PAN, The Foundation for the Law of Time and the New Millennium: A Visionary Review


The forces that shape history are not mere ideological constructs, but passionately enacted paths of creative action. When such forces have appeared in history, the prevailing powers scarcely knew of their existence.

Over 2500 years ago Lord Buddha wandered India for 45 years, carrying a begging bowl and giving his teachings, “turning the wheel of the dharma.” During his day, no great king or ruler embraced his teachings,yet today scattered across Asia are Buddhist pagodas, stupas, monasteries and pyramids – while saffron-robed monks and nuns of many nations wander the world in the hope of still spreading his teachings. But is it what the Buddha taught?

When Muhammad appeared in Mecca, over 1300 years ago, reciting the Holy Quran, he was despised and persecuted, until after 13 years he undertook the Hegira (the flight) to Medina, where he obtained help. Within ten years, at the end of his life he returned to Mecca with 144,000 believers, and since that time even through the present day, the effect of his life and teachings are felt everywhere. But is it what is in the Quran?

Finally, some 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ wandered through Palestine giving his teachings. When the authorities noticed him, they decided to put an ignoble end to his life. Yet today, signs of Christ are everywhere on the planet as competing groups of “Christians” seek to proclaim his kingdom. Most significantly as it is written in the Quran: “He (Christ) is to serve as a marker for knowing the end of the world, so you can no longer harbor any doubt about it. You shall follow Me (God); this is the right path.” 43:61

The year 2000 is, of course, a Christian calendar date. Underscoring the point made in the Quran, Jehovah’s Witnesses show up at the door handing out tracts on the “New Millennium: New Age or End of the World?” The new millennium, we are told, technically does not begin until January 1, 2001. As we survey the world at this very moment, what do we see?

In America, the greatest bastion of worldly power known in the present cycle of history, the very force that shaped it is at a terrifying standstill. Democracy, the shibboleth on the tongue of every president of this past century (“fight to make the world safe for democracy”), yes, democracy is dead before our very eyes. Nobody was elected president on Blue Galactic Night, which, 260 days later, will be this year’s Day Out of Time. Meanwhile in Palestine, 2000 years after Christ, a strange daily ritual occurs. Palestinian youths, Muslim of course, killed by Israeli soldiers the day before, are buried, and then a thousand more Palestinian youths charge the well armed Israeli soldiers with bricks and molotov cocktails, yielding a few more martyrs. At the same time, the Dalai Lama, the highest profile world Buddhist, hedges his bets on a trip to Taiwan because of US-China politics. On the telephone, anonymous “market surveyors” call up with ambiguously worded questions regarding technology and the value of genetically modified foods. In the movie theaters yet another movie about Mars is showing. Entitled “Red Planet,” its two key stars, we are told hate each other so much that some of the scenes in which they play together had to be simulated. And on the Blue Planet, there is an ever-widening hole in the ozone and the ice cap on the Arctic Ocean has melted for the first time in 60 million years. Does anyone get the joke? This is hell on Earth. 1984, Brave New World, Blade Runner, and Clockwork Orange all rolled into one. But this isn’t a movie. It is real. Where is the exit?

Scarcely known to the powers that be, a new force has arisen which questions the prevailing morality of the world in every way, and which offers an original analysis and a creative solution to the world situation. This is the Planet Art Network (PAN) World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. This Movement is motivated not by the teachings of any one human being so much as it is by the perception of a truth that is so stunningly simple and yet so profound – we are all living in artificial time, and it is killing us. This analysis is the basis of the Law of Time. The first step of the solution is: change the calendar! It’s not really the year 2000 – that is just a date on an erroneous calendar that has nothing to do with cosmic cycles or anything else in nature!

In Italy a PAN activist attends a conference on globalization and passes out 13 Moon Calendars, challenging the speakers and asking them if they have ever thought about the wrist watches they are wearing, the artificial time in which they are living and its relation to the destruction of the biosphere (the environment). The speakers are speechless and cannot answer the question. In Costa Rica, several more PAN activists attend an event sponsored by the Costa Rica Ministry of Foreign affairs. Again the topic is globalization and the power of the transnational corporations. Again the PAN activists speak to and challenge the speakers with the analysis of the Law of Time. If we do not want to end up without a planet very soon, the PAN activists assert, we must organize into a larger coalition and begin the process of stopping the transnationals by changing the calendar, and returning to natural time, the time of 13 Moons.

In Argentina a caravan of five brightly painted busses carrying more than 70 PAN activists, wends its way Northward toward Paraguay and Brazil. They call themselves “Earth Wizards” (“magos de la tierra”), and they are on an inspired educational mission. Highly organized, in whatever community they stop, they commence the process of education. They have booklets and tools of the new time. They attract the attention of the media and leave a trail of news stories about them in their wake. In several other places in Argentina, Chile and North America, PAN activists begin to turn the soil of their gardens. In Belgrade, Moscow, St Petersburg, and Tel Aviv, small groups begin to meet to discuss the nature of the 13 Moon Calendar and the Law of Time. In Tokyo, Shibuya TV, a popular youth culture television station, begins to introduce into its daily programming material from the Cosmic Diary, a 13 Moon day book and reference study for the Law of Time put together by an executive for a major Japanese publicity firm. At the San Francisco stock exchange, PAN activists scale the steps and chalk the walls with the slogan, “Time isn’t money. Time is art.” In Holland, the Rainbow Bridge, a new experimental school for children develops a unique curriculum based on the Law of Time. From Russia and across Western Europe and the United Kingdom to North America and Japan, a generation of youth, sometimes referred to as “rave generation,” are coming to recognize each other not by their given names but by their Galactic Signatures – Red Self-existing Skywalker, Yellow Cosmic Sun or Blue Lunar Eagle, dancing to trance music played by musicians with names like Galactic Dreamspell …

The foregoing panorama, by no means complete, is derived from an up to the minute survey of the Planet Art Network World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. This Movement has grown over the last decade to take on the proportions of a genuine global cultural revolution. It is changing the way we think. It is changing the way we behave. It is giving a vision of the future totally distinct from the techno-vision of virtual reality that grips the world today. It is opening doors of hope to people who had lost hope. It is providing creative analysis and solutions to the biggest and gravest problems facing the world today. And it is offering a simple and pragmatic point to begin the genuine process of change: change the calendar. Return to natural time. Follow the 13-moon 28-day calendar, now! The only future is the future of natural time! Don’t just fight globalization, join forces and change the calendar!

As of this solar-galactic year, Blue Galactic Storm, the Foundation for the Law of Time has been established for the purpose of providing an actual base of operations for all of this activity and cultural ferment. This very report is possible because of the information gathering process that is a function of the Foundation for the Law of Time. The Foundation’s chief purpose is educational – to consolidate the gamut of knowledge encompassed by the Law of Time and to make it available to absolutely everybody. Through our Chief Scientific Consultant, we are compiling a bibliography and library of time, so that we can see in what way the Law of time is contributing to a synthesizing and whole system vision of ourselves and our universe. The Foundation for the Law of Time will continue to articulate the evolving goals, methods and challenges of the Movement Toward Natural Time, and to continue to give the vision of a healed planet to a planet in desperate need of healing.

The Foundation for the Law of Time is the only basis for calling the new millennium new, because it is the only new knowledge base that exists in the world today. Based on the vision of UR – the Universal Recollection of the Universal Religion – the Foundation for the Law of Time is unabashedly ecumenical. But the Foundation isn’t interested in becoming another institution. We have goals intended to dissolve the Foundation into the Dominion of Time, which is the natural mental spiritual atmosphere of the universe, the true utopia of spiritual anarchy where anonymity is the basis of true autonomy. We have concrete goals, too: by 2004 to enact the global calendar change so necessary to save the planet and return all humanity to natural time – while there is still time. And as of 2004 to see to it that numerous Natural Time Communities have been established worldwide, living and evolving their life style in accord with the Law of Time. By 2009, our goal is the global transfiguration of all 12:60 artificial time values into 13:20 natural time values. And by Winter Solstice 2012, the eradication of poverty and disease, replaced by a world of abundance and telepathic wonder! By the date Yellow Galactic Seed, July 26, 2013, we intend, God willing, to launch the Timeship Earth into the new galactic age of solar consciousness!

So PAN activists wherever you are, take heart! Keep on meeting – meet on crystal days, meet weekly, meet whenever you can! Let us know who you are, where you are, and what you are up to! The rainbow is in our heart, in our mind, around our body and around the Earth! May self-interest, neurosis and immorality be replaced by simplicity, common sense and culture. May the Banner of Peace fly everywhere on Planet Earth! May innocence be reestablished in the hearts of all and as children may we enter the kingdom of heaven together as one family!

Submitted on behalf of PAN activists everywhere
by The Founders of the Foundation for the Law of Time
Kin 208, Yellow Cosmic Star, 208th step to Merlin’s Tower
Self-existing Alpha 26, Power of 13, Oxlahuntiku,
Blue Galactic Storm Year, First year of the Second Creation
PCU Blue Electric Monkey, Ise is the Concentrated Will

Copyright (c) 2000 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles