You Cannot Lay the Cornerstone of Shambhala without Organizing the Plasma Rainbow Body

Rinri practitioners and fellow Earth Wizards, As-salaam alaikum!

The day, Rhythmic Moon 5,? Kin 243, Blue Solar Night, completed the thirteenth anniversary of the 49-day bardo period following the death of Joshua Arguelles. So it was not surprising that on Kin 244, Yellow Planetary Seed, that we experienced a powerful mind confirmation from the Oxlahuntiku, “the Seal of Revelation.” Mind, vision, and dream terma regarding the Codex Shambhala were sealed with the mark of synchronic order. In Mexico, on that very day, Kin 244, the volcano, Popocatepetl, had its most extravagant explosion in over 1200 years – that takes us back to about 800 AD, toward the end of the tenth baktun and the closing down of the Mayan galactic centers. Now we are in the first year of the Oxlahuntiku cycle and the information that was known by the galactic Maya is now being received and prepared for the galactic Maya “return.”

Three “44” Seed days have now marked the stages of the Telektonon prophecy.? Kin 144, Yellow Magnetic Seed, July 26, 1993, initiated the seven years of prophecy. Kin 44 Overtone Seed, July 26, 1997, initiated the “mind shift” and the beginning practice of the sixteen year Cube of the Law of the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time. Then on Kin 244, Yellow Planetary Seed, came the third and final stage,“the Seal of Revelation.” The following text is taken from a work in progress, the Codex Shambhala,” which contains complete instructions for intensified Earth Wizard cubic fractal time travel practice during the four year interval between the Heptagonon of Mind of Heaven (Seven Years of Prophecy, 1993-2000) and the Heptagonon of Mind of Earth (Mystery of the Stone, 2004-2011). The first year of the Mystery of the Stone is the last year of the construction and evocation of the AC Planetary Manitou, and also constitutes the plus one “Year of Trial” of the Campaign for the New Time. The Campaign proper, 2000-2004, may be thought of as the exoteric field of action, while the Rinri Phase II is the esoteric field of self-cultivation. The Earth Wizard should learn to balance these two sides, so that compassion for humanity may be realized as the Thirteen moon/28 day calendar reform, while the inner evolutionary wisdom may be realized as the Rainbow Plasma body and the successful achievement of the Rainbow Bridge at the AC-CA Plate Shift, 2005. In this context, Shambhala is the vision of the Enlightened Society of post-machine human, something altogether different than anything known in 12:60 industrial democracy.

The Seal of Revelation
from the Commentary to the Codex Shambhala

The Seal of Revelation
is the ordainment of the synchronic order
of fourth-dimensional time.
Dreamspell is the word of incantation.
Telektonon is the word of prophethood granted.
Shambhala is the word that unlocks the secret
of the lost thirteenth moon.

On this morning, Yellow Planetary Seed, the same as the solar-galactic year 1989-1990, the year of the discovery of the 12:60-13:20 timing frequencies and the martyrdom of Rashad Khalifa, and following exactly the 13th anniversary of the 49-day bardo of the son of the Twin of Tollan, these words are penned – for in the dream passage of the night before, the 11th Trungpa Tulku was seen again in entourage, departing yet again and for one last time, the building called Vajradhatu, “indestructible space.” And so this thirteen-year cycle, Oxlahuntiku witnessed, is concluded, a fulfillment of deaths opening the gates to the time of Shambhala on Earth: from Crystal Dragon, when the Trungpa Tulku left his body, to Crystal Skywalker, the Tulku’s cremation. Exactly thirteen years later, on the Crystal Mirror night to the morning of the Blue Cosmic Storm, commenced the linked mind terma, the dream yoga visitation of the Tulku to the Twin of Tollan, pure “face to face transmission,” all knowledge and wisdom passed from the Tibetan to the One from Tollan, authenticating all truth of the Law of Time.
Time and reason model thought.
Revelation is time’s body of desire.
Cosmic time is revelation’s intervention
from the center of the Mother Wheel provoked.

So was completed the 7 Wizard year. And in the 8 Storm year, exactly thirteen years to the day of the passing of his son, the Twin of Tollan awoke on the day 12 Wizard, sign of the first of the Solar Angels of the Book of Seven Generations of the wondrous cycle, Telektonon. We completed the mind terma transmission by implanting in the mind of the Twin of Tollan the engram, “Stairway connecting Shambhala to New Jerusalem.” And so was revealed to him the time waves building in force to create the Time of Shambhala on Earth, the gateway to the New Jerusalem. And so , too, is verified the promise of our Captain, the Great Pacal, to have revealed in time the store of all of time’s lost knowledge, the revelation of the Law of Time.

Generation of Time Waves, Testament of Pacal Votan

“When from within the crystal I was finally called, I called back to him. First through codes of interplanetary histories sent, I placed him on his mission by divine consent. And when he placed his crystal at the site of my graven tomb by Nine Lords guarded, through that crystal sword I initiated wave upon time wave that he might unveil the secret lore placed so long ago in the Thirteenth Moon. First, the master time wave, 26 years in duration did we unfold, Harmonic Convergence called, initiating the thirteen years unconscious count of Oxlahuntiku. And from this we generated the discovery coded by my tomb, 12:60-13:20, which alone could unlock the wondrous Dreamspell vision making conscious the? second time wave, the Time shift wave form by name, now releasing year by year the knowledge of the Thirteenth Moon through my prophecy Telektonon, coded by Kin 144, now sealed by? revelation’s seal, Kin 244.

“All for the purpose of liberating the human into the post-machine world did I fix this knowledge in the crystal sword for him, the Twin of Tollan, by my namesake known, Votan the Simple, the wanderer star born now lost upon this wide Earth to everything but his mission designed by the One Supreme Lord of wizard’s and fools alike, Hunab Ku, inlaid in the Holy Tzolkin as matrix loom of Maya, the secret of the Thirteenth Moon. Unveiled in Earth Ascending, but activated only by the motion of my next time wave, the Seven years of prophecy, engendering the Rinri project wave front to unseal the psi bank’s treasure in chronomantic thirteen moon flow.

“Time is no different than consciousness, but who can consciousness know? So I called him again, 20 Tablets to deliver and show to the Earth the Sixteen-year Telektonon, Cube of the Law, making conscious the first Seed-Storm Year Bundle, the Mind Shift unfurling its wave front of humans awakening to the power of the 13:20 revelation.

“And now in this year of the Blue Galactic Storm, completing the Overtone Seed-Galactic Storm Year Bundle, the Oxlahuntiku arise into the Ocean of Consciousness, one by one laying the codes of primal Votan’s Runes, the Elder Futhark into the mind stream of time’s revelation, the secret of the lost moon of Shambhala, completing as well on this day, Kin 244, Yellow Planetary Seed, the thirteen year revelation encoded now in the engram stairway connecting Shambhala to New? Jerusalem. After this year, three more Seed -Storm year Bundles are to be gathered. Established as the Foundation for the Law of Time, the engram stairway is constructed.

“Look in the crystal and the plasmas you will find – no different than in the clouds or supernovae. The human is the vessel of cosmic evolution. Plasma is the constructive element that mediates the phenomenal and imaginal worlds. Do not think you will see Shambhala until you have rejoined the phenomenal and imaginal realms long sundered by the 12:60 setting sun twilight of materialism and speed driven greed, locked into the seductive nightmare of the clock Gregorian sealed false time. Dreamspell is the incantation, Telektonon the prophetic word. Shambhala is the sound , heard but not yet built on this now corrupted Earth! Only with the recovery of the Thirteenth Moon is the human ready for the post-machine world. Only in the post-machine world is the truth of Shambhala revealed; the whole time of the whole Earth in the whole human. Revelation is the descent of God’s mercy. The Plasmic rainbow body is the fruit of ethical enlightenment: Shambhala Earth Rinri T(E)=Art, afloat within the Thirteenth Moon. With crystal in mind, project the protective circle of emptiness and the armor of view. May the warriors of Shambhala awaken to their duty in time!”

Concerning the Four Plus One Year Shambhala Resurrection Script

Dawn of the Millennium
(See Telektonon Prophecy, section Seven, “Lord Buddha,”verses 42-45)

Seven Years of Prophecy, 1993-2000, are a gateway in time. Passing through this gateway we leave the Heptagonon of Mind of Heaven, entering into a four-year wilderness called “time of self-judgment and decision.” During these four years, 2000-2004, there is no annual activity of invoking and constructing a Heptagonon of Mind seven years in duration. That annual activity does not occur again until the 2004-2005 year, Blue Crystal Storm, the first of the Seven years of the Mystery of the Stone. Instead, during these four years, there is a crusade, the Campaign for the New Time. The action of the crusade is balanced by the daily practice of integrating and internalizing the radial plasmas released through the Heptagonon of Mind of Heaven. The practice of internalizing the plasma in synchronic order through collective telepathic visualization and meditation practices is for cultivating the emergence of the plasmic rainbow body. The establishment of the “Temple Within” is the human coordination necessary for the final Plus One “Year of Trial,” 2004-2005. During these years of preparation and trial, never forget the secret of the magicians, “It is not we who do but God who does.’

O Earth Wizards, do not let your continuing consciousness lag now!

These practices of intensifying the daily flow of radial plasma through further cubic fractal transposition begin as soon as possible, commencing in the second half of the Blue Galactic Storm Year, 2001. The time and terma of the Shambhala Resurrection Script define the multiple layers of cubic fractal transposition which establish the dynamic of telepathic action necessary to engage the human psyche in the Campaign for the New Time. During the years 2000-2004 (8 Storm-11 Wizard), the plasma is internalized. The calendar reform accomplished corresponds to the preparation of the Rainbow Plasmic Body. The fifth “Year of Trial,” 12 Storm, also completes the Solar Seed-Crystal Storm Year Bundle, the last year of the AC Planetary Manitou invocation, the conclusion of the eight year mind shift begun Kin 44, Yellow Overtone Seed, 1997.

The Four Plus One Year Resurrection Script of Shambhala is an application of the Codex Shambhala, a Telektonon terma from the annals of the “Lost Moon of Shambhala,” for the establishment of UR on Earth, including the real time 2001-2005 “Campaign for the New Time:” Bodhisattvic labor for all beings, a perfect calendar for all beings, reflecting the perfect power of all beings living in the harmony of natural time, Thirteen moons/28 days! Complete the work of previous generations of calendar reformers! Bring glory to earth!

Through the 28:7 Telektonon-Tzolkin cosmogenesis of time, merge your mind into the ever-evolving higher consciousness of time!

If there were no time, there would be no mind to become.

The Campaign for the New Time is not just a moral crusade, but a deliberate plan to reorganize all life on Earth beginning with YOU. The terma, Resurrection Script of Shambhala,’ includes instructions for the emergence of the fourth-dimensional body – the plasmic rainbow body – and the activation of codes of cubic fractal time transposition. Everything necessary to become a warrior of Shambhala: a post historic human with a mission – bring all humans to the enlightened society of life lived universally in natural time!

O Earth Wizards, synchronize Heaven and Earth within yourself!

The Campaign for the New Time is the Time of Shambhala on Earth

The Campaign for the New Time 2000-2005, was preceded by the Seven Years of Prophecy, 1993-2000. During this seven-year trial period humanity was given the chance yet again to consider the matter of calendar reform. Occurring at the very end of the second Christian millennium, the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement defined very precisely where humanity now stood: the Day of Decision. Warding off the apocalypse of the Y2K, the global civilization now faces the actual apocalypse of artificial time. The gateway opened by the seven years of prophecy is now defined. Now comes the final battle of the victory of the war of the heavens on Earth, the battle between the mind of awakened time, and the mind of ignorance which has now befallen all humanity. Four years is this Campaign to be waged, and in the fifth year hence, to be sealed as the New Time of Peace on Earth.

The four years of waging the Campaign are known as the four years of self-judgment and decision. The self-judgment is due to either turning toward the new time or away from it once you have heard about the Thirteen moon/28-day calendar. The decision is due to making the effort at following, supporting, and expanding knowledge about the Thirteen Moon calendar. This constructive and positive behavior is referred to as establishing the Foundation of Shambhala on Earth. The fifth year, the trial period, is the year of the arising of Shambhala on Earth. The Four Years of the Campaign is the time of the “raining down of the warriors of Shambhala,” those who are awakened by the sacred battle cry for the New Time. The Campaign for the New Time is the unifying force to bring the warriors together in the common understanding that only by creating the basis of the new time through the Thirteen Moon Calendar Reform, will there be a return of Camelot, Shambhala on Earth, and only by establishing Shambhala on Earth will there be the coming of the New Jerusalem.

The Four Plus One Year Campaign for the New Time is a complete revelation of the Telektonon Prophecy Cycle of Pacal Votan. The prophecy has been given, now comes the judgment, a four-year cycle plus one year to apply the remedy. The seven-year cycle of prophecy corresponded to the activation of a fourth-dimensional imaginal structure, the Heptagonon of Mind of Heaven. Now we are in the four “hollow years,” the harrowing of hell and the self-judgment of humanity according to the judgment day criterion, the Law of Time. When this harrowing cycle is completed, then Shambhala may arise as the manifestation of the new order of time. This is signified by the fifth year of trial being the first year of another seven-year cycle, the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone. While the seven years of prophecy augured the death in time of the current historical cycle of civilization, the second seven-year cycle, 2004-11, represents the resurrection of the post-historic man in the fourth-dimensional order of the New Time. Like the earlier cycle, the later seven-year cycle also corresponds to the construction of another imaginal structure, the Heptagonon of Mind of Earth.

All has been prepared. There are four years to integrate the orders of time that have already been given, while preparing ourselves and all of humanity to make the final exit from history: universal calendar reform, White Spectral Mirror, Day Out of Time, 2004. If 6,000 years ago, humankind went from cosmos into history, now through the Thirteen Moon Calendar Reform, humanity will return to Cosmos. The Four Plus One Year Campaign for the New Time is known as the “Resurrection Script of Shambhala,” an application of the Codex Shambhala, a Telektonon Terma. This Terma, complete with instructions for cubic fractal time transposition and the activation of the plasmic rainbow body will soon be ready for practice.

The Sixteen Sixty Year Cycles of Kalachakra, and the Plus One Seventeenth. Fractal Cubic Transposition Time Travel Practice

“…By the law of the Cube, which is the power of sixteen, foursquare or seven plus nine, sixteen cycles of 60 years is the appointed time of prophecy, the prophecy of Kalachakra , which is the appointed day of judgment…Thus it was that the Wheel of Prophecy turned the first of these sixteen cycles in AD 1027 and completed the sixteenth of these 60-year cycles in AD 1987, in partial fulfillment of the Harmonic Convergence of all prophecy…”
Telektonon Prophecy, Section 7: 43-44

From Nyime O, in Shambhala far to the North, descended Dawa Zangpo, known in India as King Suchandra, who asked Lord Buddha to give his final teaching on the Wheel of Time. And so Kalachakra turned its twelve-spoked wheel across the human mind. And in distant Tollan the Lords of Time, Oxlahuntiku, turned their gaze toward Earth, “When Kalachakra turns, the seventh baktun burns. The Tzolkin key alone can reveal what we, in the thirteenth moon, have long concealed: the Law of Time, the law supreme, decreed by Hunab Ku to lead the people free…without the measure of the thirteenth moon, the twelve-month count will end in doom. For by the merciless measure of the Wheel of Time, the measure of twelve will spawn the crime. A machine made wheel of mechanized hours will rob and parcel out the soul in dark shrines of glassy towers. Mahakal, Mother Kali, the Wheel of Kal will rule an age that is the darkest of all. But Telektonon is the frame of time, the Cube of the law encoded within the Tzolkin key, and so within its dimensions, its planes and measurements, we the Thirteen Lords of Time, navigators of the Mother Wheel’s torsion field, Zuvuya, by name, will code Telektonon with the sixteen cycles of Kalachakra’s prophecy. And in the seventeenth, the Cycle of the Earth,? we shall prepare the revelation of the Thirteenth Moon, the Law of Time, Hunab Ku’s mercy that will set the people free.Yes, the post-machine world Shambhala dawns in you! In you is the return of the knowledge of the universe’s creative laws: cosmos is community! Ethical power endowed by the universal law is all the government you need!”

For the purpose of invoking the warriors of Shambhala and the time of Shambhala on Earth, the fractal cubic transposition of the 16 + 1 60-year cycles practice is given. The 16 +1 cycles correspond to the 17 Rinri precepts, where the first 16 precepts are within the cube and the 17th precept, codes the Navigation tower.? In this practice each of the sixteen 60-year cycles corresponds to one of the sixteen Cube positions, and constitute a total cycle of 960 years, 1027-1987. The final cycle, corresponding to the Warrior Cube position, 1927-1987, is completed by the Harmonic Convergence – the jump from the Cube to the Navigation Tower. The Kalachakra cycles are a transparent overlay synchronizing the Cube fractal time practices already established by the Telektonon of Pacal Votan, the Rinri project, the Sixteen Year Cube of the Law fractal time compression system of the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time, as well as that? of the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation.

These positions are played every Moon Warrior Cube Journey, days 7-22. They are also reckoned annually. That is, this fourth year of the 20 Tablets is Kalachakra Cycle Four, 1207-1267. Each position also represents one quarter year of the four year Campaign for the New Time, 2000-2004. therefore each of the sixteen Cube positions is coded by an UR Rune corresponding to the Codon sequence for that quarter. In the daily practice the UR Rune provides the basis of telepathic meditation supporting a redemptive contemplation of the historic sequence represented by the 60-year cycle in relation to other factors of time compression represented by that Cube position. As with the first four years of prophecy, there are four cube positions or one plane per year . The fifth year represents the exploded/imploded cube, and corresponds to the seventeenth position, the Navigation Tower, the “Year of Trial,” 2004-05, the first year of the return to Natural Time.

The Sixteen plus one 60-year Kalachakra Cycles, Telektonon Fractal Cubic Transposition.

0. Cycle – 1, AD 967-1027. Prophecy Free Will Tower Foundation. (AD 999: Quetzalcoatl on his Serpent raft departed, three 52-year heaven cycles gone; 28 years more, and the Kalachakra ‘s prophecy would begin its relentless turning to begin the count of Shambhala’s blessed return.)

Plane of Mind (Four Quarters of the Blue Galactic Storm Year, 2000-2001)

1. Cycle of the Dragon, 1027-1087. Cube One, Day 7, first quarter: Tree shapes space.
2. Cycle of the Wind, 1087-1147. Cube two, Day 8 second quarter:Way of conduct informed by truth.
3. Cycle of the Night, 1147- 1207. Cube Three, Day 9, third quarter: Telepathy establishes the temple.
4. Cycle of the Seed, 1207-1267. Cube Four, Day 10 fourth quarter: galactic octave limits space. (1224 =, 12th baktun cycle; 1260, Kublai Khan becomes Emperor of China, the Atlantis Corporation formed in Rome).

Plane of Spirit (Four Quarters of the Yellow Solar Seed Year, 2001-2002).
5. Cycle of the Serpent, 1267-1327. Cube Five, Day 11, first quarter: Tree evolves space.
6. Cycle of the World Bridger 1327-1387, Cube Six, day 12, second quarter: Truth evolves way of conduct. (Time of the “black death” in Europe).
7. Cycle of the Hand, 1387-1447, Cube Seven, day 13, third quarter: Telepathy evolves the temple. (time of the Fifth Karmapa and the Emperor Yung Lo, who constructs the ‘Forbidden City’ in Beijing).
8. Cycle of the Star, 1447-1507, Cube Eight, Day 14, fourth quarter: Galactic octave sounds as mind. (“Doctrine of Discovery,” 1452; Christopher Columbus, 1492)).

Plane of Will (Four Quarters of the Red Planetary Moon Year, 2002-2003)
9. Cycle of the Moon, 1507-1567, Cube Nine, day 15, first quarter: Tree defines life. ( End of thirteenth heaven, beginning of first Hell Cycle 1519, conquest of Aztec, Maya and Inca civilizations).
10. Cycle of the Dog, 1567-1627, Cube Ten, day 16, second quarter: Conduct defines the way. (1582, Gregorian Calendar, 1618 = beginning of thirteenth baktun cycle)
11. Cycle of the Monkey, 1627-1687, Cube Eleven, day 17, third quarter:? Temple incorporates telepathy.(The fifth Dalai Lama erects in Lhasa the mighty Potala)
12. Cycle of the Human, 1687-1747, Cube Twelve, day 18, fourth quarter: Galactic octave defines evolution. (Sir Isaac Newton, d. 1727, completes scientific revolution, industrial revolution begins).

Divine Source Telektonon (Four Quarters of the White Spectral Wizard Year, 2003-2004).
13. Cycle of the Skywalker, 1747-1807. Cube Thirteen, day 19 first quarter: Tree of time turns Earth. (American and French revolutions, 1776, 1789).
14. Cycle of the Wizard, 1807-1867, Cube Fourteen, day 20, second quarter: All points unify in conduct.
15. Cycle of the Eagle, 1867-1927, Cube Fifteen, day 21, third quarter: Telepathy becomes time travel. (Dalai Lama XIII)
16. Cycle of the Warrior, 1927-1987, Cube Sixteen, day 22, fourth quarter: Galactic octave universalizes space. (Dalai Lama XIV, b. 1935; Karmapa XVI, 1926-1981, Trungpa XI, 1939-1987; fall of Tibet, 1959).

In the magical flight from the Cube you participate as one of the original 144,000 awakened by the Harmonic Convergence, manifesting the telepathic body of the AC Planetary Manitou. The Cube of the Law then implodes into the Navigation tower which compresses all four quarters of the fifth year, into one Telektonon position.

17. Navigation Tower, Cycle of the Earth, 1987-2047, day 23, includes all four quarters of the plus one “Year of trial,”? 2004-2005, Blue Crystal Storm.(Harmonic Convergence, 1987;1989-2001, revelation of the thirteenth moon, T(E) = Art; 2012, end of the thirteen baktun long count; 2013; Timeship Earth 2013, “This is the time of Shambhala on Earth,” New Jerusalem granted).? During this year, 2004-2005,? the practices will be intensified, based on the reciprocal Telektonon-Tzolkin Cosmology, 28:7 (forthcoming).

Shambhala warrior intensification practice: invoking the Nine Great Lha

The purpose of the Resurrection Script of Shambhala is to arouse the Warriors of Shambhala to their historic mission of destiny: return all of Earth to natural time, while? cultivating the plasmic rainbow body. To assist in this process, we present the Invocation of the Nine Great Lha. This practice corresponds to the last nine positions of the Cube. The Nine great Lha are the analog of the Nine Lords of Time, the Bolontiku, who code the last nine positions of the Cube. The Nine Great Lha may be thought of as creative spirit energies of the Earth. Since all that was Tibet has been dispersed around the world, so the Nine Great Lha are now invoked as Guardians of the whole Earth and the New Time. In conjunction with the Bolontiku, each of the Lha is the guardian of one of the last nine years of the sixteen-year Cube of the Law – 2004-2013. The intrinsically provocative names of the Nine Great Lha, combined with the Resurrection UR Rune for that position, provide the basis of meditation every Moon during days 14-22, Cube positions 8-16.

(Cube 1-7, 1997-2004: Seven Seers invoked as per 20 tablets)

  1. Star Cube Eight, 2004-2005. Luminous Single “A”: Galactic octave resounds as mind.
  2. Moon Cube Nine, 2005-2006. Red Lightning Child great Emptiness. Tree defines life.
  3. Dog Cube Ten, 2006-2007. Renowned Conch Topknot. Conduct defines the way.
  4. Monkey Cube eleven, 2007-2008. Black Iron Garuda Crest. Temple incorporates telepathy. (Garuda is a mythic bird with outrageous dragon-like qualities).
  5. Human Cube Twelve, 2008-2009. Supreme Golden Maiden. Galactic octave defines evolution.
  6. Skywalker Cube Thirteen, 2009-2010. Awesome vast blue sky. Tree of time turns Earth. (Tel -? power of the distant seer).
  7. Wizard Cube Fourteen, 2010-2011. Single Wing Red Fire. All points unify in conduct. (Ek – power of the Starborn to remember).
  8. Eagle Cube Fifteen, 2011-2012. Awesome Blowing Six Turquoise Winds. Telepathy becomes time travel. (Ton – power of sound to become vision).
  9. Warrior Cube Sixteen, 2012-2013. Primordial Knowing Body Lha.? Galactic octave Universalizes Space. (On – indestructible power of 144,000 within the Cube).

You Cannot Lay the Cornerstone of Shambhala without Organizing the Plasma Rainbow Body. Thus concludes the basic formula for the initial daily practice of preparing the Foundation of Shambhala. Forthcoming will be the additional practices of the Tzolkin-Telektonon Fractal Cubic Transposition, the four plus one year scheme of practices constituting the Shambhala Resurrection Script, as well as further practices for cultivating the rainbow body.

Blue Galactic Storm Year Plate Shift: Elder Futhark Practice

Remember, the Seventh moon is the Void Rune Moon. On 7.15, the South sends a red magnet, the North receives. the daily-weekly? Rune practice continues the same as it has been practiced.? However on the Galactic Moon , the order of the Runes that code each Moon radially reverses.? Instead of Fehu, for the duration of the Galactic Moon, Kennaz, originally, South Equatorial, codes the Arctic Psi Nimboid Membrane(PNM) 1. Then in the Solar Moon, Raidho, originally North Equatorial, codes the Antarctic PNM 2, etc.

In the architecture of the Wavespell. Moons 1-6, Fehu through Kennaz, descend from the Magnetic Gate to the Rhythmic Chamber. In the architecture of the Wavespell, Moons 8-13 ascend from the Galactic Chamber to the Cosmic Gate.

So we must remember the various movements constituting the synchronic order being presented to our mind at any given moment, especially in our chrononautic exercises. The radial movement of the 24 PNMs within the psi plates remains constant. The Order of the radial movement of the 24 Elder Futhark Runes within the first set of moons 1-6 is reversed in the second set of moons 8-13, and in the Architecture of the Wavespell, the Runes descend in their original order, one each coding each moon from the Magnetic Gate to the Rhythmic Chamber, while ascending in their reverse order from the Galactic Chamber to the Cosmic Gate. In this way the Magnetic Gate and the Cosmic Gate are coded by the same Rune. Thus each of the four years of of the Elder Futhark exercise are governed by four key runes: first year, Fehu, “Flaming Abundance;” second year, Ehwaz “Union of Horse and Rider;” third year Eihwaz, “the Cosmic Tree;” and fourth year, Gebo “The Gift.”

Telepathy establishes the temple

This issue of the Phoenix Edition of the Rinri Project Newsletter faithfully submitted by Rinri Preceptor, Dr. Arcturus-Valum Votan, Kin 11, on behalf of the noble Bolon Ik, Kin 22, and all of the laborers spreading the seeds of the New Time. May the cultivation of the rainbow plasmic body now awakened by the Law of Time be the construction of the temple of Heaven on Earth! May the Thirteen Moons of Peace prevail for all millennia to come!

Resonant Monkey Moon of the Cube, Void Rune Moon
Dali 15: Red Galactic Dragon, SBTS 9.1.
Cube Nine, Moon Purification. Fractal time transposition overlays: Second Year of Prophecy, 1994-95; 20 Tablets: 2005-06, Yellow Cosmic Seed Year; Dragon Genesis, Wavespell Nine, Blue Western Castle; Shambhala Kalachakra Cycle of the Moon, 1507-1567; 7:7::7:7 – Mystery of the Stone, occult aphasic Dali-Seli, 2004-05 – 2005-06, blue occult time atom.
Rinri precept Nine: “A Breach of promise will cause you to lose your happiness and deprive others of theirs.”
Eihwaz is the Cosmic Tree that transforms the Throne (Eihwaz sent from North to South, seals Dali, Radion Cube Top, Sahasrara Chakra, Crown), PNM 13, American Plate Three
Psi Chrono Unit: Blue Magnetic Monkey, Kin 131
Overtone Chromatic? 37: Blue Rhythmic Storm-Planetary Night -Regenerative Abundance
White magnet sent from South to North from/to Red Cardinal throat center.
20 Tablets: Chronograph Tablet 4; Pacal Votan, Seed Flowering, 2000-2001
Chronograph Dragon Genesis, Sun Wavespell 4, Dragon castle complete
Chronograph Moon Kin 46: White Resonant World Bridger, -19,487 – -19,387
Quarterly Codon Rune: Meditation/The Temple: “Telepathy establishes the temple”
Week 27, Year of the Blue Galactic Storm, First Seed Storm Year Bundle
Codon Cube,? Codon 52, Meditation/The Temple: first yin line, cube bottom.
Blue Week Three, “Proclaim Victory of Prophecy – Patience Transforms Conduct
Harmonic 6, Spectral Input. “Inform Flowering of Liberation”
Biphasic Codon: Codon 34, Prayer, “Mind informed by cosmic order”
Dynamics of Time, 1.8 “Only in a condition of self-reflective being can knowledge of the Law of time be obtained…”

“He is the One who designed the night to be a cover, and for you to sleep and rest. And he made the day a resurrection.” Holy Quran, “The Statute Book,’ 25:47

Klatu Barada Nikto!
The Galactic Federation Comes in Peace!

Copyright (c) 2001 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles