will be difficult and even fruitless…

The next day, first day of the Planetary Dog Moon, Kin 91, Cosmic
Monkey, and we depart Brazil for the Argentine part of the journey. We
had only been to Argentina once before, late in 1994, when we were
traveling as galactic gypsies across South America with the Telektonon
prophecy. We remembered being at the Cervantes Theater in Buenos Aires,
Bolon Ik burning a Gregorian calendar on stage… what would it be like

Our first stop is Cordoba, in central Argentina, the second largest city
of the country… our Argentine hostesses are Claudia Blue Overtone
Night, of Cordoba, and Mirta Blue Solar Eagle, of Buenos Aires, both of
whom we got to know at the Seven Week Earth Wizard’s seminary… both
are also at the airport to greet us as well as an enthusiastic and
emotional gathering of kin… for our first day in Argentina we are
taken to a small mountain town outside of Cordoba, Capilla del Monte.
Famous for its UFO sightings, there is nothing to see today… fog, rain
and drizzle are everywhere. We are lodged in a small country style
inn… awaiting us are Claudia’s core team, an enthusiastic group of
volunteers, to whom we give a few words of cheer. From some of the
publicity it is clear that the message of the law of time is being
understood… the law of time establishes the knowledge of the
synchronic order and the nature of time as a frequency, while
integrating the chronological time into the synchronic order… the
Quiche or Mayan long count represents the chronological order of time…
as such, it is a linear interpretation of the Tzolkin… the synchronic
order is complementary to it, but introduces the human to the radial
order of the higher dimensions…

We are also made aware that our previous hostess in Argentina, Ludovica
Squirru, a personality in her own right, famous for her interpretations
of the I Ching and Chinese horoscope, has now made her name popularizing
the Mayan calendar, but based on the Quiche long or true count… this
we have been given to understand, has been creating confusion: how can
there be two counts? Why is the Dreamspell count different from the long
count? What about leap year?

On the morning of Seli 2, Magnetic Human, we conduct several interviews
in the dining room of the country inn, where various of these issues
come up… “The Dreamspell count as it is called, is not a count as
such, but a systematic frame of references by which the synchronic order
of reality – synchronicity – can be known and mapped… such a system
cannot recognize leap year without destroying the harmony of the
system… the harmony of the system is actually the synchronic order of
reality governed by the mathematical power of the fifth force by which
all events are demonstrated to be in synchronic relationship to each
other. Such an order, based on the 13:20 timing frequency, includes the
chronological long count as one of the mathematical orders which it
harmonizes… this year, and until 2004, there is a 50 kin difference
between the two counts… this means every day now there is an antipode
relationship between the counts. But it must emphasized: the Dreamspell
or Law of Time represent a new dispensation, a new revelation of time
based on the prophecy of Pacal Votan which points out the error in time
encoded in the Gregorian calendar and the need to change the frequency
of time by replacing it with the Thirteen Moon calendar…” The
interviewers are fascinated with the question of Pacal Votan… “Where
is he now?'” I reply, “It is he who is speaking to you…” end of

We return to Cordoba where we are lodged in a simple but elegant old
hotel, the Virrey, along the river bank in the center of the city. That
evening we go to the kin gathering… this is the largest one yet with
some 400 planetary kin gathered… the energy is very high… along the
walls are representations of the Telektonon, the Seven Radial Plasmas,
the 20 Tablets, all the component demonstrations of the law of time…”
We are here to launch the Campaign for the New Time in Argentina…”
Also in the audience and coming up to greet us is Ludovica Squirru…
The next day, Lunar Skywalker, we stroll the streets of Cordoba… the
atmosphere is strange, vibrant but chaotic… Argentina is in an
economic crisis… in Buenos Aires there are violent demonstrations
against the ACLA, the proposal to turn all of the Americas into a single
free trade zone… the Argentine president, De la Rua, is in the
Vatican, meeting with the Pope… in the afternoon we tape an hour long
interview with local TV personality, Rolando Vistosky for his show, “Y
Usted, que cree?” (“And you, what do you believe?”) It turns out there
is a very popular TV program showing in Latin America, “The Mayan
Prophecies,” one of which segments features an interview of us while we
were in Palenque in1999… for this reason, the issue of 2012 is in the
air… If these are the end times, what do the Mayan prophecies tell
us? Was Pacal Votan an astronaut? “No, not really, but an
interdimensional traveller operating with knowledge of the synchronic
order of time, and therefore, able to manipulate interdimensional force
fields… by employing the law of time we can also become galactic
Mayans… but first we must change the calendar, NOW… otherwise, by
2012, we will have little future to speak of…”

That evening we give our public presentation at the Maipu Theater… the
theater is packed with 600 to 700 people, standing room only… 200 are
turned away at the door…” It is necessary to unmask the Gregorian
calendar and unmask the Vatican as well… while the Argentine president
is in the Vatican, and the economic crisis is producing demonstrations,
we are here to let you know why and what can be done about it… the
Pope says he wants to establish social equity and social equality… he
cannot do that as long as the timing standard is unequal and crooked in
its measure… continued use of the Gregorian calendar assures that
there will be only inequity and inequality… the timing frequency must
be changed… the only way to do that is to replace it with the harmonic
standard… but it must be done immediately if we are to make it to 2012
in one piece… through the 13 Moon calendar the law of time can bring
the order, social harmony and equality the planet so desperately
needs… for this we need a great and heroic Campaign for the New
Time… imagine, there’s no countries… nothing to live or die for…
imagine a world in which time is no longer money, but time is art.” The
message is greeted with tumultuous enthusiasm… leading a wave of
well-wishers on stage to embrace us is Ludovica Squirru…

The next day, White Electric Wizard, we fly from Cordoba to Bariloche in
the Andes, our seventh stop of this now mythic journey. At the airport
waiting for us with the customary banners are members of “la Karavana,”
including Earth Wizards Annibal White Galactic Wizard and Rodrigo White
Cosmic Mirror… we are whisked off to a press event in the Bariloche
public library where some 80 people are waiting for us… it is still
late afternoon when we are through with the event and it is a beautiful
autumn day… Bariloche is located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, on
the southern shore of the lake of the same name. There are no words to
describe the sheer beauty of the mirror-like lake and the towering Andes
all around us… Annibal and his young Brazilian wife, Marilia
Self-existing Serpent, take us in hand… one of the founders of the
Karavana, Annibal’s 13:20 enthusiasm is responsible for getting his
parents out of Buenos Aires… they now live on a small piece of land on
the edge of Lake Nahuel Huapi, a far cry from the streets of Buenos
Aires… driving a little farther down the highway we arrive at Llao
Llao… off the main road is the G-7 style resort Hotel Llao Llao where
the Cumbre (Summit) de las Americas occurred some five years ago, and
which has housed the likes of Bill Clinton and Fidel Castro… not too
far away is the Posada del Flor, a rustic country Inn where we spend the
evening in the company of Earth Wizards and the full moon… it is the
Planetary Dog Moon and so we are not surprised that we are joined by a
number of the neighborhood dogs… all in good humor, we observe the
full moon rising and the breathtaking expanse of the southern night

The next day, Maria’s galactic return, Blue Self-existing Eagle,
following a brief tour of some of the mountain vistas, we head farther
south to El Bolson. The drive through the Andes is awesome. We pass the
42nd degree latitude south and approach El Bolson… on one side of the
road flies a Banner of Peace… a turn-off, and we arrive at El Cortijo
del Bolson, adorned by a painted Banner of Peace… unlike Bariloche,
which is the jumping off point for the international set, and has a
first world facade, El Bolson is rural and indigenous. In front of the
main building at El Cortijo, on the roof of which is painted a large
Shield of the Galactic Federation is the encampment of three gaily
painted buses – la Karavana… Bolon Ik and I are taken to a cabin, El
Escondite, which has been beautifully prepared for us… alone, we burst
into tears… we met just over 20 years ago at the Rocky Mountain Dharma
Center, at 42 degrees latitude north, in an environment very similar to
that of El Cortijo del Bolson… the cabin El Escondite is very much
like the retreat cabins we knew in the Rocky Mountains… but now we
have switched polarity, from 42 degrees north to 42 degrees south… and
it is not the Rockies but the Andes… Patagonia… and we recall that
late in1981, I wrote the “Art Planet Chronicles,” and the final scenes
of that story take place in Patagonia… Yes, it is in Patagonia that
occurs the final battle between the Syndicate for Material Evolution and
the Planet Art Network… and now here we are at the Planet Art Network
base camp… and the talk is of keeping globalization out of Patagonia
where already the big landowners from the north have begun to purchase
their holdings… Ted Turner, Sylvester Stallone, Jane Fonda, among

Deja vu… later that afternoon we present a public talk in the big
meeting hall of El Cortijo del Bolson… another electric crowd… many
aging hippies as well as Earth Wizards and local townspeople… time to
introduce a new word: “devaticanize” – it is time to devaticanize the
world by getting rid of the Gregorian calendar… now is the time to all
unite for the true revolution, the final revolution, the revolution of
time, the arousing of the Planet Art Network on behalf of the calendar
change… for the fulfillment of the prophecy of Pacal Votan, the
resurrection in natural time, the flowering of the Cosmic Tree…
accompanying us back to our cabin, Annibal is in tears… he has finally
been able to get his parents to come hear the message…

Home at last! Overtone Warrior, Limi 6 of the Planetary Dog Moon we
spend in idyllic bliss outside of El Escondite… in the style of the
Art Plant Chronicles, I write the words, “In Patagonia PAN harmonic, the
kin had gathered Unisonic; the Karavana was at rest, the land was
waiting for the test…” in the afternoon we visit the encampment…
three buses: Arcturus, Kinich Ahau, and Quetzalcoatl, all intricately
painted inside and out with the galactic compass, the radial plasmas,
the galactic shield, the feathered serpent, the tomb of Pacal Votan, and
more – an incredible richness of color and imagery… everyone is
enthusiastic and happy with our visit… followed by the Kin
gathering… “From Amazonia to Patagonia this is our seventh stop,
everything is by the power of seven, so is this is the most mystical
point of the journey, the turning point… the power of seven by seven
is the power of 49… 49 is the number of revolution… 49 days, the
seven weeks of the Earth Wizard’s Seminary… seven weeks in the Book of
Enoch, are the time of the cosmic unfolding; and on the seventh day of
the seventh week, the righteous receive the sevenfold teaching of the
cosmic law… this is the revelation and the teaching of the law of
time… the triumph of the synchronic order…”

Up at dawn of Silio 7, Red Rhythmic Earth… pack up and go… adios to
la Karavana… drive back to Bariloche, where I find a small Andean
flute, a quena, but with beautiful sound… now I will always be able to
be here in this magical land called Patagonia… the rain is falling
softly as we depart… for Buenos Aires, the final leg of our journey…
Buenos Aires, the teeming metropolis – Paris New York and Babylon all in
one. Upon our arrival, we are immediately taken with Mirta and Efrin
Yellow Spectral Human to a television taping for Infinito cable company
and a re-encounter with Embol, our congenial and civilized talk show
host who had recorded a program with us when we had been at the Earth
Wizard’s Seminary in Picarquin, Chile, late in 1999… the event goes
smoothly, and once again the message of the calendar change and the law
of time will be broadcast in a sophisticated follow-up to the previous
show… driving through the intense traffic and crowds we finally
arrive the Bauen Suites Hotel on the edge of the theater district…
that night I dream of wandering through the waterways of the Earth
Wizard’s port city, where a great dance called Celebration of Hunab Ku
climaxes the dream excursion…

The next day we have an energetic press event at the hotel… it is
White Resonant Mirror, the 260-day return of the last Day Out of Time.
Happily and by surprise, Raul Grajeda, Yellow Magnetic Star of PAN USA
has come to join us and meet some of the South American kin. It is
impressive that there is this much interest from the press, albeit the
alternative or new age press… like Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires is an
overwhelming city, and it is amazing that anything at all can come
together in such 12:60 cacophony… Claudia has given me a book by our
friend, the UFOlogist, Dante Franch, entitled Evacuacion Mundial (World
Evacuation) detailing prophecies of the Earth changes and plans for the

of the surviving humans, as well as fascinating
descriptions of Dante’s own encounters… worst case scenario, for
sure… but interesting to contemplate in the midst of the busy madness
of Buenos Aires… inevitably one asks, where will this all end?

Our public event that night is at the Sala Pablo Neruda of the Plaza
Theater in the heart of the theater district… we are in Vandir’s room
and we are being told to wait because there is chaos outside the
theater… another overflow crowd… an Andean dance precedes our
presentation…. “Which will it be,” we ask, “World evacuation – or
change the timing frequency and avoid the rush? Why are so many people
willing to crowd into a theater to listen to a message of calendar
change? We are clearly in need of escape from the time of chaos into the
synchronic order prophesied by the law of time… we are crowded into
this theater because awakening in us is the evolutive memory of time,
the last message of history… if we can heed the arousing of this
evolutive memory of time we will be able to go from anarchy to autonomy,
from history to post-history… we must reject the papal authority of
the false time calendar and its secrets of leap year, Easter, and the
seven dominical letters, the G-7… it is time to imagine a new time…
imagine a world where there is no April nor October… and all the
people are living for today…”

Seli 9, Blue Galactic Storm, “Receives a light from one who knows,”
galactic return of this solar-galactic year. The Avatar of the crystal
Earth muses from the ninth floor tower of his Babylonian hotel…

“Concerning the synchronic order… this order of fourth-dimensional
all-inclusiveness is of necessity a whole system governed by the
universal law of time in which all components of the evolutive process
of nature are objectified as states of consciousness which are in
harmony with logic and reason, and in which any irrationality is
actually perceived as vain, illusory and false. All that is
objectifiable is capable of mathematical definition. Mind and
mathematical order transcend limitations of concept determined by
material or technological development.”

That afternoon we are taken to a neighborhood culture center for the kin
gathering. In the patio outside, an iron grill fence separates us from
the busy 12:60 traffic rushing by… ornately dressed, a male with
elaborate feather head-dress and a female dancer create a timeless
exchange… a 20-sided squared cross is marked out on the cement… this
is the cosmic Andean symbol, the Aymara sacred ground… in the center
is a circle divided in two, in which another Aymara man and woman are
seated… two youths, a boy and a girl play a duet on the samponys,
Andean pan pipes… dense incense smoke blows across the patio…
chewing coca leaves, the two speak from time to time, intoning the
cosmic space… then they give the gift, a small bag, a small ceramic
container of corn seeds… as each kin receives the gift, they join a
large serpentine dance… the youths have now become a small band of pan
pipe blowers following the rhythm of the drum… “The better part of
what we have to say was already presented by the Aymara,” we tell the
overflow gathering of planetary kin. “What the Aymara presented was what
we aspire to when we say ‘time is art.’ The Telektonon of Pacal Votan
said we had seven years of prophecy to change the calender… the
warning was given… the change did not occur, now we are in the
harrowing of hell… four years we have to make the decision. The
Campaign for the New Time needs all of the planetary kin to become
apostles of the New Time… we do not need any more martyrs among the
indigenous people… nor among ourselves… we are the cosmic vibratory
root… the universe is in our seven centers… let us become the
harmony of the universe and make the return to natural time… in
peace…” We are presented with the seven-by- seven, 49-part rainbow
flag of the Aymara… The Aymara spokesman, Nestor Pasto hands us a
piece of paper entitled, “Does Andean Science exist?” “We also follow
the thirteen moon 28 day calendar, he tells me, “Yes, I know.” “We must
remain in contact,” he says “Yes,” I reply, “this is a sacred

Gamma 10, Solar Sun. Good Friday, 2001. Good Friday, 1519. That was the
day One Reed – Cortes set foot on Mexican soil. The Thirteen Heavens
ended. The Nine Hells began. Good Friday, 1987, the Mayan Factor was
published. Fourteen years later, and we are on a flight back to Sao
Paolo, en route to Portland… one more night at the Century Paulista
Hotel… we spend a few hours at a kin party… didjeridoos and face
paint, but it is not the same as the Aymara… it is not yet really
13:20, just pretending to be 13:20… but you have to start someplace…
the next morning, the real harrowing of hell between Good Friday and
Easter, I awaken, and all I can think of is “Japan.” Later in the day,
Vandir and Maria, who is Japanese Brazilian, show up with Angelo,White
Planetary Wizard, who is also Japanese Brazilian. Since we have time
before our flight to Los Angeles which is at ten minutes to midnight, we
decide to go visit the Solo Sagrado, site of the Messianic Church in
Guarapiranga, just outside of Sao Paolo… more Japan! The spectacular
gardens and temple are dedicated to Mokiti Okada, Japanese-born founder
of the World Messianic Church and originator of the technique known as
Johrei… all of this is most intriguing… Japan is our next tour of
duty. We are scheduled to return there at the end of the Cosmic Moon for
the Day out of Time… and then on to central Asia. After an evening of
pizza with Vandir, his wife, Jo, and two daughters, Laura and Laisa, we
head for the Sao Paolo International Airport, and a fond farewell to
Vandir, Maria and Angelo… then on to the plane… of course, it is the
night flight to Tokyo, with a stop over in Los Angeles… it must be
Japan calling!

Easter Sunday, Alfa 12, Red Planetary Dragon… the resurrection… of
Pacal Votan. In Los Angeles, we leave the night flight to Tokyo to board
our final flight to Portland. David Kin 19 is there to greet us and take
us back to the Foundation for the Law of Time, our living-working home
base. How long have we been gone? 26 days… is that all? Among the
articles of mail awaiting us is a book, The Book of Mormon, sent to me
by my dentist… the Book of Mormon? I recall Recife and the visitation
of Pacal Votan within view of the Mormon Temple and its gilded statue of
the Angel Moroni. Why is all this so familiar? I go to Tony Shearer’s
book, Beneath the Moon and Under the Sun, published in 1975, the year
before my first visit to Palenque. Read pages 120-126. According to
Tony, Wotan (Pacal Votan) of Palenque was none other than Mormon who
created the 22 (thirteen heavens, nine hells, tomb dedication date gold plates on which was inscribed the history of the Indian
nations of the Americas. And it was Wotan who left the 22 plates to the
one known as the Angel Moroni, who hid them in a hillside in New York,
to be discovered by Joseph Smith after a visit by the Angel Moroni,
September 21, 1823. The plates disappeared, and an “abridged” version is
what appears as the present-day Book of Mormon. Who knows? Elsewhere in
the same book, Tony writes: “In days long ago a ship came; not from the
sea, but from the sky. It came from another world, perhaps even another
galaxy. And these space beings delivered this perfect mathematical
formula (sacred calendar) to the Indians of Mexico. it was hoped that
the formula would help the people of the Earth find their way into the
light of their Creator. The space beings left, but they vowed they would
return from time to time to see how mankind was doing, and to help him
find his way.”

Copyright (c) 2000 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles