Total Peace: The Only Answer, A New Time


Total Peace: The Only Answer, A New Time: The Only Way
Report of a Peace Mission to Colombia and Venezuela
Overtone Moon 12 – Rhythmic Moon 2, Solar Seed Year
(November 26-December 14, 2001)
Filed by Agent Kin 11 and Agent Kin 22

1. Gandhi Would Go!. It was only after we had given up all fear or
concern about traveling abroad in the wake of the 9-11 terrorist attack
that a little voice inside of me said, Gandhi would go! Yes, Gandhi
would go to Colombia and Venezuela in search of a better path for peace,
especially in a time when the clouds of war grow darker every day. It
had been seven years now since we had last been been to Colombia and
Venezuela, and, if nothing else, we were curious about the growth and
present state of the Planet Art Network-World Thirteen Moon Calendar
Change Peace Movement in countries where we had not spent any time
except for the initial seeding. It was during the end of the first year
of prophecy and during the first part of the second year of prophecy,
both in 1994, that we spent considerable time in these countries, the
northernmost part of South America, where the Andes have their origin
before heading on their long serpentine course to Patagonia and the
Tierra del Fuego.

Observing events unfold in America in the two moons since the 9-11,
characterized by a phenomenal surge of flag-waving patriotism, we had
also concluded that it would be good to get a little perspective from
beyond American borders. One thing was certain. Since the 9-11 we knew
that purpose of our peace movement, universal calendar change by July 26
2004, now took on an air of supreme urgency, for nowhere in the world
could we see or feel the kind of comprehensive peace movement we knew
was necessary as a voice equal to the intensity of the war now occurring
in Afghanistan and the Middle East. It was also our first pass through
the newly heightened airport security system.

As we were checked in at the Portland airport, final destination,
Medellin, Colombia, the ticket agent remarked, Medellin … what do you
want to go there for? Isn’t that dangerous territory? Looking around
the airport one could see the National Guard making sure this airport
wouldn’t become as dangerous as Medellin. Appreciating the irony we were
off on our journey. The heavily armed Los Angeles Airport felt like a
disaster waiting to happen. Miami was all asleep when we got there. The
newspaper stories talked about the quelling of the Taliban prison riot
by the use of US bombers. On CNN airport television every fifteen
minutes a series of people would proclaim I am an American. Finally we
took off, first to Bogota, the Capitol of Colombia. Flying over Cuba I
could see the green hills and little country roads that Fidel Castro
had kept clear of globalization. As we sat in the Bogota airport
awaiting our final flight to Medellin, on the ubiquitous television we
noticed pictures of Osama Bin Laden and the World Trade Center blowing
up. It was a popular music video, 絎eringue to Bin Laden, something
you definitely would not see in the USA. An article in the airline
magazine reflected on the difference of values between the hopless
West and the burka worn by the women of Afghanistan, while a photograph
of the Ankara airport showed the Muslim women, all but their faces
covered, standing in front of a gigantic billboard depicting a blonde
women luridly popping out of her bikini.

We reflected on these images. What a world. We saw clearly the dominant
culture – the G-7 (now G-8 or even G-20) dominated by the instruments of
false time, the mechanical clock and the Gregorian calendar. Whether in
the first world?of North America and Europe or in the third world of
Latin America, the dominant culture was universally the same – clever
and suggestive publicity, soccer or football, seductive pleasure, and a
blatant materialism protected everywhere by guns. What was this dominant
culture catering to if not the lowest instincts? And we meditated on the
civilization of Islam so profoundly misperceived because at its root its
public values emphasize not materialism but moral and spiritual
upliftment. Church and state had not been separated as they had in the
West, and now Islam was being coerced and dragged into a defense of a
value system that only seeks to undermine it. Huntington’sthesis, the
Coming Clash of Civilizations was now occurring. Would the entire world
be made safe for McDonalds and Microsoft at the expense of the existence
of other cultures and civilizations destroyed for not buying into the
dominant society driven as it is by a purely economic model of the
world? Or would something give way and a cultural biodiversity flourish
once again on this planet? In the answer to these questions lay the
purpose of our peace mission.

Awaiting us at Medellin airport was Rodrigo Alarcon Yellow Solar Star
and a small team of kin replete with Banners of Peace. Unlike our last
visit when we had spent time on a rustic finca (colonial style farm or
plantation), this time our team put us up for two nights at the Sheraton
Four Points Hotel – a room with a view. Ten floors up on the fashionable
south side of downtown Medellin, the city can be seen stretching its red
brick barrios into the mountains on the other side of the valley.
Notorious for narcotraffic, Medellin is Colombia’s second city, home of
much of its heavy industry as well as being the fashion center of the
country – evident in the many billboards of existentially stylish models
in some stage of undress halfway between a fashionable pair of jeans and
a bottle of beer. Medellin also boasts of its artistic reputation most
notably through the sculpted and painted work of world-renown artist,
Botero. The traffic in the past seven years has only increased

and a constant smog hangs over the central district spreading out over
the valley. By mid-day the traffic is in gridlock. The hotel is
featuring its Cuban week – Cuban cuisine and a small salsa group that
heats up the night even though there is no audience besides the two of

On the second evening of our stay we give our first public lecture,
Total Peace: the Only Answer, A New Time: The Only Way. We were in an
auditorium in the older part of downtown. There is a full house of maybe
two hundred people, including a reporter and crew from a local
television station. The 9-11 seems to be on everybody’s mind. What does
it mean and what will the future bring? What will stop the Americans in
their war against the world? In light of the effect of the event on the
mind’s of the people, we begin by asking the question: That would
Gandhi do today? What would Martin Luther King Jr. do today??They each
had a clear goals, the one to regain independence for India by getting
rid of the English dominators; the other to end racial discrimination on
the part of the dominant white society. Both utilized non-violent means
and established powerful movements and strategies to accomplish their

Today it is not just one country, but the whole world that needs to be
secured for peace. Where is the world peace movement today? Can the
world be secured for peace without resorting to violence? Yes, if we can
identify a root cause to the problems that afflict the biosphere today,
and then eliminate that root cause peacefully. The root problem is
artificial mechanized time – the result of which is the mechanized
disorder of the dominant global society. This root problem is
perpetuated by a particular program, the Gregorian calendar.A calendar
is an instrument for programing the mind and the entire society which
uses it. The Gregorian calendar operates on a 28-year program, like a
phonograph record that plays for 28 years and then repeats its motifs
for another 28-year play. Any Gregorian calendar year repeats precisely
every 28 years. 1945 is repeated in 1973, and both years repeat again in
2001. 1945 was characterized by the atomic destruction of Hiroshima and
Nagasaki; 1973 saw the sublimation of this twin destruction in the
completion of the Twin Towers, inaugurated on April 4, 1973. The
scenario of twin destruction was then repeated in the 9-11 attack upon
and subsequent collapse of the twin Towers. 2001 inaugurates another
28-year cycle.

At the present rate, by the conclusion of this next 28-year cycle, in
the year 2029, life on Earth will all but be destroyed. If you want
peace and a future on this planet for your children, break the cycle
now. If we do not break this program now it will destroy us within the
next 28 years. Join the Campaign for the New Time and be ready on July
26, 2004, to break the Gregorian calendar program of apocalypse, war and
biospheric destruction while there is still time – time to enter a new
time of peace and harmony through the harmonic standard of the thirteen
moon 28-day calendar. Then we can meet the evolutionary deadline of
2012, having made one good collective decision on behalf of peace and
the biosphere. Besides, the 9-11 was the inevitable event – inevitable
because it was the only way the biosphere could send an alert that the
technosphere had run its course and the transition to the noosphere was
imminent, as imminent as 2004. You can’t resist evolution. If we do not
change the Earth will change us.

Such, in essence, were the arguments we presented, arguments which we
would only amplify and expand during our two-country tour. On the way
out from the auditorium a kin gives us a document, entitled The Mayan
Prophecy and the Twin Towers. Put together by a Colombian Kin, 8 Hand,
the document is a stunning Dreamspell analysis of the events around the
Twin Towers. What is most amazing is that the Towers were dedicated on
the day 11 Monkey, Kin 11, the first of the sequence of thirteen Monkey
Kin in the Tzolkin, while the destruction occurred on 4 Monkey, Kin 251,
the last of the thirteen Monkey Kin of the Tzolkin. Definitely monkey
business, but big time!

2. World Congress on Time and World Peace, Temple of the Seven Suns,
Tzolkin Center, Medellin Colombia, Overtone Moon 16-22. By mid-day of
the Overtone Moon 15, White Overtone Dog, our host Rodrigo Alarcon, 9
Star, one of the original earth Wizards of Picarquin, has arrived in his
old green four-wheel drive to take us to the Temple of the Seven Suns,
site of the seven-day Congress. Rodrigo we have known since our very
first trip to Colombia. He graduated from medical school in 1965, and
was involved in radical politics at that time. By the 1970s he had
started to turn his attention to alternative medicine and eventually to
evolve into bioenergetic medicine as well as Taoist techniques. In the
early 1990s he had discovered Earth Ascending and had undertaken a
translation of it. When we met in 1994 he had virtually completed the
translation. His dedication to the law of time resulted in his
translations as well of the Mayan Factor and the Treatise on Time.
Working our way through the little mountain villages, here and there
picking up supplies for the Congress, we finally arrived at the Temple
of the Seven Suns.

For 22 years Rodrigo held this property. The original house where we
stayed is virtually the only one with square corners. The rest of the
temple is a flowing, fluid organic composite of structures. On the one
side, the structures offer dormitories for up to sixty people. Up the
hillside are gardens and orchards. Everywhere the floor consists of
cosmic mosaics. On the other side of the central house is the group
kitchen and the temple itself, approached by a serpentine stairway
leading into the main hall, still in a state of being completed when we
arrived. Set in a dramatic mountainside which drops down to a small
canyon stream before ascending steeply up another mountain, the Temple
of the Seven Suns is truly a dream-like presence.

Some 76 people are gathered for the Congress. Most of the people are
from Colombia, representing all of the major centers – Bogota, Cali,
Arminia and Medellin among others – with an equally diverse
cross-section from older professional people like Graciella, a
dress-maker form Bogota, married 45 years to the same man, to
representatives of the younger generation, including members of one of
the most active Rap-Hip Hop groups of Medellin, Mlianza NRP-
Colombianos del Barrio. In addition to the Colombians, there were also
representatives from Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Brazil,
Argentina, Ecuador and Chile. For seven days we gave a three hour talk
each day, from ten in the morning until early afternoon. The group was
divided into the five Earth Families which met in the afternoons. During
the evenings there were sessions devoted to the Dreamspell, Telektonon,
the 20 Tablets and the 7:7::7:7. We laid great emphasis on the formation
of the PAN Bioregional Council and its role in the Campaign for the New
Time, as well as the formation of five Commissions: Translation,
Education, Publicity, Strategic Alliances, and Community. The sense of
urgency of the post- 9-11 was translated into the sense of urgency to
arouse a peace movement and meet a deadline, July 25-26, 2004.

By the second and third days a feeling of separation was beginning to
develop between the young people, some 30 to 40 of the total
representation, many of whom were staying in tents below the main
building complex, and on the fourth day we decided to have a meeting
with them. After a very honest exchange regarding the use of marijuana,
we came to a place of common understanding and mutual respect. The
leader of the Alianza NRP stands up and says that they are not into
getting their pictures taken with us, but it sure would be great if we
could all hug each other. And so our gathering with the young people
ended amid hugs, tears and songs. This loving feeling continued for the
remainder of the Congress. The hugs were repeated on the last day with
all of the members of the Congress.

On that final day, Red Crystal Earth, the five Earth Families presented
their resolutions for turning the Congress into steps for concrete
action (these will be posted on The youth group also
presented and read the Urgent Call of the Youth,?reprinted at the end
of this document. Then came the Crystal Earth Meditation, followed by
passing the Wiphala rainbow flag and taking the vow to support the Earth
and the New Time for Seven Times Seven Generations to come. The
concluding ceremony to the workers in charge of the maintenance and
construction of the Temple of the Seven Suns created a highly festive
mood, with a sense of success and commitment to the goal of the New Time
as the only way to attain world peace. If there is any people on Earth
full of heart it is the Colombians – this despite the fact that they
live in the midst of what appears to be endless violence and civil war.
Maybe now a new non-violent force for peace might arise.

Below is the program of the Congress on Time and World Peace, in both
Spanish and English.

Dia 1, Mono Ritmico Azul. Que es el Tiempo?
Sabe ud. que hora es? Donde estamos en el tiempo cosmico? Tiempo
astronomico, tiempo sincronico, y la ley del tiempo – tiempo natural
sincronico 13:20 o tiempo artificial del mundo desordenado 12:60. Que
supieron los Mayas de 3113 AC hasta 2012 DC?
Day 1, Blue Rhythmic Monkey. What is Time?
Do you know what time it is? Where are we in cosmic time? Astronomical
time, synchronic time and the law of time – natural synchronic 13:20
time or the artificial 12:60 time of the disordered world. What did the
Maya know from BC 3113 to AD 2012?

Dia 2, Humano Resonante Amarillo. Que es la Paz?
Armonia y desarmonia. Como entender la ley del tiempo T(E) = Arte. Como
entender la sincronia, la belleza, la naturaleza y la historia. Tiempo
de guerra, tiempo de paz y el calendario – quien tiene la culpa? En que
consiste la paz? Que le gusta, la armonia o la desarmonia? Hasta la
post-historia de la paz.
Day 2. Yellow Resonant Human. What is Peace?
Harmony and Disharmony. How to understand the law of Time T(E) = Art.
How to understand synchronization, beauty, nature and history. Time of
war, time of peace and the calendar – who is to blame? In what does
peace consist? Which do you prefer, harmony or disharmony? Toward the
peace of post-history. This session concluded with a meditation
visualization on becoming an interdimensional channel for the noosphere.

Dia 3, Caminante del Cielo Galactico Rojo. Tiempo profetico y el
acontecimiento inevitable.
Telektonon de Pacal Votan y el juicio final: Que es profecia y como
podemos definir el tiempo profetico? Como se conjunten las trayectorias
profeticas en el acontecimiento inevitable, el emergencia planetaria
9-11 y la guerra final entre la materia y el espiritu? La guerra final
del cielo en la tierra – en busqueda de las planetas perdidas.
Day 3. Red Galactic Skywalker. Prophetic Time and the Inevitable Event.
The Telektonon of Pacal Votan and the last judgment. What is prophecy
and can we define the time of prophecy? How did the prophetic streams
join in the inevitable event, the planetary 9-11 emergency and the final
war between matter and spirit? The final war of the heavens on earth and
the search for the lost planets.

Dia 4, Mago Solar Blanco. Biosfera-tecnosfera-noosfera.
Analisis de la ley del tiempo de nuestra planeta como sistema entera y
la ubicacion del acontecimiento inevitable en el camino evolutivo de la
biosfera y la transicion a la noosfera. Como definir la biosfera. Que es
la tecnosfera? Analisis de las 56 as del terror, 1945-2001. El fin
del tiempo artificiel y la transicion a la noosfera.
Day 4, White Solar Wizard. Biosphere-technosphere-noosphere.
Analysis of the law of time of our planet as a whole system and the
location of the inevitable event in the evolutionary path of the
biosphere and the transition to the noosphere. How to define the
biosphere. What is the technosphere? Analysis of the 56 years of terror,
1945-2001. The end of artificial time and the transition to the

Dia 5, Aguila Planetario Azul. La Nueva Ciencia del Tiempo.
Historia de un discubrimiento. Por que fue invocado por el tiempo la ley
del tiempo. Convergencia Armonica y la solucion de la ley del tiempo –
que obtenga un nuevo calendario! Trece lunas/28 dias, la medida de paz y
armonia. reforma del calendario y el fin de la historia. El Plan de Paz
Trece Lunas. Orden sincronico, la 4a dimension revelada.
Day 5. Blue Planetary Eagle. The New Science of Time.
History of a discovery. Why the law of time was evoked by the times. The
Harmonic Convergence and the solution of the law of time – get a new
calendar! Thirteen Moons/28 days, the measure of peace and harmony.
Calendar reform and the end of history. The Thirteen Moon Peace Plan.
Synchronic order, the fourth dimension revealed.

Dia 6, Guerrero Espectral Amarillo. Herramientos para la Liberacion.
De la teoria a la practica. El calendario trece lunas es un sincronario.
La matematica radial 4a dimensional del encantemineto del sue?y la
nueva csomologia. El Telektonon: como combatir la babilonia
telepaticamente, como adjustir su ADN, y como crear un moleculo del
tiempo. Como convertir por el tiempo en los magos de la tierra y
guerreros de Shambhala.
Day 6. Yellow Spectral Warrior. Tools for Liberation.
From theory to practice. The Thirteen Moon calendar is a sinchronario.
The radial Dreamspell mathematics of the fourth dimension and the new
cosmology. The Telektonon: how to combat Babylon telepathically; how to
adjust your DNA; how to create a time molecule. How to convert through
time into Earth Wizards and Warriors of Shambhala.

Dia 7, Tierra Cristal Roja. Como salvar la Tierra y crear la Paz
Paz mundial o guerra mundial, es a Ud. a escoger. La campan por el
nuevo tiempo, un asunto de espiritualidad universal. Llamada para el
Jihad moral y creativo y un nuevo movimiento pacifista mundial. Etapas
del desarollo de la campan por el nuevo tiempo. La emergencia mitica
del infierno al cielo. Los ciclos Semilla-Tormenta y la venida de la
noosfera – 2012, Punto Omega. Izamos la bandera de paz por todo el
Day 7. Red Crystal Earth. How to save the Earth and Create World Peace.
World peace or world war, it is yours to choose. The Campaign for the
New Time, a matter of universal spirituality. Call for a moral and
creative jihad and a new world peace movement. Stages of development of
the Campaign for the New Time. The mythic emergence from hell to heaven.
the Seed-Storm year bundles and the advent of the noosphere – Omega
Point 2012. Let us raise the Banner of Peace everywhere.

3. Welcome to Venezuela! It was very early in the morning of Kin 78,
White Cosmic Mirror, when we wound our way back down from the temple of
the Seven Suns. No world news had reached us, and now we were going from
the 13:20 to 12:60 worlds. The workers gathering at bus stops in the
predawn dark to go into the city for their jobs made a poignant effect.
When would this world come to a full halt? What would it take? We felt
inside of us the profound responsibility for evoking a peace movement
like that of Gandhi’s so that we could bring the world to a halt in 2004
in order that all might observe the transition from the time of war to
the time of peace. There was no longer even the possibility to think
that this might not happen. The Congress had catalyzed us. Our lives
were now staked on the Day Out of Time and New Year’s Day, White
Spectral Mirror and Blue Crystal Storm, 2004. The synchronic wave of
equinox, solstice and day out of time events from 2002 through 2004 had
been set in motion. The call to unify the Bioregional PANs through the
formation of Councils and thence to create the People’s Congresses had
been issued.

As the sun rose we wound our way up another mountain to the Medellin
airport, bidding farewell to our amiable colleague and host, Rodrigo
Alarcon. Accompanied now by Earth Wizard Patricia Spectral Human and in
the company of others who had attended the Congress, we landed at Bogota
airport again.There awaiting us were Earth Wizards Reynaldo 11 Skywalker
and Yadiva 10 Seed. Reynaldo’s father had died on the Galactic Skywalker
day of the Congress and so he and Yadiva had to return to Bogota, so it
was great to have a few minutes to conclude the Congress for them.
Reynaldo had been as creative as ever, his radial brain churning out
visual demonstrations of radial time. And now they had baby child to
deal with as well. We counseled them on the need to take a job, and to
think of the job as service in order to economically sustain their 13:20
vision. Then we were off to Venezuela, in some ways as different from
Colombia as night is from day. Venezuela was one of the original OPEC
nations, the only western one at the time, and the sense of oil wealth
still lingers in the modernistic high rises of Caracas, in the midst of
which can be seen the spires of the largest mosque in the western

As we were landing in Caracas international airport, our names were
called. We were told that we were to go the Sala VIP – the VIP lounge –
for a press conference. We sat for some 20 or 30 minutes in the Lounge,
but no press showed up. Nonetheless it was a good welcome to Venezuela,
and we left the sala VIP in a most relaxed mood. having cleared customs
we were greeted by the Venezuelan kin who, in addition to the banners of
peace, had a large banner with our names inscribed in a most triumphant
manner. In addition to the kin of Venezuela, including Pedro magnetic
human, Xiomara Rhythmic Dragon, Alexander Electric World-bridger and
Romelia Spectral Sun, there was a great surprise and delight – our
comrade in common struggle, Alberto Ruz, the Subcoyote himself, head of
the Rainbow Peace Caravan. We had not seen Alberto Cosmic Monkey since
the UR Council, Day Out of Time and New Year’s day, 1998, events in
Milan, Italy, and in just those three years how much had changed!

Through Patricia Spectral Human, who had made contact with a pair of
sisters, Marcela 5 Storm and Macarena 6 Storm, we had obtained as a
place to stay the apartment of Otto Boye, the father of the two sisters.
Chilean born of German descent, Otto Boye is, among many other things,
the former ambassador from Chile to Venezuela, the author of numerous
books, including a superb one on the history and methodology of active
Non-violence,?and is now the Director of the 28-nation SELA (Economic
System of Latin America). Arriving at the elegant but simply adorned
tenth floor apartment, we are apprised of forthcoming events, which
include personal invitations we have received from the President of
Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, to attend a historic event the next day in the
National Pantheon, the symbolic interment of the remains of Venezuela’s
greatest indigenous leader, Guacaipuro.

Before the day ended – it was still White Cosmic Mirror! – we held an
interview with Kabala a leading esoteric and new age magazine.
Inevitably the topic of the 9-11 becomes the center-piece of the
interview, the sparkplug to the Campaign for the New Time, the rousing
of a new world-wide non-violent peace movement -as long as you remain
in the Gregorian calendar and its time you will never have peace. The
only hope for attaining a lasting world peace is by first replacing the
Gregorian with the Thirteen Moon Calendar. then you will have a new
basis for renegotiating everything, but in a harmonic matrix of time
free of the program of 5,000 years of history. This is the essence of
our peace plan and peace movement.?At the conclusion of the Interview
one of the journalists remarks on a book he came across by someone named
Robin Cook and published in Spain. In this book, the journalist asserts,
is a list and profile of the ten spiritual leaders of the third
millennium. One of these is none other than Jose Argulles. Well,
whether that is true or not, we can only think of what we must do to
attain our goal – a new time of peace.

The next morning, Blue Magnetic Storm, we head off to the National
Pantheon which holds the remains of Simon Bolivar, the liberator not
only of Venezuela, but of Colombia, Ecuador and many other counties of
South America as well. The feeling for Bolivar among Venezuelans is
still very high and has an almost mystical fervor to it. As we arrive at
the plaza in front of the Pantheon, we see it is very colorful, but most
prominent are the Banners of Peace and the banner of the logo of the PAN
World Movement with its words, Tne Time, One Earth One People. A large
crowd has already gathered. At the center there is a ceremonial circle.
We recognize one of Alejandro Cerillo’s helpers, Cesar, who along with a
Mayan woman, are conducting a Quiche fire ceremony. Alberto Ruz then
introduces us to Phil Lane, a spiritual leader of the Lakota Sioux,
residing in Canada and one of the organizers of the large North and
South American indigenous alliance, The Eagle and the Condor. In full
feather bonnet and ceremonial regalia, Phil had been asked to preside
over the indigenous ceremony to be held in the Pantheon.

As we enter the Pantheon we are greeted by a great spectacle. Amazonian
and Orinoco River indigenous people in their loin cloths and imposing
head-dresses are mingled with straight laced politicians, military and
society ladies. A group of kin from El Salvador are holding up a Banner
of Peace. The Quiche Maya, an Eskimo shaman known as Uncle, and Phil
Lane complete the entourage of invited indigenous elders. Finally
president Hugo Chavez arrives and the full ceremony begins. Phil does
the invocation to the cardinal directions, following which is read the
official law instating the symbolic remains of Guacaipuro to be placed
in the sacred place of honor, alongside as it were to those of Simon
Bolivar. An indigenous woman makes the only formal speech, facingthe
President, and with much pomp and fanfare the ceremony is concluded. One
thing is certain, a truly historic moment has occurred, the elevating of
the indigenous to an equal place of prominence with the founders of the
modern state of Venezuela. In the bipolar post-9-11 world, this event is
profoundly unifying.

Later that afternoon, we are scheduled to give a lecture in the Karl
Marx auditorium of the National University, but a misunderstanding has
occurred and we are locked out. Alberto Ruz has already gathered with a
contingent of caravanistas, and we decide the show must go on. Alexander
Electric World Bridger finds us a pair of old chairs and we are off on
our lecture, A New Time of Peace. Somehow, the setting of a large
gathering seated on the lawn outside of the locked up academic building
listening to a lecture on natural and artificial time seems most
appropriate and comical. But this in no way deters us from the
seriousness of our purpose: to arouse a movement for peace. And the only
way to make this peace movement have a bite to it is to make the change
concrete by changing the calendar. Afterwards, Frank Bracho, former
ambassador of Venezuela to India and the official coordinator between
Phil Lane and the government of Venezuela, comes up and asks if the
change cannot be accomplished solely within oneself. We reply, that
while the change must be embedded in love and non-violence, only by
uniting with many others to make the calendar change will we know that
something has actually changed.

The next day, Yellow Lunar Sun, we are gathered at the Ananda Center in
the middle of busy Caracas. A yoga and thirteen moon calendar arts
center run by Pedro 1 Human and Xiomara 6 Dragon, the Ananda Center is
hosting a gathering of kin. The tone is set by three young women from
Puerto La Cruz performing a dance. Then we outline the steps for
unifying the bioregional PAN into a Council, the establishment of the
Commissions, the preparation for the people’s Congresses to pull in the
receptive community leaders and the need to make concrete plans for the
year of transition, Blue Crystal Storm. After a break we are joined by
the Eskimo Shaman, Uncle. His presentation underscores the seriousness
of our meeting. By 2010, he tells us, the Eskimo prophecy says that
Greenland will no longer be covered by ice. The waters will melt and
many people will no longer have their homes. We can still keep that from
happening, but as Eskimo uncle’s aunt told him, we have to work faster.
Uncle also uses the image of melting the ice from the heart, but he has
to leave before the melt-down. Alberto Ruz then pledged his heart oath
with us, henceforth joining the Rainbow Peace Caravan as a member of the
Strategic Alliance for a New Time of Peace. The meeting ended with a
tape of John Lennon singing Imagine, and we all dissolved again into
hugs, tears, and happiness.

That evening we are called to the Caracas Hilton for a meeting with Phil
Lane. During this meeting, in the lobby of the Hilton, one of the most
remarkable we have ever attended, Phil Lane pays me (and Bolon Ik)
honor, acknowledging the loss of my son, and the loneliness of carrying
a mission such as I carry. He then presented me (as well as Pedro and
Xiomara and later, Alexander) the sacred warrior’s stake. This stake I
place in time at the Day Out of Time, 2004, for here is where I stake my
life on my vision and my purpose. The gathering closes with another
circle of hugs and love.

Electric Dragon, a Monday on the Gregorian calendar, was the day of the
National Strike. Nothing was open or running that day. interestingly
enough it was the businesses, not the workers calling the strike. The
feeling was that the government was not doing enough to support
business. President Chavez, on the other hand was invoking the law of
the Earth, and the indigenous were speaking of the Earth being
collective. Here again, the clash of values. it was a good day for
Alberto Ruz to come by and show us a slide show of the last three years
of the caravan. it was truly an eye-opener. Here was Peace and
Transformation in action. Here was the voice of the biosphere, the
childrens Earth and art crusade, the rainbow prophecy being fulfilled.
It was clear from this demonstration that the 13:20 caravans had much to
learn. Afterwards we agreed with Alberto to postpone the BIG caravan
meeting until Electric 3, Planetary Moon year, and that in the meantime,
13:20 caravan people should go to Ecuador, if they could, for some
advanced training from the Rainbow Peace Caravan. (More details about
this will be posted on

Early the next morning, Self-existing Wind, we were on a flight to
Merida, Venezuela’s education and ecology capitol located in the
headlands of the Andes. A long valley filled with city, Merida is at the
foot of a mountain over 15,000 feet high. Here the press was awaiting
us. A newspaper and a radio interview occur at the airport restaurant.
Outside, heading for the television interview I spot a sign: Renounce
all irregularity!?it reads in reference to suspicious behavior, but to
me it refers to the Gregorian calendar as well! The television
interview, an hour long is conducted by a suave, well-educated Hindu

about the 9-11. Before we start the show he asks us, Don’t Americans
know how much the rest of the world hates them? Unfortunately, they
don’t. The interview goes well, and then we are off to Impulso, a whole
system vegetarian restaurant, gym, alternative therapy center and
meditation hall.

After lunch and a rest, we convene another kin gathering. As with
Colombia we had not been to Venezuela in seven years, and are impressed
at the growth of the Movement, and with the reunion of old friends like
Sandra Davis 7 Dog, who had been our hostess in Maracaibo. However, it
is a good thing we have returned, for the idea of the calendar as a tool
for social transformation and for bringing a new time of peace needed to
be aroused and given new life. Following the kin gathering we were
treated to a concert in Homage of Jose and Lloydine Argulles presented
by the Merida Old Music Ensemble. Finally we headed for our resting
place, the hacienda of Nacio 10 Monkey and Lucia 8 World-Bridger. Some
40 minutes outside of Merida, the old farm was truly a living piece of
gracious colonial era art. But more than that, in addition to the cows
and the chickens, Lucia had been devoting herself to hydroponics and
organic gardening and agriculture. Joining us there were Romelia, Pedro
and Xiomara.

The next morning, Overtone Night, we had a date up the Teleferico, the
world’t longest mountain cable car. At the first stop we were presented
a touching and moving concert and performance on behalf of the earth and
in honor of our presence by a group orphan children. This event included
the simultaneous raising of the Banner of peace and the flag of
Venezuela (this accomplished by Alexander and Macarena). Later that day,
after another lunch at the Impulso, we gave a lecture at the University
of the Andes, a New Time of Peace, this time in a more scientific vein.
The large lecture hall is only sparsely filled. the city has all but
been shut down by student riots and few people are venturing out.
Nonetheless the lecture is a great success, and the seriousness of our
mission is sinking in to all of the kin. One more night at the great old
finca and back to the airport the next morning, Rhythmic Seed. Awaiting
us at the airport is one last newspaper interview, then after a comedy
of errors, (no, we hadn’t really lost a ticket, it was just in Romelia’s
bag) we are en route back to Caracas. At the airport we run into Otto
Boye just returning from a SELA meeting on Margarita Island. Back at the
apartment, Frank Bracho is awaiting us for lunch. He is still curious
and we engage in a rapid exchange, concluded by a brief video of the
shamanic meaning of Mount Avila at the foot of which Caracas is located.

Later that afternoon we have our final lecture at the Metropolitana
University. Alberto Ruz is there and so is Frank Bracho along with a
great surprise, Natasha of the White Land Group in Moscow. She happened
to be in Venezuela and had just written us an e-mail that morning, not
knowing that we were also in Venezuela. Then, later that morning,
walking through a park, Natasha spotted a poster announcing our lecture
that afternoon at the University. Among many others in attendance was an
elderly gentleman dressed in a suit, attentive to every last word of the
lecture. Knowing this to be the last event of this tour, I summarized
everything of all the previous talks and the Congress, the error in
time, the law of time, the calendar as a programming instrument, the
biosphere-technosphere-noosphere, the Thirteen Moon Calendar and the new
time of peace… Most of the time I held a little rubber Earth ball in
my hand showing the actual nature of time, a turning on the axis, a
circular motion, an orbit around the sun… not a straight line… the
nation state is over, the United Nations must be replaced by a
Biospheric Assembly… At the end, once again the John Lennon Imagine?
creating a circle of hugs, tears and happiness of love. The well dressed
elderly man identified himself as a member of the faculty of Natural
Sciences, and thanks us profusely for demonstrating the next stage.
Frank Bracho exclaims I get it, I understand … we must work

Afterwards we drove into the night for a surprise – Pedro, Xiomara,
Romelia, Natasha. Patricia, Marcela, Macarena, Marcela’s daughter,
Stefania, and Alberto Ruz. Finally, after some horrifying gridlock
traffic on the freeway, we arrive at the ashram of Maestro Vasant,
promulgator of the Agni Hotra technique. We hadn’t seen Vasant since our
last visit to Venezuela, when we had had some astonishing moments with
him. At 80, he was now confined to a wheel chair. He gave a brief
darshan. The scientists all know that it is over. The damage is
irreversible. The governments know but are afraid to tell the people for
fear of panic … Chernobyl is more radioactive today than it ever was
God will make it new again … the Agni Hotra technique works and
will revive the soil.?When he is done, he asks me to give some words.
All I know in light of this is that we must all prepare for the new
time, 2004, then we will have heaven on earth. Alberto Ruz also speaks.
Now is the time to network and spread the alliance for a new Earth and a
new Time. After a brief feast, we arrive back at Otto Boye’s apartment.
He is still up, and so with Alberto we have one last round of exchange.
Now is the time to begin to develop the alliances for a new order of
peace which must arise from the ashes of the old time.

The next day brings return, Red Resonant Serpent: Caracas-Dallas-Los
Angeles-San Francisco-Portland. Our team of Venezuelan kin is at the
airport for our loving send-off. Bolon Ik gives last minute instructions
on unification and order in time as the way to go beyond ego. Then, as
if in a dream, we are flying back. Looking down on the Bahamas we have
never seen anything so exquisitely colored – miraculous turquoise waters
and shimmering sands – will we destroy all this, or will the Creator
renew it and give us a new life, a new world, a new time? Back in the
USA even the national guard appear to be loosened up, looking for
something different. I am subjected to a secondary search in which a
security person spends more than fifteen minutes looking through every
shred of personal paper and item carried in my black bag, making small
talk as she does it. What did she think afterwards – or did she? It is
after midnight when we arrive in Portland. Stephanie Red Electric
Serpent, the Foundation’s Special Administrative Assistant, is waiting
for us. All is well. The New World Movement for a New Time of Peace is
spreading and taking form. Total peace, the only answer; a new time, the
only way. Thank you, O Creator, for a safe and catalytic journey.

Kin 91 Blue Cosmic Monkey, Rhythmic Moon Dali 8, Yellow Solar Seed Year
Foundation for the Law of Time, 2001
Llamada Urgente a la Juventud!

Nosotros, los jovenes de Colombia convocados para el Congreso Mundial
del Tiempo y la paz, hacemos un llamado urgente a la juventud del
planeta y de nuestro pais, que para que encarnemos la fuerza de una GRAN

En solemne comunion canalizaremos todas nuestras energias y anhelos por
la libertad total y la busqueda del ser verdadero. Echaremos abajo el
sistema de creencias del materialismo superficial, de las injusticias
sociales y la destruccion de la naturaleza. necessitamos un nuevo
concepto del tiempo. El tiempo no es lineal. El tiempo es la cuarta
dimension, un medio de sincronizacion con el todo.

Nuestras herramientos: el amor, la verdad y el sincronario de 13 Lunas.
Nuestra metodologia: el arte. T(E) = Arte T: tiempo E: energia
La mision: autoformacion, organizacion, y la formacion de una fuerza
sincronizada creciente de manifestaciones artisticas en los dias claves
del tiempo real. Celebremos juntos, los solsticions, equinoccios, y dia
fuera del tiempo. El momento es ahora, las seales se han manifestado,
el nuevo tiempo ha llegado. Somos los guerreros arcoiris, los porfetas
del amor.

In lakech Medellin Colombia, Tierra Cristal, Luna Entonada del A
de la Semilla Solar

Red Arcoiris 13 Lunas:

Urgent Call to the Youth!

We, the youth of Colombia gathered for the World Congress on Time and
Peace, make an urgent call to the youth of the planet and of our
country, in order that we may incarnate the force of a GREAT CULTURAL

In solemn communion we shall channel all of our energies and aspirations
for total freedom and the search for true being. We shall cast out the
belief systems of superficial materialism, of social injustices and the
destruction of nature. We need a new concept of time. Time is not
linear. Time is the fourth dimension, a means of synchronization with
all that is.

Our tools: love, truth and the Sincronario of 13 Moons.
Our methodology: art. T(E) = Art T: time E: energy
The mission: self-formation, organization, and the formation of a
growing synchronized force of artistic manifestations on the key days of
real time. We will celebrate together the solstices, the equinoxes and
the day out of time. The moment is now, the signs have manifested, the
new time has arrived. We are the warriors of the rainbow, the prophets
of love.

In lakech Medellin Colombia, Crystal Earth, Overtone Moon, Yellow
Solar Sed Year

Red Arcoiris 13 Lunas:

Copyright (c) 2002 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles