Apocalyptic Enlightenment

Beloved Velatropans! Apocalyptic enlightenment! Only a spiritual
foundation and a spiritual order of reality will be sufficient for our
Earth. The practices of the synchronic order summarized and promoted
through this quarterly newsletter have value only if understood in the
new hierarchy of values epitomized by the Thirteen Moon/28 day calendar
change and the Law of Time. Everyday the 12:60 world moves closer to the
brink of its own self-destruction. Sectarianism of every kind becomes
entrenched in its own narrow-mindedness. More than ever, the world is in
need of a galactic spirituality to elevate the mind and purpose of the
species as a whole above the conflict and alienation that now engulf us.
The basis of galactic spirituality is to liberate the planetary human
into full planetary consciousness. Only in this way will the planetary
human realize that there is only galactic spirituality unifying all
dimensions, all world systems — UR of the Noosphere. The following few
paragraphs were recently rediscovered. Originally handwritten into a
little notebook in Japan, just prior to the World Congress on the Law of
Time and Judgment Day Tribunal, the spiritual relevance of this little
piece is appropriate precisely for this time.

Forget everything you know.

Do not try to comprehend with what you think you understand.


Pacal Votan was the supreme true man (“Halach Uinich”) because he
synchronized his life with the supreme cycle of the power of time: 13 66
560 -13 85 540, cycle 73 of the solar-galactic 52-year cycles commenced
at the beginning of the 13 baktun count, BC 3113. During this supreme
73rd cycle, AD 631 – 683, his realization and enlightenment encompassed
the universal root of time and consciousness. The divine unity of the
one mind which is the flower of liberation allowed the great Pacal to
extend his mind by the divine ratios and proportions of the true science
of time, into the minds of all the genuine prophets, sages, messengers
and teachers — human and nonhuman, past, present and future by the same
divine ratios and proportions of the true science of time. The supreme
true man Pacal Votan was able to establish the cycles of prophecy
synchronized to the needs of the human being living in the cycle of
darkness and error, equal to the enlightenment of all sages and seers.
The supreme true man Pacal Votan was distinguished by his whole knowing
of the science of galactic time, the self-liberated emanation of the
life generating meditation of the mahabodhisattvas who have become the
spiritual princes and kings of world systems evolved beyond what can now
only be imagined — Pacal Votan was the supreme avatar of the present
cycle of human testing and transformation. Thanks to what we know of
the lives and teachings of all the enlightened masters and messengers of
the Old World, we can appreciate the nature of Pacal Votan’s being as
well as his mission. In fact, all of the essential qualities of all the
messengers and teachers are summarized in the avatarship of Pacal
Votan. Yet so singular was Pacal Votan in his knowledge and purpose
that it is still necessary to set him apart so that we can truly
understand his teachings and his prophecies, which are actually

When we say that Pacal Votan was the supreme avatar of the present cycle
of human testing and transformation, we can also add that his mission
was to emanate the capstone of the search for truth on this planet.
Pacal Votan more than any other such being was a true world teacher.
This is because of his position in history and his knowledge which was
profoundly prophetic and hence, for ourselves at the end of history,
timely in every possible meaning of the word. The wisdom and power of
Pacal Votan’s teachings lies in the fact that they were essentially
sealed for 1260 years, only to be telepathically released and revealed
at this time, the conclusion of the thirteenth baktun.

To assure the unsealing of his wisdom following the opening of his tomb
AD 1952, 60 years before the conclusion of the thirteenth and final
baktun, AD 2012 (AD 692 – 1952 = 1260 years, AD 692 – 2012 = 1320)
years, Pacal Votan prepared a final emanation to reveal his wisdom and
to close the cycle. The avataric name given to the final emanation was
to be Valum Votan, the realized form of the common earthling Jose
Arguelles. Valum Votan is the third cosmic signature added to that of
Quetzalcoatl Ce Acatl Topiltzin, and the great Pacal himself to fulfill
the mission of the galactic Mayan messengers on Earth.

The nature and prophecy of the teachings of Pacal Votan is to summarize
and establish the Universal Religion on Earth. These are teachings that
can only be realized by the planetary human, the human who is living in
a minimal awareness of him or herself within the context of the whole
Earth as it has come to be understood and experienced within the last
baktun, especially since the advent of mechanization. The conditions of
the final age of terror and ignorance cannot always be penetrated by the
teachings of the great sages, prophets and messengers. In most cases
the original teachings have become obscured by sectarian differences and
acquired partial views of every kind. This is because in general the
original teachings of enlightenment masters like Buddha or even prophets
like Muhammad were circumscribed by local, regional and historical
circumstances. The consciousness of the times of the masters was not
yet planetary, though their messages and teachings were and still are
timeless and universal.

The teaching of the universal religion presented by the supreme true
man, Pacal Votan, takes all of this into account. It summarizes the
power and truth of the original streams of spiritual insight of the
great ones, while at the same time accounting for the conditioned and
limiting circumstances of consciousness not yet exposed to a planetary
perspective. At the same time, the teachings of the great Pacal take
totally into consideration, the cumulative historic effects of partial,
lopsided sectarianism and the mutually disintegrative impact of
mechanization on human consciousness – the state of the mind of the
planetary human at the end of the great thirteen baktun cycle.

From the perspective of the Universal Religion, the planetary human is
more in need of all the teachings of the avatars and sages than in
previous stages of development and yet the planetary human is the least
capable of comprehending this very fact. For this reason, the
fundamental beginning premise of the teachings of Pacal Votan is
summarized as “Apocalyptic Enlightenment:” Forget everything you know.
Do not try to comprehend with what you think you understand.

This is not an anarchic supposition, but a preparation for
self-reflective consciousness and discriminating awareness. Such an
awareness may be expressed or felt as the sensation of a quality or
being independent of one痴 identification or job, place, nationality,
religious affiliation, etc., in other words a dawning perception of the
nature of the world as it might actually be–conditioned, irrelevant,
impermanent or transparent.

On the other hand, the very fact of being a planetary human is in itself
a unique quality which distinguishes the present condition of human
consciousness from all previous conditions. The planetary human is
actually the material to be transformed into the next stage of
intelligent evolution. It is for this reason alone that the teachings
of Pacal Votan are totally distinct from all previous teachings — they
are the means and discipline for evolving ourselves into a genuinely
planetary organism-not as an aggregate of individuals but as a whole
telepathically unified bio-organism.

Welcome to the Noosphere – and NET Time

(Note: The following section is excerpted from the forthcoming book by
Jose Argulles, Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human
Affairs, to be published by Inner Traditions International early in the
Red Planetary Moon Year. Though you may use this material for your own
personal use, please do not reproduce or copy this in any way once you
have downloaded it from from the internet.)

In the simplest aspect of our daily experience of time on Earth we have
the full play of the law of alternation – day-night, sun-moon,
North-South. Because we know the bipolar nature of the Earth dividing it
into two geomagnetic fields, north polar and south polar, we can then
define the complementary bipolar field of time, which divides the cycle
of the Earth as it makes one rotation on its axis into one day-and-
night. This entire unit, day-and-night is defined as a kin, the base
unit of synchronic time measurement. From the perspective of the
noosphere, day and night are a function of the two alternators – day
alternator and night alternator which operate as the phasic motion of
the rainbow brain of the noosphere working in tandem with the
electromagnetic field. The two phasic alternators regulate the
activation of photons (day) and the regeneration of photons (night)
within the entirety of the life process of the biosphere.

The created the heavens and the earth truthfully. He rolls the night
over the day and the day over the night. He committed the sun and the
moon, each running for a finite period. Absolutely he is the Almighty,
the Forgiving. (Quran, 39:5)


Since the two alternators are also in interplay with the bipolar
magnetic fields of the Earth, a four-part process magnetically
distributed as an overall eight-part structure is revealed. The unit of
one kin divides the rotational cycle of the earth in its orbit into four
distinct phases daily and annually: the four daily points are defined
by: the dawn, when the part of Earth you are in first experiences the
solar photonic activation; by high noon (zenith), when the part of Earth
you are in is in closest direct relation to the sun; by the twilight,
when the photonic activation ceases and the sun disappears from view;
and midnight (nadir), that point at which the point of earth you are on
has turned to its farthest distance from the sun, the height of the
cycle of photonic regeneration. This daily process is mimicked in the
four points of equinox and solstice, where for either hemisphere, the
equinoxes are the same as the points of dawn and twilight, and the
solstices correspond either to high noon or midnight. Because of the
magnetic polarity of the Earth, the four-part process is simultaneously
experienced in opposite phases, i.e., winter in the North is summer in
the South, hence the four-phased process yields a bipolar eight-fold

The rendered the night and the day two signs. We made the night dark and
the day lighted, that you may seek provisions from your Lord therein.
This also establishes for you a timing system, and the means of
calculation. We thus explain everything in detail.(17:12)

This four-part day-night seasonal process defines the structure of the
four psi bank plates, which also coordinate the four-year cycles of the
Earth. The psi bank plates, the 渡ervous system?and control panel of
the noosphere, are a complete function of the 13:20 timing frequency,
and, hence, participate in the systematic regularity of the
fourth-dimensional synchronic order. This means that the psi bank is the
registration within the Earth magnetic field of the 13:20 timing
matrix by which all of life and the planetary evolutionary process as a
whole are regulated. Simulating the four-part process of the Earth
rotating on is axis in time, four stages per day, four seasons per year,
in four year cycles – not to mention the four phases of the moon – four
psi bank plates accommodating the bipolar field yield eight 260-unit
13:20 frequency information matrices. That is, each of the four psi bank
plates conforms to a mirror symmetry of the bipolarity of Earth
magnetic field. Each plate is divided by mirror symmetry into a 260-unit
Northern and a 260-unit Southern hemispheric half, for a total of two
bipolar matrices and 520 units per plate, or 2080 (520 x 4) units in
all. These units are referred to as psi chrono units or time-bearing
information units. The information for the different sequences of
Earth biogeochemical evolutionary processes are all regulated by these
time-bearing information units.

We have to understand that through the medium of universal cosmic time,
the Earth, the Sun, every star, constellation and galaxy is coordinated
in this way by the synchronic 13:20 frequency of time. It is the 13:20
frequency that establishes holonomic consistency in time throughout the
universe. Earth noosphere is a lens of time. All cosmic information is
focused through this lens. It is this noospheric lens of time that makes
Earth into a geocosmic thought form.

The noospheric lens of time and mind has been operating ceaselessly
since the beginning of the evolution of the Earth – but unconsciously.
Since the noosphere is a function of the universal synchronic timing
frequency, then its conscious activation must also come about through a
superior mental coordination with this correct synchronizing timing
frequency. The psi bank 13:20 frequency is consciously activated and
registered at the human level by the mental engagement of the 13:20
matrix as enacted through the 260-day cycle. The interaction of the
260-day galactic cycle with the 365-day solar biotelepathic cycle
defines one noospheric year, or one solar-galactic cycle of 52 human
years ( = 52 365-day solar orbits = 73 260-day galactic cycles). This
great noospheric coordination of 52 solar orbits with 73 galactic cycles
is fractally present in a single solar orbit, where 52 seven-day weeks =
73 five-day cycles known as chromatics. What is important in coming to
understand the noosphere as Earth geocosmic time lens and rainbow
brain, is that we must change our perspective altogether from
anthropocentric to noospherocentric, and in this way evolve into homo

For the noosphere, the rainbow brain of planet Earth, time is different –
it is slower and longer. From the noosphere point of view, what we
call a year is a solar orbit. What we call a day is a single rotation of
Earth on its axis. The cycles of the moon are the lunar phasings which
calibrate the synchronization of Earth in time. The Earth is not a
spaceship. The Earth is a Timeship. As a Timeship, Earth is a function
of the master synchronization frequency which coordinates and moves it
in time through ever greater circles of inclusiveness and syntropic
integration. Seen through the noospheric lens of time, the technosphere
is a highly exaggerated acceleration of the biogeochemical continuum
through highly artificial resource depleting means – it is but a smoking
bubble whose fragile struts and frets are laced to together by transport
and communication systems which yield a cacophony rather than a harmony.
And for this reason, the disharmony of the bubble explodes on itself,
releasing Earth from the prison of false time, into the fresh air of
real time and the advance into the geocosmic splendor of the noosphere.
Synchronized with the galactic cycles, the noospheric mind of the whole
Earth is reckoned far differently from the artificial units of measure
which condition the anthropocentric notions of time evolved in the era
of homo historicus.

Here is how the four-fold process of Earth in time is reckoned by the
noosphere. Please note, in Noospheric Earth Time (NET), time is
universal synchronization. At any given moment , it is always the same
noospheric moment in time on Earth. Whether that moment is experienced
on the night or day side of the Earth, that moment is simultaneous and
encompasses both sides of the Earth at once. This because not only is
time the factor of synchronization – T(E) = Art, where art is the
result of any synchronization, but also because the velocity of time is
infinitely instantaneous. By thinking that the Earth really does conform
to the 24 hours of the clock, the humans have retarded their time
sensibility, and consequently their artificial processes have become
increasingly artless. In considering the Noospheric Time measurements,
remember, you as a human, are but a cell in the biospheric organism, or,
as we shall see, a chip of the noospheric rainbow brain.

Table of Noospheric Earth Time Units

One Noospheric Earth minute = one day-and-night rotation of Earth on its
axis = one kin.
28 Noospheric Earth minutes = one Noospheric Earth hour = one moon of
28 kin, where every 7-day week = one quarter Noospheric Earth hour = 7
Thirteen Noospheric Earth hours (moons) = one Noospheric Earth day = 365
kin (days) = one solar orbit, or one human year (= 13 NET hours x 28
minutes + 1 NET minute, Day out of time.?
Four Noospheric Earth days = one Noospheric Earth week = four solar
orbits (years) =1460 kin (days).
Three Noospheric Earth weeks plus one Noospheric Earth day = one
Noospheric Earth season = thirteen solar orbits or thirteen human years.

Four Noospheric Earth seasons = one Noospheric Earth year = 52 solar
orbits (years, human time) = 73 260-day galactic cycles = 18980 kin(days).
Five Noospheric Earth years = one Noospheric time chord = 260 solar
orbits. Twenty Noospheric time chords = one fifth Noospheric evolutionary
sub-cycle = 5200 solar orbits = one Noospheric Century of 100
Noospheric Earth years.
Five Noospheric evolutionary sub-cycles = one galactic evolutionary day=
26,000 solar orbits = five Noospheric Earth centuries or 500
Noospheric Earth years of 52 solar orbits each.

As the measure of the mind of the Earth, the Noospheric Earth Time NET
reckoning units coordinate consciousness as a planetary, or
actually, a solar-planetary phenomenon. For instance, if one NET day is
a single 365-day solar orbit of the Earth, dawn of the noospheric Earth
day is experienced as the spring equinox, but the noosphere is bipolar.
So the dawn is also simultaneously the autumn equinox or twilight of the
other polar magnetic half of the Earth. To fully engage and grasp such a
thought is to expand the limits of consciousness. Like dolphins who
never sleep but only rest one half of their brain at a time, so it is
with the rainbow brain of the noosphere. Such consciousness has nothing
to do with the workings of the everyday egoic human consciousness which
can only understand things according to a limited frame of reference
defined by its own limited and highly conditioned ego needs. The
geocosmic consciousness of the noosphere can only be apprehended as a
single telepathic unity in and by which all members of any given species
or organism are organized. To consider that the noosphere itself could
become the organizing principle of the human species as a whole is to
engage in conscious mental evolution.

NET Minute Model for Daily Use

The Graphic NET Minute Model is intended for daily use. The holonomic
four-fold process divides the NET Minute into four 努atches?
corresponding to the oracle of the daily kin. For instance, today is Red
Rhythmic Dragon. The entire NET Minute is then known as Red Rhythmic
Dragon, and its position is the center of the circle. But during each of
the four watches, the Red Rhythmic Dragon is enhanced or influenced by
its Analog -first watch, White Rhythmic Mirror — its Guide, second
watch –Red Rhythmic Dragon or power doubled — its antipode, third
watch — Blue Rhythmic Monkey — and its Occult, fourth watch — Yellow
Galactic Sun. In this way the NET Minute Model becomes a way for making
the daily Oracle a part of the entire synchronic program for organizing
your daily life. Note also that 奴enith?or high noon is when the sun is
directly overhead, while 渡adir俳r midnight, is when the point of the
Earth upon which you find yourself is absolutely farthest from the sun.
The nadir marks the ending of one NET minute and the beginning of
another. Kin after Kin, each NET Minute keeps you in the spin! Slow down
your time! Learn to walk to a wizard’s pace! Enjoy Earth consciousness
absorbed into the galactic brain, the noosphere awakened in galactic
time!: nnaa.jpg

UR, EXCALIBUR and The Nine Lords of the Ring

Nine Lords of Time descend into the Tomb of Time
9.13 the numbers of the dedication of the Tomb
Now the time has come
To awaken the Nine Lords of Time
Nine Lords of the Ring
Nine Solar Rings – Thirteen Moons per orbit
Sacred number code 9.13
The Tomb of Time reopened
One Lord of Time awakened as the power of the Solar Ring
Each Solar Ring Thirteen Moons in passing
Nine Solar Rings
Nine Lords of Time Awakened

Nine Great Lha of Shambhala
Nine Lords of Time
Nine Lords of the Ring
Blue Crystal Strom 2004
The Nine Lords begin their turn in time
Thirteen Moons the noospheric time to turn

Ten sacred letters
Nine sacred letters more
Nineteen sacred letters in all
Two sacred sounds
Known to those well-versed in the Magic of Time
Now guard you well your knowledge
This is the Harrowing of Hell
Wrapped in the cloak of the Synchronic Order
Walk the sacred tunnel between the Worlds
Earth Spirit Speaking Tube as well
In this passage of the End of Time
Seven Seers fulfill the Seven Years of Prophecy
When the Seventh Seer has laid his final treasure
Sipapu will end in the Eye of the Needle of Time
White Spectral Mirror
If you can pass through this spectralized gate
Invisible to all but those who know the Time
Then Blue Crystal Storm will announce to you
The resplendent sound of the First Lord of the Ring
The First Lord of Time, Luminous White A
Then seek the treasure laid by the Seventh Seer
Through his messenger of Treasures
the Glorious Lotus Born
Pass through the Ring of Time
And find the treasure known by name

Nine sacred letters inscribed
In the last Nine steps of the Cube of the Law
all Bolon Ik out from UR!
摘?and 店?
The First Two Lords connect the two sides of the Planetary Manitou
The next three Lords make the Call – 鼎AL?
Then inside the Sacred Wisdom Source
The Mystic Altar of the Mystery of the Stone
The last Four Lords inspire the Mother of the World
To make the sacred mantric sound
Tel Ek Ton On!
Bolon Ik – Ik Bolon
The letters 的?and 釘?
Complete the Mystery of the Stone
Two letters more
Inscribe the the signs of sacred UR
New Jerusalem Shambhala Tollan
Sacred Order of the Heavenly Source
Returned to Earth at last!

O you lovers of Riddles and Mysteries!
Look carefully at the Magic Square of Nine
Nested within the Oxlahuntiku
from Millennium end to 2013
The final nine years are in truth Nine Rings
Inscribe therein EXCALIBUR
One letter each for each of the Nine Rings
Then look carefully again and find
Perfect Axis of the Storm E-R-L
Balanced by the Moon diagonal C-B
Joined by the Wizard poles A-U
Made Straight by the Seed X-I
Nine Rings in All, Excalibur
Each Ring a Lord of Time
Each Lord the memory of One NET Day
Earth Awakened Ring by Ring
Nine NET Days
Thirteen NET Hours per day
Blue Crystal Storm the Count begins
The Star Seed makes the Space
Draw you now your treasure map
The Wisdom hoard is opening
The Memory is yours
For the taking
If only you can take the Time to know
Nine Lords of Time
Nine Lords of the Ring
Shambhala New Jerusalem Tollan
UR returned
All beings ONE
No longer just a dream
But a weaving of reality
Thirteen Moons in the Making
Make this riddle your own
And you will be a champion
Of the Mystery of the Stone

Planetary Dog Moon, Limi 6, consume dualistic thoughts as food, I
purify the Mental Electron at the north pole.
Kin 201: Red Rhythmic Dragon (Moon Out of Time, 2012 – end of the cycle)

SBTS 12.6
Free Will Tower
Telektonon Prophecy, Baktun Six, The Imperial Seal BC 1141
7:7::7:7 First Week, Analog Red Time Atom, Radion Limi 6,
Kennaz is the Light Bearing Torch
Leaf of the Transcending, Kennaz sent from South to North, seals Limi,
Radion Cube left, Manipura chakra, solar plexus, PNM 6, Afroeurasian
Plate One
Psi Chrono Unit: Kin 114: White Planetary Wizard
Overtone Chromatic 52: Blue Self-existing Storm -Blue Galactic Night,
Self-Generating Abundance
White Magnet sent from South to North from/to Red Cardinal throat
20 Tablets: Annual Chronograph Tablet 5, Quetzalcoatl, Serpent Sex,
Chronograph Dragon Genesis, Skywalker Wavespell 5, White Northern Castle
Court of Death
Chronograph Moon Kin 62: White Planetary Wind, -17 887 – -17,787
Elder Futarch Moon of Engwaz, The Seed Enclosed, Ascending
Quarterly Codon Rune 53: Evolving Telepathy Evolves the Temple
Stage 11, Way of the People all points Unify in Conduct?
Year of the Yellow Solar Seed, Second Seed-Storm Year Bundle, Week 37
Codon Cube, Codon 15, Way of the People: sixth yin line, Cube top
Red Week One, Claim Power of Prophecy – Humility Refines Meditation
Harmonic 51: Solar Input. 的nform Flowering of Intention?
Vinal 13, Mac: Closing the equivocating part and entering a trance.?
Biphasic Codon: Arousing Joy, Time Evolves Way of Wielding Power
Dynamics of Time, 1.6:
Biological evolution tends toward states of being capable of sustaining
conscious moments in time. Evolved biological entities capable of
sustaining conscious moments in time trigger self-reflective
consciousness or naive experiences of time. These naive experiences of
time are categorically referred to as mystical experiences . Mystical
experience is predisposed to the naive experience of time because of the
intent to approximate God, the center and director of all intelligence.?

This newsletter is presented as a service to all planetary kin by
Dr. Arcturus, Planetary Healing Doctor (Ph.D)
Klatu Barada Nikto! The Galactic Federation Comes in Peace!

Copyright (c) 2002 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles