Listen Again, Look Within

“Do you expect to enter Paradise without being tested like those before you? They were tested with hardship and adversity, and were shaken up, until the messenger and those who believed with him said, ‘Where is God’s victory?’ God’s victory is near.” Holy Quran, 2:214

“Do the people think that they will be left to say. ‘We believe,’ without being put to the test? We have tested those before them for God must distinguish those who are truthful and He must expose the liars.” Holy Quran, 29:2-3

moire2000a.jpgThe circumpolar rainbow – where is it?? Listen again. Look within. We have been tested. The decision is not ours. It will be done. Blue Galactic Night, enter the galactic portal, expand the sky, return the rainbow round the Earth. God rewards the righteous. You did not think you would not be tested, did you? Our efforts do not constitute a failure, but a valiant exercise, and a major testing. And we have been heard. The latest crop circle from England is in the shape of the circumpolar rainbow bridge.

Crop Circle photos and reports courtesy The Crop Circle Connector (

But still, we are being tested. it is our discipline that must become righteous. That is why the first Codon of the Thirteen Years of the Second Creation is called “Listen Again!” Listen, and we will become the Phoenix rising from its ashes. With one more year of dedication and effort, making our practice and discipline precise, we will have another opportunity. And we have received a signal victory with the great success of the Day Out of Time 2000 events around the world.

It is discipline itself that transforms.
The vision is crystal clear.
Are you as clear as the crystal?

The circumpolar rainbow bridge is there, waiting to be seen. Four years ago when the experiment began, no one was talking about the sun. Today the solar flares and sun spots and CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) are in the news daily. And through our prayer and meditation we have already aroused and experienced the spectral plasmic effects, seen the rainbow colors in broad bands across the sky. Even NASA has a web site talking about the possibility of the auroras extending across the tropopause (equator) to connect with each other – the rainbow bridge. The vision is correct, the theory is being proven. But we as budding biosolar telepaths must become ripened by discipline to the task.

What is the lesson we must learn? That we need increased coordination and discipline of daily practice and team effort for the release of radion. We had a strong team in the south, near Bariloche in the Andes between Chile and Argentina. But we had no corresponding team in the North. For the next effort we need equally strong teams in the North and South. And we need for these teams to know who they are and to be in communication with each other as in any good scientific experiment. For this year of the Blue Galactic Storm we must redouble our efforts at the practices, which are now augmented by the 24 Elder Futhark (see below), and we must redouble our efforts at spreading the word about the calendar change. Remember: it is the belief system itself that must change, and that can only change by a change in the frequency of human consciousness, from 12:60 to 13:20. But our opportunity this year is tremendous. Let us review the synchronic order of the Fourth Year of the Sixteen year Cube of the Law. O Earth Wizards, it is not too late to become as humble as the water flowing downstream!

Synchronic Order of The First Year of the Second Creation

We’re proud of you boy. You’ve got nothing to worry about. (New Year’s message to Valum Votan from the Arcturus Command)

According to the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time, this year is the Seed Flowering position of the Cube of the Law, the year of the Seventh Seer, Pacal Votan. That in itself is a great sign. As the Seed Flowering year, this year also represents the completion of the first Seed-Storm Year Bundle. The Sixteen Years Cube of the Law is coded by four sets of Seed-Storm Year Bundles, a harmonic sequence of years which follows the sequence of the Gateway family from code number 4, Seed, to code number 19, Storm. The Storm is the sign of Allah’s Mercy, and so the Storm year is characterized by this Mercy – God Rewards the Righteous. The reward is waiting again at the end of the year. Study Chronograph Tablet Four and gather the clues.

UR4.gifThe UR Rune sequence represents the first year of the transformed triplet series. The tone for the entire year is set by the Codon, Listen Again, the heart moon crystal is below the temple mountain gate. The heart must be stilled by meditation and the mind roused by discipline. In the traditional I Ching, this Codon is called Youthful Folly. It is the young fool who must be strengthened by wisdom and discipline. How many of us have really mastered the visualization and meditation practices required of the rainbow bridge exercise? Listen Again: tree shapes space. The tree is cosmic knowledge shaping the space of of our mind. Listen again. In the second quarter, Heaven and Earth separate. Stabilize the Mind of Heaven and the Mind of Earth. The Way of Conduct is informed by truth. The truth is the practice we have been given. The UR Rune for Stabilizing is a downward pointing triangle. Listen again. Look within. In the third quarter, enter the Meditation which is the Temple. Telepathy establishes the temple, which is your mind and body coordinated – for the release of radion. The Temple Meditation is the temple gate doubled. Pure silence. Then in the fourth quarter, create the Measure. Now the heart moon crystal is elevated above the wizard’s song; it is the galactic octave which limits space. The time for the rainbow rises again, the luminous phoenix of Earth’s aura will be seen when the first Seed-Storm Year Bundle is gathered. This is the beginning of the Second Creation. It is God who grants reprieve and rewards the righteous.

Look at the syncrhronic order of the 72nd and 73rd Overtone Chromatics of this year. Cosmic Moon 20-24, the 72nd Overtone Chromatic is perfectly coded by Kin 194-198 – the first five Lost Generations of the first five years of the Seven Years of Prophecy. Then comes the Uayeb, the 73rd Overtone Chromatic. The first two days are the Lost Generations of the last two years of the Seven Years of Prophecy. God’s reprieve is granted to this point. O mighty chrononauts, rouse yourselves in the perfection of the vision that as Earth Wizards on the Day Out of Time we might pass through the Galactic Activation Portal of the Blue Galactic Night as a single rainbow bridge! The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge is the unification of the human mind in the new time. Our work as chrononauts must go hand in hand with raising the consciousness of humanity to the correct 13:20 timing frequency. Listen Again! We must work for the upliftment of all beings. The completion of the calendar reform and the appearance of the rainbow bridge go hand in hand.

Revelation Takes Root Through
the Seven Years of Prophecy –
Through the Rainbow Bridge
This Revelation
Becomes the Thirteen Years
of the Second Creation

The Practice of the Elder Futhark and the Seven Major Arcana of the Law of Time and General Telektonon Practice Review

The practice of the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark represent the culminating revelation of the Cube of the Law. It is the 24 Runes that seal the six radial plasmas, Dali through Limi, and thereby grant an authentic aboriginal continuity to the radion we are releasing. For the purpose of unifying all practitioners, we include portions of the description of the practice of the Elder Futhark for the First year of the Second Creation, Blue galactic Storm, 2000-2001:

The 24 Elder Futhark are coded precisely to the 24 Psi Nimboid Membranes (see Earth Ascending Map 29). The Psi Nimboid Membranes are arranged in four sets of six membranes each, each set corresponding to one of four Psi Plates. The function of the Psi Nimboid Membranes (PNMs) is to regulate and process the flow of information within the Psi Bank, understood as the collective planetary telepathic brain. The Psi Nimboid Membranes actually articulate the flow of “PSI” as a single mental stream with infinite variations. By coding the 24 PNMs with the Elder Futhark Runes according to the Law of Time, the higher collective mind is awakened into the structure of a unitive 24-stage process, otherwise known as the primary aboriginal grammar of telepathy.

The 24 Rune practice is for quickening the awakening of the AC Planetary Manitou. As the day-night phasic alternator, the Rainbow Bridge, is programmed by the Psi Bank. This practice will articulate and expand the rhythmic periodicity of the Rainbow Bridge in its daily oscillations.

The process of activating the 24 Psi Nimboid Membranes takes four years precisely.? Commencing with the year 8 Storm – 2000-2001, the Elder Futhark practice sequence is known as the Four Years of the Second Creation. The 24 Elder Futhark Practice is coordinated by the Law of Time in the following stages:

1. Daily-weekly Practice. Like the Codon practice, on the first six days of each week, one Futhark Rune per day is visualized, but in a way that follows the pattern of the 7:7::7:7 Radion Cube – six Futhark Runes per week, 24 Futhark Runes per moon. Silio Cube Day, the Psi Plate quadrant of Earth to which the weekly Futhark set belongs is Cubed. On the 28th day of every Moon, the four cubed Earth quadrants become the inner Earth “tympanum” which surrounds the Octahedron at the center of the Earth. (See the 24 Elder Futhark Rune Chart showing the coordination of the Runes with the 24 Psi Nimboid Membranes within the four Psi Bank Plates below.)


Daily Practice Example: If the Rune is located in the North, the North sends and the South receives in the corresponding chakra. If the Rune is located in the South, the Southern team sends and the Northern team receives it. At the end of the week, when the Psi Plate/Earth quadrant is cubed in the same sequence as the Radion cube, it has six Runes, one on each of its six Psi Nimboid Membranes. The Runes should be studied daily and weekly, paying attention to their linear configurations. All that is necessary regarding the meaning of the Runes is to meditate on the simple slogan as part of the daily Telektonon practice.

This Elder Futhark Rune practice is done daily and weekly, each Moon completing one set of Runes for 52 moons, or 208 weeks. The code of 208 weeks is a fractal of the 208 moons of the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time and the 208 kin to the Green Central Castle and the 208 steps to Merlyn’s Tower.

2. Annual Practice. While all 24 Runes are activated and cubed every 28 days, the 24 Runes are also coded to the 24 Psi Nimboid master template (the Psi Bank). This means? that one psi plate of six PNMs is opened each year over the four-year cycle (6 PNM = 6 Futhark Runes per year, 4 x 6 = 24). Each year the Futhark Runes code one each of the first six moons in sequence. The seventh moon of every year is like the mystic column and is not coded by a Rune (though the daily and weekly practice continues as does the Psi Chrono Unit activation). However, each of the Moons 8-13 are coded by a Rune, but in the reverse order of Moons 1-6. The first set is known as “descending order” and the second set, “ascending order.” The Moon sequence is further coded by the corresponding Major Arcanum attribute.

For the First Year of the Second Creation the coding of the Moon by the first set of six Elder Futhark Runes is as follows:

First Plate: Afro-Eurasian. Blue Galactic Storm Year 2000-2001


Moon and Arcanum Attribute
R u n e
Psi Nimboid Membrane
Descending Order
Magnetic Moon of the Throne
North Arctic Pole
Lunar Moon of the Avatar
South Antarctic Pole
Electric Moon of the Mystery
North Temperate Zone
Self-existing Moon of the Initiation
South Temperate Zone
Overtone Moon of the Time Space
North Equatorial Zone
Rhythmic Moon of the Transcending
South Equatorial Zone
Ascending Order
Resonant Moon of the Cube
Moon of the Inner Earth
Galactic Moon of the Transcending
North Arctic Pole
Solar Moon of the Time Space
South Antarctic Pole
Planetary Moon of the Initiation
North Temperate Zone
Spectral Moon of the Mystery
South Temperate Zone
Crystal Moon of the Avatar
North Equatorial Zone
Cosmic Moon of the Throne
South Equatorial Zone

In this way, each year the set of six Psi Nimboid Membranes is cross-coded by the six master annual Runes of the Elder Futhark so that polar balance is attained. The coding of the first six Moons represents the Runic order descending into the Inner Earth – the Void Moon of the Cube. For the last six Moons the order ascends from the Inner Earth, switching polarity and establishing aboriginal balance of the Earth’s poles – geophysically and geopsychically. During the Moons 8-13, the weekly coding remains the same, i.e., following the original sequence represented on the Chart, the same as Moons 1-6. At the end of the year, on the Day Out of Time, the Psi Plate with six Psi Nimboid Membranes is sealed in the Inner Earth in resonance with the corresponding Plate of the Psi Bank around the Earth.

3. Daily Psi Chrono Unit Practice: As with the first four years of the Rinri Project, the Elder Futhark practice will be accompanied by the practice of opening the psi chrono units. The Tower days governing the Earth and Heaven Walks will continue to be coordinated by? the Galactic Activation Portals, while the thirteen Cube journeys account for the remaining 208 (13 x16) psi chrono units. The magnet may continue to be sent, the first half year the North sends the South a blue magnet, the second half year the South sends the North a red magnet. The inverse symmetry double Tzolkin psi bank plate is to be visualized in the same manner overhead.

4. Telektonon Board Play, 2000-2013.? During the Elder Futhark practice and for the ensuing remainder of the Thirteen Years of the Second Creation, the Telektonon Board Play will continue as practiced for the Seven Years of Prophecy, parallel to the practice of the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time and the 7:7::7:7. The major exception and change to the practice during the Elder Futhark cycle concerns the Seven Years of Prophecy. No longer will one of the seven Heptagonon of Mind cards be laid out for the entire year. Instead, coordinated with the second week of the 7:7::7:7 practice, for each one of the days 8-14, the corresponding Heptagonon of Mind card will be placed in the usual position at the bottom of the Telektonon card lay-out, e. g. day 8, the Dali 1993-94 card will be laid out, replaced on day nine by the Seli 1994-95 card, until the 14th day, when the Silio 1999-2000 card will be laid out. However, on the fourteenth day, the Dali card will be taken out again, and from days 14 through 20, as previously practiced, the absolute Heptagonon of Mind lay out will be created. (On day 15 the Silio card will be put away, until the 20th day when it is drawn out again to complete the creation of the absolute Heptagonon of Mind). During the four years of the Elder Futhark practice, the Heptagon of Mind lay out, days 14-20? establishes the Heptagonon of Mind as an absolute value. When each of the cards is laid out during the second week of the? 7:7::7:7 practice, attention should be paid to see how many “prophecy points” corresponding to the play of the daily Fifth Force Oracle, can be tallied on the back of the cards, just as was done during the Seven Years of Prophecy.

The correct understanding with regard to the Telektonon Board play is that we are dealing with the practice of daily synchronometry, which is the alignment of our human consciousness with the fourth dimensional interplanetary order. The practice of identifying with the Seven Years of Prophecy, although they are now “time past,” is the same as with the practice of the identification with the Thirteen Baktuns: whatever was not redeemed must still be redeemed; whatever residuals there are of the Tower of Babel must still be overcome, and this process will not be absolutely complete until we attain galactic synchronization, Yellow Galactic Seed, 2013. However, the victory of the Seven years of Prophecy lies in the reunion of Bolon Ik with Pacal Votan ( = Valum Votan), who nonetheless, consent to follow the movement of turtle play each moon until 2013!


The Elder Futhark and 7:7::7:7 Radion practice are coded daily and by Moon to the symbolism of the Seven Major Arcanum of the Law of Time. The Cosmology of Time is based on the Power of Seven and is known as the Major Arcanum of the Law of Time. Illustrations of the Arcanum are included in the 28 Meditations on the Law of Time, Volume II. Arcanum refers to mysterious knowledge known only to the initiate, or one having the key. The Major Arcanum of the Law of Time, the Cosmology of Seven, underlies the mysterious text referred to by the Chilam Balam, or Jaguar Priests, as the Book of the Seven Generations. The Seven Arcanum preface the forthcoming Seven leaves of the Book of Seven generations, the master coordination of the chrononauts 28-day practice cycle.

The Law of Time defines an order of reality known as the synchronic order. This is the definition of the universe unified by time and apprehended solely by the mind. All that exists constitutes the synchronic order. To know or perceive this order requires a degree of self-reflective consciousness which can only arise in beings preordained to a path of learning or testing.? Because the universal order of time is so vast, it is the essence alone that must be perceived and known. This essence is a symbolic lattice congruent with a mathematical principle, the inverse seventh, or 4:7::7:13. By knowing the seven alone one may apprehend the entire cosmology defined by the Law of Time.

In this cosmology, the seven key points are held by images that are coded by one each of the Radial Plasmas and constitute a cubic lattice, arranged in the following way:


The form and movement of the cosmology of the Major Arcanum assume the shape of the Heptagonon of Mind or Primal Cubic Parton, in which the relation of numbers 1 and 2 describe the top and bottom of a cube; numbers 3 and 4 describe the front and back sides of the cube; numbers 5 and 6 describe the right and left sides of the cube; while the number 7 defines the center point of the cube.

The seven illustrations which describe the Seven Major Arcanum of the Law of Time, were directly inspired by viewing the Throne in Temple 19, Palenque, only discovered in 1999. Herewith is a brief description of each of these drawings.

THE THRONE. In the cosmology of Palenque, the guardian of the Throne is known as Bolon Ik, patroness of avatars. She is depicted in the upper part of the drawing. On either side of her head is the principle of cosmic alternation. At the bottom is an outline drawing of the Throne discovered in Temple 19. In the Cosmology of Seven the Throne is the emblem of power which God, the Supreme and Sole Creator, assumes on the seventh “day” of creation. Glyphs referring to Bolon Ik on the Palenque Throne are depicted to the lower left, while the glyphs of the present Bolon Ik are depicted to the right. At her heart center is an image of the sarcophagus lid of the tomb of Pacal Votan, immediately to the right of which is the Tzolkin grid. To the left of the sarcophagus lid are the glyphs 13 Cimi and Ek Chuan, the star traveler. Above the Ek Chuan glyph is the “seal of Tollan” with the all-seeing eye at its center.

THE AVATAR. The avatar who turns the wheel of time is represented by the bottom of the cube, that which touches the Earth plane.? Only the avatar can renew the message of the “Throne of God.”? It is the avatar who knows time and renews time. Above is the avatar’s message of the Thirteen Moons, balanced by the two symbols of cosmic alternation. Below is the large wheel of time, the 20 seals and the the thirteen tones of creation, which altogether constitute the Tzolkin matrix at the center, the principle statement of the Law of Time. At the bottom of the large wheel of time is the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan which completely covers the eleventh of the 20 seals, the Monkey, galactic seal of the avatar of the Law of Time. To the lower left is Kokopeli, the humpbacked flute player who sounds the passage between the worlds; and to the lower right is the symbol for the Great Arcturus Cycle, 104,000 years, which recurs repeatedly in the book Earth Ascending.

THE MYSTERY. For the Avatar to communicate the message of renewal, there must be knowledge of the Mystery. This is the bond between the invisible and the visible that connects all things to the original matrix of the synchronic order of reality. This mystery is known as Death and the Enlightenment which is synonymous with knowing the mystery of death. This is represented? in the center by a drawing of the the Dharmakaya Stupa, or commemorative funerary shrine of the Eleventh Trungpa Tulku, the teacher of the avatar of the Law of Time. The stupa is set in the center of the Tzolkin, around which we see the border of the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan. Four Turtles emerge from each side of the tomb lid; they represent the four worlds now past, and which are symbolized by the four Earths at the corners of the image.

THE INITIATION. The Mystery opened by death represents an Initiation, entrance to the Fifth World of the Center, the knowledge of knowing and passing through death in full consciousness, both during life as well as after. The Tomb epitomizes the power of the Initiation. Of all the tombs, that of Pacal Votan is the paramount emblem of Initiation. Here it is depicted at the center of the Tzolkin matrix, itself set within a large circle. At the top and bottom of the large circle are two images of the Earth, representing the polar balance foreseen by the prophecy of Pacal Votan. At the sides are gravitational alternators. In the lower right corner is the glyph 13 Cimi, key to the decoding of the prophecy.

THE SPACE TIME (TOLLAN). The primal Initiation of Pacal Votan required a Time Space Manifestation, symbolized above by the Palace of Heaven and below by the Temple of Earth or the Temple of the Inscriptions. Palenque, Nah Chan represents the Earthly Time Space manifestation of the heavenly city known as Tollan. Forming a triangulation of time holding together the Time Space manifestation are the Tzolkin, the Aztec Sun Stone, and the annual Thirteen Moons of Earth. Lines connect the Tzolkin to the other two and indicate, among other things, the Nahui Ollin (4 Earth) Prophecy of the Sun Stone.

THE TRANSCENDENCE. Like all Time Space focalization correct knowledge leads to Transcendence, an affirmation of the Mystery and of the effectiveness of the Initiation. Here the Time Space focalization is dissolved into impermanence (an archeological map of Palenque), while the greater incomprehensible order of Galactic Being arises in its place. At the lower right is the seal of Tollan. The Tzolkin is in the throat chakra of the Galactic Being; to the Being’s right is the star map of Kinich Ahau showing the position of Earth, represented by an octahedron; to the Being’s left is the shield of Arcturus (Lamat).

THE CUBE. The initiatory process leads to the seventh stage and the magical evocation of the Cube, both with its six sides as well as its three inner planes, which could only be self-reflectively known after God assumed the power of the Throne. Like the Throne, the Cube is guarded by Bolon Ik, Patroness of Avatars, in whose heart is the Initiate of the Throne, represented by a galactic Maya of Copan. The Turtle, and the seal of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement are above, while below are the seal of Tollan and the glyph of the Star Traveler, Ek Chuan.

Table of Coordination: 24 Elder Futhark and the Seven Major Arcanum

There are four Futhark Runes assigned to each Arcanum and which define the powers of that Arcanum. The Seventh Arcanum, the Cube, Silio, is coded by the four psi bank plates whose 24 (4 x 6) psi nimboid membranes are arranged by the 24 Elder Futhark. The defining aspects are derived from the powers that code each of the four weeks.

Four Powers of the Throne:
FEHU is the Flaming Abundance that initiates the Throne (Dali 1)
EHWAZ is the Union of Horse and Rider that refines the Throne (Dali 8)
EIHWAZ is the Cosmic Tree that transforms the Throne (Dali 15)
GEBO is the Gift that ripens the Throne (Dali 22)

Four Powers of the Avatar:
URUZ is the Power of Shaping that initiates the Avatar (Seli 2)
MANNAZ is the the Whole Human that refines the Avatar (Seli 9)
PERTHRO is the Well of Memory that transforms the Avatar (Seli 16)
WUNJO is the Joy that ripens the Avatar (Seli 23)

Four Powers of the Mystery:
THURISAZ is the Sacred Struggle that initiates the Mystery (Gamma 3)
LAGUZ is the Water Forming that refines the Mystery (Gamma 10)
ELHAZ is the Act of Making Sacred that transforms the Mystery (Gamma 17)
HAGALAZ is the Crystal that ripens the Mystery (Gamma 24)

Four Powers of the Initiation:
ANSUZ is the Breath of Votan that initiates the Initiation (Kali 4)
INGWAZ is the Seed Enclosed that refines the Initiation ( Kali 11)
SOWILO is the Solar Ray that transforms the Initiation (Kali 18)
NUATHIZ is the Testing that ripens the Initiation (Kali 25)

Four Powers of the Time Space:
RAIDHO is the Solar Ring that initiates the Time Space (Alpha 5)
DAGGAZ is the Daybreak meditation that refines the Time Space (Alpha 12)
TIWAZ is the Power Making Sceptre that transforms the Time Space (Alpha 19)
ISE is the Concentrated Will that ripens the Time Space (Alpha 26)

Four Powers of the Transcendence:
KENNAZ is the light-bearing torch that initiates the Transcendence (Limi 6)
OTHALA is the Mother Realm that refines the Transcendence (Limi 13)
BERKANO is the Fruitfulness that transforms the Transcendence (Limi 20)
JERA is the Law of Alternation that ripens the Transcendence (Limi 27)

The Four Powers of the Cube are the four powers of Seven:
Cube Power of 7 – cubes the Afro Eurasian Plate by the power of Fehu-Kennaz (1-6)
Cube Power of 14 – cubes the Pacific Plate by the Power of Ehwaz-Mannaz (19-24)
Cube Power of 21 – cubes the American Plate by the Power of Eihwaz-Berkano (13-18)
Cube Power of 28 – cubes the Atlantic Plate by the Power of Gebo-Jera (7-12)

The Logo of the Rainbow Bridge Project


The Logo of the Rainbow Bridge Project was designed by Kozo and Wakiko of PAN Japan. It is to be visualized at the center of the Octahedron at the center of the Earth which completes the 28-day 7:7::7:7 Radion cycle. As the central portion of the Loom of Maya – Galactic Activation Portals, it represents the actual mechanism of the Day-Night Alternator which controls the Rainbow Bridge as it is encoded in the Tzolkin matrix. It consists of exactly 28 Galactic Activation Portals, from 3 and 4 Hand (7) to 10 and 11 Wizard (14), Power of Accomplishment to Power of Timelessness. This means there are 12 (6 x 2) Gaps preceding and 12 (6 x 2) GAPs following. The 28 GAPs (7-14) of the Rainbow Bridge Logo represent the transformation of the Rainbow in Man. The first double set of 12 GAPs (1-6) represent the made man in the cycle of birth to death; the second set of 12 GAPs 9 (15-20) represent the regenerate man in the cycle of vision to enlightenment.

Foundation for the Law of Time

On Magnetic Moon 1, the Board of Directors of the Foundation for the Law of Time held their first formal meeting. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization registered in the state of Oregon. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the Law of Time and all of the goals of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan through a vigorous public educational program. The 501(c)(3) status is pending. Any donations received now will be retroactively tax deductible once the 501(c)(3) status is obtained.

Phoenix Rising

O Earth Wizards, this year let us perfect and catalyze our knowledge! Let us harmonize and model the Law of Time within and as ourselves! We have been given perfect tools and practices. Don’t stop visualizing! Don’t stop meditating! Don’t stop praying! Submit your whole self to the Divine ONE, Allah – Hunab Ku – Wakan Tanka! Ours is a thoroughly spiritual path. It is not we who do, but God who does! If you encounter those who would criticize or belittle our efforts, just ignore them with the salutation of “peace!” When Muhammad was ready to return to Mecca, seven years after he had retreated to Medina to gather his forces, he was stopped. But he had already established a peace treaty, the Treaty of al-Hudaibiyah. Though he did not enter Mecca when he had wished, through the Treaty he gained great allies and the next year he returned to Mecca triumphantly with a great army of Believers. The Foundation for the Law of Time is our Treaty with the 12:60 world. This year on the Day Out of Time 2001, we shall see what awaits us and the world. The Phoenix rises from its ashes. The Galactic Storm sends its message: God Rewards the Righteous!

Submitted with Great Joy by Rinri Preceptor, Valum Votan

Magnetic Bat Moon of the Throne, Gamma 3, Kin 101 Red Planetary Dragon , SBTS 1.3
Earth Walk Day 2, Baktun 3, the “Wheel”
7:7::7:7 – Gamma 3, Third Matrix Power of Time, Purification Recharge
Thurisaz is the Sacred Struggle that Initiates the Mystery (Thurisaz sent from North to South seals radion Gamma, Cube Front, Third Eye)
Psi Chrono Unit Red Magnetic Dragon
Overtone Chromatic 1, Blue Galactic Storm-Crystal Night
Blue Magnet sent from throat center (Dragon), North to South
20 Tablets: Chronograph Tablet 4; Pacal Votan, Seed Flowering
Chronograph Dragon Genesis, Sun Wavespell 4
Chronograph Magnetic Sun Moon Kin 40
Codon Cube,? Codon 4, Listen Again: Third yin line, left side.
Biphasic Codon: Codon 60 Measuring,? Galactic Octave Limits Space (Last Codon Sequence for this year).

The Galactic Federation Comes in Peace!

Copyright (c) 2000 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles