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In light of the United States government response to the 9-11 terrorist attacks establishing as official policy war on terrorism, it is mandatory to understand the implications of the new war time policy on personal freedom and to respond with a comprehensive non-violent strategy that goes to the root of the problem.

The purpose of the New Time Peace Movement is to fully address the problem of the spiral of violence and the need for non-violent resistance to this problem while providing a comprehensive solution that eradicates the problem for once and for all. The solution proposed by the New Time Peace Movement is simple and elementary: change the calendar and you change the time. Through its daily and annual use a calendar continuously programs and reinforces for good or bad the belief system of a people, a culture, a society, conditioning altogether their world-view. The very nature of war and terrorism is a function both of the irregular calendar and the inability of the people of the world to unify under a common harmonic timing standard.

To better understand why the New Time Peace Movement will work and what its methods of active non-violence are, as well as the object of its resistance, inclusive of a goal or deadline leading to the complete application of its solution, we must first understand the theory and method of active non-violence.

When Nations Themselves are the Criminals Violence and Active Non-violence

In principle, active non-violence becomes a survival necessity whenever national security becomes the paramount issue in the public affairs of a people. This is precisely the situation that occurred immediately following the 9-11 attacks. The United States took it upon itself to declare war on terrorism, to pass the Patriot Act, to create a Cabinet level Office of Homeland Security, to introduce far reaching changes in airport security systems, and in essence to subordinate all other national and international policy issues to the single over-riding one of national security. Enlisting a coalition of a preponderant majority of the nations of the world on its side (you are either with us or with the terrorists. the stage was set for the next spiral of violence, and that is moral violence.

The fundamental injustice of the Untied States position is important to bear in mind. As the most powerful nation in history economically and militarily, its policies completely dominate the global society and keep it in check.The United States population represents only 5% of the world, yet 40 % of the natural resources are consumed by the American society. The 400 wealthiest Americans have the combined wealth of the poorest one-third of the world or two billion humans. The Department of Defense budget this year alone is 318 billion dollars. What had been covert and unofficial before the 9-11 is now overt and official. Acquiring the consent of the Untied Nations Secretary-General as well as the Security Council, the United States now has carte blanche to make war on the rest of the world wherever it feels it is necessary. Within the United States itself, the majority of the populace not only acquiesces to this power, but exults in it as its right. For this reason, the same majority accepts the abrogation of its freedoms and accepts being treated like criminals. And this is because of national security.

Having allowed national security to become the paramount issue of national policy, the nation has become hypermoral. In hypermorality, the attributes of the enemy become the methods of the state. To protect its citizens, every single one of them is treated as a potential terrorist if they wish to pass through an airport. There is a total abdication of common sense in favor of a hypermorality, which is cloaked in an aggrandized patriotism where the only viable symbol is the demonstration of the national flag. In reality, this behavior in defense of civilization is the end of civilized behavior. There is no civility to random checks on anyone be they grandmothers, tattooed youths, or flight attendants themselves.

Moral violence is the first step toward physical violence. Anyone knows that if he or she resists a random whole-body check, that it will be met with physical violence. Physical coercion backs up the hypermoral method of treating any one as if they were a terrorist – the national guard are right there – arms at the ready – to make sure you behave.

When the dominant society of wealth and power uses violence – physical and moral – to protect itself, this violence is categorically different than the violence of the poor and the oppressed. The resort to violence by the oppressed or disenfranchised peoples is sometimes perceived as the only means to draw attention to their cause. What message were the terrorists sending to the United States and the world when they attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon? Does anyone remember the story of David and Goliath? Does anyone understand the inherent fascism of globalization as the doctrine of unexorability meant to be accepted by all the peoples of the world? The American government thinks that Islamic societies must be reformed, but refuses to see or consider that global society might be in need of even greater reform. Does anyone understand why 300,000 people took to the streets of Genoa when the G-7 met there just months before the 9-11? Does anyone remember that one week before the 9-11 that Israel and the United States walked out of the United Nations Conference on racism? Does anyone remember how many civilians died at the hands of the US atomic war machine in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, three days apart from each other in 1945?

When the reaction of the oppressed through violent means initiates a cycle of violence, the dominant nation responds to violence/terrorism through only two means: condemnation and combat. There is no room for dialogue or to even question whether there was any cause for such violence. But terrorism is a special complex unto itself. What is terrorism and, more important, why? Terrorism exists in the world because there is state terrorism. State terror exists in the form of the nuclear club. The purpose of this club with America at its head, and formalized as the five permanent nations of the UN Security Council, is to maintain military dominance over the rest of the world. The acquisition of nuclear arms by Pakistan and India has altered that situation, as has the war on terrorism. Terrorism itself is the only response to the official terror of the nuclear club, which, of course, would never yield its power. By using commercial airliners as bombs, wiping out the very nerve center of the globalization infrastructure while mortally penetrating the military fortress of the greatest power in history, the terrorists achieved a signal victory. They had brought civilization to its knees. When terrorism co-opts normal political procedures, then civilization is at an end, and the nation state itself becomes the criminal.

The Need for Moral Vision and Consciousness

In this situation there is a profound moral need to assert consciousness and vision where there are none. This is the purpose of a strategy of active non-violence. In this case the very fabric of the dominant world order is in need of resistance. The US congress hasn’tgiven an inch of its power to the people, because it is owned by the banks and always will be. The system itself must be resisted. If people want justice, they will not have it as long as the prevailing system exists. What is required is a total non-violent peaceful revolution that goes to the root of the problem and develops a strategy that pulls out the rug from underneath the feet of the those responsible for maintaining the hypermoral state of moral violence under the cloak of national security.

The re-entrenchment of American values following the 9-11 demonstrates the institutionalization of terrorist tactics against its citizens. Any terrorist incident that occurs is further institutionalized as a response that further destroys the rights of the individual. Please note that Articles 5 and 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are routinely violated when you are subjected to random airport security body checks. Article 5 reads in part …No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment… while Article 12 reads in part ..No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family home or correspondence, nor attacks upon his honor. Everyone has the right to protection from such interference or attacks. Airport security body checks are precisely such degrading treatment and interference with one’s privacy and honor. These are just the simplest facts of the matter. The point is that the institutionalization of hypermoral security tactics – moral violence – makes it necessary to respond with a comprehensive strategy of morally active non-violence.

To be successful such a non-violent response must be motivated by a creative and constructive urge for peace. Such a movement must open a dialogue to point out that the root problem of civilization, plagued and brought down in the end by war and violence, is to be found in the metaprogram of the calendar by which the dominant society is programmed. Root out the calendar and you root out the very foundations of the civilization which is now totally and hopelessly corrupted. To end the time of war, end the calendar which programs the civilization for war. When civilization itself is so corrupted, a genuine peace plan must envision a fundamental reorganization of human society along lines that completely transcend the now no longer viable system of the nation states which have fomented their own terrorist backlash. What if it were recognized that for there to be peace, the rights of the Earth must be recognized as paramount? What if a Biospheric Assembly replaced the United Nations?

Violence is now so pervasive that peace is thought of only in terms of military peacekeeping forces. Are we so morally degraded that we cannot think of peace without resorting to arms? Peace by coercion is not peace. The United Nations is promoting this decade as the Culture of Peace, but a culture of peace must be based on culture and not guns. Unless culture is elevated as the supreme value of human society, there will be no end to violence, nor will there be peace.

Who speaks for peace today? Who understands that peace is more than protection from guns? We are in a climactic world situation where the potential of world destruction – either through military means or through sheer environmental degradation – is a genuine reality. You are either with Bush or with the terrorists – where is there room for peace? Peace must be the wave that follows in the wake of the Inevitable Event. Peace is the construction of harmony. Peace is the break with the old time altogether, and the splendid dawning of an entirely new time. Peace is as different from war as the Thirteen Moon calendar is from the Gregorian. We must break the downward spiral of violence through a radical re-envisioning of the world that starts with taking back our time.

In the spiral of violence, the dominator 紊hristian?civilization, reinforced by the technosphere, makes war on the marginalized Indigenous societies and Islam which provides the single largest resistance to globalization. In this regard the current spiral of violence is the war between the religion of choice and the religion of submission – who will win? When the dominant society takes to war against terrorism, in the eyes of the oppressed, it actually defaults on any pretense of moral leadership. When there is a default of moral leadership on the part of the dominant society, it is giving a green light for a war time mind set for all of the other nations.

Where is the Muhammad of Non-violence?

To counteract this force we must first begin with peace in ourselves, and extend it to our family and community in a spirit of forgiveness and dialogue. Whole person, whole family, whole Earth. An upward moving spiral of morally active non-violence must be generated to counteract the downward spiral of moral and physical violence. What is needed is actually a moral jihad to break the cycle of non-violence. Personal moral reason must be aroused and reconciled with egoless spiritual behavior – the behavior of love. Love is the true weapon of peace, disarming all through the embrace of love. Peace is love. As-salaam alaikum! It is the beginning of constructive peace. True peace stems from a systemic basis. Peace is a construct of creative logic that engages the enemy or adversarial view and introduces it to the evolving logic of constructive peace. Peace through culture is constructive peace, the basis of a nonviolent harmonic solution. Where is the Muhammad of non-violence?

The New Time Peace Movement considers it a moral necessity to resist the entire fabric of world society governed by the erroneous and irregular Gregorian calendar.There will never be any agreement of any kind as long as your institutions and beliefs are programmed by the unnatural and irregular Gregorian calendar. How could it be that society as advanced? as that of global civilization could not come to terms with terrorism? Why is it that no peace movement has successfully come to the root of the problem? Time is not money. Time is art. In a time of peace, the arts flourish as humanity principle activity. To end the time of war eliminate the calendar of that time. To assure a time of peace introduce and live by a calendar of perfect harmony – this is the perpetual calendar of thirteen moons, 28 days each moon, thirteen times a year with one day for forgiveness and transcendence. How could global society expect to solve the problems of the human condition when it is not spiritual or harmonious at its root?

The New Time Peace Movement recognizes that its object of civil resistance is to eliminate the Gregorian calendar, calling together all peace, spiritual and ecology groups to be in accord on this one point. The New Time Peace Movement recognizes that the previous peace movements could not rid the world of nuclear terror, and therefore at this time to preserve the earth, humanity and the future, the only means left is to delegitimize all of the current institutions by delegitimizing the calendar in which all these institutions are founded and established. By abolishing the calendar in which these institutions are established, replacing it instead with a new calendar, and declaring the right of sovereignty in time, a new legitimacy will establish as institutions the values of harmony, culture, art and peace. If it is a new millennium, we need a new time and a new calendar. The old calendar of the old millennium only brought us war and more war.That won’t work anymore. Any time is only as good or as bad as its calendar. If war is a state of mind, than peace is the mind without a state. Let us start over again.

The New Time Peace Movement will utilize art and culture as its means to demonstrate against and resist the Gregorian society. The New Time Peace Movement will mobilize under the Banner of Peace, recognized by International Law in 1935 as a legitimate symbol to fly in order to protect society, cultural monuments and nature itself from the destructive effects of war. Wherever this Banner is flown it will represent constructive peace and the creative endeavor to create a new society in its own time. The New Time Peace Movement will promote and promulgate the new time calender of thirteen moons of peace everywhere, offering education about the nature of time and the new peace plan for human social reorganization in time. The New Time Peace Movement has set as its goal, July 25, 2004, to complete its march to the new time; and on the day following, old calendar, July 26, to establish a new world society based on sovereignty in natural time, and thereby exempt itself any further from the morally crippling effects of Gregorian society. We recognize that Martin Luther King Jr., and before him, Mahatma Gandhi developed techniques and methods for manifesting peaceful resistance of oppression and injustice. The New Time Peace Movement will do the same and follows in the same tradition.

As of the Spring Equinox, 2002, the New Time Peace Movement is officially launched. Based on the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement now dispersed and spreading in more than 30 countries worldwide, the New Time Peace Movement is calling for a rolling wave of creative acts of resistance against the dominant society. These acts of creative celebration will be coordinated worldwide with the Solstices and Equinoxes to demonstrate that the Earth and Earth time are greater than that of any human social order. To further its ends, the New Time Peace Movement is calling for a dialogue with all other peace, ecology and spiritual movements, as well as with community leaders, to address the issues of moral and physical violence and eradicating the root by eradicating the irregular calendar in favor of a new calendar in order to enter a genuine time of peace.

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