The key words: Wavespell cosmology


Very well, thank you. I will go into the theme of why we are here today.
At the request of Yanase-san and the collaboration with the translation
group of PAN Japan, we would like to give a special session this morning
on what I refer to as the keywords and the actual mathematical cosmology
behind the keywords.

For instance, if you look at Yanase’s cosmic diary, which incidentally this
year is particularly beautiful. And I would also like to make one remark
about that. It’s placed in the Cosmic Diary this year, every phase of the
moon every day. This is very important, because there are really only two
calendars. The thirteen moon calendar, which is the precise measure of the
Solar orbit of the earth, which is the thirteen moon twenty-eight day
measure, and the other is the measure of what is referred to as the
lunation cycle, or the lunar calendar.

The lunar calendar which have been observed by most of the peoples of Asia,
but there really is only one lunar calendar. Sometimes you hear people say,
Hebrew lunar calendar, Islamic lunar calendar, Chinese lunar calendar,
Tibetan lunar calendar, Japanese lunar calendar, but there is only one
moon.And so, by presenting the lunar phases of the moon within the context
of the thirteen moon calendar, then we get an understanding of the real meaning of the thirteen moon calendars.

The thirteen moon calendar is referred to as a synchronization module.
This of course consists of 364 days + one day, which is the harmonic
number of the Solar orbit. The lunar calendar, the lunation cycle, there
are only 12 moons in a year, but those 12 moons there are only 354 days.
So the lunar calendar is not a measure of the Solar orbit,. But it is the
most obvious object in the sky next to the sun. The history of
civilization has been how to synchronize the Solar and lunar cycles.
The Gregorian calendar, not being a correct measure, is not an actual
synchronization module for the lunar calendar. But the thirteen moon
calendar, being a precise measure, which also contains the number 28 as
the unit of measure, is the correct synchronization module to synchronize
the lunar phases.

When all of humanity manages to understand this point to follow the
calendar, and to synchronize the Solar calendar which synchronizes with the
lunar calendar so precisely, then we will be in the age of harmony. It’s
actually as simple as that. Now, that was in honor of Yanase-san’s effort,
and now, I want to refer to the key words.

The key words, if you look at this calendar for the New Year’s day,
the first day of the Magnetic Moon July 26. You see the words, “Intention
realize pulse.”, then you see “flowering targets awareness.” those are the
three words. The first three words refer to the Galactic Tone, and the
second three words refer to the Solar Seal.

So, these key words come from a very precise mathematical cosmology.
And I’d like to say that key words and the mathematical cosmology, the
first phase was worked on for a period of about two years. And that the
13 Galactic Tones are inseparable from the concept of the Wavespell.
The Wavespell is described as the cosmology of movement. The movement
comes from the Hunabu-ku. On the cover of Kozo’s calendar you can see the
Hunabu-ku, and which I am also wearing on a beaded necklace. I remembered
to put this on when Yanase-san asked me to give this talk today.
The Hunabu-ku is described as the one Giver of movement and measure.
I’d like to demonstrate this Wavespell cosmology. It actually comes from a series of numbers. (注:ウェイブスペルを板書)

These are the numbers that describe the tones and the Wavespell.
The first number that we see is 37, which is a prime number.
It refers to the Magnetic tone. So you’ll have Magnetic,
then the next one is Lunar, 28. The third is the Electric, and the fourth
is the Self-Existing. And if you look at these numbers, the Magnetic
number is a high prime number, 37. Everything is an aspect of mathematics
here. You’ll notice also that from 37 to 28 is nine,
and 28 to 19 is nine. Okay? And when you get over here from the last number
to this number here, there’s also a difference of nine. 9 + 9 = 18,
and 18+18 = 36. Plus 1 = 37.

In the beginning of things in the cosmology of movement, there was a
magnetic attraction. And from that magnetic attraction, then the second
stage is polarization. That polarization is referred to as the Lunar tone,
and the number there is 28. Because 37-9=28. It’s the moon that creates the
different tides and polar fields of the earth. Then you subtract the 9
again, and you get the 19. The 19 is the Electric tone.

So you have here the Magnetic, and Electric, so we refer to it as creating
the electro-magnetic field. You see that the Magnetic and Electric are both
prime numbers, 37 and 19. And from the Electric, the 19, we take away 9
again and we get to 10. The 10 in the fourth place there establishes the
power of Self-existence, you have one, two, three and four. And so the
Magnetic tone attracts (that’s the power), and anything that’s attracted to
a magnet, then that’s the power of unification, to unify. Those are the
three keywords, Magnetic, attract, unify. Being at the beginning, that
creates the purpose.

When you get to the Lunar tone, that is the power to polarize. Once you
have unity, once you have unification, then in order to discriminate and
create a motion, then you have to have a polarization. A creation of
positive and negative. In the Lunar tone, the polarization creates the
challenge, that’s the keyword. Or the challenge creates the polarization,
there’s a challenge to unity and there’s a polarization. And once the
polarization is recognized, then the action is to stabilize the
polarization. So the Lunar tone polarizes the challenge, and then it
stabilizes it.

The Electric tone. Once you have the polarization and stabilization, then
the third element comes in. The third element then activates. And it also
bonds the elements. You have the one, then the two, then the third element
becomes the one again to activate. And the very activation is creation of
this form. This represents the process of service.

The Electric tone, as I said, activates and bonds the three elements and
does the process of creating what we call “initiate service”.

Then the fourth place then is the Self-Existing. You take 9 away from the
Electric and you have 10. This is then the power of form itself. And when
you have the 4, then that creates the power of form, which is also the
power of measure, which establishes the defining power of the mind.
Now it’s interesting, at this time you subtract 9, there’s four 9s, one,
two, three,four, which makes the 36. In the Twenty Tablets it is called
the fourth power of nine (訳注:ここでは9の4乗と通訳していますが、9x4
の間違いです). The fourth power of 9 multiplied by four is 144. And 144 is
the power that creates the power of the Baktun which is 144,000.

So this establishes what we call the first unit, the base unit.
It is the base of the Wavespell, you have the Electro-Magnetic, and you
have the Lunar Self-Existing. The Electro-Magnetic is the energetic, and
the Lunar-Self-Existing is the gravitational form element.

Then you’ll notice the next thing here, is that all the rest of these are
added on by 4. Very interesting. And the difference between the 9 and the 4
is 5. If you add 9 and 4, that equals to 13. So all the key numbers are
implicit. The 4, the 9, the 5 and the 13. In other words (it’s very
interesting), once this Self-Existing form has been established, then the
regression by 9 stops, and everything begins to advance by the power of 4,
which is the Self-Existing power of form.

The 10, if you take one .. this it the ten. This is the Self-Existing
power,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Then the 10 doubled creates the 20.
Then also the 4 x 5 also creates the 20. And the difference between the 20
and 13 is the 7. These are all the basic key numbers. And you see how
they’re all generated from themselves through this power of movement.

I might also wonder, “where did this 37 come from?” The movement of the 4,
you know there are 4 colors. The 4 colors, the value of red is 1, the value
of white is 2, the value of blue is 3 and the value of yellow is 4.
So the 4 colors move through the Wavespell. But the 13 is not a multiple
of 4. So that means that there’s a continuous movement, 13 x 4 =52.
So that creates a situation where , when this position here is red, this
white, this is blue,this yellow. This is the 11th position, this is the
12th, this is the 13th,11th and 12th. that’s 23 and 13 are 36, +1 is 37.
So the numbers come from whenever this position happens to be yellow
Whenever this 12th position is red, when the 13th is white, when the 1st
is blue and this position here is yellow. That means 12 + 13 = 25,
+ 1= 26, +2=28.

Also, when you add these numbers, they equal 364. You’re familiar with that
number, okay? That is 13 x 28. It’s all phenomenal number magic. And this
is fourth dimensional number magic. So we get to the point when we created
the Self-Existing four, which is the number 10, so then it begins to
advance by four.

So this position here, the 5th position is called the Overtone position.
And the Overtone empowers and commands. And its quality is radiance. That’s
because following the first position then again here, in the 5th position
you have the process beginning again. And that’s why we say it overtones,
that’s the Magnetic and then the next is Overtone, it presents it from a
higher octave.

Then 14 is 2 x 7, and the 7 is positioned here, which is the Resonant
position. And the 14th is radiance because the Resonance doubled becomes
radiance. When the vibration gets to a certain frequency, then it emits
light. That’s the 5th tone, the Overtone.

Then the 6th is 18, that’s the Rhythmic position. 18 is 3 x 6. So it’s very
rhythmic. 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3. That’s why this is the Rhythmic position, it
takes the 3 of the Electric and then multiplies it 6 times. And you’ll see
that it’s one less than the Electric. If you add 1 to that 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1
2 3, then the rhythm becomes Electric. So that’s the Rhythmic.

So here we are in the Resonant position, the 7th. It’s very interesting,
the number here is 22, it’s 11 x2. And the 11th position here is the
Spectral,so Spectral doubled becomes resonance. But you’ll also see here
that the 7th position here has the number value 22, and in the Telektonon
between Days 7 and 22 you are in the cube. Or when you write the 22 over
7, that’s the value of Π. The value of Πand the radius of the circle. So
the Rhythmic balances and organizes equality. 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3.
It’s all equal, all organized equality. And then the resonant tone, the
words for that are “it channels and inspires.” Through that process it
creates attunement.Which is, things vibrating together have attunement.

Then we add another 4 , and we get the number 26. 26 is 2 x 13.
And 26 x 10 = 260. It has a relationship, this is the Self-Existing and
over here which is 10 and this the 26, 10 x 26 = 260, or 26 + 10 = 36 again.
And this completes the second 4. The base establishes and the
second 4 extends.
And this is referred to as the Galactic tone, because it’s the fractal of
the 260 unit Tzolkin. So even if the New Year’s day is synchronized to the
Gregorian calendar, that occurs on the 26th day, because that is the number
of the Galactic tone. And that occurs in the Gregorian 7th month because
that is the Resonant tone. So in the synchronic order, all the numbers
develop a higher value or higher meaning. And the keywords for the Galactic
tone are “harmonize” because the galactic number 26, (fractal of 260) is
the ultimate harmonic number. When it harmonized it becomes able to model,
and establishes the actual value of integrity. So the Galactic tone
harmonizes and models integrity.

So you have here the first four creating the Self-Existing power of form.
And then through extending that form, it attains the galactic power of
integrity. This is Overtone, this is Rhythmic, this is Resonant and then
here, this is the Galactic. So you see, first you establish this type of
micro-level basic power of cosmology, and then it develops a type of
kinetic power, Overtone, Rhythmic, and Resonant. And that gets resolved as
the power of the galaxy itself.

So here we began from a magnetic impulse and by the time we get here we
have the actual formation of the galaxy. And that of course is in the 8th

From here we start going back down. We build up to the galaxy and then we
start going back down. This is the Solar. The Solar is the 9th position.
Now you have Magnetic, the Overtone and the Solar. The Magnetic unifies,
the Overtone commands and the Solar pulses the intention. Once you’ve
established the integrity, then you can realize the intention.

So when we talk about a movement, we’re talking about a cosmological
movement that describes the formation of the universe. We are also talking
about the cosmology of the will to action. In other words, we define a
purpose, and then when we get to the 5th position we command the resources
for that purpose, and when we get to the 9th position we realize the
intention of that purpose.

Shall we do that again? So when we’re talking about the cosmology of the
will to action, we’re talking about beginning with the establishment of the
purpose, and then we move through the commanding of the resources to attain
that purpose, and when we get to the 9th Solar position, we realize the
intention of that purpose. And so the key verb there is to pulse. The sun
has two solar spots that continuously pulse. The pulse has a cycle of 11.5
years, which switches polarity and pulses again. So it completes a total
cycle of 23 years. The key cyclic numbers of all of life are 23 and 28.
These two numbers, their interaction describes the pulsation of the sun to
the biology of life.

You’ll see that the number 30, it has taken the Self-Existing tone and
tripled it. Then we continue from the Solar and we begin the third phase.
The first phase establishes, the second phase extends, and then the third
phase converts or transforms. The first and second phase establishes the
galaxy, which is the galactic order. But the third phase begins with the
Solar which is actually the same a star. Because our sun is a star. And the
star is a converter in the galactic order. By continuously converting
energy, that energy is stepped down into the 10th position which is the

Planetary position 34 is 17 x2. That’s an interesting number. 17 is the
difference between 64 which is 8 squared, and 81 which is 9 squared. We’ll
find out later in the cosmology of the 20 Solar Seals, that 17 is the 17th
seal which is Earth. That is the Planetary tone doubled, 34. So this begins
the process, the Planetary tone has the keywords of perfecting and
producing manifestation. Up to here, this is pretty much in the invisible
realm (the first four), and all the way, it’s not until we get to the
Galactic tone that we have actually something we can identify. The purpose
is to go from the galaxy to the star to the planet and then in the planet
there is manifestation of consciousness. Manifestation of consciousness,
which takes many diverse forms of life. So that is the 10th position, the
Planetary tone.

Then the next position steps down again and becomes Spectral. So, manifest
is what we can touch and feel like this, it has form. But the Spectral
takes us back into the non-material. The key ways, or most phenomenal ways
of identifying the Spectral is through the rainbow. The rainbow represents
the material manifestation going back to the 4th dimension and into the
invisible again.

And so the Spectral tone, the keynote words are to dissolve and to release.
And the power is liberation. To dissolve and release from the form, into
the world beyond form. And so, as I said, the power there is the power of
liberation. That number 38 you see is twice 19. It’s interesting because
the second dimension sense pulsar goes from the 3rd to the 7th to the 11th.
In other words, the Spectral energy is Electrical energy doubled. And so it
creates the visual vibration of the rainbow, or other phenomena.

So then we move from the 38, we go forward again by 4 and we get to 42
which is the 12th position. You can see that the 42 in the 12th position
is 30+12. And that the 12th position represents the absolute perfection of
material and mental form. This is why it is called the Crystal tone.

The crystal has an absolutely perfect geometry, which is the perfection of
mental form. And then this form of silicon dioxide is naturally clear and
for all intentions and purposes, a permanent object. It represents the
ultimate evolution of the Solar power.

The number, as I said you can see, the 30 + 12 or Solar + 12 is 42. But 42
is also the two factors of 13, 6 and 7. 6 x 7=42. And so this completes the
third order, the Self-Existing form, the Galactic integrity and then the
Crystal, which is the tone of cooperation. Cooperation, because the
structure of the crystal represents the absolute maximum of cooperation of
atomic structure to maintain a form. The keywords are to dedicate and
universalize. To maintain cooperation, you cannot have cooperation without
dedication, and the maximum form of dedication is to universalize the form
into the most radically simple structure possible. In that way, the crystal
becomes the actual manifestation of this process “to dedicate,
universalize”, creates the power of cooperation, which is the crystal.

We know that the crystal has great powers of electro-magnetic conductivity;
it is a self-existing form, it is a conductor of kinetic energy and is
useful for channeling (by holding energy) and then it is the pure
manifestation of galactic integrity. It is the planetary structure that is
absolutely responsive to solar energy, and the crystal within it contains
Spectral energy. So it summarizes the whole process. And crystals have
better manners than humans. They are good friends.

Then we add the 4 to the 42 and we get the 46, but the 46 is twice 23. 23
is the complete solar pulsation cycle. So the solar pulsation cycle doubled
creates the Cosmic power. The Cosmic power has the keywords of enduring and
transcending. The Cosmic power is the power to endure anything. By
attaining the power to endure anything, you actually have transcended
everything. And by transcending everything, you attain the power of pure

When Buddha held a flower had said not a word, that was giving a full
teaching. He was in a complete state of manifesting cosmic presence.
Mahakashapa was the only one who was able to recognize that. That was
exactly what Mahakashapa recognized. And of course, this is in the 13th
position, because that completes the cosmology of movement. You have the
power to establish, the power to extend, and the power to convert.

And then the 13th is the plus one, which is actually also referred to as
the power of transport. Because then the transport and the transcending,
then by the power nine descends and becomes the magnetic power of the next

But the power of 9 is very interesting. The smallest form of a magic square
is the power of 9. And then the Telektonon for today is the 27th day of the
moon, which is the 3rd power of nine. It is the 3rd power of 9 which holds
the power of what is called the Bolon Tiku. The Bolon Tiku is the power of
9, which is also referred to as the nine lords of time. It is the power of
9 that creates the process of movement in time. But the perfection of the
power of movement in time is 9 plus 4, which is 13.

Copyright (c) 2002 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles
Audio transcription by Sayaka Kai