Foundation Organizational Plan and PAN Charter


Extraordinary Foundation for the Law of Time Administrative Organizational Program

Pax Cultura Pax Biospherica, Biosphere-Noosphere Transition

The Foundation for the Law of Time is a public charitable tax exempt organization. Its mission is to further the World Thirteen Moon/28 Day Calendar Change Peace Plan in every way possible and to foster a common and universal understanding of the Law of Time -T(E) = Art, Energy factored by Time equals Art – among all peoples of the Earth.

The logo of the Foundation carries the motto, One Time, One Earth, One People, and has at its center the Banner of Peace emblem of the Roerich Peace Pact (1935). The master coordination of the Foundation is fulfilled by three main functions: information, communication and education.

Information is the Thirteen Moon Calendar, the Law of Time and everything pertaining to the understanding and application of the Thirteen Moon Calendar and the Law of Time as a comprehensive peace plan and evolutionary method for the people of Earth and its biosphere.

Communication is furthered through various means, but principally at this time by the Foundation’s web site,

Education is furthered by the publication of various educational tools and literature and through the conducting of educational seminars on the Thirteen Moon Calendar and the Law of Time.

The Foundation is organized to receive tax exempt funds for the following purposes:

1. Operations Fund, for the maintenance of a coordinating communications and organizational nerve center, located in the State of Oregon, USA(Cascadia, Turtle Island).

2. Law of Time Education Text and Tools Fund, for the publication and distribution of calenders, tools and educational literature for public dissemination.

3. Latin American Educational Fund, for the furtherance of land based garden projects and educational caravans centered in the bioregion of Patagonia.

4. Altai International Foundation for Peace through Culture Fund, to further the development of a major international education and research center for a culture of peace in the Autonomous Republic of Altai, Central Asia.

5. Law of Time Research Fund, to further the establishment of a library and research center devoted to the study of the law and science of time.

Planet Art Network (PAN) World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement

To further its aims and educational goals world wide, the Foundation for the Law of Time furthers and supports the Planet Art Network as the organizational base of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. The names Planet Art Network (PAN) and the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement are the exclusive property of the Foundation for the Law of Time, and anyone using these names must adhere to the principles, mission, and goals of the Foundation for the Law of Time as articulated through the “Charter of the Planet Art Network.”

Planet Art Network has existed as a visionary wavelength since 1981. Its ultimate purpose is to assist humanity in the realization of the noosphere and the regeneration of the Earth as a work of art. Since 1983, Planet Art Network has utilized the Banner of Peace as one of its standards. The following definitions establish the broadly evolutionary role of PAN:

6.12. The sum of the liberation of psychic energy formally integrated into the fourth-dimensional patterns of time, manifests as PAN, Planet Art Network. As the integration of celestial harmonics of mind and social order, PAN replaces the civilizational order and social form governed solely by the 12:60 mechanized laws of space.

6.13. PAN is the advent of the planetary art spore and the hyperorganic evolution into the Psychozoic era. In the PAN-induced Psychozoic era, the evolutionary synthesis of crystal (32) and DNA (64), consciously regulated by the Law of Time (13:20), creates a noospherically unified field of planetary life, the sum of whose living interactions constitutes a planetary art spore: Timeship Earth 2013 transmuted into a stellar-galactic unit for the exchange, transformation and communication of universal energy impulses.

10.9. There can be no harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order that does not result in increased comprehensive aesthetic enhancement. T(E) = Art defines all processes of harmonic rearrangement as activities of PAN (Planet Art Network).

10.10. The activity of PAN is an evolutionary probability that increases with the application of the Law of Time. Galactic culture is the sum of the probabilities of increased or novel aesthetic norms induced by the harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order.

10.11 Harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order is multiply aesthetic: the atomic-cellular genetic rearrangements are intrinsically aesthetic; the techniques and celestial harmonics of rearrangement are by design aesthetic; the social forms required to evolve the techniques are biologically aesthetic. By the law T(E) = Art, PAN encompasses all and everything as a whole systems order elevating instinctual conscious into the telepathic orders of continuing and super conscious.” (Dynamics of Time, Section 6, “Fourth-dimensional Tools for Development of Interdimensional technologies,” and Section 10, “Principles of Harmonic Rearrangement of the Synchronic Order”)

The key and first step to the attainment of PAN’s evolutionary goal is to fulfill the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan. Hence, PAN is the motivating force behind the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. To understand how best and most efficiently to accomplish its goals, the Charter of the Planet Art Network is hereby presented as a means of clarifying matters for already existing PAN nodes and to make it easy for the establishment of new PAN nodes.

Charter of the Planet Art Network (PAN)

Preamble. When the forces of the old order held together by the instruments of the old time can no longer withstand the widely spreading anarchy of values and social systems, it becomes necessary to establish radical and humane new models for social reconstruction and biospheric regeneration. To be successful, such models must be rooted in the new standard of time represented by the Thirteen Moon/28 Day Calendar of Peace. Recognizing that this Calendar is also a fact of nature and a function of the Law of Time, the Planet Art Network (PAN) is hereby chartered as the new model for the benefit and social reconstruction of all humanity and the regeneration of the biosphere.

Organizational Protocol. Anyone or any group of people regardless of race or belief who understands and follows the premises and purpose of the Thirteen Moon/28 Day Calendar and/or any of the tools or literature about the Thirteen Moon/28 day Calendar or the Law of Time may assume the responsibility of establishing a PAN Node – an outlet of the Planet Art Network – or of joining an existing one.

Membership and Meetings. Membership in the PAN is voluntary and all activities are autonomous. Each PAN Node is responsible for its own system of maintenance and autonomous governance by council. For a PAN Node to be considered active a minimum of seven members must meet on the average of once every thirteen days. The recommended day of meeting is the Crystal Day (12th tone of the Wavespell) for the reviewing of past actions and the consideration of future ones. Meetings may be held wherever appropriate. Each Node may assume its own format for meetings.

Once a Node has been established, it may communicate with the Bioregional Coordinating Node, or the web master at, or the headquarters of the Foundation for the Law of Time to let it be known that it is now functioning as a PAN Node. A list of the names and/or galactic signatures of the founding or charter members should also be submitted with this initial communication.

Rights and Responsibilities. Each PAN Node has the right of receiving 13 Moon Calendars, educational literature, and tools of the Law of Time to establish its own information library, as well as a Banner of Peace. Each PAN Node should establish its own program of study and establish its own methods of outreach – Campaign for the New Time.

All PAN members should understand that to promote a universal calendar reform is to foster an evolutionary shift in the human timing frequency. Evolution into time is not possible without the adjustment in human affairs resulting from universal calendar reform. Calendar reform can only be successful if it is universal. The return to natural time is a whole systems reform. Time embraces all things and people. Time has no prejudices and accepts all beliefs. The 13 Moon/28-Day calendar is the perfect instrument of time – it has no history. It is a fact of nature. Follow it and there is only the universal embrace of loving acceptance and peace. The ethic of the PAN is loyalty, equality and autonomy on behalf of One Time, One Earth, One People governed by One Mind, One Love, One God.

Therefore, the principle responsibility of the PAN is to further the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan. This is to be accomplished by: distribution and promotion of the Thirteen Moon Calendar; the offering of Law of Time education programs; organization of Day Out of Time Peace through Culture festivals; and production and distribution of Banners of Peace, all in fulfillment of the goals of the Campaign for the New Time.

Bioregional Coordinating PAN, Local PAN Nodes and Councils. For any currently existing nation or distinct bioregion, there may be a Bioregional Coordinating PAN for the purpose of providing a coordinating base of communication and distribution of calendars, tools and literature for Local Nodes, and most importantly, in non-English speaking bioregions, to provide translation for a designated bioregion and/or language group. The Coordinating PAN should establish a Coordinating Council consisting of the Coordinator(s) of the Bioregional PAN and representative members of each Local PAN Node. The Coordinator(s) are recognized as such by the President and Co-President of the Foundation for the Law of Time, and may also be changed at the discretion of the Foundation in consultation with the Bioregional Coordinating Council. This Council should meet at least twice a year – on or about the Day Out of Time or New Years Day (July 25-26), and at the midpoint of the year, Resonant Moon 15, in order to discuss mutual issues and strategies regarding translation, publication, distribution (see below), progress and strategies for the Campaign for the New Time, educational programs and plans for the Day Out of Time. Any Bioregional Coordinating Council may establish other topical sub-councils as it sees fit, e.g. Translation Council, Day Out of Time Council, Education Council, etc.

Publishing and Translation Protocol. Any Bioregional PAN of any Bioregion and/or national state has the right to publish any of the literature or tools specifically and originally produced in English by the Foundation for the Law of Time. All such publications must bear the name Planet Art Network as well as the logo of the Foundation for the Law of Time/Planet Art Network. Within bioregions (nations) of a single language group, e.g., Russian Federation States or Latin American Spanish language nations, a Comprehensive Bioregional Translation Council should be formed to make sure that there are no duplications of efforts. However, in consideration of the high costs of current customs and duties between different nations, it may also be advisable to produce different editions of the same text in the same or even different translation, should idiomatic changes warrant it. Any and all such publications, purely educational or commercial, must be done in consultation with and by authorization of the Foundation for the Law of Time. In most cases, the PAN Bioregional Coordinator and/or chief translator for that bioregion/nation will be authorized to act as agent, or, in consultation with the Foundation, may appoint such agent for the publication of all such works to be produced as educational material for the local PAN Nodes. Once authorization is granted to the local PAN agent, then that agent is free to proceed in whatever manner is most feasible. In some cases the designated agent may see fit to produce certain works commercially, e.g. Mayan Factor, Arcturus Probe or Earth Ascending (all originally authored and copyrighted by Jose Arguelles). In such case, the authorized agent may conduct negotiations on behalf of the Foundation with commercial publishers on the condition that the logo of the Foundation/PAN also appear upon the publication, along with relevant contact information for the local PAN. In the case of the Dreamspell and the Telektonon, originally produced by Interlink Productions, Hong Kong, special consultation with the Foundation is necessary in order to seek the most effective means of production.

Tithing. Any PAN Node or person or persons representing the PAN who recieves money for teaching services or donations or profits received for the distribution of any of the educational literature and tools, may wish to tithe a portion back to the Foundation for the Law of Time. All such tithing is voluntary. If profit is made from teaching programs, it is recommended that one third be for the teacher(s), one third for the Bioregional and/or Local PAN Node, and one third for the Foundation.

Land Bases and Caravans. One of the goals of the Planet Art Network is the establishment of land bases for the purpose of creating new time garden communities as models of the evolutionary 13:20 life style and to serve as the communication and education bases for the PAN educational caravans. Land bases may be of two kinds: 1) Already existing land bases held in the names of people or agents sympathetic to or actually functioning as members of PAN, and who now see fit to make their land available for the PAN; or 2) new land acquisitions. Any new land acquisitions can be finalized as tax-exempt donations in the name of the Foundation for the Law of Time, and as such, will become “official'” PAN land bases. The educational caravans – remodeled buses painted with symbols of the Thirteen Moon Calendar and the Law of Time – may use the land bases as their terminals and points of rest. While on the road, members of the caravans may conduct educational programs on behalf of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan wherever appropriate. Once land bases and caravans have been established, they become available for the receipt of special educational funds from the Foundation for the Law of Time.

Banner of Peace Protocol. The Banner of Peace was established by the Roerich Banner of Peace Pact (1935) to distinguish all cultural historic monuments in times of war. While the principles of the Pact were adopted by UNESCO, 1954, the Banner itself was replaced, by an insignificant emblem. In 1983, the Planet Art Network resurrected the Banner and began to use it again as a symbol of peace through culture and the power of art as an instrument of peaceful transformation. In 1996, the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, convened by the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, adopted the Banner of Peace as one of the official symbols of the Movement. Since the biosphere itself is now in danger by the war of materialism, it was also recommended that the Banner be displayed throughout the biosphere, the cradle of all culture. The emblem of the Banner of Peace is prominent at the center of the Foundation logo, demonstrating that the Banner and what it stands for nurtures and is at the heart of all Foundation and Planet Art Network activities. The Banner’s symbolism is as follows: the deep red of the three spheres and surrounding circle are the color of human blood – all humans are one blood, without borders; the three spheres represent art, science and spirituality as a comprehensive whole; the surrounding circle represents the unity of human culture living in one common time – Thirteen Moons of Peace; the white ground represents universal truth.

Any Local or Bioregional PAN Node may produce the Banner as long it follows the proportions and color of the Banner as presented to the PAN node. It is appropriate to hang the Banner at any PAN meeting place. The Day Out of Time is the official day to present the Banner publicly as the symbol of the goal – Peace through Culture – and of the principle -Time is Art. Banners may be produced on silk, nylon or cotton, and are to be presented ceremoniously to local officials – Mayor, Police Chief, State Governor or National President, along with information about the Banner and the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan. The Banner emblem may also be produced as a logo on buttons, tee shirts, caps, etc., provided it is done in a tasteful manner.

Day Out of Time. The Day Out of Time is the official PAN “holyday,” and is designated as the Planetary Peace through Culture -Time is Art Festival. Because it occurs on the 365th day of the Thirteen Moon Calendar year, it is no day of the week or Moon at all. Every PAN Node is to plan for this day as the moment to demonstrate peace through culture in their communities, and/or in larger coordinated regional events. There are no limits to the creative possibilities of this day of art, peace, and loving forgiveness.

Web site: Official Foundation site, posting all Foundation information, literature, and educational reports about the Calendar and Law of Time. All PAN nodes are listed, along with different language programs. Local or Bioregional PANs are encouraged to have their own sites and communication systems which link up with tortuga. com.

International Foundation for Peace through Culture Special Foundation Program to be Administered by the Government of Altai

Premise. The Law of Time is a function of the evolutionary program of the biosphere. The revelation of the Law of Time has been in preparation for that moment when the human system and its technospheric apparatus experiences a profound discontinuity, irrevocably disrupting what is called the historical process. This moment of profound discontinuity is the noospheric signal that the artificial timing frequency which had sustained the technosphere has entropically short-circuited. The precise moment of this discontinuity occurred Lunar Moon 20, 9 Seed Year. Now the new timing frequency in the pragmatic form of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan must be prepared so that the human system may readjust according to the parameters of the biosphere-noosphere transition. This is the meaning of the Campaign for the New Time. Essential to this process is the establishment of a geopolitical base for the development and cultivation of the diplomacy and values of peace through culture, hence the International Foundation for Peace through Culture.

“Altai Ascending, Earth Ascending”

International Foundation for Peace through Culture, Autonomous Republic of Altai

Mission Statement: To secure the Autonomous Republic of Altai as a “Biospheric Sacred Heritage Zone,” Free from: toxic waste, commercialism and speculative ventures, and industrialization based on polluting technologies; Free to develop: its own biospherically appropriate technologies – solar, wind, zero-point energy systems (self-renewing and non-polluting) and biospherically appropriate economy – intensification of self-sustaining land based market economy which enriches and supports all living cultural traditions. Pax Cultura – Pax Biospherica.

This Foundation is to be established in the Autonomous Republic of Altai, through the office of the Minister of Culture, with government support; recognition and support of the Russian Federation; and the support of the international community (UNESCO and NGOs); capable of receiving funds from the international community to support a research and educational development center, the International Foundation for Peace through Culture, chartered by the Autonomous Republic of Altai. (See organizational description graphic). The Foundation’s Educational Center would be organized to accommodate five activities: 1. Center for the Promotion of the Living Culture of Altai; 2. School for Investigation of Biospherically Appropriate Technologies and the Advent of the Noosphere; 3. School for the Cultivation and Development of Cultural Diplomacy and Harmonic Resolution – Peace through Culture; 4. International Cultural Exchange Programs and Center for the Promotion of Cultural Harmony among all Peoples; and 5. School of Social Research in the Application of the 13 Moon/28 day Calendar as a Tool for Positive Social Transformation (PAN))

Pax Cultura – Pax Biospherica

In making this proposal, the Foundation for the Law of Time, a tax exempt public charitable organization, seeks no gain, but takes responsibility for initiating a vigorous publicity and fund raising campaign. To this end, the Foundation for the Law of Time hereby establishes the Altai Peace through Culture Fund for the sole purpose of channeling funds directly to the International Foundation for Peace through Culture, Altai, and for creating a public awareness campaign, “Altai Ascending, Earth Ascending.”

Novosibersk Russian Academy of Sciences and the Noospheric Congress

To support this extraordinary project initiated by the Foundation for the Law of Time, two complementary, but equally significant projects are being designed which are critical to the success of the International Foundation for Peace through Culture: 1) Novosibersk-Russian Academy New Paradigm Support Strategy; and 2) the Noospheric Congress. Both of these projects are to be funded in part by the Law of Time Research Fund.

Within the context of the whole system biosphere, the critical transition to the noosphere results when the transformative impact of human thought and its technocratic systems irrevocably affects the entire geochemical process. Since the geochemical crisis is due to the force of human thought, a novel manifestation within the system of human thought must occur which will modify the entire biosphere and elevate the human order itself to a level of noospheric functioning. This is referred to as paradigm shift or the emergence of a new paradigm. The Law of Time supplies the requirements for the new paradigm.

1. Novosibersk Science and Russian Academy of Sciences

The purpose of engaging members of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as of the Academy itself, is to create a scientific support for establishing the Law of Time as the basis of the new paradigm, and the Thirteen Moon Calendar as the means of implementing it on an everyday basis. Given that science is a feature of the intelligence system of the biosphere, Novosibersk represents the biosphere’s foremost bastion of advanced planetary whole system scientific thought and research. The generic name given to this school of thought is “Cosmism,” which understands the unity of the Universe in Man and Man in the Universe as a whole system. Perhaps the greatest pioneer of this school of thought is V.I. Vernadsky, whose ground breaking work on the biosphere established a normative whole system level for many advanced fields of thought and research. It is significant that in 1961, only nine years after the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan, that members of the institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy in Novosibersk began an exhaustive mathematical analysis of Mayan hieroglyphs. One of the most influential of Novosibersk scientific thinkers was N.A. Kozyrev, whose studies of astrophysics led him to postulate that time is generated from the stellar core. These studies led him to elaborate different theories and experimental research on time and telepathy, including the famous Kozyrev mirrors. Some of the more noted followers of Kozyrev currently practicing in Novosibersk include: Irene Eganova of the Institute of Mathematics; V.P Kaznacheev, President of the International Scientific Research Institute of Cosmic Anthropoecology; and Alexander Trofimov of the same Institute. Other scientists who have also been informed of the Law of Time and have taken an active interest in it are V.I Ponko of the Institute for Agriculture and Environmental Studies and noted heliospheric Plasma Universe Model researcher, Alexei Dmitriev.

Prof. M.A.Lavrentiev, organizer of the Scientific Center – Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has been approached regarding a proposed Conference on the Phenomenon of Time to be sponsored jointly by the Academy and the Foundation for the Law of Time, tentatively scheduled for next summer (2002). Lavrentiev has responded positively to the suggestion. This Conference will be invaluable for establishing a credible scientific base for announcing to the world’s scientific community and political leadership the importance of the Calendar Change and the Law of Time for a genuine New Millennium for humanity. In addition, establishment of a formal relationship with the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences will provide a critical research base for the Altai project.

2.Noospheric Congress. Under the leadership of Altai scientist, Sergei Platanov, the Noospheric Congress has already been established and registered in the Republic of Altai. In the original vision, the Noospheric Congress was proposed to be a functioning body within the United Nations. The fundamental premise is that the biosphere as a whole Earth system is undergoing a powerful biogeochemical mutation due to the impact of forces unleashed by human thought. The sum of human thought until now has been unconsciously programmed, registered and stored as the noosphere, the Earth’s mental envelope. The noosphere becomes conscious when the impact of human thought is capable of effecting a total and irreversible biogeochemical change within the biosphere. This synergistic transformation of the human system within the biosphere results in both a qualitative and quantitative change resulting in a hitherto unprecedented conscious condition, the advent of the noosphere. As a conscious manifestation now governing the biosphere through a purified system of human thought and science, the noospheric release is dependent on two factors: a break in the continuity of history; and the assumption of the corrective force of the natural 13:20 timing frequency as the new macro-organizing principle guiding all human affairs. The alteration of the biosphere into this new condition, the noosphere, and the consequent entrance into a new geological era, the Psychozoic, is the answer to the question posed by Vernadsky: “Here we have a new mystery: thought is not a form of energy. But how can it change material processes?”

The pragmatic application of the Law of Time through the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan at the precise moment of the historical rupture of the human system, defines the actual emergence of the noosphere as the now conscious governing mechanism of the biosphere, inclusive of, and through the instrumenting medium of the human species. This is possible because it is now known and recognized that it is the Law of Time which codes the psi bank, the noospheric instrument panel. The advent of the noosphere through the adoption to the Thirteen Moon Calendar makes the psi bank available to the human system as a way of implementing the next evolutionary program of the Earth. Only in this way is the mutation of the human system and the biosphere assured of biogenic continuity into the next evolutionary phase, the fulfillment of the biosphere-noosphere transition.

The purpose of the Noospheric Congress is to establish a coherent intelligence feedback system for monitoring the biosociopolitical change, as well as the shifts in the psychological states in the emotional system of the human organism as a consequence of the disruption of the historical continuum. Mathematical mapping and modeling of geocosmic patterns in the interaction of human and bisopheric systems conducted through the Law of Time-Russian Academy scientific research team, for example, would be presented to the Noospheric Congress. The Congress would then make policy recommendations to the Foundation for Peace through Culture which, in turn, would then inventory and find within the new evolving world community the most suitable outlets for the expression and/or implementation of such recommendations.

Administrative Considerations: Altai, Novosibersk, Noospheric Congress. While the Noospheric Congress and the Foundation for Peace through Culture are envisioned as autonomous organizations, the engine of the Campaign for the New Time, their combined administration represents a cooperative effort between the government of Altai, the Russian Federation, and the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Foundation for the Law of Time will provide comprehensive program design strategy. Immediately needed are translation and administrative liaisons provided by the PAN Russia to help coordinate the visionary design and administrative organization. Funding for these liaisons would be from the International Foundation for Peace Through Culture and Law of Time Research Funds.

Campaign for the New Time The Rings of Time

The Campaign for the New Time has already been defined and described in the documents bearing the same name as the overall effort to be waged by the PAN worldwide to effect universal calendar reform by the Day Out of Time 2004. In light of the break in the historical continuity – the opening of the noospheric fissure – that has now occurred as a result of the 9-11 planetary emergency event, the collapse of the WTC Towers, the Campaign for the New Time may now be considered a planetary emergency salvage and rescue plan. The goal of calendar reform by 2004 remains unchanged, but the nature and focus of the strategies, especially that of the Strategic Alliances and Indigenous Peoples Councils, now takes on an even greater urgency. Currently all strategies are being reviewed and prepared for revision in order to better adopt and accommodate to the new planetary conditions of world war and its aftermath. As details of the reformulated strategy are articulated they will be transmitted immediately to the worldwide PAN as the agendas for their forthcoming activities.

Like concentric waves set off by a stone dropped into a pool, the “inevitable event” of the noospheric fissure sets off “rings of time” which the Campaign for the New Time defines as the constructive phases of the generation of the noosphere. Each Ring is a four-year cycle defined by the Storm year which concludes the sequence Seed, Moon, Wizard and Storm. The “inevitable event” occurred in the Lunar Moon of the Solar Seed Year. The Campaign of the New Time will have its definitive conclusion in the Crystal Storm Year, the first year of the application of the universal reform of the timing frequency governing the human species in the biosphere.

Crystal Storm Ring, 2001-2005. As defined by the Foundation for the Law of Time’s organizational and administrative needs, the innermost ring of time is the Campaign for the New Time. The goal is universal calendar reform – Thirteen Moons of Peace as the shift in the human’s daily macro-organizing system. Now there is no question of the absolute necessity of striving to attain this goal by 2004, so that the human species may be able to recover from the catastrophic break in the historical continuum. The Campaign’s strategies include: Strategic Alliances; Indigenous Alliances and Councils; Peace through Culture Diplomatic efforts; Planetary Day Out of Time Coordination; 13:20 Community Building and Garden Projects; and New Time Educational Development, including the Educational Caravans. The effective functioning of PAN Nodes in accord with a Global Coalition for the New Time represents the opportunity for a noospheric foundation of genuine peace to be ready when the forces of war and anarchy have spent themselves. This Coalition, the result of the Strategic Alliance Strategy, will be implemented as the Universal Calendar Reform by Day Out of Time 2004, so that by the conclusion of the Blue Crystal Storm Year, 2004-2005, the Thirteen Moons of Peace will have effected the universal frequency shift so needed in order for human affairs to be made resonant again within the biosphere. The successful conclusion of the final year of the Campaign for the New Time will augur the new noospheric geopolitical order, the Pax Cultura – Pax Biosopherica.

Electric Storm Ring, 2005-2009. The reorientation of human values made possible by the universal calendar reform – Thirteen Moons of Peace – will so dramatically alter our perceptions and modes of behavior, that we will understand that in changing the calendar, we will have truly entered a New Time. The entire hierarchy of values that had predominated for 5000 years of history will be no more. The value of the sacred order of reality will come to dominate human thought and affairs. The resacralization of the biosphere will illuminate the noosphere with increasing surges of telepathic knowing. The massive and heroic campaign to regenerate the biosphere after so much devastation and disruption of its systems will be accompanied by the triumph of peace through culture, a factor mobilizing two new tendencies in the human domain: 1) The reformulation of human society through the cultivation of art and culture will effect a reconstruction of the individual human psyche and reorient altogether the collective norms of behavior; and 2) at the same time, the restoration of the Earth’s many sacred sites will take on a mystical and mythical fervor, unifying global society with a constructive vision of the cosmic earth. This will begin with the taking back of the sacred sites now held in the hands of the governments, beginning with the site of Palenque-Nah Chan. The vision will be that of creating on Earth, through the sum interactions of human society, the Court of Universal Culture. Some will identify the Court of Universal Culture with the return of Shambhala on Earth, the Belevodye or White Land prophecy of the Altai people. Beginning with the value norm of Ak Burkhan, the White Faith, which recognizes the equality of the world religions -Buddhism, Islam and Christianity – spiritual values will be synthesized and fused into the Earth Religion, UR. The nation state system of human social organization will default. Taking its place will be an autonomous bioregional system of Councils which will build on the foundations established by the PAN during the Campaign for the New Time. Nationalism will no longer be. In its stead will be a biospheric allegiance to the Whole Earth. By the Blue Electric Storm Year, 2008-09, the sum of this unprecedented cycle of dynamic human construction will be the establishment of a genuine era of universal peace, Pax Cultura Pax Biospherica – where there is peace there is culture, where there is culture there is a sacred biosphere.

Resonant Storm Ring, 2009-2013. The Pax Cultura Pax Biospherica will stabilize the human system within the biosphere. But this stabilization is only the prelude to the final act of making the noosphere conscious. The destabilization of the human within the biosphere, due to the accommodation to the 12:60 anti-biospheric timing frequency, precipitated and was coincident with the larger geocosmic drama referred to as the biosphere-noosphere transition. Both a moral-technological as well as geochemical event, the biosphere-noosphere transition is actually a prelude to the mythic “Coming Solar Age.” As a member of the larger order, heliosphere, Planet Earth – Velatropa 24.3 – is undergoing changes as part of the larger metamorphosis of the local star, the Sun – Kinich Ahau, Velatropa 24. The sun is actually expanding its field of consciousness and transforming its radiant body into its next stage of stellar evolution. This heliospheric transformation is inevitably experienced by the planet as a profound evolutionary mutation and reorientation. The purpose of the calendar change was to prepare the species by changing its frequency. In fact, the calendar change was the only way the species could change its frequency. Once the timing frequency was changed the species could elevate from materialism into a new spirituality. This is literally a lightening of the human-planetary load which is mandatory for a successful accompaniment of the thermic-radiant mutation of the solar frequency. The acceleration of telepathy will be the lead factor in the resurrection of the human species from its former grave of materialism. The sum effect of the telepathic liberation of the human mind and psyche will be to greatly facilitate the advent of the “planet-mind,” the noosphere in all of its glory. The rapid development of telepathic technologies will demonstrate the flowering of the planet-mind – the planetary manitou. By the Resonant Storm year, 2012-2013, the prophetic Mayan date marking the end of the historical cycle will have been successfully met by the human species, while the target date of galactic synchronization, Yellow Galactic Seed, 2013 will witness the triumph of the One Mind of the Noosphere, the benevolent conclusion of the 26 Years of the Harmonic Convergence. Beyond this there is only the Galactic God-mind of universal telepathy, Beyond the Rings of Time!

Disclaimer: The Foundation for the Law of Time takes full responsibility for this visionary plan to return the human species to the universal life within the frequency of natural time.

The Foundation for the Law of Time, 21313 E. Country Club Rd., Brightwood, Oregon, USA, houses the executive headquarters of the Foundation for the Law of Time and the Planet Art Network-World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, and is home to the Library and Archives of the Law and Science of Time, and the Living Time is Art Museum and wilderness rock gardens.

Board of Directors, Foundation for the Law of Time

President, Dr. Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan Treasurer and Co-President, Lloydine Arguelles-Bolon Ik Secretary, Web master and Liaison for Latin American Affairs, David Rinck Office of Internal Operations, Deborah Haight Office of Technical and Logistical Operations, Brian Haight

Board of Advisors, Foundation for the Law of Time

Ashok Gangadean, Director Global Dialogue Institute and Professor of Philosophy, Haverford College, PA, USA

Tynneta Muhammad, Peace Through Culture Diplomat and Mother of the Faithful, Nation of Islam, USA and Mexico

Vladislav Lugovenko, Institute for the Study of Solar and Terrestrial Magnetism, Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitsk, Russia

Reinhart Ruge, Ing., Co-President, World Parliament Association, Tepoztlan, Mexico

Special Advisors For Day Out of Time:

Vandir Natal Casagrande, former prosecuting attorney, Sao Paolo, Brazil, PAN Brazil

Hirohide Yanase, Accounts Executive, Dentsu Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, PAN Japan

Special Administative Assistant for Foundation Affairs: Stephanie South

Planet Art Network

PAN Nodes are established or currently being established in the following countries: Chile Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Israel, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Altai, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Nepal, Bali (Indonesia), Australia and New Zealand (see for a more complete listing)

PAN Land Bases are being established in Patagonia (Argentina), Peru, and Idaho (USA) PAN Caravans are currently operating in South America, United Kingdom, and Canada-North America.

Strategic Alliances

Global Dialogue Institute, USA Noospheric Congress, Altai White Land Energy Research Group, Moscow, Russia

Proposed Adjunct Facility: International Foundation for Peace through Culture (to be administered by the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Altai)

Basic Literature and Tools

  1. The Calendar Thirteen Moon Calendar (now produced in English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian, and Dutch language editions)
  2. The Peace Plan. World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace (published by Roerich Museum, NYC) First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights Campaign for the New Time, and related documents
  3. Learning about the Law of Time Thirteen Moons in Motion A Treatise on Time Viewed from its Own Dimension (also published as the Call of Pacal Votan) 28 Meditations on the Law of Time
  4. The Tools Dreamspell, the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013 Telektonon, the Game of Prophecy The Rinri Project 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time 20 Tablets of the Law of Time 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation
  5. Related Texts Earth Ascending, an Illustrated Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems The Arcturus Probe, Tales and Reports of an On-going Investigation The Mayan Factor, Path Beyond Technology Surfers of the Zuvuya (all the above by Jose Arguelles)

The Biosphere (by V.I. Vernadsky)

Transmission and text completed: Lunar Moon Limi 27, Kin 258, White Spectral Mirror (Day Out of Time, 2004) Year of the Yellow Solar Seed

Copyright (c) 2001 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles