Day Out of Time 2002 Rainbow Bridge Meditation


The Day Out of Time, Yellow Solar Star, July 25, 2002, is now
approaching. This year there will be more than 500 Day Out of Time
events happening world wide – signs that the Day Out of Time has become
an annual planetary day of festival such as has never been known in all
of history. For this reason it is important that as many groups as
possible also hook themselves up with the Earth and with each other
through the Rainbow Bridge Day Out of Time World Peace Meditation.

The purpose of this Meditation is to generate a telepathic wave of love
that connects ourselves with the center of the Earth, with the bipolar
rainbow alternators that hold Earth’s magnetic fields in place, and with
all of the other planetary kin who are doing the same meditation . By
establishing this world-wide telepathic Earth wave we are creating a
matrix of communication which brings the noosphere – Earth’s smental
envelope – ever closer into conscious manifestation. This matrix also
provides a protective field of genuinely positive thought vibrations
meant to maintain Earth’s resonant field in a state of harmony and

The goal of this annual meditation exercise is to actually manifest
Earth’s Rainbow bridge -the day-night alternators of Earth’s magnetic
field – by the closing of the cycle, Winter (North) Summer (South)
solstice, 2012. This Rainbow Bridge is the bridge of peace long
prophesied that will permanently connect the third-dimensional Earth
with the fourth and higher dimensions, assuring a peace and harmony that
will not be able to be broken. In order that all beings may participate
in this meditation whether or not they have ever heard of the synchronic
order, we offer this universal version of the Day Out of Time Rainbow
Bridge World Peace Meditation.

You may do this alone or in a group – early in the day is best,
but whenever you do it is fine.
If you are in a group, gather in a circle if you can,
seated on the ground or floor if possible, with your legs crossed.
Take a few deep breaths, inhaling what is negative, transmuting
that within yourself and then exhaling what is positive and purifying.
Then close your eyes. Visualize that you are in the center of the Earth.
Then visualize the giant octahedron crystal core. Four faces of the
crystal end in a point along the North polar axis. The other Four join
at a point aligned with the South polar axis. Surrounding the giant
octahedron crystal is the Earth’s inner membrane, like a drum resonating
the surface of the outer Earth. The Northern half of the crystal has two
red and two white faces; the Southern half has two blue and two yellow faces.

Now you go inside the crystal. In the center of this giant crystal is an
intensely blazing point of white light. An etheric column or axis of
light extends North and South from the blazing center point through the
tips of the octahedron going on to the North and South poles at the
Earth’s exterior. Around this etheric vertical magnetic axis of light,
are two intertwined flux tubes through which plasmic energy is
continuously passing. Coiled around each other like the two strands of
DNA, the flux tubes are red and blue in color. They deliver plasma

Strung on the northern axis of this column of light with the two flux
tubes wound around it is the red time atom. Around the southern axis of
light is the blue time atom. The red and blue polar time atoms turn in
opposite directions to each other, the red northern time atom in a
clockwise direction, the blue southern time atom in a counterclockwise
direction. The time atoms consist of seven points: a center point two
points at either end of the vertical axis, and two points each -four
points in all- equidistant to each other on either side of the central
axis. The six outer points of the time atoms are almost in the shape of
a hexagon, a six-sided figure.

The gravitational plane of the octahedron crystal, emanates horizontally
out from the blazing luminous center of the crystal, extending to the
the four points that mark the edges of the crystal, where the four
northern and four southern faces of the octahedron meet. The
gravitational plane connecting these four points is like the base of two
pyramids – one pyramid extends from this base with four faces to the
northern point of the octahedron, and the other four faces to the
southern point. Along this gravitational plane exactly opposite each
other are two more time atoms: a white one and yellow one. These two
gravitational time atoms are constructed just as the the red and blue
polar time atoms, except that their two axial points are aligned with
the gravitational plane, lying on their side as it were and
perpendicular to the polar time atoms. These white and yellow time atoms
turn around like paddle wheelers making a slow circular motion,
counterclockwise, from left to right around the central point of blazing

Once you have visualized the octahedron crystal core of the Earth with
its eight faces, four time atoms, etheric column of light and two flux
tubes, then visualize that from the center of the crystal a great stream
of multicolored plasma filled light shoots up in both directions toward
both of Earth’s poles. Now you have gone from the center of the Earth to
a point out in space where you are seeing the whole Earth. While you can
still see the crystal octahedron at the center of the Earth, at the
North and South poles the stream of light shoots out to become a great
double rainbow bridge -the day alternator and the night alternator of
Earth’s magnetic field made visible. Two rainbow streams connect the
North and South Poles of the Earth, exactly 180 degrees apart from each
other. As the Earth slowly revolves on its axis, this rainbow bridge
remains steady and constant,unmoving.

Once you have completed the visualization take the whole Earth revolving
beneath the rainbow bridge and place it in your heart. Imagine the two
streams of light shooting out through your central column above your
head and beneath your feet. Now they make a similar rainbow bridge
around your body, holding your aura in place. Now you and the Earth are
one. The Rainbow Bridge of World Peace is real. There is a science
behind all of this. What exists at first in the imagination, visualized
by enough people in a telepathic wave of love, will in time become a reality.

Where are We in Time? Thinking Fresh

Yes, where are we in time? According to the nature of the synchronic
order, we are always experiencing a beginningless time sending out its
ripples from a point where a pebble has been magically dropped into the
Pool of Timelessness. Every 52 years another pebble is dropped into the
pool of timelessness of which our sun, Kinich Ahau, Velatropa 24 is the
local center point. And on this little planet turning on its axis 365
times as it orbits its star once, the ripples wash across our planet 52
ripples per 52 orbits. Watching this show from our vantage point in
outer space, can we really say it takes ?4 hours?for Earth to turn
upon its axis? No, not really. There is no clock out there measuring the
Earth as it turns on its axis. That is just a mechanized fiction, a part
of the hypnotic spell that has kept the human species in its grip for
over a millennium now. It is part of the spell which we must now dispel
with all due haste. (See previous issue, NET Minutes). We can identify
the current ripple that is subsiding as the Yellow Solar Seed, and as it
washes out on the Day Out of Time, Yellow Solar Star, another beam of
pure fourth-dimensional consciousness will bathe the Earth, Velatropa
24.3, to be followed by the next ripple of time washing across the orbit
for the next 365 days.

The current set of slow-motion time ripples began on Yellow Magnetic
Seed, July 26, 1993, the first day of the First Year of Prophecy. On
that day a big pebble had been dropped into the Pool of Timelessness and
it washed across the Earth’s orbit as the Yellow Magnetic Seed ripple,
the first of a cycle of 52 ripples. It was followed by six more ripples
constituting the Cycle of the Seven Years of Prophecy. Now the ninth
ripple of the current cycle of time is washing out, soon to be followed
by the tenth, the Red Planetary Moon. Of course, these ripples are
currently correlated to a Gregorian calendar date, July 26, as well as a
Gregorian calendar year 2002. We have to imagine that one day there will
be no Gregorian calendar correlates. Perhaps, it is better to start to
think this way now. Think fresh. Following the Yellow Solar Star, Day
Out of Time of the Yellow Solar Seed ripple, the next day will be Red
Planetary Moon the first day of the year 10 AT – After Telektonon. The
solar-galactic New Year’s day always falls exactly five weeks after
Crystal Moon 23, the Navigation Tower, and the day of the Crystal
solstice -Summer North, Winter South. These five weeks may be known as
the five weeks of the recapitulation of the fifth force, echoed in the
five days that complete the annual orbit following the completion of the
eighteenth Vinal, signifying the fulfillment of a Tun of 360 days. It is
important to think of Earth’s orbit as a Solar Ring, and each ripple as
an emanation of this Solar Ring, connecting it without hindrance to the
source of the ripple, the sun, the center of a vast stellar Pool of Timelessness.

Actually it was on the New Year’s Day White Galactic Wizard, July 26
1987, or the first day of the Year 6 BT (Before Telektonon), that at
least two of us first became aware of the ripples of time washing across
the Pool of Timelessness. That is to say, the minds of a few had been
prepared to begin to experience this set of ripples, the currents and
undercurrents of the synchronic order of the Time of Prophecy as they
washed across the planetary orbit. These were indeed the ripples of the
New Time. As the few minds who had become aware of these ripples fully
engaged them as a medium of consciousness, the ripples began to reveal
the Law of Time. As the Law of Time became more conscious, the ripples
increased in intensity and became accountable through a resonant
harmonic cycle known as the Thirteen moon/28-day Count.

The purpose of this Thirteen Moon 28-day count was two-fold. First it
was intended to harmonically engage the Solar Ring of Earth (its 365 day
orbit) in a consciously harmonic manner which had not been the case
since the destruction of the civilizations of the New World and the rise
of the 24 hour clock mind. The second purpose of the perfect harmony of
this count was to consciously engage an increasing number of humans to
create a mental cross current with the irregular timing frequency which
had long since disengaged the Earth, the humans species and its
consciousness from the benefits of the Solar Ring. By the end of the
Year 1 BT, Blue Cosmic Storm, and just before the beginning of the year
1 AT Yellow Magnetic Seed, everything was in place for the New Ripple.
On the Day Out of Time concluding the 52nd ripple of the prehistory of
the Time of Prophecy, a cycle which began during the dark ages of World
War II, July 26, 1941, the fourth dimensional time beam washed across
the mind of the messenger. He was now fully prepared to define and surf
the New Wave, the Seven Years of Prophecy, the first seven years of the
next cycle of 52 orbital ripples or Solar Rings of the Earth.

Catalyzed by the New Cycle, the messenger and his faithful accomplice
began the task of awakening the consciousness of the human race into the
perfect harmonics of the Thirteen Moon-28-day cycle, the better to
engage the Solar Ring. Each planetary orbit (Solar Ring) holds a
frequency, while the frequencies of all the planets in relationship to
each other create different stages or aspects of a solar-galactic field
of consciousness. As the Telektonon prophecy makes clear, the Earth’s
orbit holds the biotelepathic frequency or third circuit of
consciousness along with the eighth orbit, that of the planet Uranus.
The Uranian frequency number holds the key: Bode 196, or 28:7. By
observing the 28 day cycle thirteen times per orbit, the human
consciousness was finally engaging the third circuit connection with the
eighth orbit of Uranus.

Earth’s orbital frequency, Bode 10, long-co-opted by the Saturnian 100,
the basis of the monetary system, and clamped into place by the
hexagismal order of twelve, now had a chance of being liberated. By
establishing the sixteen as the power of the Cube of the Law, same as
Mars orbital frequency Bode16, and adding the sixteen Cube power to the
twelve, the Telektonon engaged the Earth’s orbit at a Solar Ring
frequency of 28(16 +12). This 28 also matched the frequency of the
destroyed planet Maldek, Bode 28. Now Earth, Mars, and Maldek were
prophetically reengaged by the power of 28(x 13)to the Uranus 196, 28 x
7. The Jupiter orbital frequency Bode 52, misused by the Babylonian
Conspiracy to create the aberrant count of the 52 seven day weeks with
no day out of time, was now capable of being correctly applied. Please
note: before the end of the first year of prophecy, Jupiter received the
apocalyptic bombardment of the Levy-Shumacher comet. By observing the
Day Out of Tiime, the power of the 52 (13x 4) could be liberated and
released: The 52 perfect weeks of the Thirteen Moon Solar Ring, could
now be in mutual harmony with the 52 perfect years of the Solar Ring
cycle calibrated by the 260-day galactic spin, thus creating a massive
fractal harmonic resonance so necessary for the healing of the Earth .
This was the whole interplanetary redemptive point of the seven years of
the prophecy Telektonon.

Year 7 AT ended on the White Resonant Mirror. The prophetic time
allotted for the humans to fully engage the Solar Ring through the
perfect harmonics of the 13:28 cycle had not fully occurred. The Beast
had not been slain and was still roaming free on planet Earth. The
Vatican was enjoying its Year 2000 Jubilee as if it had captured yet
another millennium, and was prepared to claim the next one. Though the
prophecy of Pacal Votan had been sounded, its seriousness had not been
heeded by sufficient numbers of humans. The Earth’s orbit was still
wobbling in the grip of an irregular measure of its Solar Rring and the
mercilessness of the illusion that one turn on its axis equals 24
mechanistic hours.

So opened the next spin the eighth ripple of the current cycle of 52
ripples, the Blue Galactic Storm, the first of the four years known as
the Harrowing of Hell. To harrow is an archaic expression, meaning to
pillage or to plunder. The Harrowing of Hell is the time of the
unhindered pillaging and plundering of the Earth, for there is now no
force that can stop the corruption of the false time.


The new Christianmillennium began on Rhythmic 20, January 1, 2001,
of the 8 Storm year,
on the day White Spectral Mirror. Curiously enough that day is the last
day of the cycle of the Harrowing of Hell, Day Out of Time July 25,
2004, the day when the Great Calendar Change is supposed to be in place.
So it is interesting that the old New Years day of the year 2001, White
Spectral Mirror, had already been synchronically coded as the day the
old time would end in 2004. Yet, it also signaled the end of the Third
Millennium. On September 11, 2001, Lunar Moon 20 of the ninth ripple,
the Yellow Solar Seed, the old time was fatally punctured. The
plundering and pillaging of Hell was now on in full swing.

The second ripple of the Harrowing of Hell is now subsiding and the
third one is about to wash over the Earth. Red Planetary Moon. This will
be the year of the great Purification of the Earth. Planetary is the
tone of manifestation. Red is the blood of purification of the Earth.
The flow of the old time will dissolve into the universal water of the
new. The Uranian power of Navigation will steer the Solar Ring ever
closer to the full harmonic vibration of the New Time. Red Planetary
Moon is Kin 49, predestined number of Revolution. 綉o set the calendar
in order?is the ONLY revolution that will last. And that revolution is
now in full swing.

In the Synchronic Order of the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time it will be
the sixth year of the sixteen year chronograph, the fulfillment of the
fourth seer, St. John of Patmos, inspired author of the Book of
Revelations whose prophecies are now being fulfilled. What was unable to
be accomplished during the Seven Years of Prophecy will make rapid
headway during this coming year, the third year of the Harrowing of
Hell. While the pillaging and plunder of the Earth will continue by
those bent on their own self-destruction, the power of the Thirteen
Moons is finally gathering great steam and pushing forward.This is both
a matter of prophecy and of human survival as it is inscribed in the
DNA. 2012 is the alarm. Suddenly the idea of a New Time begins to make
sense. And the NewCalendar as the passport to the New Time seems like a
positive solution, where no other solutions seem to be in sight.

More than a solution, the Thirteen Moon/28-day cycle is the cosmic
trigger, it is the registration in the Solar Ring of the perfect harmonic
chord in time. It is the evolutionary trip switch to advance the human
species from Civilizational Advance into Cosmic Awareness. In this way
the Aboriginal Continuity (AC)will be able to be restored again as the
Absolute Conservation (AC) of the energy of the biosphere. The awareness
that has been initiated during the year 9 AT, Yellow Solar Seed will be
completed in the year 12 AT, Blue Crystal Storm, the completion of a
Seed Storm Year Bundle, a complete cycle of four Solar Rings. The year
12 AT,will complete the first year of the Great Calendar Change,
following which there will come the two complete Seed Storm year
bundles, eight years in all, to establish the CA, Cosmic Awareness,
replacing the current CA, Civilizational Advance.

In perfect harmony there are only the ripples of timelessness which are
registered as time. The Babylonian conspiracy of the irregular measure
and linear count of days and years is an illusion meant to keep us in
the grip of a history riddled with insoluble problems. Harmony has no
history to keep. Nature really has no problems. Only the humans vex
themselves with problems all due to the creation of an irregular mind
set rooted in an irregular measure of time. Let the higher magic
prevail. May the Dreamspell of galactic harmony wash over this ailing
planet and restore it and all beings into the shining splendor of the
time of perfect harmony and an equality undreamed of by even the
greatest utopian minds.

Eighteen Vinals and the Uayeb

The Thirteen Moon 28-day count is synchronized with the solar count of
the Haab. The Haab, consists of eighteen 20 day cycles called vinals
which establish the Tun or 360-day (18 x 20 =360) count used by the
Classic Maya to calibrate the Great Cycle of thirteen baktuns. In other
words the baktuns are not measured by 365 day years but by the 360 day
cycle of the Tun. 400 Tun = 1 baktun = 394 + years. In order to
correlate the eighteen vinals of the Tun to the solar cycle , a
nineteenth five day cycle is added, the Uayeb. The eighteen vinals plus
the Uayeb transform the Tun into the Haab. In the Thirteen Moon 28-day
Count, the vinals are perfectly correlated to four overtone chromatics
each. Eighteen Vinals = 72(18 x 4) Overtone Chromatics. The Uayeb, then,
is the perfect 73rd chromatic which completes the solar cycle and
establishes the biomass constant – the harmonic registration in the
solar ring which maintains the balance of life on Earth. In theThirteen
Moon count, the Uayeb always begins on the 25th day of the Cosmic Moon,
and includes the last four days of the moon plus the Day Out of Time. If
you study the Uayeb you will find that the first day is always the same
as the New Year’s day five years prior. In other words, this year the
Uayeb begins on Yellow Overtone Seed, the New Year’s day for 1997 which
commenced the cycle of the sixteen year chronograph of the 20 Tablets of
the Law of Time.

The eighteenth vinal is Cumhu. The vinal are always counted so that the
first day is zero and thence numbered through nineteen, the last day of
any vinal. The Uayeb is also numbered that way, so that the Day Out of
Time is always 4 Uayeb. Cumhu completes the 360 day Tun cycle. The solar
meditation for Cumhu is 絖ocated in the correct place where the food of
divination is obtained.?The Correct place where the food of divination
is obtained is the Solar Ring. The food of divination is the correct
knowledge of time and of the meaning of time as the harmony of the Earth
with all that is. The solar meditation for the Uayeb is 紜ll that is
needed to obtain the precious stone.?This means that these five days
are to be observed consciously and with care for the obtaining of the
precious stone is knowing how to close the annual orbital cycle on the
Day Out of Time. On this 365th day of the orbital cycle, the precious
stone is the fulfillment of harmony in time and the regeneration in
timelessness that is meant to occur on that special day. For it is the
Day Out of Time when the Solar Ring becomes the precious stone and the
food of divination is consumed.

Preparing for Next Year: Elder Futhark Runes and the Aboriginal Continuity

During the four years of the Harrowing of Hell, advanced Earth Wizards
have also been doing the practice of Cubing the 24 Runes of the Elder
Futhark sequence both on a daily and annual basis. Every Moon the Four
sequences of six Futhark Runes each code the six days of the week, the
seventh being the day to place the Runes in the Radion Cube. on the 28th
day the Runes are then placed in the center of the Earth. The 24 runes
are visualized as Coding the 24 psi membranes, six per psi bank plate.
By placing them in the inner Earth core as well, the Futhark rune
practice synchronizes the psi bank with the inner Earth. The Futhark
Rune practice occurs in teh four years between the Seven Years of
prophecy and the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone. Since the
Futhark Runes represent the original 24 Runes revealed by Odin(Votan) to
his people, by being visualized first in the 24 psi membranes, the
master organizing plates of the psi bank, they establish a powerful bond
with the Aboriginal Continuity, the power of Absolute Conservation of
the terrestrial reservoir of psychic energy – the noosphere itself.

By being placed in the tympanum of the Inner Earth, an interdimensional
resonance is established over the four year cycle which offsets the
pillaging and plunder of the harrowing of Hell. As more and more humans
place their consciousness in the harmonic perfection of the Thirteen
Moon-28-day count, this aboriginal resonance becomes ever more powerful,
assuring the actual triggering of the noosphereic mind of Earth to begin
to occur during the Blue Crystal Storm year, the eighth and final year
of the eight years of establishing the Aboriginal Continuity (AC). This
Blue Crystal Storm Year 12 AT, also establishes the first of the Nine
Lords of Time, 絖uminous Single White A?whose Solar Ring domain will
charge the Thirteen 28-day solar chords of time with an increasing
majesty of telepathic knowing among all who are able to maintain the
frequency of the Thirteen Moon cycle.

During the Red Planetary Moon year, the third set of Runes -Eiwhaz the
Cosmic Tree, Rune thirteen to Berkano Fruitfulness, Rune eighteen, will
code the Moons as in the previous years. That is, the first six Moons
the Runes represent the descending order of the Cycle of Becoming,
Eiwhaz coding the first Moon, Perthro the Lunar Moon, Elhaz the Electric
moon, Sowilo, the Self-existing moon, Tiwaz the Overtone Moon and
Berkano the Rhythmic Moon. The seventh Moon is the void Rune Moon. Then
the process ascends as the Cycle of Return from the eighth to the
thirteenth Moons beginning with Berkano coding the Galactic Moon and
ending with Eiwhaz, the Cosmic Tree, coding the the Cosmic Moon.

UR Rune Codon Codes, Kin 49 Red Planetary Moon Year, 2002-2003

I perfect in order to purify
producing flow
I seal the process of universal water
with the planetary tone of manifestation
I am guided by the power of navigation

Red Planetary Moon Year occurs in Warrior Cube Journey position six,
World-bridger Power of Death, coded by the twelfth baktun of the
Telektonon prophecy, Baktun of the Hidden Seed. In the 20 tablets this
position corresponds to wavespell six, World-bridger, the seat of the
Court of Death in the Dreamspell Genesis, as well as to the fourth seer,
St. John of Patmos -Death overcome, redemption of all martyrs and
witnesses of truth.?For this reason we may expect the climax of the
apocalypse of the 12:60 world foreseen by St. John of Patmos in his
famous Book of Revelations. This Cube position is governed by the third
psi bank plate, the American plate, and the six psi membranes coded by
the Elder Futhark Rune sequence 13, Eihwaz the Cosmic Tree, to 18,
Berkano is Fruitfulness. As the sixth year of the Sixteen year Cube of
the Law, and the third year of the Oxlahuntiku, the purpose of this
year is for the restoration of the garden. This means special exertion
in the creation of 13:20 land bases for cultivation of the garden and as
intermediate rest points for the caravans. The four UR Runes that code
the four quarters of the year will guide us through this year of
powerful purification and transformation – a year to fulfill the
revolution of time in our new communities. Let us teach our children
well, for as it says in this year’s Rinri precept: The child is an
actor playing out on the stage, as it were, the mind of the parents.?

First Quarter: Codon 6, People Apart – Tree Defines Life, UR Strand
One, Way of the Tree. Here the red Rune shows the tree within the square
which represents the four corners of the Earth, meaning that the tree
defines the life on Earth. Just as the tree is dispersed throughout the
Earth, wherever there is any water or precipitation, so too are the
people dispersed throughout the Earth. This is the meaning of the People
Apart, that the people are separated from each other in order to
establish their many communities on the Earth. Being apart, the people
have the opportunity both to cultivate themselves where they are and to
establish means of communication to overcome their separateness. In the
Codon, the principle of water, the sensory Heart Moon Crystal triplet is
below, and its motion is inherently downward. Above is the Creative
transmitting telepathic time triplet, whose natural tendency is to move
upward, like heaven. So in the tendencies of the two triplets we see
that they move away from each other, which also signifies People Apart.
So it is a good time to pause and gather one’s resources, avoid
conflict, and cultivate one’s character and community. The tree, no
matter how alone or apart from other trees, is still of the great
community of trees everywhere on Earth.

Second Quarter: Codon Fourteen, Wisdom of the People – Conduct Defines
the Way, UR Strand Two, Way of Conduct. Here the blue UR Rune shows the
feminine triangle also enclosed in a square. The feminine triangle
represents the flow of wisdom as telepathic knowledge into the receptive
mind, which, being open, extends to the four corners of the Earth, hence
the square. This shows the Wisdom of the People as conduct that defines
the way of relating to each other in the establishment of an
understanding that corresponds to the synchronic order of the New Time.
In this Codon, the time triplet is now below in the sensory dynamizing
place, while instead of the Moon Crystal, we now have the Fire Sun
Crystal in the telepathic position above. The tendency of both of these
triplets is to move upward toward heaven. The incorporation of time in
the sensory body is true wisdom, while the only space yin line occurs in
the fifth place, the place of the ruler. This means that wisdom is
selfless and rules through receptivity gathering around it forces of
light endowed by knowledge of time. To cultivate this wisdom in all
matters and relations is truly how Conduct defines the Way.

Third Quarter: Codon 54 Transcending, Temple Incorporates Telepathy, UR
Strand Seven, Way of the Telepath. The purple UR Rune depicts the sign
of the temple within the square. This means that the principle of the
temple established by telepathy now incorporates telepathy that extends
to the four corners of the Earth. The temple is the architecture of the
synchronic order as it defines our personal and community life. When we
incorporate telepathy into the temple of our synchronic life then we
establish the principle of transcending the 12:60 conditions which hold
our body to the mortal round of desire and death. In the Codon
Transcending, we have the sensory Ocean of Joy of the Wizard’s Song
below, and the telepathic Seed Arousing Energy and Thunder above. This
shows the electrical energy of transcendence, rising above or out from a
body of water. This is a sign of the mystery of the beginning and ending
of all things. Here we must cultivate ourselves more deeply taking care
to elevate our minds into the spiritual reality of the synchronic order,
while tending to the details of life in the temple in a simple and
ordinary way, accepting what we have been given, and being in profound
appreciation of the Divine Plan of the Supreme Creator.

Fourth Quarter:Codon 62 Inner Time, Galactic Octave Defines Evolution –
UR Strand Eight, Way of the Galactic Octave. Here the violet UR Rune
shows an echo of a square within a square enclosing the dot in space of
the eternal dawning of creation. In keeping with the tone of the year to
cultivate the higher self within a community which supports that, this
Rune shows how the inner defines the outer and the outer the inner,
which is the way of spiritual evolution, for as the one becomes more
clear the other is synergized into greater synchronization. Undeviating
is the dot in space at the center, the endless source of creative
thought, the basis of all harmonic action. The Codon, Inner Time, is a
golden one, that is the space binary letter generates and climaxes,
while the time binary letter is the bridge between sensory space and
telepathic space. The meaning of the time is a profoundly inward
movement that produces an energetic thrust back into space. This is
reflected in the two triplets that constitute the Codon: the sensory
Keeping Still Meditation Mountain Gate is below, while above, the
telepathic Seed Arousing Thunder Energy is released from the Mountain
meditation. Note that both the third and fourth quarter Codons are
characterized by a release of telepathic energy, while the lower
triplets are the binary complements of each other, two time yang lines
and one space yin line, Transcending, and two space lines and one yang
time line, Inner Time. In this way just as the first two quarters bear
some complementary resemblance to each other, even more so do the third
and fourth quarters work upon each other to produce a single flow.
Transcend, evolve, become the Inner Time of the Synchronic Order NOW!

Cosmic Turtle Moon, Gamma 17, By Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic
Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere. 12 Cumhu, 絖ocated in the correct
place where the food of divination is obtained?
Kin 36: Yellow Planetary Warrior
SBTS 16.11
Telektonon Prophecy, Fourth Year of Prophecy, 1996-97, Fourth Lost
Generation, Red Lunar Earth
7:7::7:7 Third Week, Blue Occult Time Atom , Occult-aphasic, Gamma-Kali,
Pacifying Establishes
Futhark rune, 15, Elhaz is the Act of Making Sacred
Leaf of the Mystery, Elhaz sent from South to North, seals Gamma, Radion
Cube Front, Third eye, Agyan chakra,, PNM 15, American Plate Three
Psi Chrono Unit: Kin 254: White Resonant Wizard
White Overtone Chromatic 71: Wizard – Mirror, Galactic Timelessness

White Magnet sent from South to North from/to Yellow Cardinal throat
20 Tablets: Annual Chronograph Tablet 5, Quetzalcoatl, Serpent Sex,
Chronograph Dragon Genesis, Skywalker Wavespell 5, White Northern Castle
Court of Death
Chronograph Moon Kin 65: Red Cosmic Serpent, -17 587 – -17,487
Elder Futhark Moon of Ehwaz, Union of Horse and Rider, Ascending
Quarterly Codon Rune 61: Inner Space: Galactic Octave Resounds as Mind?
Stage 12,
Year of the Yellow Solar Seed, Second Seed-Storm Year Bundle, Week 51
Codon Cube, Codon Measuring, Codon 60, Galactic Octave Limits Space?
third line: yin line, Cube left
Blue Week Three, Proclaim Victory of Prophecy – Blue Patience Transforms
Harmonic 9: Planetary output. 絋xpress Intelligence of Manifestation?
Biphasic Codon 32: Mind Enduring, 紕inary order defines movement of
Dynamics of Time, 16.10:
Radiosonic compost?transduces into light the remaining
third-dimensional entitization. This moment of stellar excitation
releases the final evolution of alternative personality
fourth-dimensional holon aggregates, ホcollective radiosonic mass,?into
a pure condition of super to subliminal soul boat transmigratory
encounters. Arrival at this condition represents the limit of
application of celestial harmonics as the index of evolutionary time
vector potentialities within a given holonomic macro-order, galaxy.?

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