Triumph of the Synchronic Order

The unifying power of celestial harmonics, the system of coordinates which establishes the synchronic order of universe for any given moment, endows the Dreamspell as the knowledge base for a level of fourth-dimensional mental functioning hitherto unknown, and which completes the evolutionary sequence of the biosphere-noosphere transition.? Dynamics of Time, Postulate 6.10

The discovery of the synchronic order – the radial matrix of fourth-dimensional time – is the foundation of the Law of Time in all of its aspects and applications. The synchronic order is independent of all relative time space variables, yet coordinates the entirety of the third dimension of time space. Based absolutely on the universal synchronization frequency 13:20, the radial matrix of the synchronic order is the transcendent mind of galactic culture. This synchronic order utilizes the human cosmic vibratory root as its ground so that it may extend consciousness into the endless reaches of of the radial matrix of the universal order, otherwise known as the mind of God. The galactic brain is the sum of the ceaseless operations of intelligence which occur in the mind of God within the the domain of the potentially perceivable, though this in no way exhausts the potentiality of the mind of God.

The Dreamspell codes are the master template or blue print of the synchronic order. As a holographic index and map of the synchronic order, the Dreamspell can be laid over any other system of time reckoning or human thought. If the system is harmonic it will synchronize with the Dreamspell codes. The supreme example of harmonic time order coordinated with the Dreamspell is the Thirteen Moon/28-day count. Though it has a harmonic mathematical affinity with the long count, in order to demonstrate and maintain the absolute whole system purity of the synchronic order, the Dreamspell coordinates the Thirteen moon/28-day count in a point in time which is necessarily apart from the Mayan long count. Utilizing a fixed year bearer celestial harmonic which has no beginning or end, the Thirteen Moon/28-day Dreamspell ?count? is also a dynamic critique of the erroneous and artificial 12:60 measure of the Gregorian calendar and the mechanical clock. Hence, based on the fixed year bearer code, Seed-Moon-Wizard-Storm, the Thirteen Moon 28-day count is inseparable from the Dreamspell.

As the mapping of the synchronic order, the Dreamspell is the hardware of the Law of Time. If the Dreamspell is correct, then it verifies all else that is correct, and all else that is correct will verify the Dreamspell codes. Since the Dreamspell is a manifestation of the synchronic order and affirms a level of fourth-dimensional mental functioning hitherto unknown, it also speaks from a purely spiritual voice. ?The Galactic Federation Comes in peace,? is the motto associated with the Dreamspell. What is the Galactic Federation? An angelic order defined in the following way:

Think about these things. In the Dreamspell Book of Kin who is the speaker? Who is the ?I? that speaks? ?I perfect in order to equalize/ producing opportunity/ I seal the store of death with the planetary tone of manifestation/ I am guided by the power of timelessness? Who is this ?I??It is the fourth dimensional ?I? of the autonomous anonymous universal collective mind of the galactic brain, and not the ?I ? presumed upon by the egoic individual being. The ?subliminal feedback to input from the lower orders of time? is the result of a comprehension of the synchronic order liberated from the demands of historical thinking. The Triumph of the synchronic order is the triumph of the spirit, not the human spirit – which is a disaster – but the divine spirit operating through the human who has surrendered his or her will to the Higher Order of God. Dreamspell is not a toy, but a revelation of the divine mind at play creating the celestial harmonics of the synchronic order so that we, as humans, might ascend into the spiritual and mental purity of galactic culture.
Teaching of the Votans: Valum Votan, the Heart of Nine
?Galactic Federation – Higher dimensional intelligence organization responsible for supervising third dimensional free will experiment now focused on planet Earth.?
Telektonon Instruction Manual, p.45

Several days ago, on the Crystal Gamma 17, 7 Night, occurred the 49th (7 x 7) anniversary of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan. This was a powerful moment in the Galactic Federation?s supervision of the conscious unfolding of the synchronic order on planet Earth. This 49th anniversary of that fateful day in the year AD 1952, when Alberto Ruz Lhuillier first saw the tomb lid by torch light, opens a consciously critical three year period until the completion of the 52 year solar-galactic cycle of the opening of the tomb. In the 49 years since the announcement of that sensational discovery, the image of the sarcophagus lid has traveled around the world and is recognized by countless millions. You can find web sites devoted to analyzing ?Pakal, the Maya Astronaut? (, as well as books about the ?Mayan prophecies? that tout his eminence as a visitor from outer space.

The sensation of the image of Pacal floating in space, the glory of his magnificent tomb, still the only one like it ever found, is now cataloged in the archetypal imagery of the collective unconscious as a symbol of transcendence, of a mystery that speaks of worlds beyond this world. To the materialist archeologist, he was but a king who, for some inexplicable reason or motive of power, restored the matrilineal blood lineage, and like some Old World monarch obsessed with establishing the memory of his power, ordered the elaborate tomb to be constructed. But if this was his motive, then why did he have the tomb buried with no prospect of it ever being seen or found again – that is, until precisely 1260 years after its dedication when the divinely appointed moment arrived for its discovery?

?It is a predetermined command from us that we send messengers.? (Holy Quran, Sura 44:5). Unknown to any of the old world chroniclers, the great Pacal was a wise man and a prophet, more like Solomon than not. Using the criterion of the Holy Quran, then Pacal Votan was a messenger with a very specific mission: to release the codes of the Law of Time, inclusive of the Dreamspell and the Telektonon – but only 1260 years after his tomb had been sealed and hidden. Why? Because by his divinely endowed wisdom concealed as the codes of his tomb, as well as the timing of its discovery, was the knowledge necessary for the perception and correction of an error which otherwise would not be known at that ?end? time, the error of artificial 12:60 time – and the correction of 13:20 time.

The radial mathematics of the synchronic order is not an invention. As we now know, the 1260 years from the dedication of the tomb to its discovery are the numbers of the 12:60 timing frequency, while the 1320 years from its dedication to the end of the long count, 2012, are the numbers of the 13:20 frequency of universal synchronization and resurrection in natural time. The three years from the 49th to the 52nd anniversaries of the tomb opening are the time left to make the planetary transition from the 12:60 to the 13:20 – if we are to fulfill the biosphere-noosphere transition by 2012. Hence, the Campaign for the New Time and the establishment of Shambhala on Earth, 2001-2004. These three years, 2001-04, from the 49th to the 52nd anniversary, perfectly echo the three years, 1949-52, that it took Ruz to excavate and open the tomb, once he had discovered the tile tube – Telektonon – atop the Pyramid of the Inscriptions.

Revelation and knowledge can only be transmitted through human forms and intelligence. The knowledge of the codes of the law of Time that Pacal Votan took with him to his tomb was a divine knowledge, one of whose purposes, among many, was to affirm and liberate the Holy Quran from the errors of history. Such knowledge could only be revealed at the appropriate moment to the appropriately appointed person Forty years after the discovery of the tomb, a clear light began to shine on that appointed person, and so was written the Call of Pacal Votan. Then, following the codes already revealed through the Dreamspell, on the morning of Kin 144, Yellow Magnetic Seed on the fixed year bearer code, came the revelation of the Telektonon, the prophetic message of Pacal Votan. The revelatory process is continuous. The codes of the Law of Time represent the enactment of an evolutionary process. Toward the middle of the Blue Self-Existing Storm year, the tomb decoder was called by a name: Valum Votan. Who is Valum Votan?

On the morning of Magnetic Mirror, Planetary Silio 28, less than two Moons ago, I had a dream concerning the jade mask found in the tomb of Pacal Votan and of the true face who wears the jade mask. In the dream, Crystal Mirror of Santiago, Chile asked if I knew of the face of Pacal. I knew telepathically that it must be my face that belonged with the jade mask. Crystal Mirror replied that there were people who said that they saw the face of Pacal in the sarcophagus. I answered,?No, when the tomb lid was lifted up, there was only dust and bones – and the jade mask. Look at this book, the other half of the rainbow,? I said, referring to the book of Alberto Ruz Lhuillier, ?Guide Book of Palenque,? by the archeologist who discovered the tomb. Finding the graphic of the opened tomb, I exclaimed ?See, only bones and dust and lots of jade.? Telepathically we knew that behind the mask of jade is the true face, and that it must be my face that belongs behind the mask. ?This book is important. We must photocopy it,? I said to Crystal Mirror.

The next day after the dream, I got out the guidebook (published, of course, in 1978) and turned to the photo of the body in the tomb taken when the lid was finally lifted up – just as it was in the dream, dust, bones, and lots of jade, including the jade mask. And more numbers: illustration 19, page 33! On Spectral Alpha 5, 6 Night, I wrote the dream up for Crystal Mirror and e-mailed it to him. Later that same day, I became curious about when the lid was lifted up and the jade mask saw the light of day. in another book by Ruz, I found that It was on November 27, 1952, Overtone Moon 13. On the Dreamspell the day the light dawned on the jade mask it was 6 Night, the very same day I had just written the dream for Crystal Mirror – exactly 40 days before the 49th anniversary of the tomb opening!

Within days of sharing the dream with Crystal Mirror, I received a document sent by his brother, Magnetic Wind. Given to him by members of the Liga Maya in Guatemala, the document was a photocopy of a scholarly text from the Guatemala Precolombian Historical Archives written by J. Daniel Contreras, entitled ?Balun Votan, the 9th of the Votans.? Undated, this document makes no reference to Pacal Votan, but only to one whose name orthographically varies from Balun to Va? um to Valum Votan. The text is based on fragments of information written down in the year 1692 (the same year as the Antonio Martinez prophecy of the Chilam Balam, one thousand years after the tomb dedication). The fragments refer to a book burning that occurred in 1691, in San Cristobal, Chiapas in which a number of ancient texts with references to Votan were publicly burned.

In these fragments, the genealogy of Votan is traced 42 generations back to Cham, a descendent of Noah who arrived in the New World. Sometimes known as ?tepanaguaste? (hollow wood) because of the flutes he made and played, Votan is also associated with the sign Akbal or Night. In fact, in certain early texts or traditions, Night is not called Akbal but Votan, so that the succession of signs goes Imix, Ik, Votan, Kan … etc. In this regard it is interesting that the lid was lifted from the tomb on 6 Night = 6 Votan and that the 49th anniversary of the tomb opening is 7 Night = 7 Votan. In the fragmentary manuscript, Trials of Votan, like Antonio Martinez, Va?um Votan comes from ?Hava nah,? which signifies first house or house of priority. Votan signifies heart, while Va?um, Valum or Balun signifies nine, as in Bolon. So, the primal Votan who founded the city of Palenque and built the ?dark House ? (as Tony Shearer describes the Temple of the Inscriptions), was known by the name Valum Votan – a name that signifies Nine Heart or Heart of Nine. But why this name?

The tomb is buried within the Temple of the Inscriptions. Nine levels does the temple structure have. And entering the tomb one encounters the Nine Lords of Time, the Bolontiku. And of course, the first lady of Palenque, the Mother of the Dynasty, was Bolon Ik, Nine Wind. Valum Votan, Heart of Nine – nine is the number of the mystery, revealed in the codes of time. The master of the number of the mystery – Heart of Nine – is the master of the codes of time. Only by penetrating the codes of the tomb of the Master of the Number of Mystery, was the synchronic order discovered at all. Now consider this: 6 Night, the galactic anniversary of the lifting of the lid from the sarcophagus, the telling of the dream, occurred 40 days before the 49th anniversary of the opening of the tomb, 7 Night. The day after the 49th anniversary was the day 8 Seed, galactic synchronization 2013.The opening of the tomb always occurs 40 days before the Day Out of Time, and is itself the day out of time 12 years later. In the year 2012, the Day Out of Time will be the day 6 Mirror, day of Pacal Votan?s death, occult twin of the day 6 Night the lid lifting, while the 61st anniversary of the opening of the tomb, 2013, will occur on 6 Night, and 40 days later will occur the 49th anniversary, 7 Night, the Day Out of Time preceding the glorious moment of full resurrection in time, Yellow Galactic Seed, the launching of Timeship Earth 2013. (Note the 61st anniversary repeats the year 1961, nine years after the tomb was opened)

These are not invented stories, but the numbers of the synchronic order decoded. In three years, during the solar galactic year, White Spectral Wizard, Kin 154 (= 7x 22, cube code or 14 x 11 kin and tone codes of White Spectral Wizard) will occur the 52nd anniversary of the opening of the tomb, White Planetary Mirror. Then 40 days later will come the Day Out of Time, 2004, White Spectral Mirror, the point in time when the power of the Thirteen Moon 28-day count is meant to dissolve the 12:60, auguring the resurrection in 13:20 time. Fifty-two years will have passed since 1952, the allotted time for the mystery of Pacal Votan to be revealed. During the following solar-galactic year, Blue Crystal Storm, Kin 259 (=Katun 259, ?Harmonic Convergence?), on the Overtone Moon 13, will occur the the day 6 Night, the 52nd anniversary of the lifting of the lid, and the revelation of the jade mask of the ?true man? (Halach Uinic) – what will the Galactic Federation witness on Earth by then?

?Also during the night glorify Him (God), and at dawn as the stars fade away.? Holy Quran Sura 52:49
Thirteen Clear Signs:
Organization of the Synchronic Order by the Power of 78 and the Inner Codes of the Harmonic Module – 28:7
(For study with Telektonon Instruction Manual, pp. 25-26, ?Sarcophagus of Pacal Votan?)
?We sent our messengers supported by clear proofs, and we sent down to them the scripture and the law, that the people may uphold justice…? Holy Quran 57:25

The codes of the Law of Time are inscribed in what are referred to as the thirteen clear signs along the four edges of the tomb lid. In varying levels with varying readings these thirteen clear signs tell a story or convey a meaning through sequences of numbers and the juxtaposition of the signs to each other and in relation to their directional placement on the tomb lid. Thus, on the southern edge are the two signs 8 Sun and 6 Mirror, the birth and death of Pacal Votan, and whose tonal sums equal fourteen. On the Eastern edge are a set of four signs, divided into two sub sets, and another set of two signs. The tonal sums of the first set – 5 + 7 + 9 + 7 = 28, twice 14, while the sum of the second set, 11 + 2 = 13, so here we have the codes of the prophecy of the 28-day count of the Thirteen Moon calendar. The northern ledge has but one sign, Lunar Worldbridger, tonal sum 2. This lunar number added to the lunar number 2 immediately adjacent to it on the eastern edge, equals 4, the base of the ratio 4:7::7:13. The tonal sum 7 then occurs as the sum of the first two signs on the western edge of the tomb 3 Monkey and 4 Dog. Finally the last two signs on the western edge, 1 Sun and 13 Worldbridger yield the tonal sum of twice seven which is 14. This 14 taken with the 14 on the southern edge then add up to 28, the number again of the measure of the thirteen moon count.

As we know from the Telektonon, the tonal sums of these thirteen clear signs add up to 78 (13 x 6) summarized as the factors of the 13th sign, Cosmic Worldbridger -tone 13 x code 6 = 78. If 78 is taken as a kin number then it is the thirteenth kin of the Worldbridger Wavespell six, kin 78, White Cosmic Mirror. The difference between Cosmic Mirror and the Rhythmic Mirror, death of Pacal Votan is 7. The Mirror is the occult of Night = Votan. As the keystone number of the synchronic order as encoded in the tomb of Pacal Votan, the magic of 78 (13 x 6) holds and enfolds within itself the cosmic and divine mystery of death and resurrection. The sum of its factors, 19 (13 + 6 ), yields the one inviolable number of the Harmonic Module, AND the key to the mathematical code underlying the Holy Quran. The difference between its two factors, 7 (13 – 6), is the difference implicit in the universal synchronization frequency 13:20 (13 + 7 = 20, 20 – 7 = 13).

The intrinsic harmonic power of 78 qualifies it as a key organizing factor of the synchronic order. The power of 78 is demonstrated even in the sum of the thirteen Kin numbers constituting the thirteen clear signs(parentheses indicate the four sides ):

(60 + 58) +(57 + 176 + 87 + 20 + 245 + 132) + (106) + (211 + 30 + 40 + 26) = 1248.

This number 1248 is 78 x 16, which is the tomb key – 78 – multiplied by the number of the Cube of the Law – 16 – revealed by the prophecy Telektonon. In the 28-day Telektonon sequence, the 16 days inclusive of 7 and 22, are the 16 days of the Warrior?s Cube. Not only that, but 1248 is a super number in that it is the multiple of eleven sets of 22 numbers in all! This is because it is a multiple which reconciles two key numbers used in time reckoning, 12 and 13 (12 synodic lunations = 354 days, 13 28-day moons = 364 days)

1248 = 624 x 2, 416 x 3, 312 x 4, 208 x 6, 156 x 8, 104 x 12, 96 x 13, 78 x 16, 52 x 24, 48 x 26, and 39 x 32. If one adds up the Kin numbers to find the actual composite Kin number, then that is Kin number 208, which, multiplied by 6, the number of the sides of the cube = 1248 (260 x 4 = 1040, 1248 – 1040 = 208).

Of course, Kin number 208 is well known to the Dreamspell and the Telektonon as Yellow Cosmic Star, or the 208th step to Merlin?s Tower, the last Kin of the Yellow Southern Castle, the point of magic flight to the Green Central Castle. In the Sixteen Year Cube of the Law, 208 is the number of Moons in the sixteen years between 1997 and 2013. In the Rinri Project, 208 (16 x 13) are the number of days spent in the Cube of the Law per year, and hence the number of psi chrono units apart from the 52 GAP/Tower Days (208 + 52 = 260). In the 7:7::7:7, Kin 208 occurs on the day Rhythmic Moon 10, the day after the winter solstice 2012, the completion of the thirteen baktun long count of the cycle of history, while Kin 208 codes the Cosmic Moon, the seventh mystic moon of the 2013 year. Again, taking our two key numbers, 208 + 78 = 286 (13 x 22), the Radion value number of the third week of the 7:7::7:7, (coded by Kin 26, the 13th clear sign), and the number of verses in Sura 2, the longest of the suras of the Holy Quran. Finally, in the counting of the Seed-Storm year Bundles, 208 (52 x 4) is the number of weeks in four years. This means that in the four-year Campaign for the New Time, 2000-04, the ?Harrowing of Hell,? between the two seven-year Heptagonons of Mind, there are also 208 weeks.

The synchronic order of the Law of Time is a universal radial matrix that disperses itself through the mathematical coding of all systems of thought. The prophetic code number underlying the Law of Time is the key registration of 78, or 6 x 13:

a) 78 is the tonal sum of the thirteen clear signs,
b) the thirteenth clear sign, code 6 x tone 13 = 78
c) the sum of the Kin numbers of these thirteen clear signs = 1248, or 78 x 16
d) in the Holy Quran there are 29 al-muqattat suras, suras preceded by 14 different mystic letters. Of the 29 al-muqattat suras, 16 have 78 verses or more, 13 do not. Of the remaining 85 suras, 13 of these have 78 verses or more. This means that there are a total of 29 suras (16 + 13) in the Quran that have at least 78 verses, the same number as al-muqattat suras. Note that 16 and 13 are the two factors constituting the number 208, while 16 x 78 is of course 1248.

Finally we would like to point out the inner codes in the four clear signs that begin the sequence of six signs on the eastern ledge of the tomb lid and whose tonal sum is 28:

5 Earth, Kin 57 (19 x 3) is linked by Core Family to the third sign, 9 Hand, Kin 87 (29 x3) –
57 + 87 = 144, the number of the Harmonic Convergence and Yellow Magnetic Seed, Kin 144, beginning of the Telektonon revelation. The second and fourth signs also form a linked pair by color (yellow) and tone (7): 7 Warrior, Kin 176 and 7 Sun, Kin 20. 176 + 20 = 196, the Uranus Bode number and the sum of the Bode numbers of four tower of Babel planets: Mars 16, Maldek 28, Jupiter 52, and Saturn 100 = 196 or 28 x 7. This factor 28:7, is the inner code of the Harmonic Module linking the Tzolkin to the Telektonon.

The difference between the two sets of kin numbers, 144 and 196 = 52, the number of Galactic Activation Portals (GAPs) in the 260-unit harmonic Module. The 52 GAPs (Loom of Maya) provide the structural organization of the Harmonic Module (see Mayan Factor, Chapter 7). The 28 GAP units between Hand and Wizard (GK Earth and SP Maldek) define a central core of 64 units – 28 GAPs + 36 regular units. The difference between the tonal sum of the 28 GAPS, 196, and 260 = 64. The other 24 GAPs define Four 6 x 6 quadrants of 36 units each (36 x 4 = 144). 64 + 144 = 208) The remaining Tzolkin sectors without GAPs are the 20-unit central column, and the two side 16 + 16 units = 20 + 32 = 52.
28:7 Tzolkin-Telektonon Cosmogenesis
A Fractal Transposition Mathematical Cosmology
The universe is a function of a radial binary operative. This binary radial operative exhibits properties of a self-creating mathematical cosmology; and, governed by the evolution of consciousness, yields a capacity for infinitely regenerative possibilities of fractal transposition. This cosmology is encoded in the mathematics of the Tomb of Pacal Votan.

  1. The 13:20 matrix Tzolkin or Harmonic Module is a self-existing gauge of the radial matrix.
  2. Its intrinsic structure is the 52-unit binary triplet or loom of Maya.
  3. By its over-all structure, the 52-unit Loom of Maya defines the 13:20 matrix as a set of thirteen vertical columns and 20 horizontal rows.
  4. The structural nature of the 52-unit Loom of Maya organizes the 13:20 matrix into a number of sub-sections.
  5. The key organizing sub-section is defined by the 28:7 ?cross-over polarity zone? holding the center of the Harmonic Module. It is called 28:7 because it consists at its core of 28 GAPs, organized into 7 sets of 4 Gaps each, and whose sum tonal number is 196(28 x 7).
  6. This 28:7 zone defines two quadrants that lie between and are inclusive of the 7th through the 14th horizontal rows, and the third through the sixth vertical columns (left quadrant); and the eighth through the eleventh vertical columns (right quadrant). Total number of kin units = 64 (32 + 32, 28 GAPs, 36 regular units; four sub-quadrants of 16 units each, each sub-quadrant, 7 GAPs and 9 regular units)
  7. The remaining 24 (6 x 4) GAPs define the four quadrants: upper rows one through six, and lower rows fifteen through twenty; and left, columns one through six and right, columns eight through thirteen. Total number of Kin units = 144 (36 units each quadrant x 4).
  8. Mystic column, no Gaps = 20 units.
  9. Two side zones, no Gaps, 8 rows by two columns each = 32 (16 + 16) units. (Note how the second column of this section has tones 1-8; this doubles to become 16, which doubles again to become 32; this 32 then doubles to become 1/2 of the central zone, and then doubles again to become the 64, held together by its inner pattern of 28:7 Gaps.

In the 28:7 crossover polarity zone, the mathematical cosmology Tzolkin-Telektonon fractal transposition is exhibited in this way: 28 GAPS = 7 sets of four GAPS each, or four quadrants with 7 GAPS each = Telektonon structure of 28 days, constituted of four 7-day weeks. Study carefully the 28:7 structure and observe the following fractal transposition:

Left side, 14 units, six crossover plus eight in sequence:
Kin 50 = Tower day 1; Kin 51, Kin 69, Kin 72 Kin 88 = Earth Walk, days 2 – 5
Kin 93 = Tower day 6
Kin 107-114 = Days 7 – 14, Cube AC Units 1 – 8

Right side, 14 units, eight in sequence plus six crossover:
Kin 147 – 154 = Days 15 – 22, Cube CA units 9 – 16
Kin 168, Tower day 23; Kin 173, Kin 189, Kin 192, Kin 210 = Heaven Walk, days 24 – 27
Kin 211 = Tower day 28
Architecture of the Synchronic Order
Preparing for the First Seed-Storm Year Bundle
?By applying and formalizing the Law of Time in all of its implications for the restructuring of the species and the biosphere, the temporary technosphere, the species? ?placental? bag, is ejected and dissolved. Remagnetized and realigned by the Law of Time, the species emerges into a genuine continuing consciousness making the universal field of self-reflective telepathy the normative order.? Dynamics of Time, Postulate 5.9

With the completion of this year and this quarter,?Galactic octave limits space,? the Sixteen Year Cube of the Law – Gate of Time will consist of four ?stones? – the entire right portal of the Gate of Time, one stone for each of the solar-galactic years, 5 Seed, 6 moon, 7 Wizard and 8 Storm – an entire Seed-Storm Year Bundle. (Please refer to the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time, Tablet 1 and Tablet 3, ?The Gate of Time?).The fourth time stone at the top of the right side gate is the stone of Pacal Votan, the Seventh Seer, who, by radial cosmology, holds this fourth position. While completing the 208 weeks of the first Seed-Storm Year Bundle, his stone marks the first of the four year Campaign for the New Time, the time of Shambhala on Earth. Between this stone and the seventh stone, atop the left-side portal of the Gate of Time, the stone of the last of the Seven Seers, are two year stones, the keystones as it were of the Gate of Time – 9 Seed and 10 Moon. There is nothing yet established in time beneath these stones, they represent the sheer will of the Campaign for the New Time to achieve its prophetic calendar change goal by the 52nd anniversary of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan. These four years are critical in establishing the architecture of the synchronic order, otherwise known as the Gate of Time.

The Four Stones of Time of the Bridge over the Harrowing of Hell, 2000-2004

2003-04 2002-03 2001-02 2000-01
7th Stone 6th Stone 5th Stone 4th Stone
11 Wizard 10 Moon 9 Seed 8 Storm
Kin 154 Kin 49 Kin 204 Kin 99
208 weeks 156 weeks 104 weeks 52 Weeks
Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign
156 Weeks 104 Weeks 52 Weeks 208 Weeks
Year Bundle 2 Year Bundle 2 Year Bundle 2 Year Bundle 1
Padmasambhava St. John of Patmos Quetzalcoatl Pacal Votan
52nd Anniversary 49th Anniversary
of the Tomb of the Tomb
************* ***************
2004-05 1999-2000 3rd Stone
8th Stone 12 Storm Kin 259 Prophecy Year 7
260 Week Campaign complete Heptagonon complete
208 Weeks Year Bundle 2 Complete -8 years AC complete
First Year Mystery of the Stone -Generate the Throne on Earth…

These four years 2000-04, constitute a void cycle between two seven year Heptagonons of Mind; the Seven Years of Prophecy, Heptagonon of Mind of Heaven, 1993-2000, and the Seven Years Mystery of the Stone, Heptagonon of Mind of Earth, 2004-2011. The synchronic fractals of time code and interlink the Seed-Storm Year Bundles through the bridge of time that crosses the Harrowing of Hell between the two Heptagonons of Mind. It is called the Harrowing of Hell because the first seven-year cycle establishes the death of the 12:60, while the second seven-year cycle establishes the resurrection in the new time, appropriately occurring following the 52nd anniversary of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan. The Seed-Storm Year Bundles are characterized by the fractal frequency of 208 weeks = 52 moons. The same frequency characterizes the Campaign for the New Time which crosses the synchronic time bridge spanning the Harrowing of Hell.

As the first Storm-Seed Year Bundle of 208 weeks is concluded, so also is the 49th year of the opening of the tomb. This number – 49, or 7 x 7- is the sign that the next three years represent a profound revolution of the spirit, a new genesis of the spirit on Earth. Only such a profoundly revolutionized and purified spirit will withstand the Harrowing of Hell – the apocalyptic chaos of the 12:60 in its collapse. In this light, it is also significant that the third year of the Campaign, 10 Moon, is Kin 49. Let this be a sign of what we must be prepared for in that fateful year of purification. Finally, the fifth or plus one year of the Campaign, the year of the testing of the Calendar of Peace and the first year of the Mystery of the Stone, the solar-galactic year 12 Storm, completes exactly 260 weeks of the Campaign, a perfect Tzolkin fractal to initiate and inaugurate the New Time.

208 steps to Merlin?s Tower, one Seed-Storm Year Bundle consciously completed – 49 years since the opening of the tomb and the release of its prophetic secrets for the end time. Therefore, ?… this year?s Day Out of Time 2001, Blue Galactic Night, not only will the annual star bundle burning occur at the dawn of the Day Out of Time, but there will also be the observation of the first Seed Storm Year Bundle New Fire ceremony. This event should occur after sunset of the Day Out of Time, and ideally be an all-night ceremonial fire vigil. The fire vigil should be considered a rite of purification. When the dawn approaches, with the coming of the new day and new year of the Yellow Solar Seed, then the rite of purification will be complete and a new Seed -Storm year cycle will commence…?(Rinri Project Newsletter, Phase II, Vol. 1. No. 2)

Those who can should arrange for the all night fire vigil in some appropriate environment. A ceremony outdoors is preferred. A fire in the hearth if the climate is cold or inhospitable is also perfectly appropriate. The Fire should be tended in a meditative silence, with only functional speaking, accompanied by a program of readings from the Telektonon prophecy or the Dynamics of Time, for instance. The point is to concentrate on the world purification and the heroic task to be accomplished for the next Seed-Storm Year Bundle. Drumming, conches, spontaneous music and chanting may herald the dawn light as it is first sighted.
Synopsis of UR Runes and Codon Keys, Yellow Solar Seed Year, 2001-2002
Sixth Seer: Quetzalcoatl. Fulfillment of One Prophecy
Serpent Cube: Sex (Life Force)
First Quarter, Weeks 1 – 13. Initiate
Way of the Tree, Stage 5. Tree evolves space. Codon key: People Together, 5.
The tree is the self-existing consciousness of the New Time. The tree is in its second transformed stage extending into the circle of heaven. It has been growing for four years now. Its roots extend through the minds of those people truly committed to the 13:20 frequency. The branches of the tree are the extensions into human society of the truth of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. This is the meaning of the Codon key,
People Together. The people must now organize themselves as a sovereign nation living in its own time of peace. The people must understand this profound point. In the Codon, Time is below and within, the Heart (moon crystal) is above and without. The heart sinks down into time. The people together must place their heart in the new time and organize New Time Congresses. This is the meaning of tree evolves space.

Second Quarter, Weeks 14 – 26. Refine Way of Conduct, Stage 5. Truth evolves way of conduct. Codon key: People Organized, 13.
Here the power of conduct enters the circle of heaven. Truth can evolve the way of conduct because it is empowered by heaven. By remaining in the truth of the 13:20 frequency, the people may organize themselves brilliantly. The way of conduct shaped by truth is the people organized in telepathic unity worldwide on behalf of the return to natural time. In the Codon key, People Organized, Vision (sun crystal) is below and within, and Time is above and without. The flame of vision must rise and extend into time. Time is the power that organizes according to the natural order of the universe. Now the people will see how to organize themselves in the tribes and clans of time. This is the meaning of truth evolves way of conduct.

Third Quarter, Weeks 27 – 39. Transform Way of the Telepath, Stage 5. Telepathy evolves the temple. Codon key:Evolving, 53.
The temple of the human body reorganized by natural time enters the circle of heaven. This is a time of inner prophetic fulfillment for those with the discipline to pursue the practices of the law of time. Now is the time of the richness of telepathic knowing according to all of the 13:20 keys which have been given. In the Codon key, Evolving, the power of Meditation, the Temple, is below and within, the Breath is above and without. This is the exhalation of the breath evolved by keeping still within. This breath is the higher mind inspired by the meditating vessel of divinely endowed consciousness. This breath of organized intention evolves the world around it by its steadfastness and truthfulness. This is the meaning of telepathy evolves the temple. Note: Quetzalcoatl, Kin 53 = Codon 53.

Fourth Quarter, Weeks 40 – 52. Ripen
Way of the Galactic Octave, Stage 5. Galactic octave resounds as mind.
Codon key. Inner Space, 61.
The galactic octave enters heaven as the sound that shapes space. The vibrations of heaven return to the human realm, resounding as mind. The true human knows this in his or her inner being. The sound of joy resounds in the organization of the people as one mind. The Codon key, inner space shows a space binary letter between two time binary letters -inner space. Below is Joy, the Wizard?s Song, above is Breath, the exhalation of the divine sound heard within. Everything visible grows into the invisible. The wind is not seen, but the lake reflects its presence; so too, the mind is the invisible evolution of the body which
resounds with the ripples of the galactic octave. With joy, the people can accomplish anything.
Codon 60, Measuring: Galactic Octave Limits Space
This issue of the Phoenix Edition of the Rinri Project Newsletter faithfully submitted by Rinri Preceptor, Dr. Arcturus-Valum Votan, Kin 11, on behalf of the noble Bolon Ik, Kin 22, and all of the laborers spreading the seeds of the New Time. May the cultivation of the rainbow plasmic body now awakened by the Law of Time be resonated as the sounding of the galactic octave that limits space, bringing Heaven on Earth! May the Thirteen Moons of Peace prevail for all millennia to come!

Note that by sychronic order, the 13 weeks of Codon 60 = Kin 60, galactic signature of Pacal Votan, the 49th anniversary of the tomb opening, the final quarter of the Year of Pacal Votan. The difference between Kin 60 and the one designated as Valum Votan, Kin 11 = 49. May the Revolution of the spirit augured by the new time find souls willing to undergo the purification of all that is unnecessary, of all that is degraded and polluted, of all that dims in any way the clear light consciousness of the Face and Presence of God in every waking moment! It is these simple and unadorned souls who will lift high the banner of cosmic awareness and plant it in the soil of the New Earth liberated forever into the 13:20 frequency of universal time!

Crystal Moon Dali 22, ?My father is intrinsic awareness I feel the Heat?
Kin 168, Yellow Crystal Star (28:7 GAP 23) Magic Turtle Day, SBTS 15. 11
Cube Sixteen, Warrior Intelligence. Divine Source Tel Ek Ton On
Fractal time transposition overlays: Telektonon prophecy, year 2012-13, The New Jerusalem, Warriors Cube of Intelligence Complete, New Heaven, New Earth
20 Tablets: 2012-13, Blue Resonant Storm Year
Monkey Genesis, Wavespell Sixteen Yellow Southern Castle
Rinri precept sixteen: ?Respect yourself and do the same for others?
16th Kalachakra Cycle of the Warrior, 1927-1987, prepare for Magic Flight of Harmonic Convergence,
Ninth Bolontiku: Guardian of ON, indestructible power of the 144,000 within the Cube, Ninth Lha of Shambhala ?Primordial Knowing Body Lha?
7:7::7:7 Fourth Week Unified Field Yellow Time Atom – Day 22 First of the Seven Last Moons, Crystal Wizard Moon Kin 194, 2012, first of the Seven Mystic Moons Resonant Wind Moon Kin 202, 2013
Gebo is the Gift that Rripens the Throne (Gebo sent from North to South, seals Dali, Radion Cube Top, Sahasrara Chakra, Crown), PNM 7, Atlantic Plate Two
Psi Chrono Unit: Blue Solar Night, Kin 243 (Night = Votan = Heart, solar = Nine = Heart of Nine = Valum Votan)
Overtone Chromatic 66: Yellow Galactic Seed-Crystal Star – Flowering Elegance
Red magnet sent from South to North from/to Yellow Signal Solar Plexus center.
20 Tablets: Chronograph Tablet 4; Pacal Votan, Seed Flowering, 2000-2001
Chronograph Dragon Genesis, Sun Wavespell 4, Red Castle complete
Chronograph Moon Kin 51: Blue Crystal Monkey, -18,987 – -18,887
Quarterly Codon Rune 60: Measuring. Galactic Octave Limits Space
Week 48, Year of the Blue Galactic Storm, First Seed Storm Year Bundle, Week 204
Codon Cube, Codon 14, Wisdom of the People: first yang line, cube bottom.
Yellow Week Four, ?Become Victory of Prophecy – Power Ripens Fruit
Harmonic 42: Crystal Store. ?Remember Elegance of Cooperation?
Biphasic Codon 62: Inner Time ?Galactic Octave Defines Evolution?
Dynamics of Time, 8.12 ?The intelligent coordination of different time vector potentialities through sensory teleportation is the primary means for activating different celestial harmonics and establishing the correct foundation for time travel.?
?A revelation from the Creator of the earth and the high heavens.? 20:04
“‘I Am Your Lord; remove your sandals. You are in the sacred valley, Tuwa.?? 20:12 ??I have chosen you, so listen to what is being revealed.??? 20:13
Holy Quran, Sura 20,
 ?Ta Ha ?(eleventh al-Muqattat Sura )

Klatu Barada Nikto!
The Galactic Federation Comes in Peace!

Copyright (c) 2001 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles