Special Issue: Back to Moral Basics: Rinri and Community Ethics
Dedicated to Cesar Cernik, Red Rhythmic Moon, 1970-2002

“As the Queen of death, I made a survey of my realm, and this is what I discovered.
Every individual unit of galactic being has an equal storehouse of death.
Death is nothing more than the available truth that any individual unit of being has
at its disposal in dealing with its life.
if an individual unit ignores truth or denies death,
than this storehouse of death becomes concealed,
and the individual will live on a current of self-generating illusions.
But if the individual unit lives by truth, then death is revealed
as the inexhaustible storehouse of truth.”
– from “Arc-Tara’s Report: Death Concealed, Death Revealed,” The Arcturus Probe

Greetings Velatropans of the coming noosphere of our beloved planet, Verlatropa 24.3!

We are all now experiencing the acceleration of time which accompanies the collapse of the technosphere, the
intermediate 12:60 placenta that connects the biosphere to the now dawning noosphere. Divine Providence has
generously guided me once again, and by the beginning of the Red Planetary Moon year you will all be able to read a new
book written by my third-dimensional literary self, Jos?Arg歹lles, Time and the Technosphere: the Law of Time in Human
Affairs, to be published in English language by ITI, Inner Traditions International. As soon as the text is ready we will
send it to all of our foreign language PAN nodes for immediate translation.

What Time and the Technosphere makes definitive is the fact that the noospheric deadline really does come on the Day
Out of Time, 2004. This means not only that universal calendar change must be ready, but that our 13:20 communities
and life-style must be manifest so that the refugees from the 12:60 world have a model and an inspiration to move into
the new dimension of time. Where are these communities and models today? Ever since the Picarquin Seven Week Earth
Wizards Seminary we have been calling for the new communities so that we can all get back to the garden. A few valiant
efforts have begun, but so far, besides the scattering of a few seed projects, mostly throughout South America, we have
precious little to show.

Now the sudden death on Yellow-Self-Existing Star of our brother and fellow Earth Wizard, Cesar Cernik Red Rhythmic
Moon, plus the economic and political collapse of Argentina, and in the wake of the 9-11 Inevitable Event, we are all
placed in an intensified state of planetary moral emergency where the issue of community must rise to the forefront of our
concerns and our consciousness.

When the Rinri Project Newsletter was born during the fourth year of prophecy, Blue Self-existing Storm year, 1996-7, it
was the result of two factors: The more obvious one was the circumpolar rainbow bridge new time science project and all of
its attendant practices, which we are continuing into the present time. The second factor, however, is found in the very
name of the project – “rinri” – the Japanese word for “ethical enlightenment.” The rinri principle must be understood as the
guiding factor in our understanding of community. Without ethical community values, our 13:20 practices will never reach
full fruition. So now, at this critical Earth-time moment, we must return to a review of the moral basics upon which
community must be based in order for it to flourish. Without the moral basics, community will wither, and the synchronic
order will not find Earth Wizards in which to take root..

Thinking about ethical, economic, ecological 13:20 communities

As members of the PAN World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement we must not be afraid to learn from
others. Since the 1960s there have been many experiments in intentional, self-sustaining communities. We must be
willing to learn from these experiments so that we do not waste our energy in establishing communities that reflect the
vales of 13:20 time, which after all, are really age-old and timeless values of spiritual existence and reality. One of the
most prominent networks gathering together information about sustainable intentional communities is the Ecovillage
Network of the Americas (ENA). The ENA Coordinating Office may be contacted through while that of
the ENA International Office is

The Ecovillages Newsletter is very helpful in listing communities and necessary information and updates.

The Rainbow Caravan, strategic ally of our Movement now stationed in Ecuador, represents a creative edge of the
Ecovillage Network – contact:

Because we call for a return to natural Earth time, we also have much to learn from the Indigenous people, their elders and
ways. it was our good fortune to meet with Phil lane Jr in Venezuela. For many years Phil has pioneered in evolving basic
sets of values and principles to guide the restoration of a sane and sober Indigenous life among the native peoples of all of
the Americas. The work of the reconciliation of the American Indigenous peoples is known as the “Reunion of the Condor
and the Eagle.” This work is guided by sixteen principles which, like the Rinri precepts, can be coordinated with the
sixteen cube positions and studied accordingly during each Cube journey. The following principles are taken directly from
Phil’s work with the Four Worlds International Institute, e-mail: The only words I have added are the
Cube positions in parentheses.

Sixteen principles of the Reunion of The Condor (South) and the Eagle (North),
with their Cube position coordinates for daily Cube journey study:
(download these principles as Adobe .pdf)

Sixteen Principles

  1. Human beings can transform their world (Dragon)
    The web of our relationships with others and the natural world, which has given rise to the problems we face as a human
    family, can be changed.
  2. Development comes from within (Wind )
    The process of human and community development unfolds from within each person, relationship, family, organization,
    community, or nation.
  3. Healing is a necessary part of development (Night)
    Healing the past, closing up old wounds and learning healthy habits of thought and action to replace dysfunctional thinking
    and disruptive patterns of human relations is a necessary part of the process of sustainable development.
  4. Justice (Seed)
    Every person (regardless of gender, race, age, culture, religion) must be accorded equal opportunity to participate in the
    process of healing and development and to receive a fair share of the benefits.
  5. No vision, no development (Serpent)
    A vision of who we can become, and what a sustainable world would be like, works as a powerful magnet, drawing us to our
  6. Authentic development is culturally based (World-bridger)
    Healing and development must be rooted in the wisdom, knowledge and living processes of the culture of the people.
  7. Interconnectedness (Hand)
    Everything is connected to everything else. Therefore, any aspect of our healing and development is related to all the
    others (personal, social, cultural, political, economic, etc.). When we work on any one part, the whole circle is affected.
  8. No unity, no development (Star)
    Unity means oneness. Without unity, the common oneness that makes (seemingly) separate human beings into
    “community” is impossible. Disunity is the primary disease of community.
  9. No participation, no development (Moon)
    Participation is the active engagement of the minds, hearts and energy of the people in the process of their own healing
    and development.
  10. The hurt of one is the hurt of all; the honour of one is the honour of all. (Dog)
    The basic fact of our oneness as a human family means that development for some at the expense of well-being for others
    is not acceptable or sustainable.
  11. Spirit (Monkey)
    Human beings are both material and spiritual in nature. It is therefore inconceivable that human community could become
    whole and sustainable without bringing our lives into balance with the requirements of our spiritual nature.
  12. Morals and ethics (Human)
    Sustainable human and community development requires a moral foundation. When morals decline and basic ethical
    principles are violated, development stops.
  13. Learning (Skywalker)
    Human beings are learning beings. We begin learning while we are still in our mother’s wombs, and unless something
    happens to close off our minds and paralyze our capacities, we keep on learning throughout our entire lives. Learning is at
    the core of healing and development.
  14. Sustainability (Wizard)
    To sustain something means to enable it to continue for a long time. Authentic development does not use up or undermine
    what it needs to keep on going.
  15. Move to the positive (Eagle)
    Solving the critical problems in our lives and communities is best approached by visualizing and moving into the positive
    alternative that we wish to create, and by building on the strengths we already have, rather than on giving away our energy
    fighting the negative.
  16. Be the change you want to see (Warrior)
    The most powerful strategies for change always involve positive role modeling and the creation of living examples of the
    solutions we are proposing. By walking the path, we make the path visible.

These sixteen principles are summarized as four “guiding principles” essential for the formation and functioning of any community. Adopted to our needs, these principles are:

  1. “Starting from Within” – Development comes from within; take responsibility yourself for your relationships; vision is
    the basis of development; culture is the basis of all healing and development. To make culture real practice time is art,
    learn from your elders and from nature.
  2. “Working in a Circle” – All community, like the path of nature, forms a circle. Make a daily circle and dissolve into one. A
    circle is a whole system. All approaches must be used and balanced. A circle is unity. A circle means we all share and
    participate. A circle means we are all equal and maintains the justice of our equality, regardless of age, sex, race, relgiion,
    etc.; make decisions from consensus – move the circle, and keep the circle moving.
  3. “In a Sacred Manner” – Spirituality is the center of healing and development. Practice daily salat prayer and/or
    vipassana meditation; make ceremony that integrates the natural elements in natural time with our mind, prayers, and
    needs. Connect with the Creator. Cultivate a heart-centered approach in all matters. Listen to spirit. Know with whom you
    are speaking and act and behave accordingly. Walk in balance. Do not violate ethical or moral boundaries. Think before
    you do anything. Work from principle. Let your principles reflect the order and plan of the universe. Do not sacrifice
    principle, but remain flexible.
  4. “We heal and develop Ourselves, our Relationships and World.” – Learn to live in ways that promote life and uplift others
    in your environment. Practice sustainability and non-codependence. Do not be afraid to be humble. Seek help when you
    need it. Respect all living systems and relations. Move to the positive. Be the change you want to see!

If we begin to learn and practice these principles in our communities and integrate them with our Earth Wizards practices,
we will become successful and attractive to others dissatisfied with the 12:60 world. Community thrives on intimacy of all
as one together. Let us learn to practice intimacy with self-respect!

In sum, as Earth Wizards, we wish to develop an ethic that can be characterized as:

Whole Person – that we are each committed to the care and maintenance of our own autonomy in mutual respect of the
autonomy of others.
Whole Family – that we recognize that our family, clan or group bonding will become whole only as each one of us becomes
Whole Earth – the wholeness you attain as a person extends to the wholeness we attain as a family which then reflects the
wholeness of our relation to the Earth, for it is the Earth which needs us to be whole.

Do not be afraid to admit your weaknesses. If you are not participating in the circle and extending the circle into all you
do, then the community is not functioning.

Drugs, stimulants or alcohol are no substitute for true community sharing and love in the Circle. Be aware before you
indulge. The world will be watching our communities. The use of drugs – even marijuana – in a a public manner can destroy
our work. Let us be sensitive and discrete. Let us free ourselves, and free ourselves more every day! Seek nothing and let
the truth know you.

Once we have understood the ethical principles and know the circle is One, than we can turn to the other two factors,
Economics and Ecology.
Of course, these cannot be separated from our ethical community values. Ideally and ultimately the community is based
on absolute autonomy. Everyone needs their own space. And everyone needs a space in which they can be a community.
Eating and meeting determine the communal space. The garden is in common, and all craft and artistic activities are best
executed autonomously and anonymously as a collective whole. We each breathe and live in the same common space.
Who is to say where the inspiration comes from? The cook in the kitchen cooks the beets which make the soul of the poet
come alive. Was the poem in the beet and the love of the cook before it became a song in the mind? Give thanks to all
beings and take credit for nothing. The Creator sustains the flow. Barter and exchange are better than money and help
cultivate our ethical character and resourcefulness.

To have something to barter we must all tend the garden together. To sustain ourselves we must learn permaculture,
biodynamics, greenhouses. Study your environment. Know your local flora and fauna and what is possible where you live –
what are the growing seasons? Learn about dry compost toilets, lime for latrines. Learn about solar panels, alternative
energy, and building techniques that manifest energy conservation. Zero residue in energy consumption! Waste free is
Earth way.

There is much to learn. But if we are not ethically attuned, nothing will matter. If we learn and live by such principles as
are herein enumerated, nothing will sway us from our path. Let the circle grow. Let the Circle move us. Love is vast,
everywhere, and in everything – but belongs to no one. Let the circle move us. We are ONE.

snow falls
cold axe splits wood
where is mind of fire
to be found
if not here?

This is by no means a discourse on anything, but some suggestions for how we must pull ourselves together.
Enlightenment really is no farther away than the kitchen sink! In addition to the information concerning the Ecovillage
Network and the Four Worlds Institute there are some books that may be helpful both practically and philosophically as we
orient to building our 13:20 communities.

One of the pioneers in intentional community was Sun bear and the Bear Tribe, so it is only natural that we suggest as a
very practical beginning, The Bear Tribe’s Self-reliance Book, by Sun Bear, Wabun and Nimimosha (New York : Simon &
Schuster, 1988).

For gardening and Sustainable Earth knowledge there is the National Academy of Science’s Alternative Agriculture (New
York: National Academy of Science Press, 1989),

and in espa撲l, Miguel Angel Nu貌z, Manuel de Tecnicas Agroecologicas (Merida, Venezuela, 1997),

and for the simplest level of ecological practice, there is Giomar Sarmiento’s Reciclaje, una Solucion a Nuestro Alcance
(Caracas, Pachamama Art – Ecovillage Network of the Americas, 2000).

And on a more philosophical yet directly practical level regarding the nature of and reason for community there is The
Enclosure and Recovery of the Commons: Biodiversity, Indigenous Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights, by Dr.
Vandana Shiva, Asfar Jafri, Gitanjali Bedi and Radha Holla-Bhar (New Delhi: The Research Foundation for Science,
Technology and Ecology, 1997);

and the technical but useful Living Energies by Callum Coates, an exposition of Vicktor Schauberger’s work with natural
energy (Bath, UK: Gateway Books, 1996.)

In principle, every community should have its library as well as its computer, and a place for study alongside the Earth
Wizards daily synchronic order work, play and study space.

13:20 Communities There are a few 13:20 seed communities and/or land bases that have been established or are just
beginning. This by no means exhaustive list includes:

Epuyen, Patagonia Argentina, Villawarcalde, Cordoba, Argentina Hunab Ku, Peru Centro Tzolkin Templo de los Siete Soles,
Medellin, Colombia Chilam Balam, outside of Caracas, Venezuela Gnomicile, Sand Point, Idaho, USA

If we have left you out, or wish to make known to us your 13:20 community, tell us about it. We hope to soon have a
community page up on Let us make the effort now to see not only how but when we can establish our
13:20 community. Rinri of the rainbow bridge is inseparable from the rinri of our community life.The rainbow begins and
ends in the ceremonial fire of our community.

Special thanks to our warrior brother, Phil Lane, Jr. of the Four Worlds Institute, for introducing us to the Sixteen
Principles and for all of his efforts at bringing the Indigenous communities of the Americas together. Mitakuye Oyasin! All
my relations!

Overtone the Mystic Column, Void the Moon, Earth Dive

As all Earth Wizard-Rinri Project practitioners are undoubtedly aware, we are experiencing an overtone episode this
Resonant Moon where the daily kin in the mystic column is paced by the daily psi chrono unit which is exactly one
overtone ahead. That is, when we entered the Resonant Moon Warrior’s Cube, it was Kin 118, White Magnetic Mirror, while
the psi chrono unit that day was Kin 123 Blue Rhythmic Night. Today, then, Kin 124 Yellow Resonant Seed, was overtoned
five days ago as the psi chrono unit of the second Cube day, Kin 119, Blue Lunar Storm, while the psi chrono unit for today
is Kin 129 Red Crystal Moon, which will occur five days hence as the daily kin – and the first day of the mystic 33rd
harmonic, the void harmonic at the center of the Harmonic Module. Of course, in the Elder Futhark practice, this overtone
mystic column sequence is occurring during the seventh or void Moon which is not coded by any of the Futhark Runes,
apart from the daily practice, just as the void Harmonic is not coded by any of the biphasic codons. What does this mean?

An overtone sequence creates a resonant channel of the synchronic order. That this overtone sequence is occurring
during the mystic seventh Moon in the mystic seventh column headed for the mystic 33rd Harmonic is an opportunity for
all of us to Earth dive, especially since on the fifteenth day of the Moon we switch polarity and the kin of the magnetic
South will be sending a white magnet to the kin of the magnetic North. So let us dive to the center of the Earth. Let us
enter the crystal octahedron where the master time molecule generates its waves of synchronic harmony, and there, let us
strive for the release of the inner Earth to join with the membrane of the now outworn outer Earth for the renewal of the
kingdom of life. Let us overtone the release of this inner Earth, which has been awaiting this moment for long untold ages,
and with its release let us invoke the noosphere as its protective mantle that war may be no more and the primal UR be
restored as the mental and spiritual field of the human order. Let no man’s death be in vain who has sought with his heart
and mind to be the change he wished to see. We are one with you, Cesar!

“With God is the knowledge regarding the Hour (end of the world).
He is the One who sends down the rain,
and He knows the contents of the womb.
No soul knows what will happen to it tomorrow,
and no one knows in which land her or she will die.
God is Omniscient, Cognizant.”
– Quran, 31:34

Resonant Monkey Moon, Limi 13,
“I consume dualistic thoughts as food, I purify the mental electron at the north pole.”
Kin 124 Yellow Resonant Seed
SBTS 8.21 Magic Turtle Day!
Cube Seven, Hand Accomplishment.
Second (Final) Seer, Padmasambhava, One Galactic Earth
Fractal time transposition overlays:
Telektonon Prophecy, Baktun Thirteen, 1618-2012
20 Tablets: Fourth Year of the Harrowing of Hell, White Spectral Wizard year, 2003-04
Dragon Genesis, Storm Wavespell Seven, White Northern Castle Court of Death
White Northern Star Quadrant, Plane of Spirit
Rinri precept seven: “The body is a symbol of heart and spirit, sickness is a danger signal of our life.”
Seventh Kalachakra Cycle of the Hand, 1387-1427, Time of the Fifth Karmapa and Emperor Yung Lo, who builds the
Forbidden City of Beijing (Third Quarter, Yellow Solar Seed Year)
7:7::7:7 Second Week, Antipode White Time Atom,
Radion Limi 13, Othala is the Mother Realm that Refines the Transcending
(Othala sent from South to North, seals Limi, Radion Cube left, Manipura chakra, solar plexus), PNM 24, Pacific Plate Four
Psi Chrono Unit: Kin 129: Red Crystal Moon
Overtone Chromatic 37: Yellow Resonant Seed-Yellow Spectral Star, Flowering Art
Yellow Magnet sent from North to South from/to Yellow Gateway Root Center.
20 Tablets: Annual Chronograph Tablet 5, Quetzalcoatl, Serpent Sex, 2001-2002 Chronograph Dragon Genesis,
Skywalker Wavespell 5, White Castle Court of Death
Chronograph Moon Kin 59: Blue Resonant Storm 18,187 – -18,087
Elder Futark Void Moon
Quarterly Codon Rune 13: People Organized “Tree Evolves Space”
Stage 13, Year of the Yellow Solar Seed, Second Seed-Storm Year Bundle,
Week 26 Codon Cube, Codon 13, People Organized: sixth yang line, cube top
White Week Two, Maintain Power of Prophecy – Humility Refines Meditation

Harmonic 31: Resonant Input. “Inform Flowering of Attunement”
Vinal 10, Yax: “Where the student clears his mind, taking account of what is not yet ripe.”
Biphasic Codon 4: Listen Again, “Tree Shapes Space”
Dynamics of Time, 4.7 “Life itself is a function of a program code originating in the radial matrix of fourth-dimensional
time. On planet Earth this code is known as 64-unit DNA code. It is the interaction of the DNA code with the Law of Time,
T(E) = Art, by whose synchronizing 13:20 frequency the evolving orders of life are fashioned.”

This newsletter is presented as a service to all planetary kin by Dr. Arcturus, Planetary Healing Doctor (Ph.D) Klatu
Barada Nikto! The Galactic Federation Comes in Peace!

Copyright (c) 2002 by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles