The First Seed-Storm Year Bundle: This is the Time of Shambhala on Earth

“He created the heavens and the earth for a specific purpose, designed you and perfected your design, then to Him is the final destiny.” Holy Quran, 64:3

Greetings fellow Velatropans and budding chrononauts of Timeship Earth 2013! This is a most auspicious day on Velatropa 24.3. This is the 22nd day of the Self-existing Owl Moon, and that day is always the preview of the next Solar-Galactic new year. Yes, we are one spin away – 260 kin – from the next synchronization date and beginning of the second year of the Oxlahuntiku, July 26, 2001, Magnetic Moon 1 of the Second Year of the Second Creation. This means that we must now prepare for something that we have not yet consciously accomplished: the gathering of the first Seed-Storm Year Bundle. What does this mean?

If you look at this year’s annual Tablet from the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time, Tablet Four of the 16-Year Chronograph, in the upper right hand corner, under the second heading, “Year 4,” it reads: “Galactic Storm, New Millennium of the Dominion of Time. First year of the Second Creation, Oxlahuntiku Adventure Wavespell Tone 1, Restoration of the garden; first Seed-Storm Year Bundle gathered.” Year 4, of course, means that on the next Day Out of Time, Blue Galactic Night, we shall have completed the first four years of the Telektonon 16-Year Chronograph. The first year, 1997-98, was the Overtone Seed Year, the prophetic initiation of the “Mind Shift.” From that time running through this Year of the Blue Galactic Storm, the Solar-Galactic cycle will have completed
one complete run of its four four dot new year’s gateways in their code sequence. In actuality, any four year cycle Seed to Storm establishes one Seed-Storm Year Bundle. This four-dot Gateway family code is as follows:

  1. Yellow Seed = code 4 (four dots)
  2. Red Moon = code 9 ( bar and four dots)
  3. White Wizard = code 14 ( two bars and four dots)
  4. Blue Storm = code 19 (three bars and four dots)

What distinguishes the cycle of 5 Seed-8 Storm, is that the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time made this process conscious, hence, beginning of the Mind Shift. However, we may look at the entire Telektonon 20-year prophecy cycle (final katun of history) from its inception , Magnetic Seed to its conclusion through the year of the Blue Resonant Storm as a sequence of five Seed-Storm Year Bundles, the first one being unconscious and the final four increasingly conscious.

Year Bundle Zero, Unconscious. 1993-1997, First Four Years of Prophecy

1 Yellow Magnetic Seed 13-year yellow Seed Cycle begins, 52-year cycle begins
2 Red Lunar Moon
3 White Electric Wizard
4 Blue Self-existing Storm (Rinri project Phase I commences)

Year Bundle One, Conscious Phase I, 1997-2001 The Mind Shift

5 Yellow Overtone Seed
6 Red Rhythmic Moon
7 White Resonant Wizard (Rinri Project Phase I complete)
8 Blue Galactic Storm (Rinri Project Phase II, Elder Futhark commences)

Year Bundle Two Conscious Phase II, 2001-2005 Aboriginal Continuity Complete
9 Yellow Solar Seed
10 Red Planetary Moon
11 White Spectral Wizard (Rinri Project Phase II complete)
12 Blue Crystal Storm (First year, Mystery of the Stone)

Year Bundle Three, Conscious Phase III, 2005-2009 Deep into Mystery of the Stone
13 Yellow Cosmic Seed 13- Year Yellow Seed Cycle Complete
14 Red Magnetic Moon 13-Year Red Moon Cycle Begins
15 White Lunar Wizard
16 Blue Electric Storm

Year Bundle Four, Conscious Phase IV, 2009-2013 From Shambhala to New Jerusalem
17 Yellow Self-existing Seed
18 Red Overtone Moon (Seventh year, Mystery of the Stone)
19 White Rhythmic Wizard (New Jerusalem arises)
20 Blue Resonant Storm (End of the Thirteen Baktun cycle)

Galactic Synchronization 2013 = 13:20
0 Yellow Galactic Seed, Launching of Timeship Earth 2013

What does it mean to gather a Seed-Storm Year Bundle?

As all chrononauts know, every year since the Overtone Seed Year we have gathered our star bundles, 52 weekly sheets of the Earth Wizard’s Almanac to be ceremonially burned on the Day Out of Time that completes any given Solar-Galactic year. To understand the Year Bundle, you must think in this way: any cycle of 52 years from 1 Seed to 13 Storm consists of thirteen Year Bundles (13 x 4 = 52) in which each Gateway seal has completed its own thirteen-year cycle. You see even more deeply why the Telektonon prophecy began precisely on Yellow Magnetic Seed, for the Seed is what begins the Gateway family cycle, and hence, an entire 52-year cycle consisting of thirteen Seed-Storm year bundles. Every 52 years, following the Cosmic Storm Year Day Out of Time, Blue Cosmic
Night, there may be up to 13 “Galactic zero point Hunab Ku days,” the accumulated annual quarter days. to be completed by a New Fire Ceremony, inaugurating the next 52-year cycle, which would then commence again with the day,Yellow Magnetic Seed, Kin 144.

Each Seed-Storm Year Bundle then should be observed on the day Out of Time completing that four year cycle as a mini new Fire Ceremony. Thus, this year’s Day Out of Time 2001, Blue Galactic Night, not only will the annual star bundle burning occur at the dawn of the Day Out of Time, but there will also be the observation of the first Seed Storm Year Bundle New Fire ceremony. This event should occur after sunset of the Day Out of Time, and ideally be an all-night ceremonial fire vigil. The fire vigil should be considered a rite of purification. When the dawn approaches, with the coming of the new day and new year of the Yellow Solar Seed, then the rite of purification will be complete and a new Seed-Storm year cycle will commence.

It is well to think how the flowering Seed is nurtured by the purifying cycles of the Moon, and how the Wizard learns from the Cycles of the Moon the receptive power of Timelessness in order to establish the regenerative power completed as the catalytic action of the Storm, which in turn, allows the next Seed to be brought to flower. This Earth Wizard meditative process is actually a key to the reintegration of mind with nature.

Just as potent is it to consider that with this Overtone Seed-Galactic Storm Year Bundle we are establishing the Time of Shambhala on Earth.

“While the Arthurian Round Table recapitulates the Mayan thirteen, the
myth of Shambhala, the mystic kingdom of Central Asia, is an echo of the
nine Lords of galactic destiny, the Mayan Lords of Time called in Tibet
the Nine Great Lha. The Kingdom of Shambhala itself is the ninth and
central feature in a valley surrounded by eight great mountains. Its
inhabitants inspired by the teachings of the Kalachakra Tantra, the
Wheel of Time… all attained to a condition of collective
enlightenment, hence were no longer visible on Earth. But according to
the teachings left behind, a return is promised to help rid the world of
the scourge of the “Three Lords of Materialism.” This return is in the
form of the release of a collective archetype known as the Warriors of
Shambhala. The purpose of the return is to establish the Kingdom of
Shambhala on Earth…” (Mayan Factor, p. 171. See also pp. 176-177 and
the graphic, “26,000 Tun Cycle Showing Relation of Third, Fourth and
Fifth Dimensions, Great Cycle and Kingdom of Shambhala;”as well as
Arcturus Probe frontispiece graphic, “Arcturus Remembered” depicting on
the center right, “Shambhala City of the Starborn,” and the seventh ray
descent of the Warriors of Shambhala)

The “Mayan thirteen” in this quote refers to the Oxlahuntiku, which the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time establishes as the thirteen year cycle, from 2000-2013 (Blue Galactic Storm through Blue Resonant Storm). The first four years of this cycle, 2000-2004 (Elder Futhark), establish the self-existing code, or Foundation of the Kingdom of Shambhala on Earth. The very first of these four years, 2000-2001, completes the first Seed-Storm Year Bundle practice. Hence the first Seed-Storm Fire Ceremony is for the consecration of the Foundation of Shambhala on Earth. The Nine Great Lha or the Mayan Lords of Time are the Bolontiku, which occur as the nine final years of the cycle of the Second Creation, 2004-2013. During this time we will see the actual beginning social organization according to the Law of Time which will be the “kingdom of Shambhala on Earth.” The Warriors of Shambhala returning are all of the Earth Wizards and sympathetic spirits world-wide who hear and can heed the message of the Law of Time.

This is the Time of Shambhala on Earth.

Nicholas Roerich, Chogyam Trungpa and the Search for Shambhala

Yellow Solar Seed, Kin 204, is the galactic signature of the great Russian diplomat, scientist, visionary artist and peace worker, Nicholas Roerich, who shares his solar birthday, Gregorian October 9, with John Lennon. So this coming year, the first of the next Seed-Storm Year Bundles, will be the year of Nicholas Roerich, the year of planting the Banner of Peace in the Kingdom of Shambhala on Earth.

Seventy years ago in 1930, when Roerich was in his 56th year, he published a book entitled Shambhala: In Search of the New Era. Roerich and his wife, Helena, had recently returned from an expedition (1926-28) into Central Asia in which one of the objects of their mission was actually a search for Shambhala. Of course, what they did return with is the Banner of Peace, which has since been adopted by the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement as one of its official standards. In honor of the Roerich’s – their search and contribution to the great constructive task of Peace – Dr. Arcturus and Bolon Ik intend to be, God Willing, in Altai, Central Asia, in the Magnetic Moon,Yellow Solar Seed Year. By presenting Banners of Peace to the shamans and government officials of Altai, they will complete the circuit of the search begun by the Roerichs 75 years prior.

The lead essay in his text of 1930, “Shambhala the Resplendent,”is in the form of a dialogue between Roerich and an anonymous Tibetan lama. Through this creative exchange the lama speaks of Kalachakra and the meaning of Shambhala:

“‘ What is revealed in the Kalachakra? Are there any forbiddances? No, the lofty teaching sets forth only the constructive. So it is. The same high forces are proposed for humanity. And it is revealed most scientifically how the natural forces of the elements can be used by humanity. When you are told that the shortest way is through Shambhala, through Kalachakra, it means that achievement is not an unattainable ideal, but that it is something which may be attained through sincere and industrious aspiration here, upon this very earth and in this
incarnation. This is the Teaching of Shambhala…But to attain this, a man must dedicate himself entirely to creative labor. Those who work with Shambhala, the initiates and the messengers of Shambhala, do not sit in seclusion – they travel everywhere…they perform their works, not for themselves, but for the great Shambhala…Thus when you dedicate yourselves to Shambhala, everything is taken and everything is given to you…essentially the Teaching of Shambhala lies in this – that we do not speak of something distant and secreted. Therefore, if you know that Shambhala is here on earth; if you know that everything may be achieved here on Earth, then everything must be rewarded here on earth….'” (Roerich, Shambhala, pp. 29-30)

The hidden Shambhala is but the pretext for the Teachings of Shambhala on Earth. This is the same message brought forth by the ‘crazy wisdom” Tibetan lama, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, as they are presented in his book, Shambhala, The Sacred Path of the Warrior (Shambha. 1984). Dr. Arcturus and Bolon Ik, were able to receive the Shambhala teachings directly from their heart guru, Chogyam Trungpa. The essence of these teachings is the practice of shamatha-vipassana meditation to establish a clear mind, a warrior’s fearless mind. At the same time, this practice is combined with an attitude which can be summarized as the belief in a basic goodness residing in the heart of all beings, regardless of cultural or spiritual persuasion, and the cultivation of certain behavioral qualities, described as: meek (like a tiger), perky (like a lion), outrageous (like the mythic garuda bird) and inscrutable (like a dragon). The cultivation of these qualities, attitude and mind discipline result in warriorship:

“The essence of warriorship, or the essence of human bravery, is refusing to give up on anyone or anything. We can never say that we are simply falling to pieces or that anyone else is, and we can never say that about the world either. Within our lifetime there will be great problems in the world, but let us make sure that om our lifetime no disasters happen. We can prevent them. It is up to us. We can save the world from destruction, to begin with. That is why Shambhala vision exists. It is a centuries-old idea: by serving this world we can save
it. But saving the world is not enough. We have to work to build an enlightened human society as well.” (Chogyam Trungpa. Shambhala, Sacred Path of the Warrior, p. 33-34)

Trungpa also introduced two concepts to describe the world: setting sun and rising sun, the former being the degraded world and the latter the world of enlightened behavior.

Today many people have heard about Shambhala. There are magazines (Shambhala Sun) and meditation centers called Shambhala. in Russia, Shambhala is a fundament of esoteric thought. But where is Shambhala on Earth? The teachings of the Law of Time, by making conscious what was unconscious, bring a precision to the meaning of Shambhala on Earth. The setting sun world is more precisely defined as the world governed by the 12:60 timing frequency. The world of enlightened behavior is defined as the embodiment of the values of warriorship lived in accord with the 13:20 timing frequency. To create Shambhala on Earth is to establish the Law of Time and the 13:20 timing frequency through the elimination of the Gregorian Calendar and the adoption of the 13-moon 28-day calendar. To replace the calendar is an act of Shambhala warriorship in itself. In this way the true wheel of time or Kalachakra, which is the Tzolkin, can begin to turn again in human affairs. The Dominion of Time is the Kingdom of Shambhala on Earth. The Foundation for the Law of Time is its cornerstone.

Therefore, let there be call to all beings that the Time of Shambhala on Earth, the advent of the mind of heaven, mind of earth and mind of truth, is fully enacted by the Law of Time, which calls for the unification of all beings within UR, the Universal Recollection of the Universal Religion on Earth. Lord Buddha, the first Messenger of the Awakening issued the “lion’s roar,” the dharma of enlightened mind. Dharma is the truth, or any teaching or action in accord with the truth. May the dharma of the Law of Time, left as prophecy by Pacal Votan, be fearlessly proclaimed as the Time of Shambhala on Earth.

Planet Dharma – Planet Art Network

Planet Dharma: action in accord with the planet as a whole system.

Law of Time: whole system law, T(E) = Art, energy factored by time equals art, where the time is 13 Moons, the planet is the energy, and the art is the activity of the Planet Art Network.

Foundation for the Law of Time: promoting action in accord with the planet as a whole system.

Grounding all activities of the PAN 13 Moon World Revolution of Time in the organizational matrix of the Law of Time, all activities of the PAN World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement are activities of the Foundation for the Law of Time.

Planet Art Network is Planet Dharma. The Foundation for the Law of Time is for the establishment of Planet Dharma – enlightened action according to the Law of Time for the creation of enlightened society.

Shambhala means enlightened society. How can you have enlightened society when the humans are living according to an aberrant timing frequency?

Shambhala is the fulfillment of the prophecies of Kalachakra, “the wheel of time.” The Kalachakra ends in the Kali Yuga, the dark age of ignorance and destruction of the Earth because humans are living in artificial time. This is why there must be Planet Dharma.

Tzolkin, the galactic wheel of time, incorporates Kalachakra. Tzolkin, the galactic wheel of time, moves sun, earth and moon as a single unity. Tzolkin ripens all prophecies and brings them to fruition according to the all-encompassing standard of the Law of Time.

The Foundation for the Law of Time is a function of the Tzolkin, therefore it also incorporates the Kalachakra teachings of Shambhala.

Shambhala prophecies have become ripened by the efforts of Nicholas Roerich and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. But where are the warriors of Shambhala and how will they establish enlightened society on Earth?

1987 fulfilled the cycle of prophecies of Kalachakra and Tollan-Quetzalcoatl.

Telektonon 13 Moons completes all prophecies according to the Law of Time.

13 Moons makes Shambhala real and possible.

The Foundation for the Law of Time is the cornerstone of Shambhala. This is the time of Shambhala on Earth.

All over the world PAN 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement activists are making possible Shambhala, enlightened society on Earth.

By furthering the Foundation for the Law of Time, we are furthering Planet Dharma, the activity of PAN which is fostering a new way of life and thought among all beings.

By establishing Planet Art Network in your community, you are enacting Planet Dharma.

Foundation for the Law of Time: The Instrument of Planet Dharma Needs your Support

“Therefore, you shall reverence God as much as you can, and listen, and obey, and give to charity for your own good. Anyone who is protected from his own stinginess, these are the successful ones.” Holy Quran,

The Foundation for the Law of Time, the instrument of Planet Dharma, is an actual corporate entity, but one that is specifically registered as a non-profit public charity. This means that the Foundation for the Law of
Time is functioning for the universal public good and can only function so because of public charity. If you are moved by the Thirteen Moon Calendar, or any aspect of the Law of Time, including this newsletter, and the web site upon which it first appears, then, don’t hold back, give something – even if it is only five dollars. Whatever contribution you make will go toward the production of much needed educational materials. The PAN World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement is growing around the world. Your donations will help send starter kits to new PAN nodes everywhere; will help translation teams to do their job; will assist teachers in disseminating this knowledge; will help mount a major publicity campaign to assure that calendar reform is achieved by 2004 – and much more! The vision of Shambhala is achieved by constructive labor. The laborers of Shambhala “perform their works not for themselves but for great Shambhala…”

If you care, then send whatever you wish to contribute now, making your checks or money orders payable to:
Foundation for the Law of Time
World Headquarters
21313 E. Country Club Rd.
Brightwood OR 97011 USA

This issue of the Phoenix Edition of the Rinri Project Newsletter faithfully submitted by Rinri Preceptor, Dr. Arcturus-Valum Votan, Kin 11, on behalf of the noble Bolon Ik, kin 22, and all of the laborers of the New Time in whose hearts the vision of Shambhala is now being distilled.

Self-Existing Owl Moon of the Initiation, “Ansuz is the Breath of Votan”

Dali 22, Kin 204: Yellow Solar Seed, SBTS 5.15 (in the 7:7::7:7, Kin 204
is also the third Mystic Moon, Solar Moon 2013)**
Cube Sixteen, Intelligence, Divine Source Telektonon New Jerusalem, The
Warrior’s Cube of Intelligence Complete 2012
20 Tablets, Tablet 16, “Respect yourself and do the same for others.”
7:7::7:7 – Dali 22, Inner Heptagonon of Mind, 144,000 Cubed Within
Gebo is the Gift that completes the Throne (Gebo sent from North to
South, seals radion Dali, Cube Top, Sahasrara Chakra, Crown)
Psi Chrono Unit: Blue Planetary Eagle, Kin 75
Overtone Chromatic 22: Yellow Solar Seed – Cosmic Star, Flowering Art
Blue Magnet sent from Yellow Seed Root Center
20 Tablets: Chronograph Tablet 4; Pacal Votan, Seed Flowering
Chronograph Dragon Genesis, Sun Wavespell 4
Chronograph Moon Kin 43: Blue Self-existing Night, -19,787 – -19,687
Week 16, Year of the Blue Galactic Storm
Stabilizing Stage Three
Yellow Week Four, “Become Victory of Prophecy – Power Ripens Fruit”
Codon Cube, Codon 10, Practice: first yang line, cube bottom.
Harmonic 51, Solar Input. “Inform Flowering of Intention”
Biphasic Codon: Codon 17, Arousing Joy, “Time Evolves Way of Wielding

***Recognition of synchronic density leads to synchronic intelligence!
Have you noted the density of phasic and aphasic order occurring throughout this Moon? The interaction of Kin 194-200, the seven “lost generations” during the second and third weeks, with the already occult aphasic third week of the 7:7::7:7, and the absolute Heptagonon of Mind of the Telektonon, is continued right through the end of the Moon when the play of the Mystic Moon and the daily Kin capped by the interaction of the last two GAP PCU, Kin 210 and 211 – Self-existing 28 is Kin 210, the PCU is Kin 211, and the first Kin of the next Moon is also Kin 211. The key inspirational point was the 13th anniversary of the death of Kin 211, Josh Arguelles, Self-existing 12, coinciding with the Kin 194, the first lost generation.

Bonus synchronic point: The occult partner of Pacal Votan, Kin 60, Yellow Galactic Sun is Kin 201, Red Rhythmic Dragon, Moon-Out-of-Time, 2012, Moon of the Winter Solstice which completes the Thirteen Baktun Cycle of History!

Stay tuned for the next issue of this Newsletter: “You Cannot Lay the Cornerstone of Shambhala without Organizing the Plasma Rainbow Body”

Please note: Shambhala belongs to no one. It is a vision that has many ways of being put into practice. But most of all it is a vision whose time has come. “When you read the many books about Shambhala, partially translated in other languages and partially veiled, do not be confused with the great symbols … Kalagiya, kalagiya, kalagiya! Come to Shambhala!'”
(Nicholas Roerich, Shambhala, p.31)

Klatu Barada Nikto!
The Galactic Federation Comes in Peace!

Copyright (c) 2000 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles