Mexico – Anahauc 2002


Last Call for Earth Wizards, Next Call for the Transformative Life

dedicated to Tony Shearer

1. July, 1953. Enrique Arguelles loaded up the 1949 Chevy inherited
from his father-in-law, Martin Meyer, who had died quite suddenly in
1950. It was an exciting moment. Enrique’s first journey back to his
homeland, Mexico, since he left late in 1944, to seek what he thought
would be a better life in the United States. His family of five –
himself, wife, Ethel, daughter, Laurita, now 21 years married and with
children, and, of course, the twins, Ivan and Joe, both fourteen years
of age. If Ethel hadn’t gotten tuberculosis they would still undoubtedly
all be in Culver City, California where Spanish was not an alien idiom.
But when the diagnosis came early in 1946, there was no choice but to
head north to Minnesota where Ethel’s family was, and where Ethel could
be put in a “TB sanitarium,” the one near Cannon Falls, some fifty miles
north of Rochester, where the family now resided. It had not been easy
for Enrique to adjust to the unexpected change, and to find himself in a
land where only English, and some occasional German, was spoken. But now
had come the moment of release and reward. Enrique was now almost 49
years old and Mexico never seemed more dear to him.

The drive south was leisurely. Never before had the two boys and their
father been on such an adventure, an automobile ride from Minnesota to
Mexico City. For the twins it was an exhilarating mystery trip,to
finally see all of the relatives they heard about but could scarcely
remember, having left Mexico City when they were only five years of age.
But for Joe, there was special excitement. He was going to see the
pyramids of Teotihuacan. for some reason or other, that was all that his
mind could really consider. He had pored over the books in his father’s
library, and had some glimmering awareness of the greatness of the
pyramids of ancient Mexico, especially those of Teotihuacan.

It took some five or six days before they finally reached Mexico City.
Uncle Julio, Enrique’s youngest brother, was their main host. He was a
fantastic, lovable guy, very cultured and also a pyramid enthusiast –
the perfect guide to take the Arguelles trio to Teotihuacan. After a
week, towards the end of July, Joe finally got to experience what he had
been dying to experience – the monumental and immortally cosmic city of
Teotihuacan, “Place where the gods touch the earth.” Following the visit
to the Citadel of Quetzalcoatl, where the boys were enamored of the
Tlaloc and Quetzalcoatl heads adorning the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl, they
walked up the “Avenue of the Dead.” And then, there it was, the
magnificent Pyramid of the Sun. Before he knew it, Joe suddenly bolted
ahead, racing up the steps of the immense Earthen structure. He wanted
to be the first to reach the top.

Breathless, he found himself virtually alone on the great platform atop
the Pyramid of the Sun. He looked around. Sky, brilliant and blue.
Mountains everywhere which echoed the forms of the pyramids. The great
stretch of the “Avenue of the Dead.” The Pyramid of the Moon up to the
right.. And down below, the humans of the present era. A few College
students in white sleeved shirts, a sprinkling of tourists, all talking
to each other as if oblivious to where they were. And there also a
peddler or two hawking ceramic whistles. Puny little beings of the
modern world. Where were the great masters who had designed and built
this city with such profound perfection and geometry? As Joe gazed
around, the question he had just asked himself penetrated his being.
Everything else fell away. It was as if a shining white light emanating
from within things bathed everything with a soft glow. And then the
earthly world disappeared. All that remained inside of Joe was a
feeling, a presentiment, a thirst, a willingness, a vision and a vow to
find the knowledge of the masters who built and designed Teotihuacan and
bring it back to this modern world where maybe, just maybe, it would
make it all cosmic once again.

2. Olympia, Washington, Spring , 1972. Now known as Jose, the twin of
the Pyramid listened again to Tony Shearer. He had met Tony first at the
Quetzalcoatl-Deganawida University outside of Davis. California, back in
1969, along with a number of other Native American and Chicano radicals.
But Tony, was special. Jose had invited Tony to share his knowledge at
the Evergreen State College, where Jose taught with the assistance of
another radical, a man named Cruz Esquivel. Tony was now explaining
again, in even more detail than the first time, about Quetzalcaotl, the
Prophecy of the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells, the prophetic end-date
of this prophecy, August 16 and 17, 1987, and the magic of the sacred

Jose now had a clear understanding of the prophecy – and some deeper
idea of the significance of the 260-day sacred calendar, especially as
Tony transmitted it with the symmetrical tapestry-like design of the 52
days, which constituted thirteen sets of four, each set adding up to 28,
the thirteen sets the equivalent of the Moon calendar, 13 x 28 = 364
days. “A curandera in Oaxaca,” was Tony’s answer to where he had gotten
the information about the prophetic dates in 1987 and the calendar with
its special 52-unit design. All of this was contained in Tony’s book,
Lord of the Dawn. But to hear it directly from Tony was very different.
Tony was all passion when he spoke about these things. And that is what
communicated to Jose. Anything that incited this much passion in a man
must be true. With the knowledge of the sacred calendar and its mystical
mathematics, as well as, and especially because of the dates of the end
of the prophecy of Quetzalcaotl, Jose knew that he was that much closer
to realizing his vision atop the Pyramid of the Sun.

3. Coba, Quntana Roo, Mexico, early January 1986. With his very special
partner and wife, Lloydine, Jose climbed atop another pyramid, this time
the Nohoch Mol, the tallest in the jungle ravaged ruins of Coba, not far
from the Caribbean coast, but far enough to be less known than Tulum. He
had already identified the prophetic dates, August 16-17, 1987, by the
name of ‘Harmonic Convergence,” but still needed one more nugget of
inspiration to make a thorough preparation for the completion of the
prophecy that had driven and inspired him for some sixteen years now.
Clambering to the rooftop of the temple set above the pyramids, Jose sat
cross-legged and looked out once again, this time over the jungle to the
sun far to the west. As he gazed at the sun and contemplated again the
ruins of this city, Coba, he felt a resonance with the ancient ones.

In contemplating the sun and its 23-year sunspot cycles, already written
about in his book Earth Ascending and confirmed in Domingo Paredez, book
Parapsicologia Maya, he felt a dual emanation reaching the sun from two
different stars – Arcturus and Antares. And he felt the ancient ones
doing the same thing: Downloading stellar knowledge through attunement
to the solar frequencies. Suddenly everything within him exploded.He saw
the sacred calendar, now as the measure of the thirteen baktun cycles,
the measure of history. And he felt a tremendous rush of knowledge
within him. This is the Mayan Factor, the overlooked factor of the
mainstream course of human civilization. And he knew. From 1987 to the
close of the thirteen baktun cycle, only 25 years would remain. He must
quickly write a book about the message of the Maya, their civilization,
their calendar, and their galactic origins. And already as he prepared
and began to write this book, The Mayan Factor, he felt the presence of

Tony had written another book, Beneath the Moon and Under the Sun as a
follow-up to Lord of the Dawn. Published in 1975, Jose took this book to
heart when he had visited Palenque for the first time in 1976. And that
is because of what Tony had to say about the man found in the fabulous
tomb discovered only in 1952, the year before Enrique took the twins to
Teotihuacan. “Great Mystery: Wotan,” Tony had written, raising many
questions about who this really was and what was his purpose in building
this tomb. And now that Jose had finally set to writing down the Mayan
Factor, “Great Mystery: Wotan” was ever-present within and around him.
Great Mystery Wotan, Galactic Agent 13 66 56, predecessor of
Quetzalcoatl, the shroud of prophecy wrapped tightly around this man,
his jade mask revealing his face, the face of a halach unich, a true
man. And this true man was now becoming inseparable from Jose.

4. Teotihuacan, Day Out of Time, Red Rhythmic Skywalker, Sixth Year of
Prophecy, Wizard’s Count, July 25 1999, Gregorian. The day’s ceremony
over, the cry of “Me-Shee-Ko!” still ringing in his ears, Jose, now
often known as Valum Votan, joined the twelve others in entering the
tunnel-like cave leading to the grotto directly beneath the center of
the massive Pyramid of the Sun. Finally reaching the little sanctuary,
hidden for so many centuries but now recently again revealed, Valum
Votan, sat in the circle quietly meditating, contemplating. Here I am in
the place of origin. Long before there was a pyramid here, there was
this ancient grotto, this cave. Who was here first? two thousand five
hundred maybe three thousand years ago – who came here and what vision
inspired them once in here?”

He could feel the whispers of the most ancient ones still echoing among
the glistening torch lit rocks. And he wondered, amazed at the mystery
of his own life. Now he was sixty years old, 46 years since he first
climbed the pyramid, and finally here he was at the place of Origin. He
had decoded the Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan, and traveled, God
knows where, around the planet along with his partner, Bolon Ik, as she
was now known, delivering the message of the law of time and the
calendar reform: Get rid of the Gregorian calendar, burn it obliterate
it and return to natural time, through the thirteen moon/28 day
calendar, thirteen times 28, 364 days in all, plus a day out of time.
Yes, the day out of time which had brought him to this subterranenean
meditation. Now here it was the end of the sixth year of prophecy and
tomorrow, July 26, 1999, would bring the first day of the seventh year,
White Resonant Wizard. How quickly the time goes by. I am getting older
now, he thought. The knowledge must be transmitted, and so he turned his
mind to the forth coming seven week Earth Wizard Seminary to be held at
the Picarquin Boy Scout Camp in Chile.

Everything comes from the power of seven. The sacred calendar is based
on the seven, the thirteen, the nine, and the four. All the sacred
numbers are in the Tzolkin, the Harmonic Module, even the nineteen,
perhaps the most sacred of all. The seven week Seminary during the
seventh year of prophecy, culminating the mystery written of in the
Chilam Balam prophecies as the Book of Seven Generations – yes, now all
of the knowledge could be placed in the template of the power of seven.
And thence it could be transmitted, but to whom? Returning to the
silent power of the place, the secret, literally esoteric, hidden occult
cave beneath the Pyramid of the Sun, Votan breathed in, then exhaled.
Wisdom is synchronization in time. God is the one who commands all
prophecy. The synchronic order is God’s grace. 2012, that is only
thirteen years away he thought. Would the prophecy of Pacal Votan
prevail? Would humanity return in peace to close the Cycle in harmony
with the Earth on that final solstice of the year, 2012?

5. Meztitla Boy Scout camp, Tepoztlan, Mexico, Blue Resonant Night,
Galactic Hawk Moon Gamma 24, Wizard’s Count, March 2, 2002, Gregorian.

“This is the seventh day of the seventh and last seven day Earth
Wizard’s Seminary we shall give. Seven times seven is 49 days. Seven
days in Japan, Mt. Hood, Italy, Russia, Altai, Colombia and now here in
Mexico-Anahuac, birthplace of the prophecy, we appropriately conclude
this cycle of seven day teachings. These 49 days were preceded by the
seven week 49-day Earth Wizard Seminary, also held in a Boy Scout camp,
and here we are in another boy scout camp to finish with this. There are
six billion people in the world. We can only do what is commanded by the
law of time, God’s signature in all things. It is your responsibility
now to spread this message. Change the calendar and you change the time.
Do you want a time of war – for how many more years? Or do you want a
time of peace? Which do you prefer – harmony or disharmony? It is all in
the calendar you use…” More than two hundred people are gathered in
the little amphitheater – a rag taggle assortment of older Mexicans
dressed in jogging style sportswear or indigenous clothes, as well as a
great number of younger people, Mexicans, Americans, Canadians and
British, a concentration of people from Brazil, some from Costa Rica,
Argentina and even New Zealand. There is a feeling that this could be
some kind of hippie revival. In the center are three people their bare
feet covered with ashes who have been tending a fire for the entire
seven days and nights – an older gray haired woman in simple indigenous
wear, a young man who is obviously a Hare Krishna devotee, and a
taciturn middle aged man wearing a large Zapata style sombrero.

Valum Votan and Bolon Ik end the seventh day of their seventh and last
week long event. Everyone is hugging everybody else, and there are many
tears and a great feeling of softness and love. Toward the back of the
amphitheater, their host in Tepoztlan, Reinhart Ruge, 77 years of age,
once a hydraulics engineer, but now mostly a concerned citizen of planet
Earth, a peace activist and long time friend and supporter of “los
Arguelles,” looks on at the spectacle, which could be said to be
historic. Their knowledge teases his brain. especially the part about UR

there that in the German language Ur is the primordial, the first, the
original? And now “los Arguelles” are talking about the return to UR –
the universal religion or recollection beyond history. is it possible?
Could this Calendar Change Peace Plan of 2004 really work and bring
peace on Earth?

As they prepare to depart the Boy Scout camp to return for rest and
relaxation at Sir Reinhart’s (Ruge has recently been knighted as a
member of the order of the Maltese Cross), Jorge Mora, a vigorous man in
his late fifties confirms with Valum Votan and Bolon Ik that everything
is set for the ceremony at Teotihuacan the next day, the ceremony to
Open the Gates to the Next World.. Nine “ancianos” – keepers of the
indigenous wisdom from different parts of Mexico – will be gathered to
present Valum Votan a “baston,” or ceremonial staff, atop the pyramid of
the Sun the next day. Nine elders, Jorge Mora adds, one each to match
the nine lords of time,the Bolontiku, the guardians of the tomb of Pacal
Votan. “Yes,” Votan responds, “and tomorrow at Teotihuacan will be close
to the 49th anniversary since my first visit and vision there in 1953.
Power of seven – it works”

6. Teotihuacan, Yellow Galactic Seed, Galactic Moon Kali 25 “Breaks
with habitual caution and reaches the white light,” Yellow Solar Seed
Year, Wizards Count. March 3, 2002, Gregorian. At the central – and
thirteenth – platform of the Citadel of Quetzalcoatl, Valum Votan and
Bolon Ik are joined by Xilonen, the elder female traditional wisdom
holder and Tochtli, a large indigenous man wearing only the skirt like
ceremonial breech-clout, sandals and headdress. Bolon Ik is performing
the Prayer to the Seven Directions, while Votan plays the flute, a small
South American quena. It is evident that people begin to gaze up at the
sky above them. A lone eagle is circling overhead, while above the sun
is a brilliant rainbow. When the prayer is finished, Votan addresses the
crowd briefly. “In the synchronic order today, Yellow Galactic Seed is
July 26, 2013. We are here then to “Open the Gates to the Next World.”
That is why we are joined by the indigenous elders. You cannot go to the
Next World without honoring those who have held the vision through the
last World. These are the indigenous brothers and sisters who are with
us today. So we shall march from here to the amphitheater of
Quetzalcoatl, and then on to the Pyramid of the Moon, and finally back
to the Pyramid of the Sun where the main ceremony will occur…”

The gathering organized into five circles now moves back toward the
pyramid of Quetzalcoatl and the amphitheater. Packing it in, there are
more than five hundred people present. In the few moments of silence,
Votan gazes at the sculpted heads of Tlaloc and Quetzalcoatl, vividly
recalling the first time he stood there almost 49 years ago, with his
twin brother, Ivan, now a poet of some renown and character. Once
gathered, the crowd moves off to march, the male line headed by Tochtli
and Votan, the female line headed by Xilonen and Bolon Ik. As they march
out into the Avenue of the Dead, numerous Banners of Peace raised high
into the wind, to head for the Pyramid of the Moon almost a kilometer
away, two things occur.The first is the arrival of a great many men in
black suits, television cameras and all. It is the President of Israel
on a state visit to Mexico, and who happens to be visiting the Pyramids
that very morning, his destination the Citadel of Quetzalcoatl where the
peace ceremony had begun. The second event is the arrival of the nine

the keepers of the traditional wisdom. They are a startling
and impressive group. Some in ceremonial dress, some in rustic cowboy
style clothes, many wearing hats, one of them with most of his teeth
missing, all of them holding their bastons – some covered with rabbit
fur, some with rattlesnake skin, one with a pure crystal or glass staff
of amazing power.

The march proceeds in silence northward to the Pyramid of the Moon, a
march of five hundred strong. At the front are two ladies with incense
braziers burning copal. “Ometeotl” (Nahuatl for Supreme God) is the
occasional cry, punctuated by the blaring of conch shells and the
piercing sound of whistles. Yann, a young French-Mexican dressed in
black and theatrically made up to look like Mr. Spock in Star Trek, runs
ahead sometimes running backwards or sideways, always with great energy,
clearing the space in front of the march. As they proceed toward the
Pyramid of the Moon at the end of the great “Avenue of the Dead,” Votan
is seized by a profound reflectiveness. Could this be the fulfillment of
the vision almost 49 years ago, that the wisdom of the ancient ones
would return to help humanity become a cosmic race once again? He could
not help but think that this must be so. God is great!

At the Pyramid of the Moon, Xilonen organizes an Indigenous prayer to
the Seven Directions with one each of seven people making a brief prayer
for one each of the seven directions. Then those with the stamina for it
head swiftly up the very steep Pyramid of the Moon. Votan wearing simple
white clothes, staying close to Tochtli, finally reaches the top. After
a few more moments, they head down. When he reaches the bottom some of
the “ancianos” crowd around Votan. The toothless one, like the rest
actually much younger than Votan, comes to him and recounts how four
days before today they had gathered in the grotto beneath the Pyramid of
the Sun to prepare for this ceremony. “The spirits told us that they
were waiting for you, that the time had arrived, that we are to honor

The march continues back toward the Pyramid of the Sun. There on the
great platform in front of the pyramid, the ancianos pause. Time to
begin the initiation. A red serape is spread on the stone floor. One of
the youngest ones crouches down on the serape. Votan joins him. The
younger one speaks again of the preparatory event in the grotto beneath
the Pyramid of the Sun. From his medicine bag he takes out a small rock
and then breaks six pieces of dried corn from a ritual cob of corn. He
is again telling Votan of how this has been prepared and all have been
awaiting this moment. He throws the six pieces of corn down before
Votan, as if performing some divination, and then asks Votan to bend
lower. “Tell me your name. ” he whispers. Votan remembers the episode in
the Chilam Balam Prophecy when Antonio Martinez is asked his name in
order to receive the transmission of the Book of Seven generations.

No sooner does he pronounce his
name when the toothless one takes his baston which has a crystal at its
tip and pierces Votan on the forehead, by the third eye. He presses it
in as deeply as he can and with great force, releasing it after a
moment. Still on his knees in a crouching position, Votan now places his
head on the ground in total submission to the moment and to the Will of
the Supreme Creator.

Then begins the momentous march up the Pyramid of the Sun. Ruge later
commented that he had never seen so many tourists at Teotihuacan. The
anciano shaman brothers slowly lead the way, here hissing like snakes,
there chanting the sacred sound “Tonatiuh!” Finally we all reach the top

spectacle. At the very center of the platform atop the Pyramid of the
Sun the ancianos with Votan, Bolon Ik near by, prepare for the gifting
of the ceremonial staff. The spokesman is none other than Quetza Sha,
whom Votan and Bolon Ik had first met at Amatlan, birthplace of
Quetzalcoatl on the White Resonant Wizard Day, July 26, 1999, the day
after they had been to the grotto beneath the Pyramid of the Sun.
Addressing Votan, looking him squarely in the eyes, Quetza Sha speaks,

“For a long time we have known that there would be a new knowledge, a
knowledge which would be prepared for the new time that is dawning, and
that this new knowledge would complete and regenerate the traditional
knowledge and understanding. We recognize you, Jose Arguelles as being
that one who has brought that knowledge, the mathematical codes of the
galactic Maya. This is the knowledge for the new time, the new era. And
we recognize that you are a galactic Maya, and so we are here to present
you with this ceremonial staff. We know you have walked this road, the
red road for all of your life, and with this staff we expect you to
continue to fulfill your responsibilities, to walk this red road, til
you close the cycle as you are supposed to. You can count on all of us
to support you in this work.”

The brilliant multi-colored ceremonial staff – baston – is then
presented to Votan. In this baston, topped by a black sphere and
completed by a large obsidian knife, like some strange galactic
indigenous Excalibur sword, Votan feels the 49 years of his life from
the first vision to the present, the power of seven brimming with
meaning, burning like the hot sun in his heart. Following various
speeches exuding love and a call for tolerance and understanding,
including an impassioned appeal to fly the Banner of Peace by Alicia
Rodriguez, of the Mexican Banner of Peace Committee, Valum Votan asks
for silence and offers his final words: “Everything has a beginning and
an end. A ceremony is a vibrational frequency that holds the moment and
sends it out to the rest of the planet. And all things come to an end.
Take the vibration of this ceremony and place it in your heart. Keep it
there that its meaning might remain in you to be passed on to others. We
must now close this ceremony and go…” A path is cleared for the
couple, who then descend down the still very crowded Pyramid of the Sun.

7. Brightwood, Oregon, White Magnetic Dog, Solar Moon Gamma 3, Yellow
Solar Seed Year, Wizards Count. Gregorian, March 9, 2002. Behind Votan’s
work station on a book case shelf, rests the ceremonial staff. This is
not just a house. It is the headquarters of the Foundation for the Law
of Time. Bolon Ik and Valum Votan are having a quiet day. Their
assistant, Red Electric Serpent, is visiting family this day. “I unify
in order to Love, attracting loyalty…” so go the Dreamspell codes for
the day. “Instead of traveling everywhere teaching, we are now going to
live the Transformative Life,” Votan had told the people on the last day
of the last Earth Wizard’s Seminary just a week before. And what is the

It is the fulfillment of the mission left by
Pacal Votan, sealed in his tomb. It is the fulfillment of this mission
that is to transform life. It begins with the galactic messengers, the
Galactic Maya themselves, real life humans assuming their archetypal,
predesignated roles: Valum Votan, Bolon Ik, and Red Electric Serpent,
who is the Red Queen.

Please note, the tomb of the Red Queen was announced on June 2, Blue
Cosmic Eagle, Crystal Moon 4, before the end of the first year of
prophecy. Just as Bolon Ik was the mother of the dynasty, so the Red
Queen was prepared for by Pacal Votan as the one who was to receive the
transmission and complete the Votan lineage for the great and glorious
time after 2012. This is why the tomb of the Red Queen was discovered in
Temple XIII adjacent to the Temple of the Inscriptions which held the
tomb of Pacal Votan. And this is why the tomb of the Red Queen also held
a jade mask and was connected to the “outside” world by a tube, a
psychoduct, a Telektonon … Living the prophecy as the “dynasty” of
Galactic Maya on Earth, the transformative life will yield a harvest of
knowledge and truth for all to bear witness that it is so.

This transformative life will clear a pathway to the year 2004, where
the victory of prophecy will be proclaimed as a new time for all
humanity. The transformative life will demonstrate that time is art,
that dance is alchemy, that the Throne of Temple XIX has been reassumed
by Bolon Ik, that the codes of the broken planets have been restored,
and in their glory renewed by the law of time and the power of seven,
that nothing will stop nor dim the purity of love from spreading its
radiance into all that the Supreme Creator has deemed to be made ready
for the Second Creation.

Report submitted by PAN Agent 11 on behalf of PAN Agents 22 and 185, and
all beings and planetary kin who know that the death of one is the death
of all and that the resurrection of one is the resurrection of all!

Copyright (c) 2002 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles